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It's an amazing building and a great view. We expected it to be a little pricey and were informed after booking that the table was only for 2 hours. On arrival we were shown to the bar as the table was not ready (6pm), by the time time we made a choice from the huge mainly whisky based menu, we were called to our table. Then the frantic cycle began... Bums on seats, menus for drinks, taster and main... Did we want water?? Yes please tap. Whilst looking at the food, did we want wine? Can we have a minute, as list 20 + pages I think! Do you want bread or olives while you wait... Oh OK, not waiting still reading the many menus!! Decided wine ordered from sommelier! Given bread and olives, asked again are we ready to order!! Anyway the gist is the waiter stood at my shoulder almost the entire meal reaching across, then tried to take my chip bowl, with chips still in, took my cocktail not finished, but too quick for me to stop him. When I mentioned it later and said I hadn't finished he shrugged and said oh, I said it would have been polite to ask if it was finished he just walked away !! Every time we put anything down he was there reaching to clear it, even if we were still eating. Come on I know we only had 2hrs but no need to rush. It was just such a shame, as neither of us could relax and we didn't really get to enjoy the food or the view and felt constantly on edge. We both went to the loo for a break from it. It was assumed we would pay the 13% discretionary service charge and when we said we did not wish to the waiter huffed voided the card payment and once we had paid, just walked off. This was a one off special treat for us, but just for the view I think we should have just gone to the viewing gallery, as the rest of the experience was not enjoyable and very expensive. If this is what you get with money, I'd rather stick to the cheaper restaurants, where you are treated with manners and given time to enjoy your food. It seems like money making is all its about, so sad!

3 by Tracey Battell Review source

The attendance of the infamous Aqua Shard became of a great disappointment !
We booked our lunch there especially to celebrate birthday of one of us and had clearly specified the wish of being seated by the window. We had even asked them to give us other suggestions of dates if our request wasn’t possible.
When we came, at the precise booked time, we were met with the most unenthusiastic floorwalker who reluctantly showed us directions where to go. When arriving at the restaurant, the head butler was not very friendly and showed us to the table that was not but he window. We explained that we had requested the table by the window and with quite an arrogant manner she replied that it’s busy and they have no tables available by the window.
With disappointment, we chose to seat where we were showed. However, in small 7 min or so two tables by the window became available. We have asked one of the waitresses if we could be seated there as it’s out special celebrations and we really requested the table by the window. She said they are very busy and have a lot of bookings, but that she would check with the front desk regarding the request (needless to say that by then we didn’t have any dishes served, so changing the table for them would not have been of too much extra hassle). One of the tables was free for nearly half an hour before they seated other people. For the rest of the time, that waitress was walking and even coming to our table to collect dishes completely ignoring us and not saying anything about our request. There were 3 tables by the window available by the time we were finishing.
All in all, a day with high expectations fell right through the floor. Can’t be recommended despite the beautiful view.

2 by J B Review source

The Shard is Europe's tallest skyscraper in 2012 when it is finished, with its 309.6 m.

It has built 11,000 boards from the so-called 'White glass' that intensifies the reflection of the sky on its shell. The rugged walls of the building, which is called The Shard (a piece of broken glass), can move.

The skyscraper has 87 floors, 72 of which are populated and 44 elevators. Construction costs £ 450 million. The idea of \\u200b\\u200bits non-standard form is the world-famous architect Renzo Piano, who, through his project, unites the forms of the nearby railway. London Bridge Station lines, London towers in the paintings of the Venetian artist Canaletto and the masts of the ships with which London becomes famous.

The skyscraper has apartments, offices, shops, hotel, restaurants and winter gardens. Aqua Shard - a restaurant and bar on the 31st floor, offers the opportunity to see the beloved city from above and feel the love in the air above it. Prices are acceptable for London standards, and to look up London from above, you do not necessarily need to be a restaurant customer. Another romantic place is The View from the Shard, two platforms of 69 and 72 floors with 360-degree views.

5 by Stefan Stefanov Review source

I exclusively visited one of the restaurants in the Shard: Acqua, so this review pertains primarily to this restaurant. I visited the restaurant with my family in celebration of my sister's birthday. The starters and main courses were good but not breathtaking. Not quite up to par for a restaurant at this price point. The desserts, however, were excellent; both in presentation as well as in flavour. Staff even gave my sister an extra complimentary and customised dessert for her birthday, which was a nice gesture. The dining experience was somewhat undermined by extremely weak lighting. It was so weak that it was difficult to see the colours of the food or the expressions on the faces of my family. This could improve. Staff was friendly and very attentive; here no shortcuts were taken. We were also blessed with witnessing a sunset on a cloudless day over London which was very beautiful. The view in general is supreme. Despite it being an overall positive and memorable experience, I cannot give it 5 stars because I expected the main courses to surprise me a little more and the poor lighting. At the Shard's price point, I expect a flawless dining experience.

4 by David Jagtman Review source

This hotel cannot be faulted at all. The rooms had every conceivable accessory, right down to a pair of binoculars so that you can peer out across the skyline. Toilets even had their own miniature built in extraction fan just in case and there were also USB ports for charging the phone.

The food and drink served here was excellent. The breakfast choice was one of the best I have ever seen in 40 years of travelling. (there is even Chinese option should you wish to have it). We had lunch up at the top and the drinks menu was exceptionally weird (in a very good way). I seem to recall one drink with curds or whey in it, which was apparently delicious!

Staff were very helpful and provided excellent service in an unobtrusive manner.

The views are of course brilliant especially if you are as lucky to get such good weather as we did. You can spend hours just looking out of the windows at night looking down on London.

Below the hotel is London Bridge railway station and underground (jubilee line) and across the road with a five minute walk is Borough Market with loads of great food and market stalls

5 by r b Review source

View From The Shard - We booked online for a specific time slot. You must arrive for that time sloup to 15 minutes before. After arriving you can stay for as long as you like.
Getting to the View From the Shard once in the building is easy with only two lifts taking you to the top at 13 miles per hour! Ears may pop and you might feel dizzy a little at first. Once you get to the View you see London in all its beauty. Drinks and snacks are available at a reasonable price and the staff are friendly.
If you go up one more level you will be in the open air. The glass walls are still around you but there is little to no ceiling so the air is fresh. On the 'Sky Deck' you can enjoy a VR experience on the outside of the Shard - not for the faint of heart!.
All in all a brilliant experience especially on a sunny day. Staff were great and the toilet facilities clean.

5 by Dom Squibb Review source

Included in our london pass but it didnt work when we got there so the lady gave us each a 20% off student discount as a courtesy in case there was a mistake. (Found out we miscounted our days and it was expired.)

Overall I'd say the shard itself is a 3.5 or 4 star experience. (5 stars because of professionalism, and customer service)

The elevator stopped before it was supposed to go up, so that was a little scary. Everything was super organized from long lines to dealing with the out of order elevator. Gift shop is huge and mostly uninteresting and overpriced things. We got souvineer photos and postcards.

They also have a vr slide to go on. Very nice but you can not wear glasses when on it and everyone is watching.
Seatbelt is long and managed to bareley fit me(at least 48inch waist)

5 by Kitten Cutie Review source

As one would expect, the staff were exceptionally polite and kind. The food was, without a doubt, beautifully prepared and absolutely delicious.
I'd personally recommend eating breakfast here so that you can watch the sunrise and the city waking up.
If you plan on eating here, YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE, and ask for a window seat if possible.
The food is expensive but you're also paying for the unprecedented manner of the staff and the breathtaking views across London.
Lastly it's worth mentioning that there are charging cables in the toilet cubicles along with those fancy Japanese Innovative toilets that provide the perfect break between trying to eat as much as you can at the buffet.
I would definitely recommend eating here when you get the chance!

5 by Tom Williams Review source

Pricey for the quality of the experience. Once you're at the top there is limited seating- you get the feeling that they don't want you to linger. Bar is convenient, which means you're going to pay for it- very expensive simple cocktails. The windows need to be cleaned in both the upper and lower viewing areas- difficult to get pictures or to enjoy the view with the sun reflecting off of the dirt. On a positive note- going around sunset the queue wasn't terrible and moved quickly and efficiently. Of course, the views were pretty tremendous. Great vantage point to seek out iconic buildings and sites. The staff at the top were helpful in pointing out buildings and bridges, but were unable to take photos. Ask a kind stranger instead!

3 by ashley harman Review source

The building is incredible, no doubt about it! The views it offers are spectacular, you can pretty much see everything up there (depending on where you sit). I do have a problem with the TINY bar area though... why have so many people in such a small space? There were only 3 bar staff serving on a Saturday and there was barely any room to move. You couldn't go to the left as the tables were for a restaurant ... but completely EMPTY and you couldn't go to the right for the same reason. Took ages to get served, so top advice for you......DONT go on the weekend and hope to get a) a seat or b) served in a normal amount of time.
P.s the toilets were also a bit of a joke...dont wait until the last minute to go!!!!!

4 by smegits_ toys Review source

If you want to have an amazing experience of fine dining with a great view, I would suggest 'The Shard'. You will find the widest and most beautiful view through the huge glass walls of the Shard. The menu is limited, like most high end, fine dining restaurant and the portions are quite small, however, you can have a starter, a main and a desert, which do fill up an empty stomach perfectly. The food was pretty satisfying, although some flavours are a bit surprising at times. The presentation of the plates is beautiful and very appetising. It's a perfect place should you want to make your lunch extra special. Also, if you have a chance, do check out the washrooms. They are worth a visit.

5 by Axtelera Ray Review source

The Shard, as in the Shard of Glass is a 95-story skyscraper, in Southwark, London. Standing 309.7 metres (1,016 ft) high, making it the tallest building in the United Kingdom to date.
It has an amazing choice of 3 restaurants and bars within The Shangri-La Hotel, which has the best in contemporary cuisine along with amazing views of London.
You can have afternoon tea at TĪNG. Experience GŎNG, the highest bar in London on level 52, for sunset cocktails and late night drinks in chic setting, with spectacular views of London’s skyline.

(I've never been lucky enough to stay there myself!)
If you get the chance to go there do it! The veiws alone are breathtaking.

5 by MeMe Bonsconski Review source

Beautiful stunning views of the London city this is a must if you are sight seeing ! Or just in general if your around the city's and have a spare couple of hours book this up ! It's worth it ! Only warning is try to pre plan with good weather expected I went unfortunately when the weather decided to be it's usual self here in England and could not see a thing ! The great thing is if this happens they will refund your tickets for free how ever we was refunded for the next day and of course over the space of 24 hours the weather dosent change that much! Maybe give the option of a 1 months return policy ? Come back within the next month or your ticket is void ? Just a thought

5 by josh hardy Review source

This amazing building is an architectural master piece. The Shard literally glows at night with its glass facade giving off an elegant and sophisticated compliment to the London skyline.

The elevator does 39floors or so in 10seconds. Amazing speed yet you would feel nothing but a bump all the way.

Best to go via the train station for a complete tour of the city.

The view from the top is amazing. You would view the London bridge, the river Thames and the train station amongst others.

Remarkable building with multiple offerings including up scale restaurant, lounges, hotels, clubs and bars...

4 by Akin Akingbogun Review source

Not cheap at £23 for a very quick ride in a lift, but well worth it. Incredible views and a glass of something sparkly or a cocktail if you prefer at the top . If you don't like lifts, there are a couple to cope with, but each one is over very very quickly if you want to try. You have a time slot to go up but aren't rushed down again. A couple of flights of stairs for the last bit, but if you don't want to do that, there is still a lovely little bar on that floor and spectacular views.
Very safe with airport style scanning on the way in giving reassurance.
Highly recommend doing the trip if you can.

5 by Heather Waldron Review source

The staff made a special occasion even more special. When I booked for our Saturday brunch for our family group of five, I mentioned in the online note that it was a birthday lunch for an 88-year old relative.

On arrival, we had the most pleasant surprise to be told we had been allocated one of the private dining rooms. Nothing was too much trouble. We were told to take our time. The speaker in our room was turned off, on request - no dramas. We were all very impressed with the service, and the respect shown to our elderly relative. A massive thank you to all concerned - you helped make the day!

5 by Noelle U Review source

The staff were very attentive and paid great attention to detail. On every step of the way they explained where you were going, how you would get there and what will happen when you arrived. Once you have paid to get in you can stay for as long as you like. And you will want to stay. The views of London are magnificent. They have two floors for viewing, good restrooms and bars. What better way to spend a few hours drinking a glass (or bottle) of champagne and enjoying those views. Good souvenir shops too and as I've mentioned highly attentive staff. A must do if you are a tourist in London.

5 by CPV 4CFC Review source

brilliant place to visit whilst in London, good value for money considering it's in the heart of London, spectacular views on the 69th and 72nd floor, 360° walk round with information over head of what you can expect to see from each side. Bar area on both floors serving a good variety of drinks - alcoholic & soft drinks - and snacks. there is also an ice cream cart on the 72nd floor if you fancy sitting on the artificial grass watching the world go by. The elevators to the top were extremely quick, climbing floors at mega speed, fully wheelchair accessible also. would visit again

5 by gawgaaa m Review source

Disappointing trip for The View from the Shard...compared to the Empire State Building in NY.
Yes a great view from the viewing floors... but such a disappointing entrance on the ground floor...a bit like a tradesman entrance. No feeling of grandure from a supposedly London iconic building.
Would have been good to see a grand entrance's and foyer etc etc.
Also would have been interesting to be able to get some feeling of the constructional methods and details.
Could have better access to a restaurant etc as opposed to to small bar serving minimal refreshments..

3 by Martyn Leaney Review source

Great views, but be sure to arrive plenty before you actually want to get up, even if you've booked. There is no separate queue for pre-booked tickets, plus security checks take a little while. Prams and pushchairs are not allowed past the security checks, so if visiting with a small child or baby it might be worth taking a carrier or sling as the viewing floors get very crowded, and chasing a toddler around did slightly hamper our chances to really appreciate the views. We visited early evening in winter, so managed to see London in daylight and lit up for Christmas.

4 by Charlotte Bell Review source

This is an absolute must when you visit London. This is a main landmark now and Bloody tall. It takes 2 high speed lifts to get you up to the top. The observation decks are amazing a total gem of a building. Oh even the toilets have a view which is mind blowing. I don't like heights but this was an amazing experience and a total 5 star experience. The gift shop is cool as well but as all London landmarks is rather pricey. But never the less we bought a photo album of our visit at £30 a must have. Just visit this place it's a real treat..................

5 by Russell Perry Review source

Me and my boyfriend spend around 2 hours at the top of the shard. We came 20 minutes before sunset and stayed until it was really dark, in this way we could enjoy the view during day and night. The top of the shard is not closed so it was a bit cold and windy, but nice atmosphere. At the end we decided to try one of the virtual mask experiences and had quite a queue, next time would have been better to buy the tickets first and ton enjoy the view while waiting. It's similar to London eye, bit the advantage here US, you can stay as long as you like.

5 by _ Elovyn _ Review source

We were at the Aquashard restaurant. Fantastic panoramic views of central London and the Thames. Delicious cocktails, beautiful food tastefully presented. The deserts were fantastic as well. We had such a great time, took some great photos. The staff is all very friendly and willing to help with photos. It was nice atmosphere with some lovely relaxing music playing in the background. The toilets were beautiful too, with lots of blue mirrors and panoramic views. Worth coming there even though it's not cheap but it's a very special experience.

5 by Oksana Georghiou Review source

The Shard is a very delicate building of wood and glass. It is on the 35th floor and it is quite scary when one is looking through the glass to see the view of the city. There are information panels to understand the history of each section of the city that is viewed from The Shard. And the customer service is ok. When I went there they were having a conversation on pregnancies and how to discipline children, so I wasn't thoroughly impressed. Overall, it is a pleasant experience and you will find it very close to London Bridge station.

5 by Mopelola Adeseye Review source

The Shard was built in London England.As it is the 16th tallest tower next to Al Arab Jemeirah in Dubai it also means that The Shard must have 72 floors to be next to it.The Shard remains the tallest tower in the European Union with the Eiffel Tower following it with 17 metres missing.The gigantic tower is made with metal and a very strong glass called white glass which is most likely see-through for very clear views.The top of the Shard may be strange but its perfectly safe with steel bolts to put it together so it doesn't fall over.

3 by zsolt marosi Review source

The Shard,also referred to as the Shard of Glass,Shard London Bridge and formerly London Bridge Tower,is a 95-story skyscraper, designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, in Southwark, London, that forms part of the Shard Quarter development. Standing 309.7 metres (1,016 ft) high, the Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom, the tallest building in the European Union, the fifth-tallest building in Europe and the 96th-tallest building in the world.It is also the second-tallest free-standing structure in the United Kingdom.

5 by Sami malik Review source

Watching this monolith being built was an experience enough: going through the dizzying process of going up this building is not really necessary to experience it.
It can be seen for miles around and is best seen from the bottom - looking straight up to the top. It is situated in one of the oldest districts of London: London Bridge, where there is still evidence of the life of the past. Look at this whilst experiencing things like Clink St Prison, then and only then, will the visitor get an idea of what London is really all about.

4 by Gail Spencer Review source

Went to Gong for cocktails which is on the 57th Floor and the bar of the Shard Hotel. Needed to book in advance as it was a busy Thursday night but had a brilliant time. The views are absolutely stunning and the Service and experience was excellent. Not 5 stars as the cocktails were just weird. The menu was difficult to understand and the one I ordered came in three little dishes as pictured. No one explained this. For 20 quid a cocktail I expected better. I'd still go back though as the experience and view is worth it.

4 by Richard Parkin Review source

My 17 year old son took his girlfriend for their anniversary last night. They were treated horrendously. They weren't allowed to wait in the restaurant for their table and had to go downstairs, then their table wasn't ready, the food was cold, and they had to wait over an hour between each course, had to skip dessert as it was so late, they were offered one drink all night, the staff ignored them and the maitre d was really rude. I suspect that it was because they were young. Horrible experience for them

1 by Julia White Review source

The shard is expensive so I would consider booking on the internet at a reduced rate. The views are outstanding and the trains into and out of London Bridge station really do look like hornby toys You can get 360 views and can apparently see upto 40 miles but that must of been a staggeringly clear day. Expect to pay over the odds for drinks and snacks which are comparable in cost to other tourist traps. They also have a tacky line in souvenirs but there are some reasonable ones out there.

4 by Lawrence Medrano Review source

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