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What can you say about Lidl except that it is, well Lidl! That said, it has recently had a major face-lift and looks far more like an up-market shop with a great selection of fresh meat, especially steak! In addition it's introduced self-service tills (with a different voice to the usual 'unexpected item in the bagging area' sort) which greatly speed small shopping trips. Oh, and if you haven't discovered it yet, Lidl sell the very best croissants I've ever tasted - and at incredibly low prices. The downside is they go incredibly quickly.

5 by Richard Lewis Review source

Lidl Norbury be careful of Parking Charge of £90 for 10 minutes parking

I got a notice for parking charge for shopping at Lidl Norbury on Green lane. They said I was there over 10 minutes. One has to press some button that you are in shopping and then one is supposed to zap the receipt somewhere that you are leaving for their 90 min parking or boom you are fined. I shall not shop at Lidl again.

I rang the company Athena and emailed them so waiting for outcome since I have my Lidl receipt we shall see. I will keep you posted what happened.

1 by Review source

Because they don't have parking and when you parked at the rear they gave you parking charge notice by Parking Control Management UK and Lidl will not help but you definitely have to pay.

It had happened to me a couple of weeks ago and had to pay £60.00 pounds. So I would advise customers not to do shopping there. One can go to either Acre lane, London Road or Streatham one but not the one of Hermitage Lane. Thanks

1 by Review source

Just like any other Lidl store with 90 minutes free parking. Good for quick shopping visits
UPDATE: NEW PARKING RULES: now you have to scan your receipt and enter you car registration number in the machines provided inside store every time you park there then you get 90 minutes free parking otherwise you will get a parking ticket regardless of time parked.

4 by Asjad Raza Review source

Parking was impossible. Had to wait 15 mins for space. Shop was well set out. Trouble is only one till open apart from self service payment counters. Another 10 minutes wait. Then you only have a limited time to shop or you get parking charges. So my shopping experience in Lidl was a nightmare. Didn't get half I wanted..

2 by Review source

Good quality fresh fruit, vegetables and weekly staples at bargain prices. Occasional offers on better known brands. Great value bakery, good for weekend Danish pastry treats and protein rolls. Can be very busy at certain times e.g. week days 5 - 6 pm, otherwise I prefer this compact store to the bigger supermarkets.

4 by Roxxana Summer Review source

The place to go if you want to shop for good quality grocery for less money. My only issue is with the self service till that keeps on going off at every minute. Besides where else can you buy certain stuff and return it if it's not working because of the 3yr warranty. Just keep your receipt

5 by Review source

Some products are better then other supermarkets. Always getting my veggies from here, it feels like the taste is the closest to the natural one. The mozzarella cheese is great in here also. Always coming up with new promotions. I only wish they will bring back the big green Greek olives

5 by Andrey Vas Review source

My visit was great as I waited all day with anticipation for the new line that landed in store today. Bought myself a long cardigan which love. Will try tomorrow to see if I get few more pieces. Great quality garments, keep them coming lidl.Great stuff and frendly staff.

4 by Review source

Nice & local, opens late. I can get cash back. I cannot do my whole shop in here as I do not like all of the products but the essentials are ok. The checkouts can be a pain though as they never open all the lanes at once.

3 by Karen Bell Review source

Becoming too busy, a victim of their own success. queues for tills frequently extend up the aisles, making access difficult, and self service checkouts are problematic and only suitable for basket size shopping, not trolleys.

3 by Steve Toplek Review source

Great place to shop for fresh fruit and veg along with many other discounted products.

On the other hand, the staff have a truly awful attitude towards customers, no respect at all. Terrible customer service.

2 by Safi Salik Review source

Ridiculous costumer service on the bank holiday. We were asked to go to the self-checkout tills with a large trolley! Blocking the way for the other customers behind! Very inadequate behaviour of the two of assistants

1 by Review source

A classic Lidl. Good variety of products,good prices. The self service tills are good of you're in a rush and you have just few products to pay. If you have a lot of stuff it would be impossible.

4 by vins lupi Review source

If you are on lunch break and need to get something to eat don't definitely go case you wanna make it back to work on time you gonna end up leaving the market angry with empty hands..

1 by Review source

Self-service cash registers often stutter.
With a large number of purchases this is uncomfortable. Too few normal cash registers. But lidl is cool. I like to do shopping in it

4 by Review source

Only one till open and the backlog of full shopping trolleys waiting in line looked like a column of panzer tanks queuing at the border of Belgium.

1 by senan gil senan Review source

People take advantage of car park to go somewhere else instead of shopping..
Every time difficult to find park there to go to lidl shopping

1 by Pedro Teixeira Review source

Food and prices ok but checkout at the tills is by far the worst of any supermarket I have been to. Sooooo slow. Never ever enough checkouts open.

2 by Frank Mosconi Review source

If you're looking for a place to go and look for basil and lemon thyme, not find it, but buy a wetsuit instead, this is the place for you

4 by Mark Crowther Review source

Discount Supermarket. Fresh fruit & veg, bakery, meat & poultry, chilled and frozen food available. Free parking lot for customers.

4 by Sharif Parvez Review source

Local shop. After the renovations it looks really good! Much more organised and esteticly pleasing. Very good quality and value.

4 by Maddy Schiavone Review source

I dnt like scanning the recipt for parking u stand in a long queue for purchasing and. Thn again to scan it receipts for parking

2 by Shahida Merchant Review source

I find myself going more and more to Aldi and Lidl. This is my local Lidl and there's always a good selection of products.

5 by Maria Parkinson Review source

Easy to shop with good quality of food, one small minus is that 2 hours before closing is messy and kind of empty on the shelfs

4 by Patrycja Gaskiewicz Review source

Nice selection of products, and the best part is: good price. The shop is nice, and tidy usually, great for a general shopping.

4 by Ádám Szalóczi Review source

It is not only lidl but there are lot of restaurants close to the train Polish shops and a cafe with delicious ice cream

4 by Review source

Tammy got served raw fish on a piece of plastic and i was threatened by a flip flop via the 357 to new cross gate #memes

1 by Review source

Good diy on offers and shopping can be done in one place. Good selection of ice lollies ,wine ,fruits and even flowers.

4 by Aaron Walker Review source

I'm generally well disposed to Lidl despite it often being a bit of a mess, but this branch seems pretty well run.

4 by Alex Cheyne Review source

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