Wok To Walk - Soho, London

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15 Argyll St, Soho, London, W1F 7TN

+44 20 7287 5491




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I'll never go there again. I invited my friend to try it for the first time in Oxford Circus (London) last Tuesday. We got our boxes and walked away with them, after we ate most of it we realised it tasted sour. The baby corn in my portion was off, my friend also complained about the taste. When I got to the bottom of the box picking out the corn I noticed a lot of black sauce on the packaging. Upon closer inspection I realised it was black mold, and that the whole container was covered in it! It was horrible, unacceptable! I had horrible food poisoning with hot and cold sweats and diarrhea for the two days after. Never go there again. How many people got ill, if both our boxes were contaminated? Gross!

1 by Review source

I’m addicted to the food they make. It’s so delicious and mouthwatering and a small box is so filling. Whenever I go to Oxford street , I always eat from here. This is a must try place if you ever visit Oxford street.

Basically you can choose your base ( different types of noodles, rice or quinoa) and the add-ons + the sauce that you want it cooked in ,
according to your personal preference and likes. My fav is the egg noodles with prawns, chicken, mushroom, cashew nuts with oyster sauce !! It’s basically a takeaway but there are a couple of tables and bench where you can sit and enjoy your hot food

4 by KEZIAH PREM JOSEPH Review source

What did i just experience? Meal was barely warm, definately not cooked to a safe temperature (good thing i had no meat) and mushrooms tased very strange, id venture to say they were not even close to fresh but perhaps freeze dried? I think the late nights are not a good idea, I arrived around 4am and staff were clearly very irritated and rushing orders, then again clientele was no better, no one likes dealing with drunk people. I will probably not visit past midnight, because what is usually pretty good asian was a disaster tonight.

2 by Review source

Brilliant little restaurant that let's you pick exactly what you want, from the type of rice/noodles to exactly what fillings made with what sauces you want, you can keep coming back for ages and never have the same thing twice! It is not expensive either at around £7-8 per box depending on what you have, and the portion sizes are huge so if you aren't starving you can actually share it between two people. The only downside is the lack of seating but it's kind of in the name 'Wok to Walk' I guess.

5 by Rafhaan Shah Review source

I'd love to give ten stars.

Had it everyday for a week stay in London. One can make various combinations with available stuff. Chicken, beef, duck, veggie and so on.

Everything is made in front of you.

Affordable £6-9 per serving.

Wonderful experience. Welcoming staff.

Overall: 10/10

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5 by Review source

I've never stopped being in love with Wok to Walk, even after consuming the Hot Asia sauce which almost completely blew up my intestines by that time :'))) keep on going guys, I love your food and whenever I'm in Oxford Circus I pop in for one, you should actually open up a restaurant facility with a proper roof above your head, I'm sure that would be an absolute hit!

5 by Kate Review source

Normally great always go there when in london however yesterdays 6pm-ish trip resulted in a burnt meal. Not pleasant at all and very disapointed in what is normally a great venue. Maybe if the person cooking had concentrated on the wok rather than the bins or refilling items then i woul have been better after all mine was the only order in at the time.

2 by Review source

A great and awesome place to eat out , comes with quality and quantity box full of food , gives you a joyful and pleasent feeling ,will highly recommend as this place will not disappoint you on any occasion regardless of the time ! Also it includes great customer service from the workers who are always joyful and happy. Top notch I Call it! ☺️

5 by Review source

This is a health option for a fast food non burger restaurants. Wok To Walk is a famous brand with branches in multiple cities around the world and you would excpect the same quality here the same way you would in Berlin in Amsterdam etc.. The place is busy. Food fresh. Prices are super reasonable and portions are a truly filler.

5 by Khalid Alqasim Review source

Yesterday I took quinoa with duck and Bali sauce. It was nice and nourishing. But when I went to bed I felt sick and all the box came out of me! I didnt sleep all night long because it never stopped. Awful experience!!! It was exactly this food cause after having lunch there I neither ate smth else nor drank alcohol!

1 by Review source

Food is great! Loads of options to pick from - including vegan options! If you're vegan be sure to ask for the base (noodles or rice) without egg as it comes with egg normally! Also be sure to check the popular times as queues can take up to 25 minutes if you go at peak times.

5 by Xyrene Chloe Advincula Review source

It's good, and fairly unexpensive, but the queues are usually really long during lunchtime and sometimes you don't get what you pay for (it happened to me to order prawns in my noodles and get nothing, same thing with the fried garlic, they just seem to forget to add it)

3 by Williams Machado Review source

London Soho -they told me everything is halal, even showed me the halal certificate. convinced by this, I straightaway ordered chicken noodles without looking at the menu when in fact they do serve pork and use the same wok for every meal! (only realized this at home) be careful!!

1 by Dian Saab Review source

Great place to eat, very tasty and you can choose your ingredients. I would definitely recommend to anyone in the area looking for an alternative to fast food but still wanted something that will satisfy you. Street food at its best.

5 by Review source

Great food, particularly given the fact you can find a tasty hearty protein-filled meal with no carbs. The team really needs to smile every now and then though...they look like they all hate their jobs, including the owner/manager!

4 by Chris Manske Review source

In fact, I was the beginning of the rejection, but to see more people go, I agreed, and decided to put more pepper. A little taste of hometown, fried egg noodles really a bit expensive, but think of it is London, I feel better

5 by Review source

Quick and tasty noodle snack.

Standing and eating is the order of the day. There are a handful of stools, but they're generally taken. The noodle choice and topping choice is limited which makes ordering easy.

3 by Robert Wallis Review source

Not very fast service but understandable because of the very busy location. Choose your sauces very carefully as some of them might not suit your tastes. Very limited seating space and no cover for when it's pouring.

4 by Mokshada Nirwan Review source

They don't care about people's dietary needs. Staff is just in a mad rush to get done with people in front of them. Not recommend for vegans and vegetarians. I ordered a vegan dish and Its served with eggs.

1 by Review source

The service wasn't good, didn't care to reply about a suggestion and just pointed back to the menu. Tried my best to get a good tasty plate but ended up with some oily thing that I couldn't finish.

3 by Hendry Segovia Review source

Egg noodles, chicken, Bali peanut sauce - super yum.
Gets busy at lunch, the width of the street. Time it right and you won't be waiting long.
Recommended for something different!

4 by Mike Sparkes Review source

Fresh and quick Chinese food, again street food style, lots of flavours to choose from, size of portion is enough for the day, good value for money, a unique experience in the middle of town.

4 by Himali Mali Review source

Really delicious food where you yourself decide the ingredients and can see how it's made.
There's also a seating area in case you want to sit and eat instead of eat and walk.

5 by Lily Kim Review source

Just cant beat Wok to Walk. Not many around so when in London its a must for me. Grab and go, great flavours and reasonably price. Always bust but is is fast food, doesnt take long.

5 by Kat Will Review source

Beautiful food and I'm loving the new quinoa option instead of noodles or rice. I highly recommended Quinoa ,brocolli bamboo shoots with cashews chicken and peanut sauce

5 by John Shevlin Review source

Lukewarm noodles cold chicken... asked them to redo, can't do that unless they charge me again... instead... let's add more oil and re-fry... disgusting chewy mush.

1 by Reuben Bell Review source

Undoubtedly, this chain is one of the best fast food options with great flavor. It never fails any combination you make. The products are of quality. Very good attention.

5 by Jorge Luis Jiménez Escobar Review source

nice concept, makes a good change from american style fast food, ideal location que at peak is 5-15 mins average, can choose various styles and tastes, quite like it

3 by Randomlumberjack Review source

usally there is a line to be served (very bad if its raining), and not many places to sit, but apart from that it is all worth it, the food is truly fantastic

5 by Christopher S Review source

A quick spot to grab freshly made noodles. I had the oolong with chicken, cashews, and peanut sauce. Limited seating, but at 1am, it's a great find

4 by Jaime Camargo Review source

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