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Great atmosphere, terrible food. What happened??

The Aeronaut used to not only be the best pub in Acton, but the food used to be great as well. Their burgers were once fantastic, but now they're so bad they're inedible. Either their grill has only one temperature, or their chef doesn't know how to cook. It's astonishing.

Order a burger and you will get a solid block of charcoal between two pieces of burnt bread. Ask for something slightly less overdone and you'll be given raw meat encased charcoal on burnt bread.

It's like the chef misread something about the Maillard reaction, and thought you were supposed to BURN everything to make it taste good.

Not only is it completely inedible, but burnt meat is one of the most carcinogenic things you can eat. No burger is worth bowel cancer, least of all one that tastes so bad.

Ironically, their thick cut chips are underdone, giving you the hint of raw potato. What a disaster.

I've been back several times, in the hope that I'd just been unlucky, but after four attempts, I've well and truly learned my lesson... Heed my warning, so you don't have to learn it, too!

So while the atmosphere is fantastic (it's actually one of the coolest pubs in the whole of London, never mind just Acton), and it has a brilliant pub garden, good music, good beer, and friendly staff, the food brings down what would otherwise be a flawless venue.

I hope someone associated with The Aeronaut reads this and fixes things.

3 by Johnny Walker Review source

A shining gem of a resource amongst the desolate wasteland of pubs that is Acton High street. If you can get in before it gets late and the door staff start having delusions of grandeur then you will have an above mediocre time. The music unfortunately seems to be based on the film groundhog day. That being because the same playlist of songs play each weekend no matter what. Expect a variety songs from Motown to soul to Nobby's 'I wish it could be christmas every day'. If you can bear the tired playlists that aim to not alienate the more elderly clientele then you can tap into the greatest asset this establishment has to offer. POOTY-TANG:
Despite its shortcomings this pub is a good place to pull. The last two times I have been there I have been approached and then went home with attractive young ladies who were more than willing to make some bad life choices. During the week the pub also serves decent food and has activities such as swing dance lessons. I recently took another young lady to these lessons. Well, when I say took, I mean took and watched the lessons whilst getting drunk before taking her home for what was to be a good time until i flipped her over and realised that the attention to detail she gave to removing her pubic hair did not extend to the cleftal-horizon of her buttocks. It looked so hairy, I thought Don King was about to pop out and exclaim, 'Only in America!'.
All in all a good pub, would recommend.

4 by Review source

It was a colleagues 40th birthday and she wanted to see the Circus Show that her local puts on every Saturday so of course we all agreed!

I loved the big bright dodgems sign but I really wasn’t keen on the layout of the venue. The stage was incredibly small and with the raised sides it was difficult to get a good view of what was going on once the show actually started.

All of the performances were fantastic but I found the fire-eater to be particularly amazing. (Although I did wonder what would happen if she’d accidentally let go of one of them while on fire!) Another thing I really liked was the fact that none of the female performers were stick thin while still being obviously very fit and healthy. Body positivity at it’s best.

Prices were very reasonable too but the people who did eat at the venue weren't too impressed with the quality.

3 by Ms Leanne Fraser Review source

I’m a long fan of the Aeronaut, I was there the weekend it originally opened and I was glad to see it reopen after the NYE fire. Going there today for brunch was disappointing. They had no alcohol free option which was a shame for drivers, they either had to pay for bottom brunch and for soft drinks on top or just starve. Also whilst the website and bar staff said the brunch includes laines beers, they changed their mind after an hour and decided to go back on their word. Took a chat with the manager before things got sorted. In short, nice pub, ok food, terrible management

2 by Ed Lewis Review source

Good range of drinks, friendly staff, and will try (and sometimes achieve) to go out of their way to satisfy your food orders. Very a quirky pub with different areas well designed and layout including the area out the back. The lights are low (dim) with candles on every table, good music and cold beer, what more do you want? Well how about some sort of Circus (I've not seen is) comedy nights (I'm about to see) and some unlimited brunch on Saturdays if that's your thing. Right next to the Police station so you know there'll be no trouble haha.

5 by Wayne Lee Review source

Had a fab afternoon watching the England v Wales Rugby in the Aeronaut on their large TV screen enjoying some good quality real ales. Returned later for the Quentin Tarantino evening show which was fab, and enjoyed the Sirloin steak and Jerk Chicken which was quite spicy and very much to my liking. Staff were all fabulous so we returned for Sunday lunch the following day. Highly recommended too. Pleased to see they have made a spectacular return after the unfortunate new years eve fire in 2016. Well done to all!

5 by Review source

I wish more pubs tried to offer something unique and fun as this. People come from the other side of London (and beyond) to check this pub out, with its circus style decor and actual functioning big top with live cabaret, gymnastics, comedy and music. The beer range is excellent, the bottomless brunches are great value for money, the photobooth is worth the visit alone. Do not visit if you're afraid of clowns, mannequins or getting hauled up onto the stage to be ridden by the compere. Yes, that happened to me.

5 by Xander Wood Review source

Came to aeronaut for my friends hen doo. Food was good and the circus was ok. Only downside is that you pay £15 to see about 5 acts which seems like a waste of money to me, some aren't even that entertaining and was very random and boreing at times. The videos on the website looked amazing and it definately was not as good as the video seems. The pub garden looks lovely as a circus theme, I would go back to aeronaut to sit in the bar but I would not go back to see the circus! Not worth it for the money you pay

3 by Review source

A real hidden gem in Acton. You would never guess what lies within the walls of the dark grey exterior walls. From the literal big top circus room to the carnival stand themed garden, there are surprises at every turn in this very cool local pub. The food is good standard pub fare at not unreasonable prices, they have Weston's cider on tap and different events (from swing dance to acrobats!) each evening.

A really welcome addition to an otherwise boring high street!

4 by Jade Pearn Review source

I can't understand why there are so many good reviews for this pub. I went there last night after work drinks and it was really a terrible experience, the place was an absolute nightmare. I had two drinks spilt on me and was knocked flying by a couple of guys play fighting on the dance floor. Most people appeared under age and off their heads on pills. I went home after an hour wishing I hadn't depends what you are after from a night out I guess

1 by Review source

The venue in itself is pretty good, the beer selection is decent if over-priced, we had a roast a month back and it was nice. On the other hand, we went to see a performance on a Friday for a birthday and it was... Ridiculous. I assume it was a Tarantino inspired show (lots of references to his movies), nothing wrong with the performers but it just did not make any sense... It felt like it an high school play type of thing, really weird.

3 by Mathieu CARPENTIER Review source

What a shame! Concept is fantastic! circus performances wonderful. Microbrewery brilliant. Slow service, terrible food (seriously go up the road to chicken cottage for better food at less than half the price!) Burger tasted like someone spilt the salt all over it. Rude and overzealous door supervisors almost felt like they were looking for a fight! Some changes to the staff and it could be a fantastic night out!

3 by Gem savage Review source

Absolutely wonderful pub! Their live music is a treat on the ears and their waiting staff are very talented at multitasking between serving and entertainment.

They have a large outside area at the back where you can host parties and a circus themed dance floor area, it really has a lot of potential for any occasion. Most unique pub I've been to and would definitely go again for different events.

5 by Morgan Herron Review source

Visited the Aeronaut last night for my birthday with friends, my wife couldn't have found a better place the food was good, drinks were reasonably priced and the entertainment was fantastic our group were still trying to copy the Irish rappers all the way back to Greenwich on the tube.
Even if your staying in the city make an effort to get to the Aeronaut and you will be pleasantly surprised.

5 by Jason Rodwell Review source

This place has been all sorts over the years. The current owners have turned it into venue for all sorts of circus related shows. The place has a micro brewery in the back offering you a taste of some local brews. At the back you'll find a large garden of which half is covered (with heating for when it gets bit colder in the evenings). Can be bit full of families in Saturday/Sunday afternoons.

4 by Pavel Ollitervo-Murphy Review source

A fun and interesting night out. Other than the great performances and special nights they put on here, they also have a separate, state of the art VR room where you can play easy-to-grasp games on your own or with a friend. I would recommend trying the VR when it's quieter though, such as on a Sunday afternoon, as you'll be able to take better advantage of the full, immersive experience.

5 by Toin Le Review source

Visited Aeronaut first time last night, but I am going to pay a visit again for sure! Such a nice pub! Huge inside space, and a circus area with a standing arena having circus/aerial/cabaret live performances every Friday & Saturday night. They have also a huge backyard, just perfect for the hot summer nights to have your drinks outdoor. Really nice place to have a fun night out with friends!

4 by George Christodoulakis Review source

I like this place during the afternoon for a pint and sit out the back in the sheltered tables with some ok food. But wait till night falls and you get to experience the worst DJ known to man on Saturday nights. Expect the worst mashups ever along with periods of total silence like all the porn malware froze his macbook. Replace the DJ with a jukebox and everyone would enjoy themselves more.

3 by Review source

Now reopened after a fire. Serves nice food and one of the staff even sings a song every so often, and she has a good voice . They have a circus bar and put shows on every so often. The staff are pleasant and helpful. I went on a Sunday lunchtime and it was packed. There was a lot of children and although most were well behaved some were running about and a bit noisy. Thus 4 stars and not 5.

4 by Daniel Lydon Review source

Lovely atmosphere. Quiet on weeknights so it's a good place if you don't want to queue at the bar for service. Weekends are super busy and have a club vibe. It has a huge garden area with heated booths. This makes for very inclusive nights out. The decor is circus style and aeronautical of course. It's a very eye catching place in Acton. Probably the best place in Acton.

5 by J Marshall Review source

A real W.London gem! Dean & his team have put a huge ammount of love & attention in to reinventing this pub. A fun filled Mon-Sun calendar with regular offers & promos. Great music, funky surroundings and a swanky newly extended beer garden make for a great evening if the sun is out. I would argue that the staff are as spritely & friendly as they come. Keep it up!

5 by Review source

The old redback. Out back they have colourful themed fairground booths - hook a duck - shooting gallery - coconut shy, also have a brewery in the front producing local ales. Table tennis, circus shows and good deals on bottomless bloody Marys with the Sunday roast menu. Can be pricey for the general menu, but I suppose the upkeep would be expensive. Nice treat every so often.

4 by Jason Tatlock Review source

Lovely atmosphere, lovely staff. The decor is mad and very unique. Beer garden is beautiful with many covered seating areas.

Nice food and beer brewed on site. Pub quizzes, dancing, a weekly events and comedy. I now consider it my local.

Also you can roll a dice of Tuesdays to win your meal for free!

All round a great venue

5 by Hedley Knights Review source

Totally unlike any other experience I've had in west London - and I've lived here for nearly 3 years. Solid food, great local beer, and a truly fantastic Friday circus show, with some outstanding performers. Staff were great on the night and handled my table of 15 with ease. Massively recommended for a Friday treat with your friends!

5 by James Lewis Review source

Probably the best beer garden in West London!
Great selection of Beers and Cider - microbrewery on site. Circus theme works well. Recommended for a quiet week day evening or a big night out! Music tends to be a bit retro most of the time - swing dancing is common.
Food okay, but definitely my favourite drinking place in Acton.

5 by Review source

Fine big pub building on Acton High St. Own micro brewery (Laines Brewery) plus other guest beers, ales etc. Several large rooms, with circus theme! Large outside garden features covered booths. Very good food. An unusual experience, very different from the other local pubs many of which are unchanged since Arthur Daley left Acton in 1975.

4 by Doug Neilson Review source

There's nothing like this in West London. Actually, this place is unique. There's loads going on, like the circus at the weekend. Plus their own beers that they brew behind the bar are really good. Nice people. Oh, the food is good. On a Monday they have a really good food offer that's cheaper than cooking.

5 by James Kendall Review source

First time.. It would have been a great experience... But they haven't honoured their online ad, even after showing their own Web site to manager! It's a pity that the manager wants to make a few bucks profit instead of caring about customer satisfaction. Chips fried in fish oil as well... Fishy taste.

2 by Rogério Gerardo Review source

We were there for a caesar salad paid £10 and it came without chicken, only after we complained they told us that we have to pay extra for chicken, which doesn’t make sense considering the price and furthermore no one asked when ordering. Next time if we have salmon salad we will ask if it comes with salmon.

1 by Review source

Aeronaut was the best! Even though we had a slight wait for our food, the food we were given was of great quality, we were politely greeted by security members at entrance of the aeronaut and on our way out of the building, the show was a blast and i would deffinatly recommend going down there to see it.

4 by Review source

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