Crystal Palace Football Club - London

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Whitehorse Ln, London, SE25 6PU

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Absolutely the worst place to work in retail and catering! They treat you like you don’t matter and act in place as if there’s some sort of hierarchy. The most disorganised place ever,they don’t even have your name written down formally when you’re supposed to work there. They don’t know half of what’s going on. You work for 5 hours straight with limited breaks or your own,if you’re lucky your supervisor will say you can have a drink and some food at the stand but they have a rule not to give us ANY food from the stand until the 5 hours is finished. Absolutely no care ESPECIALLY for those who are working under 18. They forget to pay and don’t get in contact with you when the pay day finally comes. And some of the supervisors have a cheek to tell the young ones to stay for longer to “clean up” whilst they sit back and binge off the wasted food. A terrible place to work

1 by A JC Review source

It is a very good place but I went there for an evening football match and it was FREEZING. They should make it a bit warmer and they should make more of their food. All the food ran out before the game started and everyone queued for ages at half-time and missed 20 mins of the second half of the match. Also they plan on expanding it but I don't think they should because they can't really manage the size hey have now and figure how to keep all their spectators warm. I was there and I watched a match and I was wearing 10+ layers but I still managed to get a cold and have been in hospital for a week because of it. So they should make it a bit warmer thank you.

3 by Caroline Fyneface Review source

A ground with great atmosphere, even with Palace having such a poor season the support they are giving is one of the best in the premier by there fanatical fans
A very friendly club with great staff on reception , I went to the reception area to wait on the arrival of the team sheets to come down before the match
I was told to sit in reception and keep out of the rain outside as they would be another 10 minutes, a very nice touch by the staff
The ground itself is in need of modernisation or a ground move as it's very dated, and the away end must be one of the worst in the premiership

3 by Poshi Stone Review source

I was at Palace v Burnley for my partners sake ( she's Burnley) and couldn't get away end tickets . Disappointed with the result but the stadium is old school and home fans were in good voice which gave a decent atmosphere.
Facilities are basic and although full to capacity it was pretty rapid getting in and out . My biggest gripe was the large screen was very slow on the action and was too busy advertising corporate events etc when there was clearly action going on at the goal mouth.
But it did have cheerleaders and family entertainment halftime.
A real family club

3 by richard oshea Review source

Good atmosphere from the home supporters, expensive but nice snacks, poor toilet facilities, average drinks price for a football ground with a wide choice of beers.

The public transport is average for a football ground with large queues at the local train station and bus stops after the match, but all perfectly ok before the match. Parking in the local streets is a pain, and it can get gridlocked after the match.

The local pubs and eating places are ok but no outstanding venues before and after the match.

3 by Paul Mansworth Review source

Super 'Old Style' football ground and atmosphere such as is disappearing fast as clubs upgrade to concrete bowls. The Arthur Wait is a good place to watch the game as you have the home and segregated away section under one roof. From there you can also see the mighty Holmesdale Road Fanatics and other hard-core Palace Fans create their noise and colourful spectacles. If you are coming from abroad, this is the way English football became famous with a traditional feel. Eeeeeagles!!!

5 by Philip Solomon Review source

Selhurst Park, home of Crystal Palace FC. It's one of the oldest and least attractive stadia in London, with average food, comfort and toilet facilities. If you are a tourist, looking to sample one of the truly great atmospheres in the Premier League, you'll find a more 21st century experience elsewhere. If you're an away fan, well that's the price you pay for supporting your team. But if you're a Crystal Palace fan, it's the greatest stadium in the world.

5 by Simon Russell Review source

The stadium of premier league football club Crystal Palace, Great stadium in terms of atmosphere and I believe they have the best fans always drumming up noise and cheering the team on. Despite only being 23,000+ capacity it still a nice stadium for the fans, it could do with some renovations however due to its location I understand they wouldn't be able to. It great there's a sainsburys right below to get any cheap snacks before the game.

4 by Shamik Shah Review source

Crystal Palace Park is used for cultural and sporting events. It is located in the south-east London suburb of Crystal Palace. The park features full-scale models of dinosaurs in a landscape, a maze, lakes, and a concert bowl.
The park contains the National Sports Centre, which includes an athletics stadium.

4 by Delboy Headlam Review source

Outstanding family community services. Ground old but excellent atmosphere. Look after people with a disability very well. Bonuses are a real eagle flying up and down the pitch, and the Crystals. Sounds tacky? It is in fact charming. Downside : some bloke bangs away at a drum for the whole 90 mins.

5 by Roger Sharp Review source

It's a beautiful ground that deserves credit. Entertaining all the time; then the game starts.The problem in the away fans section is that they have 3 ladies cubicles serving more than 150 females during the games. Need to be addressed as there are more women coming to football games.

3 by Nicholas Charles Review source

Very well managed and conducted Crystal Palace vs Manchester City match for Premier League Football. Stadium is only 10 minutes walk from Norwood Junction station. There were enough gates and wardens to make sure there wasn't enough wait to go in. Overall a wonderful experience.

5 by Saleem Pothiwala Review source

The staff in the club shop were fantastic. I got a lovely football made in Pakistan for my partners son. The security guard for the main entrance to the club was vigilant and sizeable. I even picked up a few bits I needed from Sainsburys next door. A very pleasant shopping trip.

5 by Philip Osborne Review source

It is what you would expect from an old stadium. Bathrooms are not wonderful with the old trough for the gents. Seats on the small side and where I was sitting had an ok but not great view. am rating the facility, not the experience itself. Game was a great atmosphere.

3 by Ryan Ferguson Review source

What is there to say...the team are the same hard to watch guys, who on five occasions might make the fans happy. Listen as the mighty palace fans sing you the greatest hits of football chants. Try the jerk pork from the jerk shack or enjoy the light show.

4 by Rupert Martin Review source

Very old dated ground. Concourse facilities are poor. The money the club have earned in the EPL should have been invested in a better stadium for the fans instead you are left in a stand with a restricted view.

They do create a good atmosphere.

2 by Aaron Barnard Review source

I can see the grounds from my home, parking and traffic is a little challenging on match days.
Very friendly staff and neighbourhood. Plenty of transport links and you can find places to park that are free if you are prepared to walk a little.

5 by Paul Nelson Review source

Not a bad ground as it goes. Food and drinks were good and reasonably priced. The reason this is getting two stars is for the obstructed view. I wasn't even sat right at the back and every time the ball went up in the air i couldn't see it.

2 by Richard Burt Review source

A wonderful football club, the first club in the premiership's history that a club has lost the first seven games of the season and stayed up.
Good service and friendly staff make for an excellent match day experience.

5 by Eddie Askew Review source

I've been to a few football matches here and I can honestly say that it was a great experience; The stadium had a great atmosphere along with a great service from the members of staff working on the day.

5 by Matthew McKay Review source

My home, greatest atmosphere in the premier league, sit in the holmsdale block b/c for the best atmosphere.
Season ticket holder for 10 years.
Fingers crossed we can stay a premier league team

5 by David Welch Review source

Lovely Park, walk around the water, see the dinosaurs, feed the ducks. There is a zoo as well. Plenty to explore, including the maze. Take a picnic and spend the whole day with family and friends

5 by Louise Wood Review source

Just a short 'Thank You' to Alex in the Club's admin for being so helpful when asked questions about dropping clients off at the ground. Wish everyone took so much time and effort

5 by Review source

Very old fashioned football stadium. Staff were friendly. Food and drinks were average price for football matches. The view of the pitch wasn't great and it was very cold at the front.

3 by Hayley Copeman Review source

It's selhurst park. The best atmosphere in England. Proper old school ground and passionate supporters. The facilities are a bit old and dated, but that helps create the atmosphere!

5 by Tom Quickenden Review source

My last palace game I went to the under 23 match versus Sheffield United we lost 0-2 I sat in the main stand the best game I went to was versus blackpool in the EFL cup we won 2-0

5 by Jordan O.dea Review source

Proper football ground. Authentic and true experience of watching football. If you want shiny bells & whistles go to Arsenal & Chelsea. This is South London and proud

4 by Will Lowey Review source

Cramped seating, very old stadium. I'm 5'7 and my knees were against the back of the chair in front. Depending on seating pillar' s restrict view of the pitch

3 by Philippa Robinson Review source

Worst stadium in the Premier league. My friends say it's like football stadiums in the 50's Sandwiches taste as though they're left over from the 50's.

1 by Michael Davis Review source

Good old fashioned stadium. Some of the facilities, and the staff that run them, need some improvement. Shame that there aren't some better places to drink around.

4 by Ben Kilhams Review source

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