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While on vacation in London, we stayed at the nearby Sheraton Grand London Park Lane. One morning, we decided to go see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. After awhile, we started walking towards St. James's Park.

Given the number of parks in London, St. James's Park is one of many but in my mind, it stuck out the most. The park has a small lake and a large number of birds waterfowl, including pelicans, wrens, mallards, Tufted ducks, various British duck species, swans (including black swans), and geese. There are also an abundance of grey squirrels here. The animals are not particularly afraid of people and will come up to you if it looks like you have food. In fact, two squirrels climbed on my BF thinking he had something to give them.

At the center of lake is the Tiffany Fountain. On special occasions, the fountain jet is illuminated in color. There's a bridge here called Blue Bridge that offers an amazing panoramic view eastward of the Horse Guards Parade, Old War Office, and Whitehall Court; southward of the London Eye, Shell Tower, and the Shard; and westward of Buckingham Palace.

This is a great place to leisurely walk around and take in the lovely views. Since it is next to all things touristy, it can get to be a bit crowded but it's well worth a stroll.

4 by Alice Wang Review source

Great Royal Park. Perfect for a picnic or a walk around. Huge number of waterfowl and many helpful signs to identify them. Great for bird watchers, especially during wet weather. Currently many ducklings, goslings and signets around for those who love to see baby animals!

Well kept with beautiful floral displays that are updated seasonally. Currently has a huge tulip display. Great for a casual walk around and explore. Some fantastic trees and blossoms to be seen.

There is a bar/restaurant/cafe in the middle of the park which makes a perfect pit stop for anyone looking for a unique place to eat or drink. Toilets are also available in the park.

5 by Holly Casson Review source

I have spent many leisurely hours strolling around the Park, watching the world go by. It is a great park to chill out from the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus and the Palace of Westminster. And throngs of tourists, politicians and fellow Londoners come to the park for some fresh air. You can also enjoy the wild fowls, squirrels, shrubs, ferns and trees in the park. Refreshments are also available in a large cafe and two other pop up cafes around St James's Park. It is also a great park for the whole family. The kids will enjoy the playground by the lake. The park is free and it is closed at dusk. Thank you.

5 by Heng Ng Review source

Lovely little park in Central London, within sight of Buckingham Palace. Because of the location it gets really very touristy, which is a bit of a strike against it. Because it's not particularly large it's easy for it to feel overrun with tourists.

I like having the pelicans there.

If you want a bit more seclusion the chances are the nearby Green Park or Hyde Park might be better suited. They are still busy - there's not much of central London that isn't - but they often feel a little less packed than St James Park.

4 by John Baker Review source

I love this park, what more is there to say? We dropped by after watching the guard change at Buckingham Palace.

The weather that day was great and there were so many animals in the park. Definitely a good place for families with children, I am sure they will love the ducks and squirrels there. For the older folks - a good number of benches are available for sitting as well!

I'd recommend a visit during the off-peak hours (definitely not during the periods of the guard change) for a more relaxing walk. :)

5 by Mei Xi Tan Review source

St James' Park has been the home ground of Newcastle United since 1892 and has been used for football since 1880.[3] Throughout its history, the desire for expansion has caused conflict with local residents and the local council.[4] This has led to proposals to move at least twice in the late 1960s,[5][6] and a controversial 1995 proposed move to nearby Leazes Park. Reluctance to move has led to the distinctive lop-sided appearance of the present-day stadium's asymmetrical stands.

5 by Mihai Ghilenschi Review source

A beautiful park all year round, that absolutely shines from Spring to Autumn, at least partly thanks to the wonderful gardening team. There's plenty to keep your interest, from the adorable Duck Island Cottage, via the pelicans and squirrels, to the lovely floral borders.

With plenty of refreshment kiosks, a restaurant, two public conveniences, and benches throughout, you might not make it as far as Buckingham Palace, but choose instead to sit and admire the surroundings.

5 by Garry Knight Review source

Park itself is beautiful but to use the public washroom was a joke...20 pence it cost no big deal, but change machine was broken so you needed exact change or lose the difference if you over pay. Secondly you think ok I'm paying to use clean facilities ....wrong. Dirty, disgusting, pee on seats and floors, stall doors that wouldn't lock. As a tourist from Canada I was appalled that I had to pay to use a facility where the upkeep was not there.

1 by Paula Deschamps Review source

One of my favorite places in London. Autumn brings amazing colors to this place with strong yellow and orange leaves. The amount and variety of bird species at the lake will surprise you. Specially the huge pelicans! And the squirrels here super cheeky, they will not think twice to climb up your legs and chest to check if there's something in your hands. But please don't try to grab them. Very safe and populated during the day.

5 by Tiago C Review source

Always enjoy going here, for the wildlife mostly...Green Park and St James' Park have a black swan in attendance and it is rare to see, and the other birds are all friendly and patient (for the most part). The park itself is walking distance from Trafalgar Square, which has a fairly good choice of shops.

One gripe? The toilets cost 20p...but there are plenty of bushes around the park

5 by SmUX - Review source

It has a very nice view of the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace. The park is very well kept, and is very nice. The pond is beautiful, and it has a large open space if you want to lay down, or have a picnic. The squirrels are adorable, as well. You can also feed pelicans, and it has the cafe. The cafe is very well kept, and the employees are very nice, and helpful. The coffee is really hot, and fresh tasting.

5 by Melanie Tyzzer Review source

Green grass, blue water, golden sun. All provided. Add time at your end. Bliss. Seriously a short walk off Victoria station and bus stop it's popular not only because it's right next to the Buckingham palace but also because it's got a gorgeous laid back attitude what with the centuries old cedars and London plane trees punctuating the green expanse on the two sides of a central lake.

4 by Ambarish Ghosh Review source

We always love to visit St James park whenever we are in London and this was no exception. It is steeped in wildlife and just a stone's throw away from the busy Parliament area and Buckingham Palace. The brass band music in the background as The Changing of the Guard was taking place added to the unique ambience of the place. A must see when in London but visit it from 10.30 am onwards

4 by Noma Nobbs Review source

A fantastic park with an array of birds, we even spotted a heron in the trees but sadly no pelicans! Lots space for the children to run around and seats to take a break,I was also impressed with the two coffee stands that we saw and ofcourse the cafe within the park itself. I can imagine on a Summer's day that it is a wonderful place to get away from the city madness.

5 by Lisa Belton Review source

What I love the most about St James's Park is to see the Pelicans in their little Duck island as well as the views from the Blue Bridge; and what I hate the most? the actual blue bridge; such an understated bridge for this amazing park.

The best time to come to this park is early in the morning when there are no tourists around so it just feel magical.

5 by Victor Review source

One of the most beautiful areas my wife and I visited while in london. Surprisingly varied in wildlife. Squirrels run to you for food, and randomly run across your path to get to anywhere they want to be, which I found to be a nice and amusing part of my walk through the park. Highly recommend to anyone visiting London and a nice way to get to Buckingham Palace.

5 by Andy Balkham Review source

I always enjoy this park for its quiet atmosphere in the bustling center of London and the integration with the wild life. The sight of ducks, geese, gulls, swans (look for the only black swan) and the cheeky gray squirrels make you fell somehow that the world is still in order. A good place to rest, to have a sandwich and enjoy nature. Ideal for children.

4 by Anton Popescu Review source

The park itself is quite small unlike other parks such as Regents, Hyde and Victoria park. However, it's a beautiful park with a nice view as shown in the picture. There is a cafe nearby, which sell sandwiches and hot drinks as well was cakes. Overall, it was a nice walk and nice place to relax. For any tourists, I would really suggest you head here

5 by Ismail Hussain Review source

Big,l open green space in the heart of London. Trafalgar Square at one end and Buckingham Palace at the other (leading on to Green Park). It has a big lake with lots of wildfowl and if you bring some bird seed, you can feed the ducks/geese. The coffee shop, (Trafalgar Sq. end), sells drinks, sandwiches, cakes etc. Deck chairs available in the summer.

5 by Review source

Hyde park was great. Its a large area with a lake and a small 'river'. It's stuck in a very nice location between iconic Buckingham palace and Westminster. The duck and squirrels are friendly though one shouldn't feed them. Its not so nice in the winter when it's too cold to feel your fingers but it's great still.

4 by Okhae Adeleye Review source

I love it on winter time.
The lake was frozen, the floor full of snow. It was so white and bright.
Beautiful park, beautiful lake, beautiful people around it.
You can do toilets around the park, but you need to pay it.
You can see some animals around as well.
I really recommend this place at any season.

5 by Eloi Patineti Aldrovandi Review source

Wonderful park situated near to Buckingham palace, so it's pretty necessary to make a trip here of visiting the Royal Palace!
It's much smaller than Hyde Park, but it's still a good choice if you want to chill for a little bit and your children will surely have fun! There are many animals, children will love it!

5 by Lorenzo Loconsole Review source

Fantastic place where dreams are made and nightmares are crushed. I went there with the hope to enjoy life. However, it successfully surpassed my expectations. I became a new man. With the queen looking at me from her royal digs and the pigeons not pooing on me. I found completion and a luxury relaxation spot. 10/10 would recommend

5 by Review source

Not the biggest but certain candidate for the best park in London. Nice views of London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Calming environment and a beautiful & picturesque lake. Squirrels always jumping around. Big enough find plenty of quiet space to sit or lay & small enough to walk around without getting tired.

5 by Umit Ornek Review source

One of central london's smaller and perhaps minor parks, yet all the more charming for it. Beautifully laid out and maintained with nice food options and well located a stone's throw from trafalgar square and westminster. A great spot for a stroll and a nice alternative quiet route between nearby attractions.

4 by Ingo Pless Arena Projects Review source

Very nice park, we brought a picnic and the surroundings are beautiful. We had 2 kids with us so we took them to the play area. For the size and popularity of the park it was very small with a lot of things for older children. We had to queue for each thing and then felt bad to use it because other kids were waiting.

4 by Katie Williams Review source

Had a wonderful walk through st James park with my wife during our trip to London, we were walking from Buckingham palace to parliament at Westminster, we really loved that in this busy city this area seemed tranquil, saw herons, Barbary ducks and squirrels, all in all a lovely break from the hustle and bustle

5 by Keith Collins Review source

A stunningly beautiful park in the heart of London. With ponds, immaculate lawns and an abundance of wildlife, it’s a great place to take a break from sightseeing and just relax. There are plenty of food vendors dotted throughout the park? And the playground is a must visit for little ones

5 by Sinéad Kenna Review source

Awesome / expansive garden filled with birds , geese, ducks, and squirrels. The setting between Buckingham palace at one end and Trafalgar square / gothic buildings on the other with a beautiful pond running through the middle makes for an amazing walk. Worth a visit and walk through.

5 by Nakul Gupta Review source

It's good park to spend time with Family. We visited in sunny days, nice sun light come in lake. You enjoy with your food. You can reach Buckingham palace by walk and explore park.
You can plan to visit London eye, Big ban, Buckingham palace , st. James park in a one day.

4 by Ankita Shah Review source

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