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Dated shopping precinct trapped in a forrest, not much natural light, a new square has been created by removing shops. The bit nearest the bus station is depressing with an open air bridge to an entrance of concrete and slit windows, medieval castle style. There seems to be a loading bay behind a strange sloping ramp of paving, why can't this be redeveloped as a ground floor entrance and the concrete wall removed and reclad in glass with the bus station attached to the shopping center instead of it being an island. Washington is pretty grim designed for cars in the 60s with no pavements so even areas which are near each other are a struggle to get to. The forest of trees ( its like Finland ) surrounding this eyesore need chopping down.

3 by Thomas Henry Review source

I love the Galleries! Its my local shopping centre. Ive been coming for years and it just gets better and better. Not a massive array of shops in comparison with for example the metro centre but its got a great selection and most things you will need week to week. Great cafes and coffee shops, supermarkets, clothes, books etc etc. Easy to get to and free parking. My only gripe is that now i require disabled parking the disabled car park in the front of Asda is really small and usually requires a wait in a queue to get a spot. But its worth it. Id recommend a look if youve time!

5 by Review source

Small shopping mall with big shops. You can get just about everything here. The inshops(indoor market) is great, really cheap everything from army surplus to butchers to old fashioned diy hardware store. And there is a retail park with a Halfords, pets at home and a pound shop amongst others. There are pawn shops, banks and estate agents upstairs in the main mall. I can't think of anything you can't get hold of and there is nothing coming to mind

4 by Brian Murphy Review source

Everything you want under one roof! Car parking is free with lots of disabled and mother and toddler parking bays too . The in shops has everything you need from phone repairs to t-shirt printing, inside the galleries you have a wide variety of shops to suit everyones needs including banks ,travel agents , hairdressers and eateries. Can get busy on weekends and rainy days but it all adds to the Galleries shopping experience .

5 by Julia Colclough Review source

Nice shopping centre and it's under the roof and you don't need to go outside and you have all the major shops and restaurants and 3 supermarkets Asda and Sainsbury's and Iceland foods and you have a small shopping park just over the main road and you have a couple of restaurants outside the main shopping centre and a bingo hall and a petrol station and plenty of parking for you

5 by craig jordison Review source

Excellent amount of free parking which is getting harder to find nowadays, there are a great selection of large chain retailers but also in the inshops area there are a lot of smaller retailers offering allsort from food, clothing, electronics and jewelry. I visit the Galleries quite often as has everything under 1 roof and don't have to pay to park the car.

4 by Stephen6m saAamppo4ws6HJGX Review source

It's a very good shopping centre with a nice friendly vibe about it, always busy and I mean always, the in store's market bit has some quality little quirky shop's & is thriving, quick hop across the road to halfords & next or aldi, everything you want is covered in a 1/4 the size of the galleries and it's all fairly easy to get to

4 by Ian Young Review source

I've only just moved to Washington and most of what I've seen seems a bit run down. The Galleries shopping centre is no different, it's a bit run down and old fashioned, but it does have a decent selection of shops and some bigger stores. So all in all, I'd use it being local but wouldn't travel from afar to use it.

3 by Robert Allen Review source

Found this place by accident, as there is a medical centre out the back. Excellent variety of shops are housed under a roof, so you are sheltered from the elements. Also an indoor market with something for everybody! Also there is free parking, day and night! Though spaces soon fill up during holidays at the usual peak hours!

5 by Philip Stocks Review source

The Metro Centre it's not but don't be fooled. Great location, loads of parking, good choice of shops,2 big supermarkets and a bargain hunters paradise in the old market, hairdressers and great barber shop Finally a friendly pub with pool table, Costa and Muffin Stop cafes all with great friendly staff.

4 by Caroline Cuming Review source

Great little indoor shopping centre with good transport links to all the major cities and towns nearby. Has all the usual outlets and also has a market style area selling allsorts. A newly built trading estate is also situated next to the galleries with aldi, halfords, home bargains among others.

5 by John Norman Review source

Often go to the gallaries in has a large variety of shops including asda sainsburysv the inn shòps.chemists ie boots /they are very helpfull and your dignity and privacy is maintained at all times.they also have restaurants cafes and alot more to suit your needs.

5 by Brian Alexander Review source

We visit here often, especially the retail park section. There's a Costa inside the Next now which we really like. We can get our shopping and take our young son to see the rabbits and fish in Pets at Home. There are parent and child bays here which we find really helpful.

5 by Kirsty Reed Review source

You have a great selection of shops everything under one roof with 2 major supermarkets either end. Asda is open 24 hours and has a pharmacy. Disabled parking for permit holders only. Strict parking enforcement of that so don't take chances whatever time of day or night.

5 by k n Review source

Disabled toilets in the galleries superb one has a hoist but toilets are on the upper level, their is a lift on the ground floor, how ever no wheelchair access from Asda to the Galleries apart from a steep pavement from the disabled parking places outside Asda

3 by Tony Holden Review source

It's ok but the bus station is on ground level there is an escalator but no lifts shops are upstairs you can get to them in a wheelchair buy taking car in carpark above YOU CANT GET UPSTAIRS DR OM BUS STATION IF IN A WHEELCHAIR COS THERE ISNT A LIFT

3 by stewart harris Review source

Paid ten pounds for button battery s in so called clock shop !! Needed for anti bark device!! Complete rip off!! On the positive side the ladies at clothes alteration shop in the small units section were brilliant ! Cheap rates and perfect work ,!!

3 by Review source

Went to the Galleries retail park, got most of the things I needed, was a unusually busy day so took a while to find a parking space but once I was parked it was fine, shopped in Clarks, Next and M&S, sorted then on way home in around an hour.

4 by Karen Adamson Review source

The place is getting better. Went down hill a few years ago but definitely building back up its reputation.
More stores for a wider range of shoppers.
Could easily spend a good few hours here. Plenty of food and drink options available.

4 by Natalie Louise Styles Review source

Renovation's over the years have made the Galleries a much better shopping experience. Gone is the dark and dingey 80's decor in with lots of light and fresh feel. Still room for improvement but a lot better than it was just 5 years ago.

4 by Chris Middlemas Review source

Good choice of shops lots of bargains discount shops indoor market nice pub plenty of choice for something to eat and drink couple of large supermarkets retail outlets close by on far side of the car park bit run down could use a refit

5 by Steve Copeland Review source

If you like halloween you will love this place. It's like a zombie apocalypse practice ground. Some shops and some places to eat, if you have have a flamethrower and a high tolerance to stupidity you will be ok. Has parking.

1 by neil jones Review source

I love to shop here, I'm disabled ♿ and I'm able to get in and out of shops with a wheelchair. It's definitely a good place to shop and sit down with friends and family for a few drinks or even a meal out

5 by Fiona Walker Review source

One of the first indoor shopping centres in the north east and is still very good. Not as big as Eldon Sq or Metro Centre but still has all the main shops in there or in the out door area across from Sainsbury car park.

5 by Karl Jessen Review source

This place has certainly had a makeover during the years. A nice little collection of shops. Parking isn't too bad, maybe at peak times over the weekend would attempt to avoid but you will always find somewhere.

4 by Stephen Hackles Review source

It was terrible. Expected the car parks to be cleared. Even walking anywhere outside was not just hazardous but downright dangerous. Zebra crossings a nightmare as no one cleared so inches deap in slush and puddles.

1 by Review source

Not a huge selection of high street stores but enough for a quick trip out. Parking can be a nightmare in the main car park and child parking is definitely insufficient. Always clean and nice environment to be in

3 by Cara Paton Review source

Didn't stop long. It was mostly a stop at the McDonald's. Where they serve burgers at a glacial pace. Very quiet at 7pm ok choice in shops and food. Seemed easy to find what you were looking for.

3 by beereed Review source

Good shopping centre with a good range of shops also the indoor market is great the only problem is parking it can be a nightmare if you get there at mid day so we always go early so we get parked easier.

5 by Daniel Tindle Review source

Plenty of places to eat.A good indoor shopping experience. Plenty of parking spaces but still can be difficult to park but it is free.
It also now has extra popular shops over near by walk flyover.

5 by Paul Airson Review source

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