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Not enough non clothes or mens shops

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4 by William Thorneycroft Review source

Infinitely better than my experience of Westfield Stratford. There were no 'mall gangs' or fights starting out at this one. The mall is clean and shopping there is a relatively relaxing occasion. There are plenty of places to eat and drink. When I was there there were free maps to browse and plan your shopping expedition. There are loads and loads of shops. I was looking for some posh clothes for a wedding and found two dresses, one from Coast and one from Phase Eight. I treated myself to some perfume and got two small bottles free. I even found a 'fascinator' to finish the outfit. I did not have time to find shoes, bags and a jacket. I will therefore have to return for those. What a shame. There are also some supermarkets, which was great as I needed some olive oil. There is a beautiful terrace outside and I imagine that would be a great place to sit on a summer's day. I cannot think of another shopping centre that has a 'garden'. There is a cinema on the top floor, so I can imagine that the centre would be a good place for a family day out. One thing that puzzled me was the number of empty (though 'coming soon') spaces (shop spaces). Some exciting stores will be arriving soon. I hope they attract the Swedish clothes store '& Other Stories' as I could not see one on the map, nor did I come across one. This is one advantage that Stratford has over this centre. Access to Westfield London is good. We arrived at White City (Central Line) and it was a short walk to get there (past Wood Lane). On the way back we went via Shepherd's Bush, even nearer. The Sunday trains were busy but we did get seats on the outward and return journeys, so the public transport links seem to be good. There is also car park (though not free) for people preferring to drive. So the centre seems to be well connected. However I see no real reason to travel by car and will use the Tube again in future. I'll be back!

5 by Muddy Boots Review source

Now this is a shopping experience that never disappoints...

World-class shopping all under one roof and if the centre wasn’t vast enough already, they’re currently embarking on an ambitious expansion project.

Approx. 360 luxury and high-street retailers, even including Bentley and Tesla showrooms! There’s sure to be shopping here to suit all tastes and budgets.

A plethora of dining options are spread throughout the centre including usual favourites like McDonald’s, but also high-end eat-in and food to go options.

Entertainment can be found at the 17-screen cinema or, for younger ones, Kidzania is well worth a visit.

Plenty of on site parking in the handy multi-storey car parks (fees apply), including accessible bays, family spaces and electric car charging areas. Valet parking and car wash is also available.

Small children’s play area (free) is handy for letting those little ones burn off some energy and there’s a concierge and info desk should you need assistance.

Allow plenty of time to get round everything!

The centre is well served by frequent bus and Tube services.

5 by Ben - Concierge Cambridge Review source

The most beautiful looking Westfield I’ve ever seen. So beautiful looking. There are so many shops here. Something for everyone. You’ll struggle to make it around the whole centre without thinking to yourself “I’m sure I’ve been here before, oh wait... no that was the other side... wait was it”... but that’s what makes it that much better... excitement

On one side of the centre you have your high-end fashion brands (like gucci etc.) and in the centre of the centre more middle-end fashion like topshop and adidas etc. so really... something for everyone.

There are also multiple restaurants, movies, coffee shops etc. to choose from when you need a snack or a break. There’s even a bowling alley!

This place is so clean and tidy. If you need help, just ask anyone.

5 by Micheala Gough Radonich Review source

This is a brilliant shopping and social plan. Every time we come here, we spend a full day here and meet up with family and friends.
Westfield is not just great for shopping, it HAS a fantastic food court for eating with lots of varieties to choose from too. The prices are a bit more than you may expect though. If you are not prepared to spend that much then you can always go and get a Meal Deal from Boots for under £4! Or from other food chains nearby and eat it in the food court.

To save you money on parking, pre register with them online and just pay £6 For full day parking. This works out to be cheaper than taking public transport to London per person if you don't already live in London.

I always have a rewarding day whenever I come here!

5 by Mrs Maria Review source

Clean and HUGE! Loads of shops which themselves are not so big but just many of them. The additional benefit that you wont get wet. Great in the winter or for sale times, places to eat/drink range from a champagne bar to Starbucks and a whole load of freshly cooked bars.
Much less crowded than Westfield Stratford, but never what you could consider 'empty' and always always full of children on holiday for some reason.
Transport links are pretty decent but you may struggle to get a set if it's peak time (after 4pm when school kids arrive, before 9pm). Has a car park but as I've never used it, I wont comment.
Some stores close earlier than others, there is often no rhyme or reason so check first if you are visiting later in the day to visit.

4 by Jennie WB Review source

With a vast array of clothing boutiques tailored towards a range of fashion styles, Westfield provides a one stop experience for a day of indulgence. There is often entertainment in the big sitting area in the middle of the shopping centre, and there are many places to sit and re-fuel after losing yourself in a large shop. The food court displays cuisines from around the world allows a pick n mix style way of eating for friends and families visiting. Alternatively, the upstairs restaurants provide a pleasant sit down eating experience. There is also a Vue cinema in the shopping centre, and one across the road as well. Westfield is also positioned conveniently next to White City underground station, which has access to the Central and Hammersmith and City lines.

5 by Rahul Kakaiya Review source

A huge shopping centre that is currently undergoing an expansion which will add a further 70 shops/restaurants. All the brands you can think of with the high end ones (Gucci, LV and the like located in the village. House Of Fraser, Marks and Spencer and Debehams cover the department store side of things. There is a food court with lots of different cuisines available. The only problem is that it gets really busy as you would expect and then you are left with nowhere to sit. For a shopping trip with all of your shopping under one roof this is as good as it gets. Obviously not a new concept but it's big and getting bigger. Lots of parking available. Christmas can see long waits in queues leading up to the centre but it's to be expected.

4 by Ronnie G Review source

This is one of the malls you spend all day in, lost in the world of shopping.....they have your high end brand name stores to your low end brand name stores. You can get everything you need in there including electric cars and a few stores down you can purchase a bra to go with that car at Victoria Secret. Once you're exhausted from shopping you can pop up at Nandos and grab there 5 pc chicken wings with 2 sides and a soda...that combo will full you for days with a little left over for the next time you get hungry. I would recommend Westfield to anyone looking for a 'one stop shop' mall. It's kid friendly. Wheelchair accessible. And for all person's of all sizes and age. Will definitely return there

5 by Kerri Anne smith Review source

I haven't been to white city for some time. I remembered the Westfield to be vibrant and diverse. Now dont get me wrong, it's still busy, but observed a few issues this time around:

1) there are so many empty units at the centre.

2) the inside food area is quite limited in space relative to the visitor numbers.

3) the baby change facilities are so cramped. Very tight and very very hot in the rooms and people clamouring on top of one another.

4) range is not as good as I remember.

5) seating around the centre is limited, can do with some more especially for the elderly and those with kids who need to rest along shopping trips.

3 by Cabeer Ahmed Review source

Well everything was fine until the rabbit with the big hat came along and told me that the pillars were crooked. Not real pillars of course but the kind that represent a company's values and rules to follow in order to succeed. And they were all off by half a centimetre. Outrageous if you ask me, by the time they had fixed them we had already left. Some things aren't worth waiting for. That's what my mom said when dad walked out with my other dad. Said I should've expected it and for some reason it unbalanced the family. Anyway the reason that I gave it three stars was actually because my soup was cold but nonetheless delicious good day

3 by Review source

It's a top shopping mall, one of the best around when it comes to quality, options and selection of high Street stores, all in one place! Parking is readily available most times, easy access via public transport and by car it takes longer as of London traffic. In my opinion, It's best to travel by underground or bus in my opinion to get there.
It's a great place to chill out, eat, shop, deserts, top restaurants and relax areas too. The only aspect is that like some other malls there aren't many cheap stores but you when a sale you can find a good deal but expect a lot of rush. Recommended!!

4 by Azim Ahmed Review source

This mall is very well made and is kept very clean. There is a wide selection of stores already and there's the expansion which is opening in the springtime which will add even more places. The mall staff are very helpful and polite. A lot of the time the center atrium has activities ranging from pop-up shops to ice skating. The restaurants are also very good, they're all chains though but still great places to eat. Good transport links with the central, circle, and hammermsith and city lines as well as the overground and many buses that pass through

5 by Zayd Alhaddad Review source

Being working here for over 4 years and I think it’s a good shopping centre over all, but there’s a couple of things that I’m sick and tired of:

1) there’s no bloody signal anywhere, and nobody wants to conect to an open wifi, they are not safe and don’t work properly, and that’s when they work, nowadays it’s not that complicated to put an antena and bring actually signal.

2) The new automatic doors are ridiculously slow to open, you have to literally stop walking and wait for it to open, did nobody try them before installing them?

3 by Review source

Westfield Louis Vuitton is the most sucks place for my shopping experience. More than 100% racist stuffs here for Chinese customers. Really snobbish. Every time a westerner comes in they are serving them automatically. When it comes to me, always tell me to find the red scarf person. Even they are free, they will never come to you and ask if you need help. So Chinese people, never shop in Westfield LV since they don’t give us a damn then why we have to buy their products. 2200£ for a rude service, no one will go there unless they are crazy.

1 by Review source

Massive shopping center with every possible shop you can think of inside. From high end designers to more reasonably priced store and food outlet. I personally have to highly recommend Tapas Revolution, well cooked abd tasty food at a very reasonable price, very friendly staff.

Also went to see the Star Wars Experience at the Void (on until March) anyone who likes Star Wars this is a must see. Fantastic virtual reality experience played with up to 4 friends playing as rebels on a mission against the empire.

5 by Martin Brown Review source

Large shopping mall...mostly high end to mid range shops. There's also a hands-free shopping which I think is ingenious! You register with the concierge for a VIP shopping experience and you don't need to haul around heavy shopping bags in the mall. After paying at any shop, you show them the card and voila your bags are kept on hold for concierge to pick up. At the end of your shopping, you go to customers service and pick all your shopping bags. It cost £15 And they will pick up to 10big bags for you!

5 by Zinny Review source

Place is massive. All Brands Wear and Clothing all under one roof. You have to search for the Post Office though. It's tucked away inside of WHSmith's Stationery Unit. Also a Gym accessed via a lift. I noticed that all the temptation sweets, cakes, confectionery, ice creams, etc., all on view in the open. Play area for young children. Loads of Restaurants also inside as well as outside. Very high technology of musical sounds also available in there from Norway. Security Guards Staff quite helpful.

2 by Sheila Carmen Charles Review source

Some great ideas to make your shopping experience a good one and nice looking shops, but a bit soulless and over priced. It's clear the mall is for rich internationals. My last favourite feature is the rediculous extended Noddy car, that generally ferries very abled bodies around the mall. Its just embarrassing that London had such a rediculous feature. I thought we were more sensible than that. If it was for disabled I'd get it, but I've never seen anyone being driven around so are disabled.

3 by Loren Jones Review source

In my opinion the best Shopping mall in the country, it has everything, nice shops, nice restaurants, food court, very child friendly, excellent lay out of the place, it just doesn’t get too hard to walk through even when there are lots of people.

Excellent changing and feeding facilities for kids. John Lewis is opening soon too.

The only down side is parking. The queue to get in the car park can be very long especially Christmas. So get there early or get the underground.

5 by Anxhelo Bitraj Review source

In my opinion the best Shopping mall in the country, it has everything, nice shops, nice restaurants, food court, very child friendly, excellent lay out of the place, it just doesn’t get too hard to walk through even when there are lots of people.

Excellent changing and feeding facilities for kids. John Lewis is opening soon too.

The only down side is parking. The queue to get in the car park can be very long especially Christmas. So get there early or get the underground.

5 by Suphachai Nokyu Review source

This is a place an entire family can ho together and all be able to go to a shop they like and have fun but it also allows individuals to also have a great time

Massive shopping centre with kidzania, a place to leave your kids. Lots of resteraunts and a cinema up top. A new section of the shopping centre also opened up with more clothing shops and a currys. To add to this there are lots of toy shops for kids like smiggle and there are lots of adult fun shops like mankind and lego.

4 by Dhruv Raques Review source

Westfield London has always been better than Westfield Stratford because of the way it was built in an upmarket manner and the food outlets is far superior in comparison to Stratford, also the clientele seems to be more upmarket, but more now it has been extended, it enhances the whole shopping experience. It will fulfil your shopping, food and entertainment need, and also it's really clean and the ambience is much better, also it's relaxing if you need some retail therapy.

5 by Rahma Ledmi Review source

Loads and loads of shops, from high end stores to normal everyday shops. It's a great place to go if you want to spend the day walking around shopping.
There's also other things to do, like go to the cinemas, or even have a meal at one of the nice restaurants outside.
It has a multi level car park, and each parking space has a light above it to show whether it's available or not - very handy when it's busy, as you can just look for the green light.

4 by Paul Thompson Review source

It’s a huge shopping mall where you can see very luxury brands, like LV, Prada etc and also some high street brands, like Zara, Topshop. There are quite a lot of staff can answer your questions when you get lost, service is really good. And also many restaurants here, you can get Italian, Greek, Thai and so on. Comparing to oxford street, Westfield is indoor, so you can avoid raining days or crossing the road. Close to Shepherd’s Bush station and bus stop. Loads of parking space.

5 by Yang Liu Review source

Went here when I visited London, at the beginning just to visit Tesla Store. It was Sunday, so the opening was at 11 AM, and I had the chance to visit almost everything. All the shops are very big, windowed and detailed. The toilettes were very clean. There are screens where you can find the shops that you are looking for, and this is very helpful especially in a big shopping mall like this. I really recommend a visit here if you have to buy something in one of their shops.

5 by Ciro Cefalo Review source

Definitely the better Westfield, imo... Great shops and a good choice of eateries! Customer service in general is good with welcoming staff.
Not a regular visitor as it's such a vast shopping centre, but when I have been I decide which shops I will be visiting, then go to car park nearby ...
Disabled parking is free for up to 4 hours I believe, after which you can pay for parking - exit & extra parking dealt with at the appropriate office on site.

4 by K L Review source

First time visiting Westfield shopping centre.
Couldn't believe how huge it is!
Arrived just before 10 and parking was easy. We were prom dress shopping so we had a good selection of shops to choose from. Also was amazed at the amount of places to eat, really spoilt for choice.
The whole centre was very clean and the staff were very helpful; we must have looked a little lost when we got there as a security guard offered us help and a map!

5 by SingStar 11 White Review source

This is a large shopping centre in central London . There is even a great top designer area with the type of shops that you would only expect to see along a Paris boulevard . There is also a massive eating area with many diverse restaurants both independant and multiples . As well as lots and lots of normal , exciting and varied shops . In fact this is paradise for all types of shoppers . There is also a large multiscreen cinema on site to complete your day .

5 by Ronald Waterman Review source

Great range of shops, for all budgets.

Parking prices are high but I suppose it’s contributed to the new expansion (which opens 20th of March 2018)

Once the building work is finished I’ll go more regularly again but it was causing huge queues and a half hour wait to get into the car parks so I’ve avoided for months!

Huge cinema and choice of restaurants too - and a whole fancy section for citizens of The Capitol too haha.

5 by Laura Bayes Review source

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