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28 Fulham Palace Rd, Hammersmith, London, W6 9PH

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My 2 rating is a mix of a 1 as a lunch place and 3 as a coffee place.
Indifference welcomed us both times we went. The first time my wife and I went, it was just for a quick espresso, which I'd say was ok. Attracted by the menu and ambience, we came back for lunch. That was regrettable.
The service was very slow, despite it was only us and another two tables when we arrived vs 5 or 6 of staff. After 40 minutes of wait, we received one of three food items we ordered, a lukewarm acai bowl which was just fine, not very generous on the toppings. Another 20 minutes later came the BLT toastie and the French toast. The toastie was cold and not toasted, the focaccia bread was actually soggy and the bacon not at all crispy. The French toast was mushy, didn't taste good, not fluffy not crispy, nothing like a French toast should be. My wife only took a few bites and left it there.
I asked for the bill and asked if I should come to the till to pay but they told me to wait for them to come wih the card reader. Another 10 minutes later we couldn't take it anymore and we went to pay at the counter and left.
Not going back.

P.s. as they cook where they serve you, only go if you want your clothes and hair to smell of smoke and food.
P.p.s prices are ok.

2 by Luca Tedde Review source

It’s a shame because the coffee is so good, but they fail miserably with service. The first time I went I waited 40 minutes for avocado on toast. They had forgotten, they then brought me out a toasted sandwich. So I left as I didn’t have time for them to make the avocado on toast as this was during my lunch break. They did refund me, so I decided to go again for lunch today. I asked how long it would be for a feta smash, and was told five minutes. I did receive my order quickly, Only for them to bring out a toastie to a women next to me also waiting for a feta smash. I then get told I’ve got the wrong food half way through eating and the toastie was mine. I had to assert that I had also ordered the feta smash, but had obviously got the womens one before mine. They then proceed to tell the women that I’ve eaten hers etc. It’s like guys how hard is it to get the right food orders! And I’m also not retarded I know what I’ve ordered, I ordered it! It’s not busy so I don’t see why this keeps happening?

2 by Review source

I cannot lie, but I haven't actually been here yet. I've been living down the street for 7 months now, and I've finally decided that I will try it this morning. This rating is a prophecy in which I have steadfast confidence, for the gigantic cat on the window has peered into my soul, enlightening me with certainty that Antipode is pretty effing great. However, I am a man of no superstition. I will soon put this prophecy to the test and return with an honest, unbiased review. In the meowntime, enjoy this preliminary 5-star rating. Cheerio!

5 by Review source

As I'm sitting here enjoying a coffee and an amazing ham and cheese croissant I can tell that this is one of my new favourite places in London.
As I walked in they were very busy but the staff was completely friendly, easygoing. The service was really quick but didn't feel rushed at all. That is the main thing for me when I want to enjoy a coffee.
The product is awesome.
One only downside would be the music a bit loud and could have comfier seats.
Great experience. Will come back.

5 by Aristides Labastie Review source

Service was slow for the amount of people behind the counter. I ordered a antipode blt with halloumi. The foccacia bread was way too hard and was difficult to cut and I was getting tired of sawing my way through it. Perhaps a steak knife should be provided with the toasties. Flavours were ok but nothing special. Coffee was very nice (flat white). Plenty of green flies around the toilet which is always a nice touch. Would probably only come here for coffee in the future perhaps.

2 by Tahseen Ahmad Review source

Hammersmith was in desperate need of this quirky, fresh coffee shop!

The food is fresh and brilliant, the staff are very attentive and cheerful, making your journey to work a little sweater!

The coffee is brilliant.

I would give this place a 20 out of 10!!! Thank you Antipode, for bringing Character to Hammersmith!!!

5 by Review source

Arguably some of the best coffee just outside of the London CBD. The staff are incredibly friendly, offering smiles and greetings with a great choice of coffee and food. If visiting on a Saturday, aim for earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon, as there is a cosy seating area, not able to offer large amounts of people at once.

5 by Jeremy Edwards Review source

Coffee here is amazing! The Australian/Kiwi baristas know their trade well. It's calm and friendly and most of all fairly quiet. It has a hip vibe that goes with the rustic decor - lots of exposed wood that adds to the earthy charm of this place. Seats can be more comfortable but that's the only nag. Try it out if you're in Hammersmith.

4 by Ben Adelie Review source

Yet another Australian hipster bar that opens in London ... premise that Australians can not make coffee so it is not clear why they want us to specify that their bar is 'Australian' this last one does not stand out from the others. Just enough coffee and cold croissant the day before, total almost 9 pound ... to be avoided amiably

2 by Roberto Rocco Review source

alternative and welcoming. Not very large so it fills up fast. rich and well cooked food. The service is great, very attentive and they serve at the table. The young man now speaks some Spanish !! They are strong and deserve breakfast price. About 6 pounds double toast and one sliced \\u200b\\u200bavocado 2.5

4 by Review source

Awesome Australian/Kiwi spot - absolutely recommended for coffee and hot drinks (I'd say the best flat white I've ever had, try it to understand what I am talking about) and very good menu for brunch and food in general. The loaded avocado is really filling and tastes incredibly good!

5 by Stefano Durden Review source

Little cozy coffee shop. Great coffee as well as atmosphere and staff. Only thing is when I went there in the evening at the time I bought my coffee they had some cakes on the counter. I got hungrier half an hour later and found it already cleaned up so couldn't order anymore. A bit sad...

4 by Michaela Cimprichová Review source

I never write reviews but had to on this occasion. The cappuccino here with almond milk is the tastiest and made my studying go down easier. However the ambience really made it; jess and the team are fun, friendly and so down to earth. Also the playlist is awesome!! Definitely coming again!

5 by Review source

Super-friendly Aussie coffee shop. Easy to miss (it's under scaffolding) but don't for the juices, banana bread and, of course, the coffee. Tip: the toasted sandwiches are huge. Share one between two (especially if you want to leave room for that banana bread).

5 by Moray McLaren Review source

Fab coffee, had a double espresso and was delicious. Slightly chaotic and cramped, but many places are like this but it did make ordering a bit difficult, it's the only reason i dock 1 star. The actual produce and staff were lovely and I'd visit again.

4 by Rob Josling Review source

Really good coffee.

Less enthusiastic about the service though, as I have regularly had to wait whilst the staff chatted amongst themselves or completed other tasks.

Limited seating and mildly irritating music at times.

4 by Edward Good Review source

Friendly service and a fairly cosy (if a little bare) feel. The coffee is pretty decent, as one might expect with the proudly declared antipodean connection. The croissant with mozzarella, tomato and pesto is really tasty - nice fresh pesto.

4 by Jon Reeve Review source

Possibly the most cheerful, generous and welcoming coffee shop I've been too. Crappy day made awesome, THANK YOU Antipode, a perfect antidote to grumpiness! Coffee should always be about people, they've got that right here.

5 by Review source

Very friendly staff, I get my daily morning coffee from this place, you have to try Flat white (8 Oz with an extra shot) and their drip coffee as well by the way food is extremely fresh (Hey for health people good options)

5 by Ammar Ali Review source

Nice food, nice coffee, amazing staff and cozy place! I didn't know there is a lovely cafe like that even I have been to Hammersmith for so many times! Thanks to google map, I finally able to find a good place to chill

5 by Review source

Amazing coffee, delicious food and happy staff. Very cosy coffeehouse, cost a little dearer than I was anticipating at £11 for a drink and a toastie, but considering the quality and service, it was well worth every penny.

5 by Review source

They have Bonsoy! I think this is the first time I've had it in London. The coffee is great. There is quite limited seating, no wifi and no power sockets, so not the best option to work from if it's busy.

5 by Jayphen Simpson Review source

Amazing coffee. Coming from Australia, I couldn't find a good cup of coffee until I stumbled upon this place. Friendly staff, good atmosphere.
For soy and almond drinkers - they don't use Alpro!

5 by Review source

Fantastic coffee and speedy service. The portions are large and delicious. It was hard to choose from the extensive menu but looking around I think whatever I decided would have been good. A great brunch spot

5 by Kayleigh Gallagher Review source

One of the best coffee places in town. The coffee is outstanding, the staff always cheerful and the toasted sandwiches are an absolute delight. If you have not been to Antipode yet, you are missing out!

5 by Olav Bus Review source

Some of the best coffee in London.
accepts credit card inclusing amex

haven't had the food but had their coffee many times and it's great. The dirty chai is also worth trying

5 by Rohit Chitkara Review source

Great coffee - friendly services. It's difficult to find a decent coffee around this part of the city, these guys are the best place I've tried in the area. Good (healthy) food options too.

5 by Review source

Great place! I you want great service and amazing coffee, you should choose this over shorter distance from the tube... it is still really close though. Their hand made cold brew really picks you up.

5 by Tereza Suchánková Review source

Solid take away coffee.

They do cold brew during spring and summer which is a big positive.

Also their pre made breakfasts are quite good but a bit on the expensive side.

5 by Jason Forster Review source

We seek from Google maps, The best places for breakfast and went east. We were not disappointed, the coffee was good, the desserts super currados, young and friendly staff, great music, etc.

5 by Rafa cosquiere Review source

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