Gaucho - Canary Wharf, London

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Canary Riverside Westferry Circus, 29, Canary Wharf, London, E14 8RR

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P*** Poor
Honestly this was not worth the £59.99 I spent. The only saving grace was the fact that service was quick so they brought the booze fast. I don't normally drink but I needed something to drown out the insipid, lacklustre, partially cooked goop that was described as food. I am not a huge eater but the deep fried cheese that marauded as one of the choices was no bigger than a 50p piece and was served with snot like chutney that was cold, so obviously served out of a jar in the fridge. This was served with a salad garnish that was neither dressed nor seasoned. The steak and eggs should have been renamed, steak and EGG was there was just one. The steak was seasoned well but could have bounced off of the wall. I sent the pancakes back as they were cold and congealed. The french toast was about as french as a hairy legged backpacker on a gap year in Calais. It was nearly dipped in the egg wash and was small enough to be a canapé as opposed to an actual course. Disappointing and as a group of young essex lads sat next to us said 'Nandos would have been better' I hate to admit that but Nandos would have in this case, been a whole lot better. Do not waste your money. Either go for an actual meal or do not go at all.

1 by Re Viewer Review source

If you love steak, you'll love Gaucho! I've been told by some people that Hawksmoor, Goodmans etc are better - I've yet to try them, but I will soon! - but Gaucho is, in my opinion, pretty damn good!

I've been to this Gaucho restaurant in Westferry Circus 3 times now, and every single time, I've been treated to impeccable customer service and excellent food. The most recent time I visited, I mentioned that I was celebrating my wedding - lo and behold! We were offered champagne on the house!

I love the 'show' of the meat board - they bring the different cuts out to explain what they are and how they should be cooked and the staff give very helpful suggestions about what wines should go with the meat.

I'm usually too full to ever have starters or desserts, but I'm easily satisfied with a good cut of meat.

Gaucho is steak heaven for me! :)

5 by Review source

I have been to Gaucho's Canary Wharf 3 times so far. It is a lovely authentic Argentine steakhouse with quality beef. Different meat cuts are demonstrated at the table by knowledgeable staff. Their Malbec collection is impressive. Cosy in the winter, awesome view during the warm months due to its great location.

The only reason I am not awarding a 5 star rating is because their wine is better than their steaks. Their steaks rank around 7 out of 10 in my book. If you are after a great American tasting juicy ribeye awesomeness you may not be on cloud nine at Gaucho's. Maybe cloud 7 at the most.

Nevertheless the whole dining experience is above the most steak restaurants I have been to in London. So far I have been to only one place that can cook a better steak. But then again my taste may be different to yours. Give it a try and decide for yourself.

4 by Nick Vassilev Review source

Called in here for impromptu dining with my father. Couple of things to watch out for. On a cold winters night do not take a table anywhere near the front door. The cold wind pours in off the Thames and makes your night very uncomfortable. I felt bad for the poor front of house staff constantly battling the doors when guests left them open. In fairness to them they tried to heat us by plugging in a fan heater under neath the table but it didn't make much of a difference. The food was pretty good. But at the prices it needs to be. i had the Rib Eye and the father had the fillet. His fillet was better I thought and I'm a devout rib eye guy. Service was friendly but it was fairly busy and the food arrive 10-15 mins later than what I would have expected. All things considered I think 3* is about fair. Not sure If I would come back.

3 by colm finlay Review source

Food is quite underwhelming, but very expensive. Everything is charged extra, even the sauce for the steak and the birthday treat. The housewine that we asked for somehow ended up to be the most expensive bottle of red at £72. My steak itself was meant to be medium rare, but was actually rare und chewy. My husband's steak was well done, although medium rare was ordered. He sent it back and the next steak was as ordered, although it meant that by the time it arrived everyone else had finished eating.We all thought that the dishes were quite salty.
You can eat a lot better elsewhere in Canary Wharf with similar views.

2 by Daniela Jung Review source

Great steaks and good wine list, but sides and sauces are below par for the price. This is a lovely summer venue - outdoor tables in the shade of pollarded trees and awnings. Service is attentive to the point of slightly annoying, but capable. The parade of meat cuts is good. The sides are a disappointment. While the meat is cooked beyond perfection the chips were saggy, pale stick of oily slime and the sauces had a skin as if they’d been under a warming light for an hour. For meat and view this is 5*. For service it’s 4*. For everything else it’s over-priced with let-downs.

3 by Ian Jindal Review source

Tried to do take out since we have a 3 weeks old daughter. I was told that they could not do take out since they are a bit busier than usual. Pretty poor service for a supposedly high quality restaurant. But I was not too surprised given that the last time we eat there my medium rare fillet steak turned up well done :( at least back then the manager (not our waiter) was understanding and got us a new steak (after considerable waiting time) that was cooked medium rare.

3 by Roland Hamann Review source

As an Argentinian I would like to give 5 stars, but charging extra for everything added to the meat on top of a very expensive meal was not a good surprise. Also I made a reservation by opentable and they put me as not show by mistake! Now I have to prove I was there! The risotto is tasty and the best is the warm provoleta! Ask them to show you the different cuts of meat, they are very helpful. The location is gorgeous facing the river

3 by Jesi Mac Leod Review source

Great restaurant, went there with family and it was a great atmosphere. The staff were friendly and helpful, giving us a table outside and being attentive while we waited for our reservation inside. The steaks we had were excellent as were all their accompaniments (sauces and chips etc)
We had starters, main and dessert and all were excellent, with great service throughout

5 by Fraser Embrey Review source

Only the meat is good (better be for the price). Don't go there unexpectedly if you're not perfectly dressed or the staff will look at you weirdly and not even take your coats like other clients. They will rush you to pay and leave if it's the end of their shift ... two of the hostess were really nice and smily doe

2 by Review source

Not impressive steaks for the price (but the sausages were). The waiter recommended an 80 pound wine as an alternative to 20-30 pound wines we were looking at, without stating anything about the large price difference: this came as a bad surprise with the bill. This is generally bad practice as it borders on dishonesty.

2 by John Ahlgren Review source

Stake was amazing but the sause was very very salty. I
Mentioned it to waiter , he said will ask chef to check and get back to me..... of course they don't care and there comes the bill. Which I paid :-)

For Stake I will go back there again. But lesson learnt no sause

1 by Sreejesh Radhakrishnan Review source

Ah, Canary Riverside, how I love you and how I love Gaucho's. Great terrace in summer, dining under the trees with an outlook over the skyline of magical London. Excellent for sampling Argentina wines and having your every so often piece of red meat. Not inexpensive, but hey, that view!

5 by Flip Van Waeyenberghe Review source

This place has really good quality steak! The interior is a little to dark and too much of a nightclub feeling with the dark furniture. But the service is really good and it's always a joy coming here. The outdoor area is amazing in the summer, right by the riverside.

4 by sel b Review source

They offer a lunch menu here! Two or three courses.
Personally I don't rate Gaucho for it's stake (if you NEED stake in the area head to Goodmans) but at the price of the lunch menu it's a good options, if slightly off the main drag of the Wharf.

3 by Daniel Subramaniam Review source

I love all of Gaucho's in London, but this is probably my favourite - the external seating area is very nice with great views of the Thames.

The food has always been excellent here and the service has been generally of a very high standard.

5 by Michael Connaughton Review source

It's steak but not at its best. They might be used to corporate dining so during weekends it feels too tight and pompous to be relaxed. Flavour wise too the meat is not nearly as good as Hawksmoor or Tramshed. Avoid

2 by Rejane F Review source

Attendance and attitude from staff....5 star
Ambiance......4 star
Flexibility....five stars
Food portions ....normal
Food taste....above average, pretty good.
Steak.....very good four star.

5 by Review source

Lovely venue and vibrant setting - very attentive and professional staff (in abundance!) And then there's the meat. .... a-m-azin! The wine was delicious too. .. (but should be at 64 pound a bottle! )

5 by Richard wilde Review source

Lovely atmosphere with helpful, kind and knowledgeable staff.
Took parents here for their aniversary and was not disapointed.
Excelent food and service.
Would recomend for a special night!

5 by Jimmie Luong Review source

Fabulous steaks, very well prepared and cooked. Very pricey, but good looking restaurant, great for the occasion. Everything you can find here is good, but steaks are great. Also big selection of vines.

4 by Mateusz Polański Review source

I went to Gaucho for my birthday last month. The atmosphere was great, and the food was also good but slightly salty. The portion were quiet big, and the service was brilliant. I would recommend Gauchos.

4 by Sonal Patel Review source

As always, great service, great food and here in Canary Wharf especially, a great view onto the river Thames. It's great to sit outside under the trees by the water in the summer.

5 by Sebastian Zentgraf Review source

Tasty food. A point of improvement are the knives that are provided for steak dishes. Unfortunately they are not steak knifes and requires bit more effort than normal to cut the meat.

4 by Kyriakos Ioannou Review source

Tiny portions, pretentious and OTT decor. Pricey. Argentinian steakhouse this might be, but not a very good one! The only saving grace are the staff - polite, helpful and attentive.

3 by Mitesh Shanbhag Review source

The food was too salty, my risotto and steak....hardly finished it.
The restaurant is dirty-thick layer of dust on booth surfaces.
Very expensive for the small portions.

1 by Krista Priede Review source

Very good steakhouse with first class food and good service. Unfortunately, the plates are not hot and you have to eat fast. The vegetarian options were also delicious.

4 by Sebastian Damrath Review source

Steak is not as good as Goodmans but the cheese ball bread they serve is so good!!! Ambience is very nice but I seem to be allergic to their animal fur chairs...

4 by Juliet Low Review source

Table service was amazing, the food selection was great and was cooked to a very high standard. Drinks selection was great also. Smart Casual is enough.

5 by J Cole Review source

Very friendly staff, fantastic food and drinks, nice ambience. Not cheap but quality has it's price. Also nicely located directly at the river.

5 by Julian Reutter Review source

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