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7 Oxendon St, London, SW1Y 4EE

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Only 100 yards away from London's most frequented Comedy Club, the Comedy Store, stands the Comedy Pub. At first I struggled to find the Comedy Event that we paid for, for there are two floors and quite a few rooms dedicated to the pub aspect of the establishment - which overall looks like a fairly nice place to drink. A few of the rooms had TV's playing sports and the volume was turned up quite loud - which I suppose is nice, if you're into that type of thing.

The 'Performance Area' is in the basement, and is just another pub floor with the tables removed and chairs lined up before a stage with very basic lighting. The set up commended very little sense of occasion.

All this I could have forgiven, were it not for the standard of the 'comedians'. I should first confess that I only stayed for half the event, although I would be surprised if anybody was present for the second half. The performers that night were Saskia Preston, Andy Zapp, and a compère, the name of whom I have forgotten. A wry smile is literally the most extracted from any member of the audience (other than the other comedians who all took it in turns to laugh heartily at the back of the crowd). I will not belabour you with the monotonous recount of their jokes, suffice to say that (without exception) all the comedians accused the audience of not having a sense of humour for not laughing at their jokes, and at one point 'Saskia' (prep-school-girl-with-an-Eton-drawl-dressed-scruffy) even asked in earnest 'did you guys pay money for this'? In regard to her own performance!

All in all I could write for a week about how bad those performers were (and moreover quite unlikable), but I shall save my typing fingers and your eyes.

Lasting comment? Go there to watch a game of footy, walk 100 meters up the road to see decent comedy.

P.S I had a burger and that was also terrible!

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AVOID ESTABLISHMENT AT ALL COSTS. Here is a list of things that went wrong when I attended this place on a Saturday night:

1) reserved a table for 16 (deposit paid) but we could barely fit 12 people around it.

2) a couple of people from my group stepped out of the place to get some fresh air (quite stuffy inside) but when they tried to get in, the door men wanted to charge them £10 each for re-entry. After wasting 30 minutes trying to plead with them, they eventually let them back in.

3) had a couple of late comers to the party. Again they tried to charge them £10 each to get in. This was after my group had already spent several hundred pounds at the bar. For the sake of just getting in, we had agreed to pay £10 to get in. But all of a sudden, the manager (taj) decided to up the price and charge £20 each. This was contrary to what another person working at the door just told us 30 seconds earlier. The manager was clearly taking the mick and didn't value us as customers. We all ended up leaving because of this.

4) ordered some food and it all came out lukewarm. It felt like it had come out microwaved.

5) someone had urinated all over the men's toilet including the sink and floor. It was unkempt like this for a while.

6) drinks overpriced even for central London.

So yeah... Just go elsewhere.

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Ordered a pint of London Pride and the manager used a glass already 1/3 full. I didn't think too much of it until having a sip and realising it was completely flat (friend also agreed). Went back to the bar and asked another staff member for a new pint of something else. She went to the manager to explain only for me to receive a scolding look. I explained to her that my beer was flat - any other pub would just give me a new drink no questions asked but she poured herself a sample, said it was fine and looked at me like I had never drank beer before. Eventually she agreed to give me another drink but her attitude was awful.

There are plenty of other boozers in the area which are more friendly and actually care about the beer they serve.

1 by Richard Tarver Review source

The worst experience ever. Advance booked; staff had no idea where we should go. Stopped half our group from coming down to the comedy section when the comedy was due to start, so lots of empty seats.

Good compere, awful first act - unfunny and racist. Got told that comedy is subjective; 10 people leaving says objectively unfunny too! Pointing at the sign that says 'comedy' doesn't make it funny I'm afraid.

We asked for our money back and was told that we would have to wait 2 hours for that; we left. Were told that the other acts may be funnier! Hopefully they were, and less insulting.

NEVER, EVER GO HERE. One star is giving it more than it deserves.

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The place itself is very nice and the bar staff very professional but the management and 'bouncers' are a disgrace. The way they talk and treat you with utter contempt is plain wrong. Egotistical, power-hungry and simply lacking common sense that if you pop out literally 2 meters outside - they will then assume dictatorially that you have to pay to go back in. They have and will lose a lot of business if they continue like this. Pubs across England are closing at a rapid are they not? And yet they wonder why? They can not see the wood for the trees

1 by Review source

Absolutely disappointed in the service at this place. Such a shame as it has real potential to be a fab place and i was considering going back. We had a table reservation for 20 on saturday night, two people popped out “without a stamp” and the bouncer refused to let them back in even though they had left their jackets upstairs too. Their stamp situation is pathetic! None of us received a stamp when we walked in which is what a normal venue does - they introduce it half way through the evening when its too late. Unorganised and really disappointed.

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AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! The management at this pub are disgraceful to put it simply.
Having lived and spent many nights out in central london, it's a real shame that this establishment have let the London nightlife down. Attempting to charge £20 each just to walk in the door without anything included is ridiculous. Especially as it was agreed to be £10 just a few steps earlier and considering a table had been booked with a deposit for the night. Just do what we did and get yourself a round at the pub next door!

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Visited bar and had some meals. Staff was friendly and food was very good. Meal is slightly more expensive but burgers are amazing for 12 pounds, I recommend ultimate burger for meat lovers. Place was not that busy on saturday night so we found a space for a meal. Was good, 4 stars just because of the toilet upstairs, where just 2 of them are there, one was broken and one with door on the floor. Maybe there are also other toilets

4 by Nika D Review source

Nothing is cheap in London but this place is a great night out for a great price, only drawback is that they let to many people in. Take out a row of seats and it would be 5 stars! .these comedians go to these places to improve or adjust there act so a bit of heckling is all good but certain people went to far, well done to the pub who got rid and the show went on....and what a great show it was....

4 by mark leaver Review source

It's okay. Quite the small seating area, especially if there is a show upstairs and you don't have any tickets. Drinks are a bit on the expensive side, but they pour 4cl by default. Staff didn't really listen to us when we were ordering. It seemed the conversation with their team members was more interesting to them, which caused our order to be wrongly executed.

3 by Michael Cuénez Review source

The comedy was the food. No explanation offered for missing sides as per menu which, when it's 15 pounds for a steak and takes 25 minutes to arrive really makes you wish you just splashed out on the steakhouse up the road. Redeeming feature was the pepper sauce but when you factor in that it's an extra 2 pounds it just doesn't add up to being good value.

1 by Review source

Customer service is horrible at this place! Steer clear, service is slow and my experience is they will not help you with anything unless you ask them 10 times (changing the channel to put the football on etc).

Better places to watch sports/play darts if that is your inclination.

Not to mention how expensive the beer is!

1 by Review source

Fish and Chips - must try, you won’t get disappointed, looking for this traditional dish.
Nice centered location, lovely surroundings.
Personal is helpful and friendly, pricing quite reasonable.
Place is spacious and has really fresh air (you don’t find it always in pubs!), so I really enjoyed my lunch here.

5 by Lesia N Review source

I found a pub with a fairly local audience, we were on a Saturday night and we were one of the few foreigners there was. It's a nice place, with good beer and good eating. For London it was not excessively expensive (2 sandwiches and two beers 27 pounds). The treatment was kind.

5 by Migas en la mesa Review source

DO NOT GO TO THE No7 'nightclub' in the basement. It is a piece of junk - a group of us got hustled into paying cover to get into that dump. Again I repeat - never go to this basement nightclub they market as No7. You are forewarned. No idea if the comedy club is good.

1 by Sandeep Singh Review source

SCAMMERS! Terrible food. Over priced everything... Had to pay a cover charge to get into the pub to watch the football and was given a ticket to claim a free drink. I then went to the bar to get the free drink and was told that they weren't doing free drinks anymore.

1 by Review source

I am in my 40' s and haven't e experienced racial profiling until I encountered the Asian door man at this establishment. He made me feel like I was back in the 70.'s or 80's
Totally unacceptable I would not recommend to anyone !

1 by Riaz Rouf Review source

Ok for tourists, but honestly I wouldn't bother. The food is about the same as weatherspoons and more expensive. So better off going somewhere else. Poor service too. Gets a bonus mark for being a gourmet card member, making it quite reasonable.

2 by Thomas Sherborne Review source

Looking for a nice pub in Leicester Square? Then The Comedy Pub is a good choice. The staff is very nice and patient. Who does not take the lunch deal for lunch, but must dig deep into the bag here, the price of a Guinness costs here 5 pounds.

4 by Philemon Weißbrodt Review source

The beer came flat, then the man tried to say it was alright. Then he changed the beer to Stella when we asked for Estrella... Then he tried to over charge us by £2...

Terrible beer, terrible service but the lady there was nice.

1 by K. K. Review source

The pub part is really nice and they do cocktail of the week which is also good value for money. The food isn't anything special, probably frozen stuff, but good enough. The stand ups are great, definitely worth it for a night out.

4 by Péter Bruzsa Review source

Serving doubles as standard and not even asking then when we checked prices as our 2 drinks were very expensive the bar maid laughed at us & said it was a stonegate Pub policy. It is not responsible hosting. We won't be back.

1 by Review source

Visited this place then two days later had the most horrendous food poisoning. I drank a pint of Black Sheep which was definitely off. My stupid fault but they were happy to serve it. I'll spare you the details of the illness.

1 by Gordon Holmes Review source

Although not what it's famous for, turned out to be the best venue for watching live sport in the West End, with a good natured crowd and security who kept the crowding you might experience elsewhere to a minimum.

5 by Sam Saltwell Review source

Food not very expensive but correct (no more). The service was not up to par (one of the dishes served before the appetizer that arrived with the 2nd course 15min later)
No paper in the toilet (yet there are 5!)

3 by Review source

People from the club staff are lying. They told us there are three floors, one free drink, but there is nothing of that. After we entered, they told us there is only one floor and we have to pay for a drink.

1 by AnAkIn . Review source

Not quite the same buzz as it used to have five years ago. I made the mistake of buying a bottle of Campo viejo @£25. Might improve during the Russian World cup with all the upstairs space and screens

2 by Touru Featherstone Review source

They told us there were three floor and there was one free drink but after entering we discover that this was only lies. There was only one floor and we needed to pay one drink to get one free

1 by Review source

Scammed into coming into this bar with the lure of stand up comedy. In reality, there was just an awful disco going on with a very young crowd and horrible chart music. Never again! Horrific

1 by Review source

Great ambience,cheap drinks and specially complementary shot when bought first drinks.DJ was the best rocking all galz and guyz all night. Decor was outstanding.will defiantly come back.

5 by Review source

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