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One of the nicer central London parks. Cons first: privately owned. You can be asked to leave for things like taking pictures with more than just your phone. Security will call the police on you and as one officer explained to me it's simply because they don't want you making money from pictures of their property. CCTV everywhere, so if you want to alone with your significant other know that there could be some cowardly security guard masturbating to the sight of you both, but hell if he'll let it pass that you might take a photo of yourselves on an slr.

Pros: great views. Excellent landscaping. Smells good. Lots of cafes and Westfield right next to it for a decent meal. The playground is awesome and not just geared to children. There's a santander bicycle stand at the Westfield side entrance and the park is perfect for cycling. Lots of beautiful birds congregate here, pretty sure I've seen herons even. Toilets till 6pm at the cafe by the helter skelter thingymajig. Regularly has a pretty good funfair that charges per ride not for entry which I prefer now that I'm an old bastard.

Overall 4 stars.

4 by Akhdar Muso Review source

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in London, United Kingdom, is a sporting complex built for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 2012 Summer Paralympics, situated to the east of the city adjacent to the Stratford City development. It contains the athletes' Olympic Village and several of the sporting venues including the London Stadium and London Aquatics Centre, besides the London Olympics Media Centre.

The park is overlooked by the ArcelorMittal Orbit, an observation tower and Britain's largest piece of public art. It was simply called Olympic Park during the Games but was later renamed to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (though it is not an official Royal Park of London). The park occupies an area straddling four east London boroughs; Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest. Part of the park reopened in July 2013, while a large majority of the rest (including the Aquatics Centre, Velopark and Orbit observation tower) reopened in April 2014.

5 by vaghela ashok Review source

I will not be able to add photo but I start my swimming lesson seems 2016
The staff is excellent starting from the. Cleaners to the swimming teachers
The best is nicoleta she really love her job and she knows how to explain the techniques
The cleaning lady’s are very nice and hard working
The water sometimes in the training pool is a bit dirty could be clean more often
Regarding the hair dryers big minus is a mouth seems they broke and they didn’t fixit and last week we have could water on the showers
The water in the pool is a bit cold sometimes
They will not provide a towel but they have a shop with few items as goggles, caps, swimming suits
They have as well a coffee shop before the entree and a waiting aria for parents
The gym
I just been ones and to be honest seems a bit small

4 by diana stefan Review source

Such an awesome place to visit, you can not go wrong with this place all year round because it's so big, you. An come here just to sight see, or have a picnic or walk around on a nice day. It is famous for the place it is, and it's convenient that you have Westfield close by. I usually come here to cycle or to skate, the paths are wide enough for both pedestrians and cyclists to go through (provided it's not being used by an event because the use barriers to crowd control) Other than that on a normal day it's a place you can use daily to exercise or just go for a day out, you even some restaurants near a canal that passes through the park, those places are good for a short break too.

5 by Steven Corpuz Review source

Visited Lee Valley Velodrome. The Velodrome is brilliant with good visibility for spectators and good facilities.
Access to the park is much less impressive. Spectator parking is at Westfield shopping centre, about a mile away. There is NO signage at all for the Olympic Park or the velodrome from the car park. Inquiry at the information stand at the Westfield Centre elicited the response 'Velodrome, what's that? I've never heard of it.'. Followed by 'Oh, the Olympic place, that's over there somewhere.' accompanied by a vague wave of the hand.
This in the pouring rain on Good Friday afternoon.
Probably not the best way to encourage visitors.

2 by Review source

Disappointing for a « park », good for cycling.
Nice features with modern bridges and lot of space to cycle (concrete roads everywhere), but very disappointed that there are actually very few trees compared to the size of the park, and it still feels like everything has been recently set up - you wont get the feeling that you are in a natural park at all - more that you are in a big space well maintained with some green...
having said that, there are some play areas for kids, and a nice café on the northern part.
Still, I would not recommend this park unless you want to cycle.

3 by Charlotte Bottcher Review source

As with most parks, this works better in Spring and Summer. The post Olympics planning departments have done well to create a legacy and leisure space to for the local community and visitors. The planting scheme is wildflowers to attract insects, bees and butterflies. It's a pleasant open space alongside the man-made canals. Take a walk up to the Velodrome and nip in for ice-cream and coffee. This park is currently in danger of being overshadowed by the property development going up at an alarmingly fast rate. A nice bit of fresh air in a growing suburban landscape.

5 by Dean Ashton Review source

Being quite a new addition to the London cityscape, the park is a great place to spend some leisure time. Provided you go during the day, since lighting at night is a bit lacking in some areas. There is plenty of space and it is beautifully laid out and also beautifully furnished, although it might benefit from a bit more signage and a few more facilities. The fact that it boasts a cafe, plus a few attractions and workout spots is an advantage, even though some areas appear a bit too empty - there’s probably more on the way, so we shall see in the future.

4 by Monica Teodorescu Review source

Came here for the world para championship, I wasn't disappointed I was quite happy as it was entertaining and very joyous to watch especially cheering on Team GB and seeing some of the para Olympians flourish in their divisions. There was a good atmosphere around the stadium however there were quite a lot of empty seats around which was sad to see as it was good to watch. I do feel the location of the stadium is very far from the tube station, it takes about 25 minutes walking fast to get the station from the stadium and vice versa unfortunately.

4 by Shamik Shah Review source

A really nice space for the whole family especially good during the summer when the water fountains are working and there's streams of water for children to play with. also a very nice cafe adjoining the play area that provide sandwiches and hot meals and public toilets which are stupid very much needed when you have little ones. the park itself is very large which also makes a great dog walking area though I'm not sure what the rules are in regards to dog walking whether they need to be on a lead or not but very nice area in general.

4 by suzy el-fassi Review source

I went to see a big Rugby match (Saracens v Harlequins), there was a very friendly atmosphere and we had a great time. The stadium is modern and the seats gave enough room. It was easy to get to (by HS1) and the measures to control the 55,000 crowd were impressive. Lots of nice places to eat afterwards in Westfield. Such a contrast to my last visit to Wembley Stadium which is in a rundown part of London that's a nightmare to get to. Saracens made a wise decision to come here instead.

5 by Alan Keen Review source

Firstly the stadium is pleasant, but you are a long way from the pitch. Not designed for football/ rugby in my humble opinion. Coming out it is one giant queue, heading out of ground the one way pedestrian traffic around shipping centre is long winded. If you can get back in to Westfield(!) You will find it is all ready at capacity from shoppers. Road infrastructure can not handle traffic. Hour to get out to main road. Extra hour in and out of local road ruined our day/ experiance.

3 by James Douglas Review source

Lovely place to walk and cycle and just admire the stunning architecture, lovely surroundings and beautiful flowers, trees and landscaping... there's always something flowering to thrill you and at night, there are beautiful light installations along the walkways to appreciate... You can't help but admire the beauty of the Aquatic Centre and the Velodrome and the Stadium is quite impressive, even from just the outside... Go, see for yourself!

5 by Anthony Fairclough Review source

Fantastic venue, velodrome and pool worth going inside to see the architecture and swimming and track cycling open to public at good value prices (track cycling requires qualification programme for safety so try a taster if never tried before). Loads of other events big and small and great walking and cycling tracks. Plenty of food choices too. Accessible by overground and underground including fast services from St Pancras and Liverpool St.

5 by John Higgins Review source

I have been here for both the Olympics, paraolympics and the anniversary games. I have been with children and just adults. Have never had any issues getting in and out of the park although it has been busy it still moved quite quickly. The park is a great legacy and a great open space for all to use. The stadium is a great asset and has always been good for us with plenty of toilets and eating establishments. Great day out for all.

5 by jimbo Russell Review source

A lovely park with the aquatic center and Olympic stadium. A lovely place to walk through for a picnic or just a walk. There's Santander bikes right at the entrance too which helps if you want to explore the whole park. At night, there's great photo opportunities too if you're a photographer but careful to check West ham game schedule as it can get really busy with Olympic stadium as West ham new home grounds.

5 by David Anderson Review source

It's a lovely clean place and has some nice and interesting attractions. Really nice in the summer and the swimming pool is just a bonus there, it's clean and huge inside. Funfairs are held there every so often and my kids just love it. The shopping centre is close by and that just says it all? Once you had enough you can always go shopping? It's absolutely really refreshing and would recommend to all!!

5 by aysha begum Review source

As usual, only England can do large venue/appalling travel options! One way in and one way out means massive amounts of lines to get in and away from this venue. Only larger or cider on offer to drink...no bitter, ales or craft and all at EXTORTIONATE prices of £5 a drink!!!!! A completely sour experience compared to when this was the Olympics when there was ample choices, happy atmospherics and reasonable prices.

3 by Partypackage Limited Review source

Nice place to visit a conference. I was at the here east for an expo. While here i found all the facilities to be of a very high standard. The staff manage the Expo in a very professional Manor. However the food and drink offered inside was a touch on the expensive side even for London. However after the Expo myself and some friends found a nice selection of pub where we had some good beer and nice food.

5 by Neil Hodgson Review source

Great experience with brilliant atmosphere. I went to the world athletics championships and got a great view. Since I was in one of the furthest rows from the track, I was able to stand on the back behind the seats to get a brilliant panorama photo (I would put it up but it is on my old phone) and there’s plenty to do with things like the orbit tower with the giant slide. Overall very positive.

4 by Patrick Shannon Review source

Wonderful large free to enter park with oodles of facilities, restaurants, bars, areas to sit, play games, stroll, rent a bike as well as the actual sporting facilities which were constructed for the 2012 Olympics.
So easy to access, a definite must if you're in this part of London, or even not if you take the high speed Javelin trains from St Pancras to Stratford International.

5 by Colin Alexander-Brown Review source

Was quite impressed with the security of this place and the layout and size make it appropriate for different events. It has hire bikes within the grounds leading up to the stadium. Great views of the city surround the place. Lots of shops and amenities close by too. Everything clearly signposted and marked within the stadium. Iconic Olympic sculpture is also an iconic feature.

4 by Richard Burroughs Review source

Went there for a football game. Awful place to watch football. Felt to be miles from the pitch and completely distanced from the action. Won't be bothering again. Lots of fans arguing amongst themselves and their team won!
Handy for rail links though and very close to the shops.
Had been here previously for the Olympics and the experience was great for that.

2 by david smith Review source

Amazing place. Best to hire a bike (£2 for 24 hours) if you want to see it all. Good walking/jogging area. Tastefully landscaped. Plenty of little activity centres (climbing frames etc) for children. Interesting canal walk. Cafe at the velodrome is often open and is relatively cheap for London!. You can also bring your own food and eat it sitting in the spectator area.

4 by Mike Haxell Review source

Seeing as it was built and opened in 2012 to host the London Olympics everything is clean and modern with a good aesthetic. The park has many open walkways and paths to get around and there are interesting things to see.

Overall the area is good but in terms of entertainment it is what visitors will make of it rather than what is there already.

4 by Mike McConnell Review source

Best place to park if you want to go to the new West Ham stadium, Olympic Aquarium or the Olympic Park is Car park B and follow the sign for Waitrose Level P1 or P2..the escalators should lead you straight outside towards the restaurants etc go to the Cow Pub which is in front of the crossing which will lead you straight into the park....

5 by Muhit Rahman Review source

Visited as soon as it was opened after the Olympics and it was very clean and pleasant to walk around. Over the years it's become a bit less impressive and more quiet, even on weekends. The big red sculpture is losing its bright shade of red and now doesn't look as solid. However, a very nice large park for scooters and bikes.

4 by Timothy Langer Review source

Great place to cycle around and if you don't have a bike you can hire one for £2 from different locations in and around the park. Great for walks and laying on the grass especially during the summer. Nice place to take kids as there are many playgrounds within the park. There are wonderful architecture and buildings to see.

5 by Review source

I was there for the uniqlo 10k run. It was really nice place as I ran around it 3 laps. The orbit is quite of a sight. For public transport, u can get there by Central line or overground to Stratford. It does take a while to walk to the park and signs are sparsely placed but you should be able to get there following the signs.

5 by Ei Ting Review source

Great park and facilities. Has the added convenience of being next to Westfields so you can have a full day out with the kids. The kids playground is fantastic, it's got your usual swings and slides but also a sand play area. I think it would be good if they could cover more of the ground with that soft rubber material.

5 by cam lee Review source

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