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I just went for a ride with Mungo Williams today; and what a ride.

After I took my driving license more than five years ago and not riding a motorbike in that period, I was looking to refresh my skills as I have finally decided to get a bike.

I met at Mungo's house Sunday at 10:30. We went through some theory about riding in London and UK (I took my license in Denmark) which took about 30 minutes. Thereafter, we went for a ride to Kent. Despite my rusty skills I quickly felt at ease with Mungo watching out for me and giving me tips throughout the ride. This made it much easier to fix my mistakes on the spot.
We had a coffee break after about 1.5 hour where he answered any kind of question I had which was very helpful. We were back at around 15:00.

Overall a great ride, great bike (Yamaha XJ6), and great instructor.

5 by Kasper Martlev Review source

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Mungo and I would highly recommend him to anybody local or willing to travel.
I did my Direct Access course with him, spent five days in total and passed my Module 1 and 2, both with only a few minors.
His teaching method makes a challenging new endeavour very fun, enjoyable and not as scary as you would imagine it to be! His experience as a rider and teacher also shows in being able to identify strengths and weaknesses of the learner(s), and works hard to teach the theoretical and practical side of riding a motorbike to help pass your test.
Thanks a lot Mungo, it was a short lived but very enjoyable experience !

5 by Ilias Currier Review source

What a great learning experience with Mungo, I can't rate him highly enough! Great guy and a great instructor who managed to take me from complete novice to passing Mod's 1&2 at the first attempt. Now I've been through the DAS course with Mungo, I can see why he has such a high pass rate - it's because he cares, and takes pride in what he does. He doesn't just want you to pass, he wants you to pass well and I believe the training I received was to a much higher level than was actually required to pass both modules. Thanks again Mungo!

5 by Colin Clark Review source

I contacted Mungo after returning to riding after 18 years for a few refresher lessons. Mungo is a first class instructor and very knowledgeable on all things bike. Our lessons covered an assortment of different rides, busy London roads, country lanes and even some motorway riding. Mungo is passionate about biking and his enthusiasm is catching. I now feel safe and confident out on the busy streets of London and am enjoying being back in the saddle. If you want an instructor who ensures your lessons will be fun, informative and safe then Mungo is your man.

5 by Review source

Mungo was a fantastic instructor, helping me get from zero riding experience to passing my CBT. He's extremely knowledgable, passionate and very patient - which, as a new rider, was extremely reassuring!
Mungo tailors the sessions to your needs and skill level. He strives to get you to the point where you feeling competent and confident in your riding. \\u2028I will definitely be returning to Mungo’s Motorcycle School for lessons in working towards my full licence, and advanced lessons after that!

5 by Matt Hilley Review source

Having not ridden for over 20 years, I was lucky enough to find Mungo via Google, and boy was I glad I did. A 10:30 start on a Sunday, 125cc bike for the first couple of hours, then on to an XJ600 for the remainder of the session (4 hours in total).
A fantastic instructor, both in his approach to individual's needs and an extremely personable chap who puts you at ease very quickly.
New riders, or those just requiring some refresher lessons, I couldn't recommend Mungo highly enough!

5 by Chris Birtwistle Review source

Mungo was a superb instructor and this was by far the most useful training I've done (I've done two CBTs in the last four years at other places). He's incredibly perceptive and the time I spent with him has improved my scooter driving a huge amount - I wish I'd trained with him when I first started learning! He's also a lovely guy and was very patient with me. Can't recommend him enough. (My husband also did motorbike training with him and thought he was brilliant too.)

5 by Anna Phillips Review source

Mungo is a brilliant instructor and one of the most amazing person I've ever met. Despite my lack of road and riding experience, Mungo guided me and taught me many skills I need to ride safely in the future. Very friendly, patient and funny which made the whole experience so much better! He is very knowledgeable and experienced and taught me the correct foundations to which I will inevitably build upon in the future! Many thanks! Highly recommend Mungo Motorcyle School!

5 by Saad Quraishi Review source

I found Mungo on Google maps and got very lucky. I really enjoyed the lessons. He has a very methodical and analytical way of teaching, varying the approach throughout the lesson, making the most of the lesson, which flies by without you realising. He teaches the ins and outs of all types of riding and how to continue learning in the future, which sets you up long term as well as easily passing the test.
Couldn't have had a better instructor

5 by Mighty Mike Review source

Trained with Mungo for my DAS test - passed both mods on first attempt without breaking a sweat. 4 minors Mod 2, clean sheet Mod 1 (in somewhat less than perfect weather conditions - see that picture). Tons of valuable advice, great tips, off- and on-road training exceeding far beyond what's necessary for just passing the test. Not least importantly, it was a great fun, absolutely loved the training. Thanks Mungo, you're the best!

5 by Konstantin Kudryavtsev Review source

I did my CBT and my full course with MMS, enjoyed every minute of it, Mungo is a great person to learn with, he has a very cool manor about him, his bikes are in great shape and well looked after, so your not going to do you test on a old clapped out bike, the only bad thing i would say is he could never get my name correct, he would keep calling me, indicator off. get yourself booked in great place

5 by james deane Review source

Couldn't ask for any more. Mungos an Excellent instructor, down to earth, and an all round genuine guy. And to top it all off he offers fantastic prices as well as tailor made courses specific to your skill level and needs. Honestly if your reading this and trying to decide who to choose for your cbt/A2/A licence, get in contact with the man and book yourself in, you won't regret it.

5 by Felix Mitchell 66 Review source

Mungo's a great dude. I did the 5 day DAS and passed both Module 1 & Module 2 first time with a day's training to spare, so he took me into the countryside and motorways for the last session. Every single session I had was one on one although I don't believe that's guaranteed. He's a great teacher, he doesn't patronize you and he's safe.

5 by Theo Review source

I can honestly say that Mungo's driving school is the place to be if you're looking for not only to pass your test but to learn the skills to become a competent rider. Mungo himself is a brilliant teacher with patience yet wanting high standards to enable the rider to get the most out of every session. I would definitely recommend mungo's!!!

5 by Ray Fraser Review source

Best motorcycle school in London! Whether you're looking to get your CBT or go for your full licence, this is the place to do it! Friendly, professional, encouraging, the teaching you receive is of the highest quality! I cannot rate my experience highly enough! Thank you Mungo's Motorcycle School for helping me make one of my dreams a reality!

5 by Kyle Sturgess Review source

Did the DAS course with Mungo. Learned tons of stuff during the four days that improved my riding and passed mod 1 and 2 first time. Really calm and patient instructor. Gives consistently good constructive feedback that will get you through your test, and more importantly, make you safer on the roads.

5 by Chris Meyer Review source

A huge thank you to Mungo for helping me to pass my mod2, he is very calm and relaxed and tailors the training to your needs. his constructive criticism is right on the money and his instructions are clear and precise. i will be returning for advanced lessons in the future, many thanks. sepultura chef

4 by Kenneth Doy Review source

We did a 1 day CBT scooter course with Mungo and it was brilliant. Good amount of time spent on safety of equipment and kit needed, and then building up some confidence before going out on the road. Mungo is an excellent instructor, very calm & knowledgeable and really put me at ease. Thank you!

5 by Stephanie Jones Review source

I did my CBT with Mungo and I highly recommend him. He was very patient whilst I got to grips with the controls and we ended up doing just over 4 hours of road riding. I even got to try some of the Mod 1 course at the DVSA test centre in Mitcham. I couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks!

5 by James Mordaunt Review source

Mungo is a great teacher - very professional and full of great advice and pro tips. He is also very easy going which makes for fun learning experience. I have recently passed my A2 license test and would
100% recommend Mungo's training to anyone wanting to get on two wheels.

5 by Aleksandra Odron Review source

I've personally had a great/wonderful experience doing my cbt's and bike test with mungo! He's a great inspiration and a good individual to learn and work with and a very nice honest decent person with amazing characteristics it's been a pleasure knowing you thanks.

5 by Review source

My daughter took some classes with Mungo to gain ease on her 125 and she really appreciated Mungo's professionalism, patience and good humor. The examples chosen to illustrate his remarks are relevant and his French basics were welcome to facilitate communication.

5 by Review source

Mungo was a brilliant instructor. Competitively priced and got me through my Mod 1 and Mod 2 tests first time. The training was excellent, and he really went the extra mile reassuring me and answering last minute questions before my tests. Thank you! Will recommend on.

5 by Persephone Bridgman Baker Review source

I had a cbt test for scooter in oct 2017.when I met Mr Mongo,I found him very friendly and a decent responsible person with admirable characteristics which he makes a rider confidence and he will bring a smile on your face becouse he is very friendly and patient.

5 by khaibar khatibi Review source

By far the best instructor I have ever met, taught me and a group of mates how to ride .I passed first time and that was 100% down to Mungo. Other that being a superb instructor you will not meet a friendlier, more helpful dude in your life.

5 by Rob Tyson Review source

My experience with a Mungo was absolutely amazing! Mungo was patient, professional and really funny! I would recommend him any time to anyone who's looking to have fun while learning how to ride a bike!

Also, pamplemousse!

5 by Norah Luongo Review source

Mungo is such a great and friendly instructor, he's also very knowledgeable.
I did my CBT with him and I will do my L1 license as well as he really cares and have a real interest in you passing.
I highly recommend him :)

5 by Tatiana S Review source

Mungo is a great instructor!!! Passed both modules 1st time :). Im very glad that i took my 5day DAS course with him. I can highly recommend to anyone. He made my dreams come true with this full bike licence! Thank you Mungo.

5 by A B Review source

Friendly yet professional, with extensive knowledge and instruction. I highly recommend Mungo's Motorcycle school. He is a great rider, with a passion and great tips, not only to pass but also to ride like a pro !

5 by Vipin krishnakumar Review source

I've just had an enjoyable riding a moped lesson as CBT for the first time in my life. Mungo is a great, professional and friendly instructor, giving practical advises even for a newbee moped rider as me.

5 by Aphrodite 666 Review source

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