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I used to love doing shopping there. Great prices, full shelves, amazing staff. I don't know what happened but shelves are not being filled quickly, go there in the evening to find them empty and staff are terrible! They are as miserable as the Asda ones. No smile, no little chat, just like robots. You can only hear them when they see somebody putting something else in the packing area and also advising you not to eat anything prior paying.- having a Two year old child, when he eats half of a croissant I don't think it is a sin especially when I pay for it. Queues are endless. Honestly it used to be a lot better!

2 by Ivana Bartosova Review source

Good selection of food items at great bargain prices. Store brand items are especially cheap. Surprisingly well managed for a busy location with a lot of shoppers (also prone to quick stock clearances because of this, especially in the evenings and in the fruit and vegetable aisles).

Just remember to bring your own bags (the bigger bag handles are not very ergonomic and the smaller plastic bags are prone to tearing. Plus it's good for the enviroment and saves you the 5p to 10p charge), and be ready to pack up quickly as cashiers are especially fast with checking out customers.

4 by Imo Emah Review source

Very surprised actually as not really my cup of tea, but I will have to eat a rather large slice of humble pie as the range was amazing and the food looks really good quality.
I even bought some food items which look really tasty, in all honesty if you are looking for a change in supermarket to save a few quid this place will give you the quality you are looking for at a discounted rate.
So your pounds go further and could even maybe treat the family, I have no association with Aldi and am being as honest as I can be. Hope this helps!

5 by Alexander Higgins Review source

I think the quality of the produce from ALDI has suffered in the past two years so I haven't been that satisfied with the offerings.

Having said that this particular ALDI does have a decent spread on offer and the staff are helpful.

I appreciate that the idea is to under cut other supermarkets but I worry that ALDI may have undercut a little too much. If you are truly on the market for a discount supermarket - I would say to to Lidl which is also not too far from here.

3 by Eren Aslan Review source

Aldi is super convenient and SOME of their products are good (or very good) but not all. Lidl is way better for bread, for example, and their 'centre aisle' specials are generally better AND more reasonably priced than Aldi's. I bought some 'wholefood peanut butter' from Aldi which was 'off' and, though I got a refund, it took ages to process at the till and was as unpleasant an experience as was tasting the peanut butter itself!

3 by Bernard Brasseur Review source

On Thursday or Friday (unsure which day it was exactly), I popped in store and saw an elderly women with her family pick up a soft toy and put it in her long coat pocket. I informed staff and pointed her out. I don't know what the procedure is but I was shocked to see the women was not approached and allowed to walk out of the store. She's probably a regular aldi shoplifter! For aldi to employ security is useless! I hate to see this happen as a loyal aldi customer.

3 by Review source

Great if you want to shop with people who don't know the concept of a queue, who also know how to completely destroy displays of products for sale through incessant fondling, to the point you can't find what you want and it resembles jumble sale. Oh and it's especially good if you want to buy salmon and have your hands stinking of it because all the sealed packs happen to also do so.

2 by Gary L Review source

A nice and big Aldi supermarket with ample Car parking space. The store is big and pretty much has everything you need.There is a display of plants in front of the store if you are into gardening. There is a fresh bakery section too. I used to love their butter crossaints. Please note that the road adjoining to entrance of Aldi is a one way road. So, plan your journey ahead. Thank you.

5 by Anjana Silva Review source

This shop is way too noisy and busy!!! you cant concentrate when you walk into it on what you need to purchase. I have been to other Aldi stores and they are generally very good but this one always seems like you are walking into a war zone! change the loud announcements it doesn't need to be that loud and stop your checkout people shouting to one another.

2 by Sarah Phillips Review source

They won't have the variety of the larger supermarkets but you'll save money on your weekly shop. The quality is on par with any premium brand. If you go late in the day, they will have run out of many popular items so choice will be limited. The cashier's throw the items at you in a bid to clear the queues. Parking at busy times is also an issue.

4 by Lucky Bains Review source

So I've been asked to review 3 different supermarkets, may add well do a fourth. They sell food, you weren't expecting that were you now ; -) The but that may not have been expecting is that it is actually their own brand food is good quality but cheaper than their competitor's own brand. So overall, good value for money.

4 by MejdiR R Review source

Good product good prices long ques was surprised to see one assistant cleaning outdated products his shoes overlapping on top of food items while he was standing over railing to protect food from falling .Brought to managers notice and he said we have not got any food items there.If bread and other products are not food items . Thanks

4 by Review source

great selection of good quality selection of fresh food especially the meat! The steaks are fabulous... Prime Rib 28 day mature and trying the Sirloin 28 day mature and some lamb... am sure it will great tasting like the prime rib tender and succulent! Aldi has improved over the years and its not too bad on your pocket as well!

5 by Kathryn May Review source

Always very busy. But the prices kind of is the cause of that. Staff light on the ground but once you find one they are always happy to help. Can be messy at times but that's down to the nature of the ship it self and how things are on the shelves. definitely recommended for your weekly shop

4 by Leighton Review source

I can't really fault this supermarket. Much of the food is identical, or near enough, in taste to their big brand-name counterparts - however, the price is hugely different.

Some time ago, I managed to get 2 weeks worth of shopping for around £30!

I recommend Aldi.

5 by Gurkirat Vig Review source

Lovely shop with parking. Very busy and find the weekly offers go quickly. Fruit and veg choice us great and the smell of fresh bread and pastries is heaven as you walk in. Love thus shop and reasonable prices and staff are nice and polite. Nice wide isles and wheelchair/, buggy friendly

4 by Shindi Gill Review source

Great little store for quick shopping. Unfortunately hard to find parking. Also remember to keep reusable bags in your pocket until you get past the cashier otherwise she might charge you for them again and it becomes an embarrassing moment in front of other customers.

3 by Amir Khan Review source

Extremely, extremely busy all the time, apart from 1hr before closing when the shelves are empty. The place always looks like a hurricane has passed through; boxes and rubbish all over the floor and carts occupying the whole aisle. The food however is good and cheap

3 by A K Review source

Your standard Aldi shop.. good value but not the range if some of the larger supermarkets. Parking can be a bit tricky at times as very popular and you may have a wait at the tills but they are generally quick to get you through.

4 by Andrea Thompson Review source

Always like shopping here, different variants of food from Europe, chocolate from Germany, tasty tortellini from Italy & so on, sure UK food too,
not expensive\\u200b,
mostly many pple, carpark often full

5 by Compliche2000 Review source

Anytime I’m in West London visiting my kids I always pop into this place. You really can’t beat some of the prices on there products. If you have to feed a family of 4 you need to get value for money. Aldi gives me that

4 by Jason Allen Review source

Worst!!! I had an embarrassing situation in this store. I was almost treated as a shoplifter by this security guy who doesn't even speak English in front of loads of people for the mistake that I have not made.

1 by Review source

Groceries at reasonable prices. But often out of stock, extremely prepared to queue for 30 mins for service. Parking is available but again have to wait over 20 mins for a lot to become available.

1 by Amina Q Review source

Very busy Aldi store with a good selection on fresh food and meat. Reasonable prices and special offers always available. Car park and store could be larger as it can get congested. Free parking.

5 by Maneesh Sabharwal Review source

Smart looking store that has a fabulous fresh bakery. Well laid out, clean and plenty of check outs open. Easy to park and get to. Staff looked very smart and were busy and efficient. Great store.

5 by Donna Rose Review source

Focus on own brand products, long queues on checkouts, weekly specials always in a disarray, was told once by a manager there 'they keep prices low by keeping customer services low too'!

2 by Queen LCV Review source

I love Hounslow Aldi. Yes it's full and busy, but it's bigger store and has always stock in. Free parking is handy. Staff are lovely to me, maybe because I go there since store opened.

5 by darsha dvorackova Review source

Just a normal supermarket, mostly with alternative products to popular brands, some are good some not, usually prices are fair, the mega pros is a bakery with fresh goods every day.

4 by Kafar Review source

Im glade they have got more considerate staff. The store has gone bigger in size, only wondered why the shelves are always empty towards evening, disappointing and an eye soar.

4 by MG Co Review source

Queued 12 minutes to buy 4 items. When new till opened everyone rushed from back if queue. Need a fairer system please. Otherwise , excellent stock and prices.

4 by Review source

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