Trago Lounge - 190-192 Portswood Rd

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9:00PM, 190-192 Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 2LB

+44 23 8055 8515




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Often come here at any point of the day, whether for lovely breakfast,tasty lunch or dinner drinks, the outside seating they revamped the other year is gorgeous, beer and wine selection is good. The only thing I would say is that the cost racks up here and they even charge £1 for a small pot of Syrup! Also, I tend to avoid on Saturday mornings as once or twice our breakfast wasn't quite up to the usual delicious scratch just from it being so busy. But when we told the manager some things had been cold/too hard she gave us free coffees, a discount on our bill (as we had been so hungry we still just ate it all !) and a free brownie! I still often come here just for a relax and everyone is always made to feel welcome.

4 by lily scarisbrick Review source

Went for breakfast the other day and I was pleasantly surprise by the quality of the coffee but not so much by the food. It was edible but nothing else.
Now, just because of the quality of the coffee and how good it was made I will be back in a flash.
This place is really cosy and comfortable.
I went on a Monday and it was really busy. Which tell you it is popular.
The service was great, which is really important spending almost £10 for breakfast.
I will be back and maybe give it a second chance to the food.

3 by Chef EP Review source

Haven't been yet but better be delicious!!!!
~~~~ U P D A T E ~~~~

Ignore my initial comment, the food was the epitome of disappointment. Apart from the cheeriest server in the world nothing was good. When I had a poo there was no toilet paper. My review? 0/5

~~~~ U P D A T E ~~~~

Hi. I have since calmed down and reread my first update and I think I may have been a little hot headed. The Bloody Mary was bloody delicious. Updated review- 1/5

4 by Lee Rowbotham Review source

Was good when first opened but unfortunately there has been steady decline in food and service in my experience. Last few times here there have been issues with waiting times for food. On most recent visit when told there was 25min wait we asked for cake and pastry options. We were told they are also in kitchen and would also be 25min wait. Really!? 25mins for a slice of cake or pastry put on a plate? That's not good enough in my book.

1 by H Collins Review source

My fiancè is gluten free the options they have are amazing. I as a former chef genuinely thought the food and presentation was absolutely perfect and at such a great price. Definitely a new regular place for us. If you want to take someone special out this is a reasonably priced place that offers great service and food. It worked out about £40 for 2 mains 3 tapas and 2 drinks. If i could give higher than 5 i would

5 by Martin Irving Review source

Was great when it first opened, but had some really terrible service here and have heard similar stories from others. Don't seem very organised at getting food out together or timely. What really drove me mad was constantly being told 5 more minutes for the food to come out when they could have just been honest and said there was a problem and it was going to be a while. I haven't been back since.

2 by Isaac Norman Review source

Nice spacious place. Lots of seating, suitable for large groups. There is seating at the back which would be nice in the summer. The burgers are fries are really good. I had the superhero burger and it sounds like an overkill but it did not disappoint! The staff are also very friendly. You will have to order at the counter and quote your table number and they will bring the food to your table when it’s ready.

5 by Hann Ah Leong Review source

Really good food (although the burger is sometimes a little dry), the staff are friendly and there are lots of games to play with the kids whilst you wait. Giving 4 stars because the wait for food can be a little long and the menu options have reduced since it first opened (and the menu was awesome then!). It's still in my list of places to go when we think 'do you fancy eating out tonight?'.

4 by Chris andrews Review source

We visited with friends on a Sunday around lunch time and it was absolutely heaving. We could only find space outside at first and then found a free table inside after about 15 minutes. The food was good and the atmosphere is usually good. There were lots of toys for the kids to play with and there are adults games too. It did seem a bit too busy though and we had to shout so that we could hear each other.

4 by Jarunda Richardson Review source

Trago Lounge has always had a lovely relaxed atmosphere and decor, light and airy. But in the past it has taken frustratingly long wait times to get pretty basic food orders. At some point this seems to have changed, and today at a moderately busy time we got our food very promptly, and it was delicious. One of our party was a vegan, and Trago has one of the better menus we've seen for vegans.

5 by Review source

i'm very disappointed. the place looks beautiful but the food really wasn't up to my expectations. I paid 8£ for a Big Lounge Salad without any avocados or brocolis. It was basically rocket salad with 3 cherry tomatoes and a few croutons.
That's a shame because it looks very nice and i really wanted to go back there. Unfortunately i won't recommend it.

2 by Review source

Wonderfully spacious and bright venue. Lots of seating and natural light. Can get really busy, but the staff cope well, although service for food and delivery, can be glacial pace. Young and friendly team, free WiFi, reasonable prices and decent menu. Doesn't seem to attract the tracksuit wearing fraternity...which is why it gets 4* rather than 3*.

4 by Robert Patten Review source

Absolutely love eating at Trago Lounge. Whether you go with a selection of tapas or one of their main (I had the Avocado Brunch on my most recent visit), your food will be delicious, fresh and filling. Portions are very generous and staff are friendly. The mocktails are great too, especially the virgin mojito - super refreshing for lunchtime.

5 by Margarida Resende Review source

Great place to meet a friend for coffee or lunch, or to chill with a book, write, or whatever really! Excellent coffee, nice selection of alcoholic drinks and a reasonable menu. Also has a big outside area. Very friendly table service. One of my favourite spots for watching the world go by whilst catching up with friends.

5 by Sarah Brightwell Review source

Had a lovely meal back in 2014 with family whose age ranged from 8 years to 75 years. Theres something for everyone and the food was deliscious. Enjoyed the natural wood floors wood furniture old school vintage feel. There was crayons and colouring sheets to keep my young grandson amused till his dinner arrived!!!

4 by Sally Wolf Review source

Am never disappointed by this place. What a great atmosphere! The staff are great and deal with rush hours well, they'll really go out of their way to help you too even if they're stupidly busy. I recommend coming here for a brunch or for an evening drink because the lunch times are truly manic.

4 by matthew johnson Review source

I love this quirky bar and restaurant on Portswood High Street! Welcoming staff & a great place to eat, foods always on point! Great burgers! In the summer the garden patio area is always a cool place to hang out with friends - I recommend the iced sherbet lemonades!

5 by Joshua Drake Review source

Great food, great atmosphere and awesome staff. The name sort of gives it away as it is very much a lounge with a rustic feel to it. There are board games and toys for kids which are helpful.

On the back is a roofless area for smoking if you are so inclined.

5 by Ardel Richardson Review source

Great restaurant bar with a relaxed atmosphere, board games, decent food and wifi.

Top recommendations:
Spicy VegeBurger - nor a vegetarian, but these are great
Long Island Iced Tea: They do a good (if limited) range of cocktails here

4 by Jonathan Elder Review source

This is an excellent place for everybody. Food good - a definate bonus the staff are always friendly to the customers and to each other. A good business built and run well should be awarded for the underlying positivr culture
Many thanks Joe

5 by Joe Review source

Used to love this place. However, the last few times I've been in it just hasn't been the same. The wait was too long over 20mins! Also was nosier and music was too loud for my companion as she has a hearing problem in one ear.

3 by Review source

A little pricier than other restaurants in the area, though has a very nice layout and the quality of the food is superb. A good place to go for a special occasion if you're on a student budget. Great to sit outside on a nice day.

4 by Ollie Hill Review source

A really lovely place to relax for awhile. The staff are so friendly and attentive without being fake or overbearing. The food was good overall with the chips being the highlight, they were amazing! No doubt, would come here again xx

5 by Review source

Excellent food and atmosphere. Board games if they tickle your fancy and nicely spread out. Staff are fab and cocktails and drinks are pretty good but a little more pricey than other places but food is very reasonably priced!

5 by David Hendry Review source

Love the food, good prices and beautiful place but you have to queue to order and there's often only one person taking orders and making drinks so you may be standing around for a bit.
Mulled cider is really nice!

4 by Connie Review source

At busy times they can be slow to clear tables, meaning you have to do it yourself. Service is ok but not speedy.
Definitely worthy of three stars, but equally they're a long way short of being worth four stars.

3 by Nick Myers Review source

Nice food and was pleased to find a gluten free menu. However there must have been some gluten contamination because i had a nasty reaction.
Also quite noisy with music and crying babies, so difficult to chat.

3 by Nicola Symes Review source

Nice decor. Bit noisy as accoustics not great and several parents with young children making some noise. Loud music through the speakers was maybe intended to help, but only added to the mix of auditory stimuli.

3 by John Auger Review source

Friendly relaxed atmosphere and very well cooked food with a good menu. Board games and quizzes make the place very popular with locals and university students. Portions could be a tad on the small side

5 by Joe Roberts Review source

Nice friendly staff with a great atmosphere. The food was on time and well prepared. I would recommend this place to anyone.
I'm only giving four stars because the internet was very poor :(.

4 by Taekwondo South Schools Review source

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