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Amazing royal palace and by far my favourite in the London area. I totally recommend signing up for the palace pass that gets you into all the royal palaces in London. For a singe person, the price of the pass is the same as 2 palace entries so it is definitely worth the investment for a year of palace entries!

Hampton Court is somewhere you can easily spend an entire day! The actors playing King Henry VIII, his court and whichever Queen they are cycling through, are phenomenal, and they interact with the public in their scenes. The kitchen also stages cooks in Tudor fashions, cooking in 16th century style.

The cafes within the palace are wonderful too. Delicious seasonal food at reasonable prices; plus the pass gets you 10% off here and in the gift shop.

The grounds to the palace are beautiful and sizeable so you can enjoy wandering through them in the summer weather. The Maze is definitely a highlight in the summer months.

Winter brings the ice rink and lights for the front of the palace which are always fun.

The palace also hosts a variety of tours at different times of the year. I took a night time ghost tour before which was thrilling and a wonderful opportunity to see the palace away from the hustle and bustle of tourists during the day.

I recommend the free audio tour guides, available in many languages, to allow you to explore the palace and grounds in the order you like.

5 by Andrea Hanna Review source

Very cool place. Particularly like the audio guide that explains the history of the paintings and their meanings.
I tried the cafe in the kitchen area. The lunch menu is quite a good deal. I had the chicken and ham pie with every thing on. My first bite of the pie had bones in it. I think normally it shouldn’t have any, maybe it is just my poor luck. The rest of the pie was good.
The British seasoning on the pie was the little green grass thing. It has just enough to have the taste without overpowering the meat and the pie dough. It is really well prepared and cooked.
I also went to the magic garden. It is more like a kids playground. The rose garden has roses already. My friends are happy to see roses. The maze is quite amazing. We were there from 11am to 5:00 pm. Finished almost all the audio guide. But we hurried the last bit because we wanted to try other things since our tickets included all facilities. Otherwise, i would suggest it would be a good two day trip to fully enjoy and experience the glamorous palace.
One suggestion for the place would be a timeline in the map showing the chronological order of the kings. Also, there seems to be leaps between kings, so my friends and i were puzzled what happened to the kings and how they get there. The audio guide does a fantastic job introducing individual parts of the palace. It just would be better if there is something to give an overview flow.

5 by Anthony Chan Review source

The palace itself is beautiful and well maintained. The audio tour(free with the ticket) is a must especially if you are a history fan as it goes into great detail regarding every room & with scholars interviews.

Of course the best parts are the actors re-enacting historic scenes (different every time) so keep a eye out for them and make sure you follow them around as it will be more entertaining and insightful than heading on your own.

The gardens are a must see of their owns with some of the trees been there for over 500 years and of course the oldest & largest grape vine in the world. If you go in season make sure visit the rose gardens. There are usually actors walking around the gardens as well and are quite happy for you to take photographs with them!

For tennis fans the tennis court is not open every day so check the website before visiting.

If get a chance to find a table in the Fountain Court Cafe(North of the fountain court)!, try the traditional hot chocolate and their amazing desserts - just delicious!! But for food options i would highly recommend getting something prepared before hand and go for a picnic on the gardens. Alternatively, there are lots of little shops and places to eat near the train station (5min walk).

5 by Anthony Charalampous Review source

Wish I could rate this higher than a five star! This is the most beautiful palace in England, everything is so very well preserved and presented. the gardens are out of this world too, the tour guides were so very chatty and clear with info, when I asked a few questions about the actual death of Cardinal Wolsey they were great with answers. (I've watched every movie and tv show on Henry VIII..... they are only close to the truth!!) It's actually a different take on his death but I'm not going to tell you! Go ask yourself, but have to say it surprised me but makes sense...... ;) Every room is wonderful to see and there are different guides in each one. The gun displays really grabbed my attention, they are taken down, cleaned and tested every year then put back up! We got lucky and met Henry himself in the gardens, happy to pose for pics too. Wonderful atmosphere. The gardens are amazing, meticulous layout, mirror imaged, best seen from rooms of the main house, probably best seen in summer when Rose's are in bloom, any time of the year this is a great place to visit and DO take the house tour, it's worth it.Get here early and allow for an all day visit.

5 by Laura Barrett Review source

Hampton Court Palace is a beautiful and fascinating place. From the side it looks rather as if a Tudor palace and a baroque palace have crashed into each other and got stuck together - two completely different styles of building (early 1500s and late 1600s), both delightful in their own way.

The Great Hall has some amazing Tudor tapestries; the Chapel Royal is a gorgeous fusion of styles; the King's Apartments have some of the finest wall-and-ceiling paintings to be found in the UK, and some astonishingly intricate wood carvings, done by Grinling Gibbons; the Baroque part of the palace was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, and is equal in splendour to some of his other buildings, like St Paul's, or the Naval College at Greenwich.

Both styles are uniquely British - an early 16th century palace in any other country looks completely different.

There's a lot to see - you can spend most of the day there without getting bored.

The only thing that's a bit of a con is the maze, which is TINY - but which they nonetheless charge you extra to enter! But, that aside, it's well worth a visit.

5 by Nicolas Bryant Review source

My absolute favourite thing about Hampton Court was the 14:00 re-enactment where actors portray various historic characters. They really involve the audience. It's so much fun! My next favourite item was the maze and next was the real fire in the fireplace in the kitchen! This was delightful on the cold day we had. The sheer scale of this palace is difficult to fathom. If you want to do it properly, you will need all day! The entry fee covers an audio guide so this will take time to listen to. You then have the amazing gardens! There are cafes and shops in the grounds and plenty of toilets in various locations. Did I mention that the Royal School of Needlework has its rooms here! They have their own shop at the rear of the palace. It's just wonderful! Remember to wear walking shoes because you will be doing a lot of that. It is wheelchair friendly if you are wheelchair bound.

5 by Nada Zaitoun Review source

There’s really affordable parking on site, but it fills up so fast. However, a short drive on the other side of the river can find free street parking really easily.

The grounds were beautifully maintained, especially for the time of year. From the sculptured gardens to the rear, to the topiaries framing The Long Water its a great place for outdoor photographers.

The staff on site are super friendly and knowledgable and I was surprised by how accessible everything felt. Light was a bit dim in a few areas, but I imagine that’s for preservation reasons.

The only things that cost money are the Maze and the Magic Garden. I was quite surprised by how small the Maze was, I think I must’ve been oversold.

Would definitely recommend for a family afternoon out though, especially for free.

5 by Joe Elliott Review source

If you love/live history this is the place for you. My intention was to not actually go here but on the way back from work I decided why not. I took a long walk around the outside and saw some amazing architecture beautiful gardens and if not for the rain the maze too , which is the oldest in the world to my belief.. you get a strong sense of the time period just from a walk round and your imagination will fill in the blanks thanks to the information provided. The best part it's all free unless you wish to venture inside which will cost around £19/20. In all honesty if its as good and as informative as the outside I will be taking the plunge in the summer with the family. Parking is £1.60 an hour so if you do what I did and just fancied a walk around then it is well worth it , a must for any couple

5 by DUTCH 3768 Review source

Beautiful palace and gardens of Henry VIII. A lot to see both inside and outside the palace.

Inside there is a multitude of historical artworks throughout a number of monarchs reigns. Some of which span entire rooms.

There are actors that roam the palace that are dressed and speak as if they were in Tudor times, which I thought was a nice touch.

Outside the palace is the gardens. Which in the sunny weather it is spectacular. The gardens are perfectly maintained and are ideal for lounging around.

There is also a grape vine that's 250 years old, and still produces grapes every year, which I found particularly interesting.

Limited parking in the palace itself, bit there is a large overflow parking a short walk away in a field.

5 by Michael Shemeld Review source

A wonderful swirl of daffodils at Hampton Court
We visited some time ago and had a marvellous day out at Hampton
Court Palace and gardens.
The grounds are extensive, so allow time to view, rest , eat etc.
Loads of history if that is what you like, (try to imagine walking where Henry Tudor and wives once trod.
Travel by car, train or boat from London. although I recommend you check all the variables.(Times/prices etc)
For example check Transport for London's web site who show maps of
boats leaving the embankment (River Thames) near Big Ben to Hampton Court .
Kew Gardens is another place to visit via boat.
Do your research on Google, and have a nice day!

4 by David Needham Review source

Hampton Court is a royal palace...or actually two royal palaces enshrined in one. I didn't know that and it was so good when I found out! It is ideal for everybody, I had nice time with my girlfriend, but I saw many families with children. There are many things to see and do. You can try to find the centre of the maze, admire the biggest vine in the world and breath the history in the rooms which hosted the banquets and the everyday life of the kings and queens of England. It is a special place, worth going and worth the price of the ticket. It is easy to reach from central London by train from Waterloo. You can use the Oyster card since the palace is still within the boundaries of the capital.

4 by pepze pepze Review source

one of the most beautiful palaces I have seen the Gardens are just amazing and so colourful at this time of year. The Magic Garden maze was fun for the kids as well as myself. After a long afternoon of running around I found the ampersand cafe where there was a cheeky happy guy called Jaysson James who made an amazing flat white and his colleagues Vanessa and Ruby who were amazing dealing with the long queues and keeping people happy and entertained within the line while waiting. It's really nice to see when people love doing what they do with a passion charisma drive and aimed at top service. Keep up the good work girls and J you make the place what it is well done top marks.

5 by Blake knight Review source

As every venue of royal historic places it truly stands to its name. Royal and historic and what a place. Allow at least good three hours to explore the insides and untold number of corners and themes. Take a good camera and get ready to pose in kingly environment. Mind this is an old palace of six centuries ago so somewhat simpler on the decor and dim on light. The gardens behind the palace offer nice strolls on sunny days and can be extended in nearby parks for miles. Thames is just a short walk awake on the other side. Parking is next door and reasonably priced. Buying a membership and visiting other royal places for free is a good deal, especially for regular family visits.

5 by Mark Kychma Review source

A full five star rating from me, I came in this place awed by the amazing tutor architecture, and the amazing gardens could only increase this effect. Truly a gorgeous place to visit, and an absolutely great place to learn about interesting characters such as King Henry VIII and their lifestyle. For 15.40£ with concession (which you get for being a student or over 65 years old), this place is a bargain to visit for what you're getting. Or, if you don't want to enter, the gardens are there for you free of charge and the maze is only 4.50£ for anyone over 16 years old. I will most definitely be coming here again several times in the future - it deserves it.

5 by Guilherme Ferrão Review source

Love Hampton Court Palace! The onsite interpretation is superb, and the audio experience in the courtyard really makes you feel like it's still full of life. The ticket price is high (I recommend booking in advance to skip the queue), but you can easily spend the whole day here to really see everything. Gardens are superb, especially on a sunny day! Plenty toilets and giftshops, limited cafes/restaurants which get busy and sell out pretty fast but if you're prepared, the garden is a great place for a picnic! The medieval kitchens are fascinating, and even have live cooking. An app is available for kids, and an audio tour (I didn't use).

5 by chh Review source

Magic Gardens play area is a fabulous place to go to on an afternoon after school. The last hour for me is just enough time for the children to enjoy it and also allows us the time to get home for dinner or even consider having a picnic in the grounds.
The play area itself is fabulous. It's filled with a whole range of equipment that allows children from very young to middle primary a chance to have a good time . Saying that, lots of adults have had fun down the unoffocial slide that is also the little mound topped with artificial grass.
Paying to go each time is costly but with annual membership, well worth it.

5 by Keith Hoo Review source

This is such a fantastic place. Very lovely staff and atmosphere. If this can be accessible why can't everywhere be? They have worked really hard to take access seriously for everyone. Disabled visitors receive an access statement with maps and explanation. Separate help available for autistic spectrum visitors and those who need pictorial explanation.
Gluten free food available. I managed dairy free food too .
Site is very level but there is pushable gravel ( miles of it) and cobbles within the courtyards, though there are flatter routes on the outer wings of the building. Can't wait to go back.

5 by Val Thorne Review source

Something for everyone. Avoid the summer and half terms of you want the true Hampton court experience as sometimes the crowds block the beautiful scenery. This iconic Tudor palace sets the scene impeccably with props, staff in traditional dress and even the occasional re-enactment or tour at peak times.

Despite being in our 20s, we spent over an hour in the magic garden play area. I wish it had been there when I was growing up, with a babbling brooke, sand area, slides and a hiding places a-plenty.

Cafes are over priced, I highly recommend bringing your own lunch.

5 by Alice Mary-Anne Review source

A wonderful place if you love history. It's really two palaces for the price of one as you get the Tudor story and then the very different architecture of William and Mary's part of the building where the early Hanoverians also lived. There are excellent audio tours and lots of things for children in the school holidays with people in Tudor costume eye. The gardens are also lovely. Worth taking out Historic Royal Palaces membership even if only for a year, if you went here and Kensington Palace and the Tower once you would get your money's worth.

5 by Elizabeth Herrington Review source

Rude staff, not only 1 person, but many of them with who I communicated, they made my day worse than expected. They asked me daunting questions like Are you on your own? Yes I am, do you see someone else with me?
They do not have that many visitors and being unagreeable won't help them at all.
Noticed one of the actors, laundry women reacted negatively to a German tourist when he asked something. He and his family were embarrassed!
The yeoman shut the crown room door earlier than was expected to.
Awful, not recommended!

1 by E Or Review source

This is one of my favorite palaces--it has so many interesting nooks and crannies to explore and I love that one can see both Tudor and Georgian palaces all in one place.

The gardens are gorgeous and this is a great place to take kids, as there are plenty of kid friendly attractions, such as the magic garden and costumed actors strutting about.

For lunch, I recommend going to The Mute Swan across the street. The eating options within the palace grounds are quite limited and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch just outside of.

5 by Simone Collins Review source

This is a wonderful place for the whole family!

The palace is a monument of English history and culture and is must-see for all.

Give yourself around 3 hours to see and do everything - interactive storytelling is included and takes you through the rich history of the palace. There are loads of really interesting stories about all who lived there before and it is told in a way that appeals to every age.

There is no heating system within the building so if you go in the winter make you wear warm clothing!

4 by Tom Boyle Review source

Cracking day out with far too much to see in only one visit.
Good size Car Park and very good catering and toilet facilities. If the weather is good you have huge areas to bring your own picnic. Getting to the Palace by public transport can prove abit of a faff especially if you your family consists of very small children.

If you have the time,approach the Palace by River from Richmond but not if you want to spend any time actually in the Palace asTrips are governed by the tides.

5 by John Angus Review source

I don't know how best to describe or recommend this great/grand place. Should be in the ' must visit' section of your' Places to visit before I die'. A lot of history , great fun and entertainment for kids, amazing gardens ( inside and outside the castle ), maze, historical cafe .... I am tempted to write all day but instead I urge you to just go and have an amazing day at the palace and it's beautiful gardens by the river Thames. A guarantee for a day well spent.

5 by IVALINA GOGIYSKA Review source

What can I say about a step back in time? Yes, it's all that and more. So lovingly preserved and wonderfully cared for. The castle itself is breathtaking and the perfectly manicured grounds are beyond lovely. You are able not only to SEE into the past... but very knowledgeable people are on hand you tell you the history on anything and everybody who ever called this place their 'HOME'. Nobody should EVER miss the experience walking thru time in this incredible estate!

5 by Terry Garrison Review source

For £25 entrance you get access to the house and gardens.
The house really isn't that interesting. A lack of any interesting content or insightful copy mean you end up walking through the few areas fairly bored. Even the excitingly sounding Chocolate Room is woefully dull.
However the gardens are beautiful and full of delights. The biggest vine in the world as well as hidden gardens are a joy.
But for the steep entrance it's tricky to justify the entrance.

2 by Josh Hart Review source

This is my most favourite place. You can spend all day here wondering around. Gorgeous grounds, beautiful palace, guides are fantastic people they'll tell you whatever you want to know. The restaurant is nice albeit on the pricey side sometimes some of the options aren't always everyone's cup of tea plenty for children to do and see and they can dress up too! 500+ years of history. It's a standing Tudor palace where Henry viii himself lived what more can you say?

5 by Laura Milsom Review source

A very enjoyable trip to the Royal Palace of several Kings and Queens. The mixture of architectural styles is very interesting and the artwork and treasures it houses are very impressive.

The palace is well staffed so there is always someone on hand to help or offer information.

It is very straightforward to get to and there is also free wifi as well.

Some of the highlights are the Great Hall and the Chapel Royal which is still used as a church.

5 by Dermot Tuohey Review source

Superb. This is the best palace I have seen ever. The rooms are full of painting and every room has amazing history within it. Staff are very friendly and are dressed up for the occasion. The place has great gardens and a world record. The place is very accessible as there is a train station right on the doorstep. Prices are a bit steep as for example a child is 11 pounds. Overall this place is wonderful though and this brings many people and brings many memories.

5 by NtroGeneration Review source

Amazing architecture, but lacking in information on the building it's self.

We did our our walk through so no tour guide or audio support. It was a great experience and AMAZING histroy. I just wish that as you walked through there was more information on the building and it's components than on who lived there (hint, he was fat and had a few wives). Either way the entrance fee is high but it's worth every penny! The gardens are STUNNING!

4 by Stewart At Large Review source

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