Duck Island Cottage - London

Historical Landmark



69 Horse Guards Rd, London, SW1A 2BJ




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In 1532, Henry VIII bought the land of 23 hectares constituting the park, back then plunged into a swampy area. After draining the swamp, Henry VIII used the land as one of its many private hunting grounds.
In the late seventeenth century, the area was transformed into a French-style garden and later Charles II commissioned the construction of the current park.

5 by Carlos Ruiz Badilla Review source

We really thought we will have some explanation about pelicans while feeding them. Unfortunately it is only one man throwing a few dead fish into the water every few minutes.

3 by Rachel Goffer Review source

This is a beautiful, quaint cottage that used to belong to the birdkeeper of St James' Park. From the idilliac setting it is hard to fathom you are in central London.

4 by Enrico Anderlini Review source

With a little luck you can see squirrels that will eat from your hand. You will also see that these charming little creatures hunt rats particularly expeditiously.

5 by JPB Auteur Review source

Qaint bit of London history in a lovley park. Tranquility in the hussle and bustle of London. Only a short walk from London Charring Cross train station.

5 by Agness Cowgutter Review source

A lovely little cottage that is used for something else.. it's a great place to get photo ops. Saw brides there getting pictures taken.

4 by G L Littleton Review source

Very pretty. Park that isolates you directly from the city. Ducks, birds, rats and tame squirrels.

3 by Thierry Buchs Review source

A delightful summer house with great
views and a lovely vegetable garden.

5 by roland j. ruttledge local guide Review source

tiny island which has housed an ancient former home to the Victorian era

4 by Aurelio A Review source

Nice cottage seen from outside when heading to the Horse guard parade.

4 by andrei tan Review source

Very beautiful park with many trees. The lake is also beautiful

5 by Joan Martinez Review source

A beautiful house near the St James's Park Lake.

4 by CP Review source

An interesting view lovely cottage at St James Park

4 by Harsha Vyas Review source

A quiet little park in the middle of the city.

4 by Review source

Loved it especially the crop samples

4 by Mohamed Sarhan Review source

A really nice place.

5 by Thomas Graasten Review source


4 by Review source

So beautiful

5 by Markora Art Review source