Tom's Kitchen Canary Wharf - 11 Westferry Circus

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Canary Wharf, 11 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 4HD

+44 20 3011 1555




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Our meal on bank holiday Monday was generally an enjoyable one. That said however, in the build up we had booked a table for 6pm, then received an email to say due to the bank holiday the restaurant was closing at 4pm. Shortly afterwards we received a call to say closing time was actually 5pm so moved our booking early only to receive another call to state that the email was in fact correct & our booking needed to be moved again (this call was received less than 24hrs prior to booking).
We were promised some form of compensation for our inconvenience when we visited but this was completely forgotten as the staff did everything in their power to ensure we were in & out in the quickest possible time.

As mentioned, on the whole the food was acceptable (except the fact that every restaurant seems scared to cook a blue steak so feels the need to ignore the request & cook medium rare!) but the lack of communication between staff was disappointing, as was the service received when we visited.

2 by Alan Woodhouse Review source

What a lovely experience!
We reserved a table for two for Sunday brunch, which turned up to be a smart thing to do, because when we got there the place was surprisingly busy, seemed to be a go- to place for families with young children.
Staff was absolutely brilliant and nice, latte macchiato was the one you would usually get in Italy, best one I had in London so far. My Eggs Royal were spot on, so was English breakfast and smoothies. Place has a welcoming vibe and we left with bellies pleasantly full and wanting to come back very soon.

5 by Sara R Review source

Seriously bad service! Went there for brunch and service was so bad it was funny in the end. The other tables were receiving equally bad service and a couple were seated next to us only to be completely ignored and leave after about 20 minutes of waiting for some service. I suspected we were being filmed for you've been framed it was that bad. Food was OK when it eventually came but would suggest other places nearby would be much better. Even browns is better or Kruger for top value.

1 by Review source

Went there on a weekend, quite hungry. Waited 25 minutes for 2 boiled eggs and some porridge. They were ok in the end (not bad, but had better ones in several other places) but totally not worth the wait....and we should consider ourselves lucky: at the table next to us, they waited more than 10 min just for their drinks to arrive. Luckily they are quite prompt at bringing the bill with the service charge included. Bottom line: Would not return, would not recommend (to a friend, that is)

2 by Review source

Only been to the Coffee Shop! But my my is it quite good..Better than the bland franchise offerings which are the typical offering around these parts. When I flee the grey banality of my office building I will choose to go to Tom's Kitchen..its a bit of a walk (so more time out) but the Coffee and amazing (but dangerous) brownies on offer are deffo worth the effort..

4 by Brian Mulvihill Review source

The Tom's Kitchen deli/cafe is a fabulous addition to the usual predictable coffee chains in Canary Wharf's corporate district. Staff is always friendly, the coffee addictive, and the fresh juices/salads/sandwiches worth the premium.
The restaurant also provides the perfect opportunity for a finer work lunch/dinner, and happy hour is a bargain!

4 by Maura van As Review source

Good brunch place with a decent selection continental style menu options... and the deepest yellow eggs.

Try the blueberry pancakes (I had with a side of bacon) or the belgian waffle with fruit compote.

Warning: the place looked closed from the outside but turns out there are two bits to the restaurant!

4 by Max Buckland Review source

Great for a family brunch at the weekend: they validate parking (a huge advantage at canary wharf!) and kids eat free (though we usually have to remind them of this.) There's a children's play area and excellent changing facilities. Great to combine with a visit to Museum of London Docklands or Crossrail Gardens.

4 by Emma Byrne Review source

Decent place for drinks, especially on happy hour and because it's away from the centre of CW. But it's quite pricey, especially if you're in the restaurant.

Overall, it ticks most of the boxes of a half decent modern restaurant/bar, but just lacks soul or a reason to make a detour to visit.

3 by Wayne Cheung Review source

Went there for Sunday brunch when it was having its soft opening 50% off offer. Wait staff were friendly and eager to help but looked a little on the inexperienced side. Ordered waffles but they didn't have it for the day. Settled for pancakes which were just average. Definitely go for the Chelsea branch instead!

3 by Review source

Great breakfast ! I had a full english breakfast, perfectly prepared ! And we also had royal eggs ... just perfect to wake you up. The place is very clean, great welcome, thank you to the waiter who helped us choosing our smoothies ! Located in a very quiet area of london, very peaceful !

5 by C CP Review source

Went here for brunch over the weekend. It was wheelchair accessible as with most places around the Canary Wharf area. Staff were friendly and helpful when you could get their attention. Food was ok... Everything was ok. I didn't think it was exceptionally good or bad, just ok.

3 by Soso Tran Review source

Lovely long Island Iced Tea (can't taste booze but defo there) good selection of wine by the glass (even better by bottle) and great menu to cater all tastes. Staff charming and helpful. Have a paddle in the near by fountain after. Winning Friday

5 by Review source

Somebody that knows what beer is supposed to taste like should go in and show the management how to look after and taste beer. Absolutely vile tasting pints. If I was Shepherd's Neame I'd be embarrassed to let these people sell my products.

2 by David Stephens Review source

Casual dining without the casual price's, so it was rather a mixed bag for us, although we enjoyed the food and the service was friendly. A service charge is automatically added to the bill, which I always find both rude and presumptuous.

3 by Stef L Review source

Spacious place, with a simple, wooden decor that is appealing to the eyes. Service is good, food is decent, drinks are good although the selection of beers/ales on the tap is limited.
I would definitely recommend for afterwork drinks.

4 by Dimitris Giannoulis Review source

Received a flyer saying would get a 20% discount when showing my work Id pass but when showing my pass they said no. The sandwich and yoghurt was quite nice and the coffee was good but felt disappointed about the confusion.

2 by Raheel Shahid Review source

Had a Birthday lunch today with the wife. Lovely relaxed atmosphere staff very attentive and food was fab. I particularly enjoyed the Beer battered Fish and Chips and the wife loved the Lemon Possett
Thanks Mr Aitken

4 by Review source

Was pretty decent. They do good food. Not too busy. Quality of ingredients they take seriously. Service was so so. Could eat here again if I was in the area again but wouldn't necessarily come back to go here.

4 by Rah K Review source

The restaurant is nice and staff are friendly, had to wait 40 min for food though. The 7 Hour Confit Lamb I ordered was delicious. I was a bit disappointed by the Milk Chocolate Tart. Overall a good restaurant.

3 by Sam George Review source

There is better food for a lot cheaper. Food is good, but there is better. Eggs Benedict are disappointing and very expensive. Waffles are very good. Serving sizes are small and do not justify the price.

3 by Juliet Low Review source

Food is standard fare. Strictly casual dining, come for food with a group of friends or family. Tasty, good choice, clean and decent environment but not somewhere you would go to for a great night out.

3 by Ray Hau Review source

Being a vegetarian I always get served a risotto where ever I go ... chefs need more inspiration I think. Anyway ... the venue was nice and staff were courteous. Visited as a part of a group set meal.

4 by Vikas Golchha Review source

Very nice food, albeit a little on the expensive side. Had a steak sandwich which was perfectly cooked and tasted great. The accompanying cafe (in a different building) is also worth a visit.

4 by Sam Fitzpatrick Review source

Service is extremely slow here and the food is not good. We had breakfast here and instead of grilled tomatoes they gave 2 half slices of sundries tomatoes and charged £3.5 for it.

1 by sel b Review source

Venue was nice, staff were friendly enough but my steak was awful. I don't mean badly cooked or anything, I mean it tasted wrong. They also got one of our orders wrong :/

2 by Ashley Harryman Review source

Pricey for the type of food served, but it's got a great kids area at the back. Every Sunday 12-2pm there are arts and crafts and our kids just loved playing there.

4 by Arthur Leung Review source

went there with high hopes, came out really disappointed.
the only thing 'great' about this place are the prices. they are really hard to justify.

2 by David Christian Review source

An amazing full English breakfast. At a reasonable price. Fantastic welcoming staff and great atmosphere. Make sure you get a smoothie to wash it all down with.

5 by Matthew Marshall Review source

found a little bit of silver kitchen scrubbing wire in my lobster mac and cheese, not a happy bunny! It tasted lovely until I came across the surprise!!

3 by Cece benn Review source

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