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Olympic Park, Montfichet Rd, London E20 1EJ

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It a mass exercise in controlling people to spend their money on rubbish. A centre that offers broken dreams, outright lies and total conformity. A zombified experience where people rush to eat, eat on the go, stuff their face with the latest flavours and chemical additions. Shops that sell the latest trainers that offer so much more than their previous incarnation, except this one is £50 more.

Bubble tea, real coffee, branded toothpaste, celebrity toilet rolls, tea for only £2.28, queues to die for, sweets to chomp, prams by the hundred, crying toddlers, fights for lifts, stressed out servers, high priced fast food, sweets at every checkout and masses of people dying to purchase more.

It's a place for the feeble minded, those that have no hobbies, no ambitions, no morality and no self esteem. This is the type of place the dead go if they were bad in their mortal life. It's hell on many levels, literally).

Stay away, take a walk in the park instead, shop online and make your own food at home.

1 by Andi Cheese Review source

I'm not normally a fan of shopping and so shopping malls can seem horrific

I was pleasantly surprised by Westfield Stratford ; the range of shops is actually quite different to the typical mall , we have the favorites there Primark Marks and Spencer's Topshop. Plus a few places that I hadn't come across before

What's fantastic about it ? more than one book shop .... the layout is quite clever in that there are lots of little boutique shops scattered in between the popular favourites . I found that there are plenty of food outlets but it is incredibly busy as it's right by a train and tube station and the bus station it's well serviced for travel but I don't know with regards to parking if you have your own transport . However it is certainly going to be busy whatever time you go so if crowds bother you give this one a miss but if you are into shopping therapy or a complete Shopaholic this could be one to i explore

4 by Juli Sealy Review source

It's a great place for shopping and spending a day but it's filled with youth groups that often have fights or get into trouble with security which makes the place high risk as you could get caught in the middle of it or get delayed, my other observation is that the restaurants aren't cheap at all, many are over priced in the food court, saying That, the variety and choice is unlimited. There is a 24h luxury casino too, large parking sectors with wide paths safe for luxury large cars which get you into the mall from different areas of the shopping mall, once you memorize the mall you can benefit by knowing which parking serves you best. Lots of information desks, toilet facilities were clean. Outside you can benefit from a large slection of bus routs from the bus station or tube which is also just outside the entrance.

4 by roni smiles Review source

Err I so have to admin it made me want to top myself. In fairness to them I'm not a fan of shopping centres in general, but there are flaws.

Car park biggest. Once sign to say which one to use and didn't have time to read it. Shockingly went in wrong one. It's 9 levels and have the lights green or red, plenty of green but every time the space was full! Ended up on roof. Problem is there was an event in the near by stadium and literally took and hour and 15 to get out of the car park! Hash up.

However, the offering of shops and facilities is Good, I would of appreciated more if I wasn't pre occupied by deciding whether or not to top myself or take hostages due to car park, heating being set to centre of sun, and half a trillion people in there.

3 by Tim Taylor Review source

It's pretty good - lots of stores, clean, well maintained, good security, many other stores in the local area, and best of all great transportation links and car parks. It's not the largest mall in the area, but it's well done. Handicap accessible in all respects as are all the stores and restaurants.

With respect to the restaurants, they tend to be pricey because of the location, so the chain outlets will be more than you might find in your neighbourhood. However, if it's one of your favorite eateries, it's a nice way to punctuate or end the day before going home.

4 by Cruise Cycle Review source

As shopping malls go this is as good as it gets. Easy to park (though expensive), decent hand car wash (also expensive) huge, clean, just about every high street store you can think of and a few you haven't. Good outdoor shopping and restaurants if being indoors gets too much. Plenty of food concessions throughout, and the food village near the top has Indian Street food, Yo Sushi etc - decent choice. The Vue cinema is enormous, showing every film going. No Tesla charging unlike White City. And despite its size it can still get busy. And Olympic Park right next door, definitely worth a visit

5 by Matt Bush Review source

This place is wonderful.
There are so many shops which all have different styles of clothing and so you will definitely find something that will catch your eyes. It is a place for adults as well as teens and kids because the shops are targeted at all audience. There are shops for drinks, pharmacies and many more. There is a good court on floor 3 as well as the ground floor. On the 3rd floor, food from many places around the world is held there while downstairs on the ground floor you have McDonald's, subway, kfc, and other food restaurants where you might have seen around London.

5 by rafaela Babanau Review source

The shopping centre has a lot to offer. There are plenty of restaurants, including the food hall which has a very good variety for those who wants to have a quick bite. The range of shops available will cater for almost everyone. If you are one who likes to browse, you can easily spend a day there. There are also little play areas scattered around for the children to use up some of their energies. It is definitely a well planned shopping center in terms of layout. If you have a little one, there are also family rooms that have got clean facilities for feeding and changing.

5 by Louis Higgs Review source

Had to go there for 4 days and for 4 days the parking payment stand was out of service meant I had to go to another floor and that is very very annoying when it’s so busy it annoyed me the most I can understand things break but for a multi million pound company and they can’t fix something so small not to inconvenience people and on they to when on entering it was down to 1 lane guess what ticket dispenser broken down really mayhem getting in to the place.. as for shopping Center great shops but people in the shopping center Gangs hanging around just watch your self in!!

2 by Ali Chayla Review source

Great mall, all the big recognised and recognisable brands are present however, there are also many new and trendy ones too. There is a lot of technology on display in the way the mall functions right from parking to lighting and use of conveniences. Allocate about two and a half hours to see most of the place. The lavatories are on different standards of cleanliness. Some were faultless and others left somethings to be desired. I thought parking was a bit expensive also we spent just over 2 hrs and paid all day week day fee of £6.70 or so .

4 by Manny Gb Review source

Anyone who is in London for shopping should definitely visit Westfield Stratford City . Besides almoust all the shops you can imagine you have a lot of restaurants and bars, or fast food stands. All the shops and restaurants are both inside and outside so make sure you bring your umbrella. At the top floor of Stratford shopping center is a casino BUT if you want to check your luck make sure you have a plastic document, (Italian ID for example wont work since it's a paper ID) since without it the security won't let you in. Have fun!!

5 by Stasa Djordjevic Review source

Service in Boots and Vision Express exceptional. John Lewis was as superb as always but, sadly, you have to make your way through the rest of the mall to get there. No one has any manners so you will be walked into on repeated occasions even if you're standing out of the way to let them pass. Tried to buy some coffee pods in one of the designer 'boutiques' but they had nothing resembling a till and I gave up after almost 15 minutes waiting. Why anyone would choose to visit this place without a pressing necessity is beyond me.

1 by David Bunce Review source

A great shopping centre with a wide variety of designer shops plus smaller businesses. The parking facilities are excellent and very high tech, and it's also very cheap. There are information points and security desks scattered throughout, and the staff members are very friendly. There is plenty to eat here, and restaurants to suit a variety of dietary needs, including vegan and halal.

It's very close to Stratford train and bus station, and is a nice place to visit before going to the Olympic Park, also very close.

5 by Sarah Arnold Review source

Love this place. I feel safe here knowing the security team are looking out for all of its customers. (I spent a day behind the scenes on a business trip and was introduced to their team of sniffer dogs and security staff, as well as the management of the centre. It was fascinating)

Great selection of stores and food with spotlessly clean public areas (bathroom, carpark etc) Westfields always provides a 5 experience as standard and believe me, you can feel it. It's just such a lovely place to be and spend time.

5 by Erin Corrigan Review source

Really convenient place for shopping. Has a vast majority of high street retailers and also some designer boutiques.

They also have Vue cinemas to watch Hollywood & Bollywood movies. On the lower ground floor there are fast food restaurants and on the 1st and 2nd floor there are more places where you can grab something to eat.

Very easy to get to by public transport and they also have a bus station right outside. Plenty of spaces to park with multiple car parks, although it is a bit expensive.

5 by Fahad Takolia Review source

It is a nice shopping centre and has changing facilities for kids. They have most of the stores you would buy from in one place which makes it easier. It can be extremely busy during school holidays and Christmas both in the centre and the car park so I tend to avoid around these times.

Parking is unnecessarily expensive and I don't think there is enough parent and child spaces (this is in the car park I regularly go to, I cant speak for all of them)

There are also very good transport links.

3 by Review source

A great place, with not just everything under one roof but with more surrounding the centre. You Can easily spend a day there with the huge array of shops from your normal high st shops to designer shops. There are 3 food courts on 3 levels with more restuarants outside. With a cinema, a bowling alley( abit expensive and small)And a casino with a night club there is things for all ages there. Downside, it can get very busy especially around lunch time and from the early evening which limits the walking space there.

4 by gee rum Review source

Here to go to The Void
I am a seasoned VR nerd. I have my own VR and have used PSVR/Oculus Rift and others. But this experience was not just an interactive visual and audio experience. They bombard your senses using heat and cold effects as you experience them in the game. Without having to hold or wear gloves the custom VR equipment was able to map you own hands and arms extremely accurately. And your friends look and move like real storm troopers. I just wish the whole experience was longer.

4 by Andy Dale Review source

I love Westfield Stratford. You can get everything here. Different shops, brands available here. Cinema, food court and coffee shop available. Car park available. Phone shops like ee are there. You can even charge your phone in the phone charge locker provided.

Banks such as Barclays and HSBC are there. Toilets and baby changing area are there. Generally clean and tidy.

Seating area available. Nearby train station, bus station and coach service available. Help desk available.

5 by E. Abdul Review source

It's quite a nice shopping centre as it is a Westfield it does get very busy and manoeuvring around the place is a lot harder. It's a nice different to the White City Westfield but this one is still very good. It's still relatively new but it has been a good addition to the city. Tube and DLR not too far away so it's got good transport links to from London. I wouldn't recommend eating there as it's extremely hectic and trying to get a table to eat is hard as well.

3 by Shamik Shah Review source

A 'westfield' mall in Stratford this mall is over 3 levels indoors and a covered outdoor area of bars and restaurants. Inside the mall you can find the top retailers, shops and local stores along with restaurants, cinema and an Aspers casino. This mall gets really busy on weekends so if you don't like small spaces I recommend avoiding this place at peak hours. The mall is open till 10 most nights with retailers closing at 9 and restaurants open till late. Casino is open 24/7

4 by David Anderson Review source

Lovely place lots of restaurant, quite close to the hotels nearby particularly premier inn which is practically in the same complex.
My friend came to visit got stuck and couldn't go back to Kent because of the snow. The trains werent working.
Luckily the Premier Inn was really close so he booked a room for the night.
Had dinner at five guys and watched black panther.

Love the easy access to transport there especially the underground and buses.

4 by Review source

Love it here but it's so busy. Can sometimes become stressful. Sometimes it can be hard to find seating in the fast food court, but there are plenty of nice restsurants about. Great shops and facilities. Toilets are nice and clean, there is a prayer room, indoor play areas for kids (although at peak times these can be REALLY busy), there is also a parent room with nappy changing areas and a space for older kids to play whilst you change the baby's nappy. Nice!

5 by Grace Prescott Review source

Great spot to get the basics and catch a quick meal.

I think it’s a shame they decided to have a casino there especially when there’s so many young men around, they are easily drawn into that place and I think it’s terrible. They obviously knew what they were doing and that industry makes their money off addicts and they act like they care about it but we all know they really don’t ... or else they would think about where they place their casinos/shops.

3 by Shereen Dx Review source

Stratford Westfields is a nice and clean place to shop at, best not to go on a weekend as its super busy and trying to navigate between crowds is a headache. There is a variety of shops and the food hall is fairly good with different cuisines from around the world!
Parking here is expensive (hence the 3 stars) it cost me £8.90 for a 2 hour stay! I think next time its better to park outside the centre and walking to the shops which wud take couple of minutes.

3 by Shantosh Dutta Review source

Westfield in Stratford is really good for shopping. There a range of difference stores and was definitely needed compared to the old shopping centre. They have great variety of food too so having a meal while you are there is an option. The train station both Underground and Rail (Stratford Station/Stratford International) are right next to the shopping centre as well, literally don’t even have to leave the shopping centre to access one of these stations.

5 by Ryan Clark Review source

I love shopping there. So many high street shops located next to each other and under one roof. Everyone will find what they need.
It's very family friendly and convenient for mums with kids too which you quickly realise once you're there. There are playgrounds as well as some kids shopping.
You also have a huge choose of food and foodcourts from all around the world and for all tastes. My favourite are Japan centre and Yo sushi :)

5 by Julia Wolter Review source

Regularly visit this mall during my visits to London. There are many fashion boutiques as well as a food court. There are also hotels (such as Premier Inn) and a casino nearby. This is a popular transportation hub, with Jubilee, Overground and DLR lines available. Mall section is open from 1000 to 2100 daily. The Aspers casino is open 24 hours a day. There are elevators and escalators present. There is also a kids play area inside the complex.

5 by Nick Graham Review source

The shopping centre is huge. There are a lot of restaurants as well and so you can always take a break from shopping, while trying a new restaurant. It can get very busy during the weekends though. And when there is a match or something nearby, it gets crazy busy with more than a hundred security people and fences all around. In times like that it's better to not come here, doesn't feel to good, otherwise it's beautiful place.

5 by Jane Nailon Review source

There are a wide selection of shops to suit everyone’s shopping habits. There is also lots of restaurants and activities available.

Westfield is very easy to get to from Stratford International and also Stratford Mainline stations as I have come to the Centre from both train stations.

It is always a joy to visit Westfield and do some shopping as well as see the local attractions although it is very easy to get lost!

5 by Review source

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