Founders Arms - London

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52 Hopton St, London, SE1 9JH

+44 20 7928 1899




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A great pub that seems to be operating in an entirely different inflationary environment to the rest of London.

Was charged £6.30 for a pint of IPA last week. £6.30!! They must think I have money to burn! As a result I have only been able to pay my rent this week with help from Wonga and have had to put my parents on eBay for far less than I hoped I’d get for them just to keep food on the table.

Hyper-inflationary pricing aside this is a great pub- stylish with amazing views of the river and City. Well worth a visit if you have a robust enough credit line.

3 by David Rose Review source

Very good pub with excellent views of the riverside. A wide selection of beers that, from my visit, seem to be kept well (served at good temperature too). Food selection is nice, including a few vegetarian options, and portions are a good size. Prices are reasonable, considering the location on the south bank. It's typical modern pub fayre (burgers, paninis, fish and chips etc) with a few other choices like risottos etc. staff at the bar were excellent but the floor staff were a little uninterested/uncommunicative/unfriendly, unfortunately. Still recommended though!

5 by John Jennings Review source

I love this pub! Amazing food. Amazing drinks. Amazing staff. Amazing views. My husband and I had our first date in The Founders Arms 25 years ago and we travelled all the way up from kent on our anniversary to enjoy a meal here. We were treated to a complimentary glass of prosecco and the manager made a point of coming over to congratulate us. The atmosphere is relaxed and staff are friendly. Comfortable seating adds to the relaxed feel and the views are the best you will get. I can't wait to go back.

5 by Lesley Binfield Review source

Fantastic location on the Thames just next to the Tate Modern make this pub a winner. It's also very kid friendly. The menu is ok, some typical British pub dishes such as fried fish.and chips, plus some more creative, healthier things, too. Vegetarian fare is pretty good, a little too light. Try to sit outside if the weather is nice, the view onto the water and the rest of London is excellent. You have to order at the counter and your food will be served to you at your table.

4 by Suzanne Nam Review source

Overpriced and bland. There is little the Founders Arms has to offer outside of microwaved food and overpriced Youngs ale. Don't get fooled into thinking that it has nice views of the river, at this point of the Thames there's very little nice to look at, but somehow here you still pay for the 'pleasure' of it. Outdoor seating is cramped and uncomfortable. There are many much nicer pubs slightly further 'inland' which are much more worth visiting

2 by J D Review source

River seat in the sun.....not too shabby.

Dear Founders Owner......4 stars is about as high as I go. Might have been tempted but I lost the will around half way back from the upstairs toilets.....I couldn't get down past the line of extaordinarily well fed American tourists. I'd make sure you know where the defibrillator is kept if I were you.

I enjoyed myself otherwise, cheers.

4 by Alan says COYH Review source

It's ok. It should be better given its uniquely privileged location on the embankment by Tate Modern and across from St Paul's. Sunday bruch was acceptable but slow to arrive even though it was not busy. Food is ordered and paid for at the bar then served (eventually) at table. It's neither a pub nor a café nor a bistrot nor a restaurant but it does a fair job I suppose ar all 4.

4 by Gareth Robson Review source

Visited at lunchtime with work colleagues. My spinach/cheese tart was tasty but was approximately half the size of my colleagues' burgers, despite being a similarly priced main course, and left me hungry. I intended to order dessert to fill the hole, but after waiting for some considerable time for service, we eventually left without a second course as we needed to get back to work.

2 by Joe Bryant Review source

Two years in a row I came here as my 1st port of call with my son for lunch and drinks and I intend to make it a 'must go to' every trip. It is warm in a fantastic location overlooking the Themes and a great selection of beers to choose from. The staff are friendly and food is good and the wifi is fast. Make it a must on your list of London pubs to visit!

5 by Steve Kennedy Review source

This place gets 4 stars because of the location and views across the Thames to St Paul's Cathedral. It's a pretty standard Young's pub, but without much character or charm. Reasonable beer list, the burger I had was good also. Personally I just prefer places with more character, but there's nothing wrong with this place in general.

4 by Finn Lindsay Review source

A decent pub on the Southbank. Often quite busy but it deserves to be. A nice place with plenty of seating outside by the river with good views over London. Good beer selection including a range of Young's beers and a few craft options.

Also has good food - standard pub grub.

Music is quite loud which lost it a point.

4 by Nick Wilcox Review source

Pub is in a good location and is probably a busy tourist spot at lunch time and especially on sunny days.
We visited on a Sunday evening and easily found a table. There were several real ales on tap from the Young's brewery however they weren't the most interesting beers and wish we had chosen one of the Meantime ales instead.

2 by Matt Alexander Review source

Nice fun ambience, great location, and good menu makes it a very popular for after-work drinks. Situated at the bank of river Thames; St. Paul's can be seen right across the river. If you do manage to get a table on crowded day, do ensure you order your food and drinks together at once as standing again in the line may take ages.

4 by Shruti Chh Review source

A very nice place in London to eat something! The burgers are okey, not the freshest ones I've ever had but still tasty. The chips are very nice, very crispy! The pumpkin beetroot buckweed and the fish & chips were good as well. The service was okey. The cherry on the top is the atmosphere with the view on the thames.

4 by Andrin Nakiru Review source

It is what it is - a tourist trap on the bank of River Thames. Expect to pay £6.50 for a pint of beer and £15 for a burger. As a Londoner, I'll avoid this place in the future as there a plenty of other choices around but if you're a tourist and think that it's the best pub around, then I feel sorry for you.

2 by Kurt Ainsalu Review source

This is one of my favourite central London spots on the river. You have good views of st Paul's and are just down from London bridge. The drinks are pretty standard London prices and the food is expensive for what it is. It's about £17 for a main or £5 for a few chips. Still love it for a drink though

5 by Richard Lawrence Review source

Amazing view but bad/slow service - had to wait a while for coffee no plates for my muffins and they forgot to serve orange juice when it was fairly quite in the morning. Also being rude about it/unhelpfull and questioned me making me wait longer - happy to pay the prices if the service/quality would match

1 by Shabaz Sadiq Review source

The place was cozy and clean but the food wasn’t so good my burger was chewy and we ordered appetizers and we got them when the mains had arrived,since we where too full from the mains we couldn’t eat our appetizers so it was a total waste of money! We wouldn’t really go back there but the food was good.

3 by Glenda Heath Review source

Nice looking place on the Thames but we waited over an hour for our food which came at all different times. The manager was very helpful and tried his best to fix the food delay. Portions weren’t the best, especially for the Mac n cheese on the sharing menu which was tiny for the 8£ it cost.

3 by Kate Dienstmann Review source

Amazing view, probably my favourite in London, but had a really bad experience with the staff which ruined my night. Unnecessarily aggressive and rude staff member has made me feel like I do not want to go back again. Such a shame as it's always been one of my favourite spots.

1 by Jeremy Hime Review source

One of the only places to get a good selection of drinks with a close up view of the Thames in central. Heaters outside in the winter too so the perfect place to stop to warm up and take a break. Looks across at St Paul's too and close to Tate for a pint after paintings!

5 by Sam Thorley Review source

Went there last night with a group of friends. The food took over an hour to come and wasn’t even busy. All dishes were bland and greasy; had stomach problems the morning after. Used to be half decent now terrible - I can only guess change of kitchen staff or manager? Avoid

1 by Claudio Ricci Review source

Love this place friendly staff great mix of people I haven't eaten there but seeing the food that other customers had it looks great. Great view of the river and St. Paul's as its right on the river edge definitely worth a visit you will be pleasantly surprised.

5 by Ashley Szuminski Review source

What looks like your typical river-side pub at first glance turns out to be a pretty decent little boozer. Fantastic views of the Tate Modern and St Paul’s Cathedral complement the decent food and ample beer selection. Good for a couple probably not an entire evening.

4 by Edward Roberts-Beardsell Review source

Terrible experience, had to send 2 meals back, of 2. Undercooked and overcooked. They then forgot to remake. The second shift came on and were very apologetic, but this coupled with a £14.40 bill for a larger and white wine means I'm not coming back here again!

1 by Phil TAFFIAS Review source

Even though it's always bustling, it's more pricey than Soho but this is common for Southbank bars/pubs, just a warning. Also due to many hard surfaces, combined a busy bar, it can be very loud for convosation which makes everyone talk louder to converse.

3 by Nathair Glas Review source

Really nice place to have a drink after work or as a tourist. The view of the Thames are great at night. I like the IPA there. It's on the pricey side but views are great. It could be busy at times but that's fair enough especially on a sunny summer day.

4 by Frederic Vidal Review source

I was here for lunch yesterday. Had the lamb burger with Courgette fries and a pint of Estrella. The staff were very friendly, food was served very quickly and was delicious. I was sitting outside in the sunshine overlooking the river. What more do you want?

5 by Kevin Scullion Review source

Always a pleasure for an early coffee and a pastry at a decent price and a great ambience looking out over the river before a Tate Modern or Bankside Gallery visit. Currently number one in our search for the best taste/value/ambience combo in London!

5 by Peter Macleod Review source

I was here in January with work. Loved it great pub, as an Irishman I would know. I would have limed to have given 5 stars as I am back with my wife and 'recommended it but sadly the ladies toilets are not flushing and in much need of attention

3 by Matthew Butterly Review source

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