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16 Winchester Walk, London, SE1 9AQ

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I must be missing something here compared to the other reviewers.
Firstly the venue seems dark and the tables, especially where we were sat were very close to each other. I particularly don't like this as when I'm having dinner with my family, I'd like to chat without people on the next table also hearing.
The food was ok, but when you've paid over £300 for three starters, four steaks with chips and two desserts, you want it to be fantastic. Although I ate the fillet, I found the flavour to be an acquired taste. I was always under the assumption that if you had a good quality piece of meat, you don't need anything else to add flavour.. our steaks tasted 'over smoked' and over seasoned to me. As I said, we ate them but it's not something we'd rush back to sample again.

Service wise. We had a lovely guy. To be honest, we felt sorry for him as I think he realised and tried his best to put right, our lack of enjoyment with the place, by no means his fault, he was very good.

All in all. Not a bad place, just not a great one. I believe there are much better out there especially within this price range.

3 by Orbit Fox Review source

Nice ground(ish) floor setting with more light that some of the other locations. There is a short wheelchair lift. Most of the food was excellent and of the usual Hawksmoor quality. My starter of mackerel pate was first rate, buttery, with lovely thin slices of open crumb toast that was like a bread lace. Pork belly was very good as was the Cesar salad, although I wish they'd tear up the leaves a bit more. I ordered rare fillet steak for my main, and was a bit surprised that it was a bit overdone, although I said nothing - I'm chalking that one up as a one off. The sides though were excellent. The desserts were also seriously popular, I had a chocolate dessert that was divine and others had their salted caramel 'rolos' and ended up buying extra to take away! Wine was excellent, my cocktail (full fat old fashioned) was nice but not quite up the standard I'd had before from Hawksmoor, not quite sweetened enough. Overall a good meal, and I'd definitely recommend it.

5 by Jim Moores Review source

If you haven't been to Hawksmoor yet...You really should! Although the pictures I've taken don't really do this place justice. I can't speak highly enough about my experience. Staff where fantastic as well as the atmosphere in this place. Other people have said in there reviews you will need a wheel barrow to take you out of this place and I couldn't agree more!!! I had a carpaccio to start which literally melted on my tongue. Followed by 300kg fillet of beef which was one of the best steaks I've eaten. We had sides of bone marrow, triple cooked chips, cheesy spinach, sweet potato and Cauliflower cheese which really accompanied the dinner lovely. And all washed down with a beautiful red wine this was gorgeous! If you don't live up in the city on mega money this place is more of a treat but I couldn't recommend this place enough. If you want good food and a nice experience and lovely grub this is the place for you!

5 by Rob McGarry Review source

Hawksmoor borough is a great steak restaurant in the heart of borough market. I have been to most of the other Hawksmoor restaurants across London and like them this one did not disappoint.

Despite being in the heart of borough once you were inside you couldn't tell. Restaurant has that slightly dim atmosphere with hardly any windows.

The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable as with all Hawksmoors. The menu is the same and is all about steak, if you are vegetarian or prefer chicken then you have come to the wrong place (although they do have some non steak mains).

The sides at Hawksmoor are fantastic, different types of chips and Mac n cheese are top choices.

Definitely not a cheap place to eat but you get what you pay for.

5 by Martin Roberson Review source

Best steak iv’e ever had, its not cheap, but also not ridiculously expensive.. you’re paying for proper quality meat and chefs who know how to craft a beautiful meal, blows many other fancy and more expensive steaks iv’e had out the water! (I had the ribeye).
Cocktail menu was rather good as well, had to try the notorious shaky pete’s ginger brew, which was nothing short of brilliant, then had the fat washed old fashioned, the whisky in it was beautiful, although I feel like it tasted like whisky on the rocks as supposed to an old fashioned, hardly any bitters or sugar or orange peel, perhaps what they were going for to let the fat washed whisky shine, but nevertheless just a heads up.

5 by Greig Howitt Review source

Yorkshire pud was near burnt and potatoes sadly tasted of nothing. We ordered more, thinking that maybe they were a bad batch but they tasted just as bland. Meat was delicious but tough to chew. The waitress decided to take a seat with us whilst she took our order which I really didn’t like but the sommelier took a shine to us and suggested a delicious champagne and red to follow. Service was almost a little too speedy, one felt like they couldn’t relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch which was a shame. Coffee was lukewarm. Bit of a disappointment to be honest, especially when paying a decent amount for two.

3 by Review source

Have now been to Hawksmoor Borough twice now and both times have been fantastic. It is without a doubt the best Hawksmoor in London and my new favourite steak restaurant. The food is fantastic, but the wonderful staff really make the difference. We mentioned how much we liked a particular cocktail and the barman, Henry, came over to talk to us about it and teach us how to make it! Such brilliant, personal service is hard to find anywhere, particularly London. Can't wait for my next visit!

5 by Andrew Hoey Review source

Good place for a steak!! Quite pricey but the food was great. We had the crab toast to begin with which I liked as it was a light starter, as well as the Yorkshire pudding which was also delicious. For mains I had the rib eye and my friends has the eye fillet - definitely preferred the rib eye! It's juicier and tastier. The chips were good and we had an added side of marrow too which went well with the steak. Had a great bottle of red to go with the meal that I'd highly recommend!

4 by Julianne Ngu Review source

I rarely eat red meat so when I do it has to be good quality, cooked well and tasty and this place did not disappoint and I was with a meat snob so he knew his stuff and agreed. Sides were disappointing though and the seemed to be drowned in butter and salt. I guess meat is there thing only.

Staff were pissing about behind the counter when we walked in and took a while to get there attention. Luckily the waiting staff really knew their stuff and provided really good service

4 by M Review source

Plus points for the two wait staff who spent plenty of time suggesting great drinks and a fantastic bottle of white. Unfortunately, the 3 courses for 2 for just over £200 wasn't worth it - the starters were average, and one of the two medium rare steaks was chewy, lacking in flavour, with plenty of gristle (my steak was good however). That, and our main order was forgotten for over 45 minutes! Really a shame, but head elsewhere unless you're going for drinks

1 by Andrew Rembrandt Review source

Steak is good as usual. And I am surprised by how well the scallops are cooked.

However a little incident make this visit not as nice as it could be. After ordering the waiter came over and told me he had given me an extra scallop. I thanked him and enjoyed the scallop. However I was charged for this extra scallop when I saw the bill. Yes I did eat and enjoy the scallop but I can’t help thinking that I was charged for something I did not order myself.

4 by hai lin Review source

♿️⚠️ At the entrance there are a set of stairs with no stair lift, however they do have 2 other restaurants exactly the same that are wheelchair friendly in Spitalfields and one in seven dials.

Came here during London Wine Week and gave the oysters and sherry a go, was good but I might be a bit biased ad I just came back from Whitstable bay. Service was actually quite good, staff were very polite and friendly and it was easy to ask for anything extra!

4 by Glen Roberts Review source

I know the image of the fillet steak is not flattering. It does illustrate what they do best. Steak, meat, cuts. I had one of the best tasting fillets I have ever had, and my wife said the same of her sirloin. Prepared to perfection with a nice char. Combined with attentive staff and good wine, this is highly recommended. If you can make dessert, try something other than the icecream. It was the only slight letdown.

5 by Mikael Lindroth Review source

Bernardo was an outstanding waiter!!! He was professional, kind, and his patience was appreciated. The food was top!! Porterhouse steaks and all of the sides were just simple bliss!!!!!! Sebastian, also sat us and took our order delivered us a good picture of the menu in which we were incredibly taken into his presentation of the side dishes!! We felt at home!! Thanks for the service and food!!!

5 by Karl reiff Review source

This is my third steak in a week! And there I was thinking I could be a vegetarian...

Wheelchair access ✔️. There is a flight of stairs, but they have a stair lift and managed to get up with little effort. Toilets easily accessible. Really appreciated the effort they made to make the restaurant accessible to wheelchair users.

Staff were great and food as good as expected.

4 by Soso Tran Review source

My first ever visit here was AMAZING!!! but sadly my second visit left a little bit to be desired... Service was slow but granted the place was very busy. The roast dinner was not up to its usual standards either, the meat was rather fatty and the roast potatoes where over cooked which is funny because the garlic half was undercooked... But none the less the wine and cocktails were lovely

3 by Rosie Boor Review source

Great steak along with great company in a good atmosphere. The service was brill, attentive enough but not too much at the same time. We got the rib eye steak which was was superb along with the chips, spinach and mac n cheese. Desserts also was delishh - we got the warm chocolate tart. You can also actually see daylight in this branch as opposed the other windowless branches.

5 by Lidia Ha Review source

Good atmosphere for a Wednesday! The service was attentive and efficient. Food-wise all the steaks were cooked to perfection and we were given a good steer on the wine. Clearly we should expect a Hawksmoor steak to be fantastic, and it was, but what I also really appreciated was how well flavoured the buttered vegetable side was and how well it teamed with the steak.

5 by Suresh Whittock Review source

We visited the great place during London Cocktail week and although they didn't have the cocktail the website advertised, they were very friendly and made sure special cocktails for us, they even offered great olives and peanuts on the house. Nice deco and great service, we'll definitely be back for proper dinner, which I'm sure will be good.

4 by Emmeline Review source

Booked for the soft-launch period prior to the official opening and it was fantastic from start to finish. Excellent welcome from the bar staff and delicious food and drinks as I've come to expect from Hawksmoor. The service was great, the steaks, scallops and desserts were all very tasty and we left with smiles on our faces. Highly recommended.

5 by Karl Hamilton Review source

Outstanding; service, food, atmosphere all fantastic. Expected to pay a pretty penny, but the portions and quality are appropriate for the asking price - certainly when paired with all the other aspects I mention.

This is definitely a great place for a business meeting, dinner date, birthday meal. Something a but special.

5 by Iain MacLeod Review source

Spectacular steak as you would expect; despite noting we were celebrating an important event we got sat on one of the smaller tables by the kitchen entrance but that wasn't enough to mar a wonderful evening. I cannot recommend more highly the ribs and rib-eye steak; and the 1987 brandy they have is out of this world.

4 by William Ayerst Review source

Went on Sunday, Hawksmoor serves one of the best roasts in London. The Borough branch is nice and quiet and we could book for 1pm only a couple of days in advance (unlike the other branches). The desserts were very well done too. We stayed for a while and they didn't try to kick us out or made us feel unwelcome.

4 by Benoit Prunier Review source

Nice restraunt friendly front of house staff, good wines and cocktails. Good selection of starters and great steaks of all varieties cooked as you would like it, y only criticism would be every side such as veg etc are extra apparatus from one. (Does not really promote healthy veg ) however it's worth a visit !

5 by Graham Alexander Review source

Excellent food ours steaks were perfectly cooked as we required,one was medium other rare both delicious as starters and dessert. Top quality food and if you add to this very helpful, nice service and cool looking restaurant. You will eat your meal in a very good atmosphere and defo will come back. Recommend!!!

5 by Piotr Górski Review source

Good price for an excellent Sunday lunch. Beef is excellent. Pretty pricey otherwise for food and booze. Interesting cocktails each with its own story though. At £12 a glass of substandard Sauvignon Blanc was not too impressed. Staff can be a little too intrusive at times. Perhaps I'm getting old.

3 by Dom Nealis Review source

Wanted to love this place but sadly it's not all that. Quality of the meat is great, but my medium rare rib-eye was burnt black in a few too many spots. My mocktail glass also arrived at the table only 75% full despite the ice. Expected more at place that charges premium prices (£30+ per steak).

3 by Anato Chowdhury Review source

Had a Fantastic evening there. As long as you know you're spending a pretty penny before you go in, you can't help but enjoy the experience. Unbelievably amazing steak and extras available, wonderful ambiance and lovely lively staff members. Highly recommended for those special occasions.

5 by Timothy Bruyns Review source

For a restaurant that specialises in beef the beef on the Sunday roast was awful. I basically got the scrappy fatty ends, which for £20 is totally unacceptable. We also waited an extremely long time for our food. Maybe I was just unlucky but based on my experience it was overpriced and poor quality

2 by Conrad Review source

Very friendly staff and a convivial atmosphere for Sunday lunch. Wine menu had some hits and misses, so do some research first. Very well cooked topside roast beef, but if you're used to the excellent porterhouse, you can upgrade your lunch to this for a fee.

Good value overall

4 by Peter Arnold Review source

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