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241 City Rd, Hoxton, London, EC1V 1JQ

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Terrible experience.Went in about midday I noticed everyone was ordering from the touch screens so I waited.No one from the staff came to serve.The manager glimpsed over as one person stood by the till and the manager spoke to them but then when I came to counter she just looked at me and stared away.I then asked another girl that was next to the manager 'How do you order?' And she said 'just go to the counter' so I moved from the side I thought was the counter to the left hand side.The girl then took my order.The manager was terrible not even offering any customer service to check on customers.This is appalling plus the Quarter Pounder I had was disgusting.Also for customers paying by cash they should priorise them equally as the touch screens.The fries were very starchy like they had been cooked by an air fryer.This McDonalds team need to come to a New Zealand branch and taste how burgers and fries are made and oh how customer service is done.Not gonna go there again.....literally.

1 by Review source

After the refit of this of donalds the service is terrible service slow no such thing as fast food service in this mc ds... managers are rude.. staff stresses out because they look under staffed and also the worse thing is the quality of food is not that great burgers look like some sat on them also even when the your recieve the food it's not warm it's cold waited 20mins for 2 large cokes what does that tell you...sitting in eat I witnessed at least 7 different customers arguing about how long it takes....this used to be a very welcoming fast paced friendly mc ds but it seem they are scared to see a customer walk in there doors

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They are a special kind of slow here. Edit: the staff here continue to outshine themselves as being the slowest in the world. The only benefit being I have the time to come back here and edit my review.
Edit since reopening: It's very difficult to understand how they have introduced fancy new touch screen ordering and generally spruced the place up, but have now managed to make their service even slower. You wait 20 mins for a really simple order. Not sure how to do zero stars, but that's my score!

1 by Jonny Pearson Review source

everything is fine on thats mc donalds...

but the toilet flash is weird please repair your toilets and remove automatic water sometime the doesnt work and make a big queue...

please lovers, couples and doggies people please make sure empty the tables after finish your food is not pub dining just go to your bed to make kisses and leave tables for others users customers...

and staff please be more professionals stop chatting each others on your job timings thanks...

3 by jacob eloe Review source

I visit this branch quite often and have done so for well over 5 years. But only because it's convenient and open late. The service is always slow and the management over the years seems incapable of inspiring them to improve. I'll continue to go there because of convenience, but it really is quicker sometimes to drive through than to wait inside to be served. But a big Thumbs-up to the charming lady on the drive-thru till this evening. Very sweet and cheerful.

2 by Review source

After I was fed raw cow and bones I came to McDonald’s and it honestly filled me up. It is my second home! Atleast you don’t feed me RAW COW! Like other places just make me eats the candles! Carry on selling button water as @blueprintcafe made me realise that the river Thames water would have been a better option. They charged me £4.25 for a bottle of tap water which I could have brought a meal with. Carry on with ur amazing food!!! Please don’t bring candles!

5 by Review source

Clean Toilets, good location and nice staff

I really liked this MCDs at my first visit. I have now started to differentiate a bit. When it is full, the quality of the food does go down quite a lot. My freshly prepared wrap was sooooo dry and the cheeseburger almost tasteless.

The staff seemed quite overworked as well. Probably best to come here during off hours if you want better tasting food.

5 by Christina Hemsley Review source

This place could do with a renovation. The surroundings aren't anything to write home about. The level of cleanliness is of a very low standard. The staff on the tills are slow. And the seating isn't very comfortable at all.

The best thing about this place is the parking. You can park there for about 90 minutes for free. But even then, there are only about 20 spaces.

3 by Celestine Ekpenyong Review source

This is McDonald's -- there's not much point in reviewing the food, if you've eaten a Quarter Pounder with cheese in any McDonald's around the world the one you get here will be exactly the same.

The inside is small and there's not a lot of seating.

It's also beside a busy road and a petrol station, so not exactly picturesque.

3 by Eoin Bailey Review source

Rubbish. They rush you at the till and the shift you like nothing. They don't consider the fact that they are very close to an the best eye hospital in London and would have to deal with customers with eye problems but trying to get something cheap to eat whilst they are at the hospital. The worst customer service ever. Rude staff. They all need training. Even the manager.

2 by Review source

Piece of rubbish. They can never get my order correct. I ask for two sprites and they send two cokes. Cant package their deliveries correctly. The ubereats driver brings me a bag of spilled coke and chips spilt all into the bag. Quality of food was poor too. Never eating from there again i suggest no one should, until they start paying attention to customer orders in detail.

1 by Review source

1. Ticket machine did not print receipt. 2. Watery fries which made us check the Big Mac burgers as a result, the burgers were very undercooked 3.The senior staff were aggressive and did not grant a refund only replacement food that we declined. Personally we would not eat there again! Not a great experience. :( One word of advice check your burger before you take a bit ;)

1 by Unknown7media # Review source

I was in macdonals on thursday 4 at 22pm and i order a 2 sweet chilli wrap and 2 cheese burger and a mcflurry and what I get? 1 sweet chilli wrap, 1 cheese burger and well my mcflurry.. But what about the rest for what i paid? The services was late and everyone was talking, I will make sure that I'll come back tomorrow once I finish work to get my money back. Thanks.

1 by Carmen Abogo Review source

Not a bad McDonald's considering the area it is in. I am not a fan of the touchscreen ordering system, as you never know how clean it is, considering the number of people that use them.

The food was as you'd expect it to be. Their fries are untouchable IMHO compared to other fast food restaurants.

There is a drive-thru too.

4 by E H Review source

Worst food experience ever in a Old McDonald...

The bread of the burger was so hard, the chicken was more than overspicy, french fries very cold with a lovely taste of paper...

That dinner just wasted my evening because it gave me strong stomach ache.

I don't even know how they got 5 stars for cleaness...

1 by Review source

Great place to stop by on city road. Quick service. There is no need to queue for placing your order as they have added few screen for customers with self ordering facility. Good you can take your time and amend your order as many times as you want before you proceed to checkout. Not sure if the machine accept cash.
Oh good for parking.

5 by IQBAL FAROUK Review source

Have a mosquito device outside the mcdonald's. It uses high frequencies to cause a horrible sound resulting in pain in the head/ear area for young people. When i asked the manager why it was there he just said it was for the pigeons and was generally unhelpful. Discourage you from going here if you have young kids or animals

1 by Kat for hat Review source

They have the stupid new touch screens. Waste of my time. I ordered my negget meal. It asked me what dip I wanted. Sweet and sour.....duh. and when I got my meal. NO SWEET AND SOUR! Also, the male members of staff were being sexist to the female members. This is in unacceptable. McDonalds need to address this immediately.

2 by Liam Grant Review source

There was no ticket coming out of the machine. The order came in less than 5 minutes. It was the very first time I experienced what many people call 'watery fries'. You could feel the water from being quickly unfrozen and fried. Not a great experience. ;(

2 by Anamaria L Review source

It's great to be able to drive through. But driving in and specially reading their outdoor menu isn't always very easy.
Need to make the outdoor menu much clearer for fast decision making when in the car and other cars waiting behind you....

3 by Reza Esmaeeli Review source

Doesn't even deserve a star. Worst Mc Donald's around. Waited 20 minutes for a burger while watching people order after me get the same burgers. Got back in the car after receiving the food and it was all loop warm. Absolutely disgraceful.

1 by Review source

Absolute shambles at the MacDonald's drive thru on city road, queued up for over half an hour for a simple fillet of fish meal, in the end I asked for my money back as I wasn't prepared to eat a cold meal, sort it out maccie d's

1 by Richard Parsons Review source

Don’t know how to make a double cheeseburger with extra cheese. 3 slices of cheese on top of the burger. I went back and asked them why 3 slices on top as the rest is dry? What did they do? Yes the remade it with 4 slices.
Totally useless

1 by Review source

A City Centre location accessed from the forecourt of a roadside petrol station. It's bijou in square footage, so packed out at peak time. I had table service which worked well. Staff were charming & helpful to my requirements.

4 by Tim Keates Review source

Customer service was ZERO..Poor customer service.. you have a touch screen but no one to take cash off people.. Long wait time and total disregard for customers spending their money.. Was my first day here and very sure my last...

1 by Review source

Is there a McDonald's with a drive-thru normally QuickQuid the order and the delivery of your food I've been there a few times to grab breakfast and food I never had any issues with the food here normally quick and easy

5 by Kevin De freitas Review source

Space too small when pick time. One doesn't know where to stand to place order at the till or at the machine or to collect order. Staff nice and friendly but space wise it's a mess. Very little sitting area.

2 by Marthe andAntoine Danzin Review source

It's very cold inside, the heating is off even during the coldest weather. It appears H &S regulations are not being followed. I am regular visitor to this place but it is now getting discouraging.

2 by Satish Ramanandan Review source

So it's McDonalds - and anyone reading this (would anyone bother??) will know what to expect. But this has to be the most poorly run McDonalds, chips etc are always cold. Staff are always rude and slow.

2 by David Hall Review source

Very poor!
After the place got refurbished and turned new, Somehow they always put missing items whenever I ORDER or drive thru.. every single time they never get the order right! Forgetful workers!

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