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Genuine review. Response to house of Vapes at bottom of review.

Original review:

Bad customer service, and too expensive. I only went there because my cheaper option (eBay) was giving me 3 days waiting time when I couldn't wait that long. After a purchased what I needed I noticed another Vape shop called Noble Vaping, literally round the corner (Great Eastern Street, opposite car wash). I found that they are a lot cheaper so I'm definitely going there next time. There is also another Vape Shop further towards Brick Lane, called Smokium. I have purchased from them before and they have a better selection of juices than House of Vapes.

Also I noticed one of the workers in House of Vapes was using a kangertech sub tank mini. If that tells me that he just started Vaping and knows nothing about the trade at all.

Edited: Response to House of Vapes.

Firstly, this is a genuine review.

Secondly, I am in my rights to mention other Vape shops nearby if they have a much better service than you can provide.

Thirdly, I do not appreciate you accusing me of writing a fake review. Check my review list out before you accuse people. Also, all your 5* reviewers have only given one Google review, so in most people's opinion (not only mine), all your good reviews are fake.

One advise, House of Vapes. If you can not take criticism then please do up your customer service and standards.

Second response:

How does the other review (that was taken down) prove that my review is fake? Can you elaborate that for me please, as I am confused on what you are trying to imply. Your service was extremely poor, and as a customer I would expect experienced vapers to be working at the shop so that they can give expert advise; not someone that's using a starter kit. I mentioned this in my original review, as well as your shop being too expensive. Customers look for bargains, and if another shop near by sells the same things a lot cheaper, I would expect people to highlight that to me. I did not advertise any website links or add phone numbers, so I don't understand why you are stating googles terms and conditions. I clearly did not leave you a review to manipulate your ratings... I left an honest review on how I felt upon entering your premises. You say you 'always aim to provide a helpful and friendly service' to all of your customers, but that don't mean that you do. Me being one of your customers, I am not only dis-satisfied by your service, but also offended by the accusation that you made of me leaving a false review. You clearly didn't aim to provide a helpful or friendly service to me.

1 by S Rahman Review source

So I'm pretty new to vaping and was getting confused by the plethora of products and e-liquids and I wanted to talk to someone face to face that knows there stuff. A google search led me to House of Vape and specifically they're 'Introduction to Vaping' session for newbies. What a fantastic idea. I went along on a Saturday afternoon spent about 35/45 minutes going through everything with a nice chap in store. All my questions were answered, he laid out loads of options, and by the end I walked away happy, more knowledgeable and with a few bits n' pieces to get me started. Now, don't get me wrong they're hardly doing it purely out of the goodness of their hearts, it's a hook to get you to buy products from them, however, and this is crucial, it was to get ME to buy the right product for ME not just whatever happens to be cool that week. There's a huge difference and it was ideal, and at no point did I feel the pressure to buy anything I wasn't already looking for. This was nearly a couple of weeks ago, and since then I've spent more time scouring the net for more information, but it's all backing up what the chap said. Well, apart from the price that is. They are a good bit more expensive than online retailers, but I appreciate the fact that the rent on a London Shoreditch shopfront, knowledgeable staff, cool packaging etc doesn't come cheap. They're going to make all that extra back somehow compared to some anonymous cube on an industrial estate on the outskirts of wherever stuffing items in jiffy bag to post, and naturally it's in the price. However as long as they keep up the service levels then I'm happy to go back and pay that bit extra.

5 by Al Sweeto Review source

A great looking shop with an impressive range of juices and gear let down by patchy service from staff.

I went into the shop today and it was quite busy with 3 staff members all serving people... The customers all seemed to be buying hardware and going through the rather protracted process of getting their equipment configured and explained.

While this was going on, I was asked by staff member to wait while she finished serving the current customer... No problem, I waited. And waited. And waited. As the guy buying the hardware asked more and more and more questions... Fair enough -- when I bought my first kit I asked lots of questions too.

Then the salesperson who asked me to wait promptly went and served someone else, someone who had literally just walked into the shop...

Needless to say, I was not impressed, and nor was the guy who was queueing behind me to get served on the juice bar...

This is a pity, as the venue looks cool... I suggest that staff are trained better on customer service and, at busy times, a dedicated staff member works the juice bar so punters buying juice don't have to wait through full-blown kit walk-through's before they get served...

Its the little things that make the difference.

3 by Bradley Wood Review source

I love this place. Massive selection of juices which will suit everyone from beginners to advanced vapers. The devices are second to none as well. I have a few devices and needed something small and picked up the perfect thing. I first visited here when they opened and found the manager rude and totally useless in knowledge and lacked personality. Now, all the staff are super knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and there's a great vibe in the shop. Makes such a change to go in a store where you feel you are welcome and not made to feel inferior because you don't blow big clouds. Customers were happy and being treated really well. And the coffee is the icing in the cake. There is no where else I feel comfortable in London (apart from their other three stores) where I can vape, have a coffee and relax. Many places try to get to this level but don't quite reach the high level. Yes, the prices may be a tiny bit higher, but you know you are getting quality service which is priceless. Plus the same day service means I can get my liquids even if I can't get there. You have made a customer for life!

5 by Marie L Review source

Ambiance reminds me of some Amsterdam coffee shop, being a long time customer of the shop since it's opening 2 years ago, i would definitely recommending to pay a visit even to buy gears, liquids or just to relax. looking at what people reviews is just weak! if you're a vaper you know that this shop is well established from the concept down to their stocks and staff. Too many shops around the area but no one caters like them, the guys who work here are all knowledgeable and capable of teaching the beginners. They are one of the first shops in UK, and being in London it's really handy to have one of this after a long busy day at work or just to chill over the weekends. Most of the reviews are just unjustified whether it's from a rival shops or people who don't have the patience to learn. End of the day vaping saves people lives in the long run it's a cheaper option the smoking (not unless u do it as a hobby like i do), so for me personally all the negative comments are just non sense. Keep up the good work guys and see you soon!!!!

5 by whacha mhakoolit Review source

Having taken up vaping around 6 months ago, as a hardened 20 a-day for 15 years smoker, i can honestly say having shopped and looked around HoV offers the best advice face to face and on-line out there. From arranging the 1-1 to discuss the best MOD and liquids, to the aftercare once i'd brought my unit, 10/10!!! Now been 6 months and I've not even thought about cigarettes! :)

Yes, there are cheaper places to buy your liquids from, but to have the option of going in-store (Shoreditch for me) at any time, and being able to ask what must be the most simple of questions but still get an honest answer is the best. And to then have the ability to try before you buy on ANY liquid, I've yet to find anywhere else with the same available selection!
As for the on-line support, well all i can say is Jenny, you have more patience then i would! Her recommendations have been spot on, and guidance invaluable!

If you haven't gathered by now i would recommend House of Vapes to anyone, in a heartbeat! Happy vaping! :D

5 by Nick Varanand Review source

First class service. After inadvertently blowing a coil in my tank and having none spare, I was desperately trying to find somewhere in central London where I could get some new Aspire Coils. House of Vapes appeared on my search and after noticing that their prices were excellent for both the coils and courier delivery (within 3 hours max) I made the purchase. Just under 90 minutes later, so well within the time frame given, a smart little bag arrived with a new set of coils and after a bit of wicking time, the world was a happy place again. I had never used House of Vapes before, but I will definitely be doing so now. Simply, the website is easy to navigate when locating your product. The range on offer is undeniably comprehensive. Checkout process is simple. Delivery and packaging was better than promised. Genuine articles too. Having had a bad experience with a central London competitor, I know where my business will be going now. Great job and highly recommended. Thanks House of Vapes.

5 by 14pippin . Review source

I've been using house of vapes since it opened and it's gone from strength to strength. They have the biggest selection of juice which is highly diverse in brand and in flavours out of all of the shops I've been to and always keep up with current trends in hardware from starter kits to more advanced devices.
The service is always first class and although they get busy at times, staff always serve with a smile and will do their best to answer all questions.
I don't often leave reviews but felt the need to after reading some, quite frankly, rude and insulting ones as of late. These seem to purely be out to cause trouble as the majority of things said are not true.
All the staff have a high Knowledge of vaping and will always help in anyway they can.
And with 4 stores in London they are always so accessible.
Keep up the good work guys!

5 by Daniel Miller Review source

I went to this shop for the first time a couple of months ago and have just got round to reviewing this place. It is a average vape shop with a wide range of selection of juices that are a little overpriced. The shop itself looks wonderful and has a vary nice homely feel to it, although I did not stay and chill as I felt a glare of eyes when I walked into the shop. Not being greeted by anyone I felt that if I was not welcome. When speaking to the people who worked there they had a chilled vibe; but also I vibe that they liked to work with each other; not for the customer. I would go back up their when travelling into London if I wanted to chill out although I would not stay any longer than 15 minutes. To sum it up this a store that is better than some of the shops in London but do not meet the mark of the stores that are at the top of the industry game.

3 by Within thefuture Review source

I came here recommended by a friend however I will not be making the same recommendations about the House of Vapes. I purchased the Mini Volt kit and have been very disappointed with it. The battery drains very quickly and lasts less than 2 hours from a full charge (not on a high voltage) and I asked this specific question to the lady serving me who told me that the battery would last easily between 1 and 2 days with moderate usage, which was the main reason I decided to purchase this kit. Asides from this I found that the customer service I received from her was very blunt and I got the impression that she felt that the questions I was asking her were stupid. The rest of the staff in the shop however did seem very friendly, however at the end of the day I spent £45 on a product that didn't work/deliver to the standard I was told it would.

1 by Daniel Matheakis Review source

I have always had the most amazing service from the people in the Shoreditch branch. It's a lovely environment, you can try as many juices as you like (from their HUGE range) and sit around chatting. Good coffee too. Definitely the best Vaping shop I have ever been to. Great assistance with problems and questions. Well happy.
(edit) I have just read a lot of the 'bad' reviews here. Being in ecommerce myself, I can spot a competitor a mile off. To say the staff don't know what they're talking about is ridiculous, they know EVERYTHING - and 'ejuice was limited' LOL - they have so many brands and flavours. Give it a go. Just go ask some questions and try some juices, see for yourself. I have been to many bad vaping shops and this just isn't one, it's wonderful.

5 by Dangerfield Review source

Great service, lovely shop

I was on holiday in London, I wanted to bring back a gift for my father. I was wondering what, when I came across this lovely shop. I was really stunned by the decoration and the atmosphere of the place. So much warmer and cosier than the e-cigarette shops we have in France.

I knew nothing about e-cigarettes. I was served by a guy, Leo, he explained everything to me and seemed like an expert of all the products. And they have a HUGE range of e-liquids, so hard to choose, but I managed to find what I wanted guided by Leo and his perfect advice.

I even could enjoy a great coffee while I was served. Great experience, I will come back next time I will be in London for sure!!
I definitely recommend House Of Vapes – London!

5 by Thibault Collardot Review source

This is the best vape shop in London because the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable- in essence they genuinely care. When I gave up smoking I was desperate and fearful and had visited at least 5 vape shops across London. They just didn't listen and I ended up confused and buying baccie again.

When I went to HOV the guys listened and knew exactly what I needed. They spent over an hour explaining stuff, so I knew what my options were and I left feeling confident. I think the guys name was Dave and a nice girl with dark hair made me a tea.

I now go back regularly and there is a whole community of cool people there- I haven't smoked tobacco for 8 months and I was a life long smoker...

There is something good about this shop- go there :)

5 by Evet delarue Review source

-Amazing Customer Service
-Amazing Products
-Great knowledge
Served by LAZSLO
I went in with not a lot of idea about what I wanted but was created with an amazing coffee and a great attitude. Couldn't have been more friendly or patient taking me through all the options and different choices. From the go u was told I could spend hundreds or as little as I like and it was true. New vape and juice for £30 nothing special but great for my needs. Less of a shop more like going round a friends house!!
Just a note during our time in the shop it got busy and we weren't if ignored although we weren't regulars or making the biggest purchase. Saw people buying things for hundreds and they knew what they were doing. Thanks guys see you next time.

5 by Spencer Clarke-Griffiths Review source

When I walked in I got a really good first impression as the place looked professionally built, had a great ambience and looked fully stocked with great ecig gadgets and flavours. However, some of the staff looked like they were heavy drug users with needle marks on the arms etc. I just purchased a new ecig and the person who was serving me started toking on my newly purchased item without asking me. I didn't mind but it would have been nice if I was asked first. So if they improved how their front line staff presents and carry themselves, you would have a very top line service. On the positive side, they had a very good range of gadgets and flavours which you can try for free. So overall it was a good place to visit and I would go back again.

3 by Ali Khan Review source

A tight and dedicated team of employees run the store, each of who display experience, knowledge and a refreshingly genuine attitude. They'll always give you an honest answer and try to educate you if need be. The shop has a very relaxed and welcoming vibe and you are made to feel at home. Their selection of juice is huge and ever growing and they have hardware to cater for everybody, from starter kits to high end mods and mechs. This place is as authentic as it gets. It is not normally my thing to give reviews but felt it was time I 5 starred this place, hopefully it will help point any beginners in the direction of this highly capable crew, and for any enthusiasts who do not already know of this gem, make sure you stop by!

5 by Jones II Review source

Open for business just north of Principal Place tower. Still one of the friendliest spots to buy vaping supplies, order a hot cuppa and vape with fellow vapers. It's a very social place.

Vaping heaven! Owners take the time to explain the technology to newbies like me. Huge selection of kit from starters up to advanced, modified gizmos which I hope to understand someday:) I've tried a couple of juices - not too keen on the fruity stuff but had help to find a more neutral flavour with the right nicotine content. While vaping is tar and ash free, the nicotine levels can give quite a buzz so good to find the right balance. Reminds me of the Amsterdam coffee shops!

4 by David Smith Review source

Negative experience.

The member of staff who served me wasn't able to diagnose the problem I was having with some coils. She seemed more interested in badmouthing the e-liquid I was using and trying to scare me into buying e-liquid from them with some faux science. I expect they make commission on their pricey e-liquids.

I wasn't sure whether to be amused or insulted by some of the faux science she was spouting. You'd be surprised at how many of us have science degrees.

Two stars because it's reasonably well stocked, and I was able to walk out with the coils I needed.

2 by Yuji SK Review source

Came in last week to purchase two mods and some liquid as I wished to get back on the vape and off the smokes. Staff were more than happy to show us their stock, let us test them as me and my friend wasn’t sure what we wanted. Once we had our mods we then went and tested from a huge variety of liquid. Which was one and helped by the knowledge of the staff who put us on the right track of what we wanted to buy.

The mods and liquid are high quality items at great prices, the ambiance of the store is great and the attitude of the is fantastic. Would highly recommend coming back here for vaping.

5 by Cole Braithwaite Review source

The crew are warm, welcoming and enthusiastic to help the customers needs! The environment is informal where anyone can feel comfortable and not feel like they have to act a certain way, something lost in a lot of stores.

The staff on the juice bar know their juices well and always make an effort to find a flavour combination fit for the customer! On mods the crew always give a variety of devices to the customer and advises them on which would suit them best, not just 'go for the most expensive' but they genuinely care for customer satisfaction.

5 by Latiful Hassan Review source

I've been looking for a high end, top notch Vale shop all around London for quite a while now but all the ones I've been to have never really 'wow'd' me. I've known about house of vases for a while but never got around to visiting their shop and honestly, I do not regret it one bit! Staff are incredibly friendly and willing to help you with anything you need. They have a near endless range of flavours and they cater to everyone, whether you just started or you are advanced! I would definitely recommend House of vape to anyone.

5 by Leandro Correia Review source

I have been using House of Vapes products for 2 years now and I have never had any issue with the staff of the products themself. The shop delivers high quality ecig and has a wide variety of flavour and designs for their product. Staff has never been rude in any way. Mr Dean and Mr Ohman, I suspect you to post fake messages to try to kill the business of the shop and also suspect you must run another vape shop. Be careful with such practices since you could face issues as your comments does not look constructive at all

With all my respect

5 by Luc Florentz Review source

I came here desperate to change my tank and coils, and left the shop more than satisfied with the result.

I have been using an Apex Innokin Tank with 0.2 & 0.5 ohm coils, and got out with the sensation that my previous tank was primitive in comparison.

The service of the guy who attended me (shame I didn't got his name otherwise I will be mentioning him here) was on point and wouldn't mind explaining what is suitable for me.

You definitely pay for the quality in here, fully recommend them!

5 by Enmanuel Salas Review source

I'd like to give my hats off to these guys who are friendly and professional. Had an one-to-one session with Stewart who explained me how to build my own coils, and was extremely helpful and precise, also suggesting me the best tools to use, and giving me great advice. Whenever I drop by, I spend half an hour testing and comparing the juices, and the guys are always really patient. You can really tell they're knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Great atmosphere and good vibes. I recommend it to any vaper.

5 by Alisia Stasi Review source

I've been a regular to various vape shops over the years but House of Vapes is by far the best one. They have a wide range of products to choose from and infinite patience when dealing with a picky customer like me. The staff is great; very friendly, knowledgeable and always happy to help with any vaping related questions or issues. Martin and the rest of the crew are amazing at delivering 10/10 customer service - If you're looking for a great vape shop around Shoreditch (or London even), then look no further.

5 by George Benson Review source

Service from the gentlemen was quite rude, all questions answered as if he was annoyed and short. You work in the store. your job is to help customers mate. However the lady who ended up servicing us was lovely and helpful but while being served, we witnessed his bad service to another customer who had just asked a simple question regarding eliquid flavor.

We could not wait to leave this establishment. We spent over 100 on eliquids, wish id given my money to a store with better overall service.

1 by Omar Tamer Review source

I had my first vaping experience here and would highly recommend it.

The guy who showed me around, took his time to explain everything to me. This took a lots of patience as a was a total noob and am very analytical !!

We found the perfect vaping device for me and then selected the perfect flavours.

Actually, that experience has meant I gave up smoking after 25 years so would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to just go and have a look around.

5 by Jack León Review source

Went in to get a couple e liquids and the service was amazing, Ben was really helpful and for someone who's just basically a beginner in all this he offered to teach me how to build my own coils which I was quite surprised and impressed with as I haven't had anyone offer that before would 100000000% return there and wouldn't listen to any bad reviews... just go see for yourself and make your own decision .... believe me you'll be impressed just as I was

5 by Ali Ustun Review source

Bad service with uninformed staff. I repeatedly asked if the (overrpriced) liquid I was purchasing was suitable for my contraption. I even went as far as to show the staff member my model so he could be sure. He assured me it was but when I inserted the liquid it ruined my filter - it was too viscous. Waste of time, money and a perfectly good filter. There are better places (albeit less stylish) that have good quality products and service. Won't be visiting again.

2 by Farhana Ahmed Review source

I've been a customer of House of Vapes Shoreditch for over a year and have always found the staff extremely friendly, competent and knowledgeable. They are always happy to let you try new flavours, give advice, show you the latest arrivals, always with a smile and never with any attitude (Leo in particular, he is a great guy). I would say that it's also thanks for them and their service that I keep being a non smoker and a vaper. Thanks! Raf.

5 by Far Studios Review source

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