Bush Hall Dining Rooms - Shepherd's Bush, London

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304 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 7LJ

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Great food, lovely decor, friendly, helpful staff.

Spent a relaxed Sunday morning here, and will be making the place a regular. Had previously had a couple of terrible experiences at Proud Mary's up the road (I'm baffled why that place is rated higher than here), and this ticks every box that Proud Mary's failed. Ordered the full English breakfast, but was able to remove things from the menu and replace with extra bacon and sausage etc... this sounds like such a small detail, but at PM's, this isn't possible. You're forced to take the full menu.

They also do a children's menu, something else Proud Mary's doesn't offer (despite it being in a residential area, it's so baffling).

The breakfast was excellent, but just as important, the decor and ambiance is also really lovely.

I'm confused as to how the place only has 3.x stars, because it's a 4.5 star place.

On the way out, the man at the bar even offered my daughter a couple of sweets from the jaw. It's attention to detail like that that really makes businesses work. I hope more people go along and push the rating up a little.

Five stars; will return.

5 by John Godwin Review source

AVOID AT ALL COSTS I ate here on a week night last week. I'm not one to make a complaint usually, but I felt that the quality of the food and the presentation was quite honestly awful. I ordered a salad and one of the dips with veg crudites. Given the price (£10) I expected a decent salad, nothing fancy, but clean, simple and well presented. I got what looked like the odds and ends from the back of someone's fridge: wilting lettuce, cucumber sticks with huge chunks missing out of them, overripe/mouldy avocado cut in to huge, uneven pieces, no care taken, and there were no blueberries or pomegranate seeds to be seen, despite those being listed as two of the key ingredients of said salad. The plates and cutlery weren't clean, the food was substandard to say the least. Please don't eat here.

1 by Review source

This place is full of character and a classy place to get a full English breakfast when you're hungover.

My friends and I have been several times on a Saturday or Sunday morning after the night before and the breakfasts are everything you could want to help you through a recovery.

More than just a greasy fry fry-up, the ingredients are good quality and not swimming in oil.

Try the family breakfast if there are several of you. It's all served in a sort of skillet so you can help yourselves to your favourite components. There's plenty, so arguments over that extra sausage are usually minimised.

4 by Alex Reeves Review source

Food is alright, but the customer service is pretty bad - on my first visit they charged £1.80 for a pot of tea for one (equal to an average mug), then the second time they charged £3.60 for the same amount and expected us to share it between two. The server seemed unsure but dismissive, and ran off after saying he thought that was how it was.
Took it in turns with other tables at the back to go and find a waiter when we needed anything because they didn't come to check on anyone seated at the back of the restaurant.
Overall, not worth the time or the money.

2 by Jo Slattery Review source

Food was good but the service was very unprofessional - waitersses shouting across the room and turning the music on and off, it felt like we were intruding in someone’s lounge. There was about 10 fruit flies hanging around our table and one of them landed in my drink. When we let the waiter know he responded ‘yeah I know, we’re working on it’. If the service was improved and the fruit fly problem was addressed we might return as the food was tasty, but overall we were disappointed with the experience.

2 by Review source

Very friendly staff with excellent customer service (have been twice in the afternoon). Not sure about breakfasts but on a Sunday if you do not have time or energy to do a traditional roast, they really do a good one! Well cooked lamb & traditional mint sauce. Nice vibe, good music & mix of people. Would definitely recommend especially if you live locally. I have missed out on about 4 occasions as it gets very busy so I found, book before lunchtime!

4 by Review source

I didn't have a great experience, after calling to book and confirming we could have lunch from 12, we were told the lunch menu doesn't open until 1pm. I then opted for an omelette on the 'all day' menu and was told this could not be ordered and I could only order from the breakfast menu, this was at 12.15 in the afternoon. It is a nice diner and played good music, I just won't be rushing back.

2 by Review source

Delicious DELICIOUS food - fair and well priced (a rareity in London). The staff super friendly - we always loved the tone and vibe of this place when living around here... and since moving away from London / Shepherd Bush - it's always my number one stop when I'm back in town. Thank you Sheps Bush Dining Hall.... when so many other local jaunts are losing their charm, yours keeps on growing.

5 by Review source

The food is quite nice, I recommend the autumn salad, however the customer service is poor. Waiting 20 minutes to have our drink orders taken (and having to flag wait staff to do so) and then waiting another 15 minutes for the drinks to arrive is too long. Also, don't recommend the coffee

2 by Review source

I loved the food in the restaurant, there was a lovely vibe to the place as well as a great location. The restaurant was so easy to get to from Shepherds Bush over ground as I live in Willesden and it was recommended to me. Made out to be a great night and I would happily go back.

5 by Review source

Really good food and 15% discount if you have tickets for Bush Hall. Service is really good, but the bar service could be improved by speeding up the drinks service, we had our drinks at the same time as the food arrived. Other diners had their food arriving before their drinks.

4 by Adam Farrell Review source

I eat a veggie breakfast here regularly. It's really good. The food here used to be average and I would have give
it a 3.5 but it's improved endlessly. I think they have a new chef or something. You get a lot of food for your money and it's never too busy.

5 by Rah K Review source

Food was great, but completely ignored by the waiting staff, to the point where several attempts to get their attention were ignored, and we were only one of 4 tables dining at the time with 3 staff on the floor. Can't fault the burgers and great comfort food though.

3 by Anton Bearsley Review source

Decent pub style grub. Changed styles a bit since last visit which was more high end - which probably didn't suit local market as much. Seemed a bit overwhelmed staffwise on our most recent visit. Good spot for a pre-gig bite before heading to Bush Hall next door.

3 by Noel Hunwick Review source

Popped in here before a gig last night. It was busy, but in a really nice vibrant way. The service was attentive, the food was hot and tasty - and most importantly, when you haven't got much time before a gig - it came out really quickly. Recommended.

5 by Review source

I came in here to try their breakfast which was okay. I'm not a fan of the 1 giant mushroom. Their smoothie was rubbish as it was watered down juice with ice cubes!! Customer service is not great either as we were not offered a drink replacement.

2 by 0 Review source

Yummy, fresh food. They have an awesome brunch menu. I had the superfood salad which is such a refreshing combo. They’re quite flexible with food intolerances (they get better with this every day!), lovely, attentive service. Highly recommended.

5 by Maddie Thiele Review source

I was looking forward to trying this place but it was a bit disappointing. The food was acceptable but nothing special. However, the place is extremely noisy and it caused me a terrible headache. Sadly, I don't think I will come back.

2 by Tamara Canovas Review source

service is very uneven; food is utterly average and overpriced for what it is. Better to go to one of the non - gentrified restaurants along Uxbridge road. Good for laughing at would - be hipsters on the wrong side of town though.

2 by Greg Williams Review source

Atmosphere gave us high hopes but we left feeling robbed. It is really surprising that a place like this doesn't have gluten free options or guidance on the menu or from staff. Also pretty sad bacon sandwich for my partner :(

2 by Review source

Not happy with the service.prices increase on Sundays. Full English breakfast not exceptionnal.was missing the sausages (but we get a small discount finally).will not recommand it.

2 by Eddy Garrigo Review source

I went with friends and the waitress never brought us our drinks menu and even after having asked twice to take our order she never took it so we just left.. terrible service

1 by Review source

Visited twice while traveling for business, and very much enjoyed the food, atmosphere and staff both times. Hoping to be able to visit again in the future :)

4 by Review source

Appalling customer service. Unfriendly and unprofessional staff.

Second poor experience here. Would not go again under ANY circumstances.

1 by Review source

The venue looks great from the website, but food wise it was distinctly average. Went for breakfast and I've had better in cheaper cafes.

3 by Rich Carpenter Review source

Very quick service, food came out about five minutes after ordering. Friendly staff, and a discount if you're going on to Bush Hall.

5 by Jack Eaton Review source

Had a wonderfully fresh haddock cooked to perfection with hand cut chips, absolutely a delight to eat,nice relaxed atmosphere here too!

4 by Review source

Large serves of decent food, good but not exceptional. Same goes for the coffee, service, ambiance. Can get a little loud when busy.

3 by Oliver Lade Review source

Good quirky place, food good, great taste, great portion sizes, good cocktails. Seats very hard except for a couple of booths.

4 by Marj London Review source

Nice location but wasn't ready for serving breakfast Sunday morning at ten. I'll try again though.

3 by Marc Bächinger Review source

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