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Discrimination at its best.

Myself and my husband went to go to Bluu last night around 12:30am after having a meal out. We were not drunk, we aren't really drinkers we only have the odd cocktail but we fancied a dance so headed to Bluu as it looked like the perfect place for a few drinks. We never got inside however. A doorman who clearly thought he was above us, who had a scarf wrapped around his face up to his eyes (said scarf was never even removed out of curtesy), took one look at my husband and said 'no not tonight'. No explanation. No response when we asked why. In fact he literally blanked us and then refused to make eye contact - no wonder doormen get a bad reputation he was down right rude. We thought maybe it was because they were closing but no, he ID'd and let in 4 lads straight after. Now we were dressed smart, no trainers, no excuses to turn us away over our clothes and as previously stated we were not drunk. We never caused a scene or anything but couldn't help but wonder if it was because we were white. . . The lads that were let in after us were black, the doorman was black. I roll my eyes when people pull the racist card but I honestly hand on heart think this was the issue because there was absolutely no other reason why we would be told no and I am gutted this happened.

1 by Natalie Gibbons Review source

This is the worst night out in Manchester I have ever had, I was in a party of 16 people who had booked a meal. All drinks had to be served in Plastic glasses and one of the Bar staff ripped me off during Happy Hour by providing me with premium drinks instead of the those on offer, 2 pints and a soft drink £12.00 instead of £6.50. As for the meal waited almost an hour from ordering and at least half of the meals had to be sent back due to them not being cooked properly.I felt sorry for the female members of staff serving the meals.
On a positive note the Manager Becky who has only been there for a few weeks did all she could to put things right. She waived the whole food bill and gave a round of free drinks to the whole party.
Becky has got her work cut out to improve things but I wish her luck in doing so.

1 by Review source

I'm not very impressed with this place. The decor downstairs is very good, it must be said, and the staff have been friendly on the two occasions that I have been. These are the things that have earned the place the 2 stars that I've given it.

Also on the two occasions that I have been, the loos have been in a foul state. This hasn't been at night when there might be the excuse of busyness but rather in the middle of the afternoon, when it's been reasonably quiet. There's no reason for it not to be clean.

The ciders are also very limited. I like cider but the range is limited to one on draught, and a selection of bottled ciders with sweet berry cordial added to them.
I found the drinks that were available unusually costly and don't think I'll be returning.

2 by Michael Astley Review source

Walked in on Mon 29th Dec after a meal with 5 friends, all we wanted was a quiet drink and a catch up as we all work away, the place was empty but once we had put our jackets into a booth, got settled and went to the bar to order we were told 'can't serve more than 6 lads, its our licence' to which I replied 'there's not more than six, just six' to which he replied 'oh sorry it's no more than 4 lads'....

This is disgraceful service considering a group of 6/7 girls were getting served at that point. I highly recommend NOT going to this jumped up, pretentious venue... BAD SERVICE and EMPTY! not surprised one bit!

1 by Review source

Had to wait ages for drinks (which were overpriced) despite it not being particularly busy. Two of the beers on tap had run out. As we sat down one of our drinks fell over because the surface of the table was completely uneven. Barman told us we 'should have been more careful' and that we would have to pay for a new one. We insisted he speak to the manager before he replaced the drink. Neither he nor any of the other staff offered to give us napkins to dry off (the drink soaked my top), and I had to tell the barman the floor needed mopping up before he did anything. Staff looked mostly miserable.
Won't be back any time soon.

1 by Scott C Review source

Ten people for pre dinner drinks 5pm Saturday night. Very accommodating staff let us use two tables reserved for dinner by others later on. We opened a tab. The range of spirits, wines and beers from around the world is very impressive Despite being busy, plenty of competent staff behind the bar and speed of service very good. Have always enjoyed evenings at Bluu - incl simple menu well executed. Can spend an entire evening there drinks / dinner / dancing and great for first dates.

5 by Review source

Large and popular bar in the Northern Quarter. Its beer range is limited, but it's launched a new range of cocktails and is, at time of writing, promoting these with 'free cocktail' offers. It's quite nice inside with plenty of seating on comfortable leather sofas. Its other main attraction is a sizeable outdoor seating area, overlooking the cobbled part of the High Street around Smithfield Market. This makes a good option for post-work drinks on a sunny evening.

3 by Tom Bell Review source

Nice bar/restaurant in the heart of the Northern Quarter (hipster area in Manchester). Have eaten and drank here many a time. Lunch menu is delicious and I usually go for the Mezze dishes as you get 2/3 for a decent price and they are usually quite filling. I especially love the honey glazed sausages. There is space at the back of Bluu, which I have hired before for parties. Friday nights play awesome music too, think Drake V Frank Ocean.

4 by kineta kelsall Review source

Gem of the Northern Quarter. I've been numerous times as part of group and it's great for dates as well. This because not only is the bar well stocked the food there is fantastic.

A well run establishment, from management down to the bar stuff down the bar staff. During the evening the place has a great vibe and they always seem to have good music on.

Great place 10/10

5 by tino shepherd Review source

One of the original 3 venues when the Northern Quarter in Manchester was created. Excellent big venue. Was nice to go when it was quiet (Saturday lunchtime) rather my usual weekend evening visits (very busy and good atmosphere). Only minus point that knocks a star off my review is that it is very expensive for pints. First place I paid more than a fiver for a pint of lager

4 by Bryan Walker Review source

Good sized pub, short menu but good for simplicity. I however ordered the chilli chips, they had a ton of salt on wasn't the chilli, it was the salt on the chips. Made them hard to eat. The drinks were pretty expensive...tho maybe it shows I haven't been out for a while and drink prices have increased everywhere. Had a good night there tho.

4 by Steven Bailey Review source

My drink was completely wrong; I ordered a drink from their cocktails menu (with all the ingredients written down) but it didn't taste right, so I went back to the barman and I asked him why the drink didn't have orange juice in it (like it was supposed to). He was very rude to me and refused to make it again.
I wouldn't recommend it at all.

2 by Debora Cason Review source

Absolutely love Bluu, I go here regularly after work for the 5pm-8pm happy hour when you can get pints for £2.50! It always has a very nice, relaxed atmosphere for post work drinks and serves decent food as well. The food is nice but a little expensive although they do regular promotions offering 50% making it good value with the cheap beers thrown in as well.

5 by Stephen McCance Review source

I've always enjoyed going for drinks after work and at weekends at Bluu bar. The bar staff have a great knowledge of cocktails and are happy to advice you on preference or make you a custom cocktail that isn't on the menu. I would have given Bluu 5*'s if they hadn't got rid of the happy hour or the Gentleman's G&T.

4 by Pedrom Pourkashanian Review source

How not to run a bar. Have 40-50 people waiting for drinks with only 3 people serving, one of which was more interested in shouting at the guy stocking the fridges as it interrupted in Tom Cruise in Cocktail impression. We left without even looking like we would get our drinks.

Is it possible to leave a 0 star rating?

1 by Mark Clough Review source

Unfortunately, a shadow of it's former self. This bar holds a very special place in the hearts of my wife & I, and that is probably the reason we still visit when in Manchester. The menu is non existent, burgers only, where are the legendary Fat Chips?!? We will keep going, just for nostalgia, but that is all....

3 by Anthony White Review source

Bone in burger, waitress spilt drink on guest nd didn’t apologise, asked for manager for bad attitude and manager walked around with hands on head screaming “oh my god” because she couldn’t be bothered with sorting out food or the waitress out.
Wouldn’t recommend coming here at all!
Rude staff

1 by Review source

Of all the bars in the Quarter I'd say this is the least boho of them all, but its bright and there is a good selection of drinks. Have eaten here on a couple of occasions and its been pretty good.
Definitely would recommend calling in on an afternoon if out for a couple

4 by Ian Botterill Review source

It's okay, bit crammed occasionally, service is neither fast nor slow, prices are decent, just not really my scene being shoulder to shoulder with strangers with no seating room left. But perhaps it's so busy because it's great, i don't know

3 by Daniel Hobbs Review source

The bar looks nice and it's usually busy in there but sometimes the door staff can be a bit unfriendly. I know that they are just doing their jobs and managing the security but as the first point of contact, they could be a bit friendlier.

3 by Adrian Lunsong Review source

Nice place to go for a drink during the week. It's not busy then so it's nice to sit and talk and have a drink. Maybe one day I'll be back to eat sth there, but definitely I'll come back for a drink. Staff very polite.

4 by Zuzanna Czajkowska Review source

Terrible service for a Christmas party for 50 people!! We were served more than 2 hours late, despite being told to be there 15 minutes early. Music too loud for a conversation and food just wasn't worth the wait. Book elsewhere!!

1 by Review source

Second time visiting. Staff friendly, food good and drinks are well stored and poured. A half decent selection of scotch and whiskey. Cocktails are also fairly good. Overall one of many excellent places in the Northern Quarter

4 by Ben Odams Review source

We spent a few hours in the downstairs bar and on the whole we enjoyed the evening. I would say that another member of staff behind the bar on a Saturday night would have improved the service review to very good

4 by Martin Pugh Review source

Cool music, nice beers with strange names that I've probably tasted for the first time. If you are looking for a nice bar in a weekend which is good and doesn't have an entry fee this is probably it.

4 by Vasilis Nicolaou Review source

Not the most over-whelming experience. Generally quite average, if you're eating there are far better establishments within five minutes walk. It does serve alcohol and there is a fair amount of seating.

3 by Joanna Halton Review source

Great place for a branch or for a cocktails in the evening. They do some deals on cocktails in the happy hours.
Food is American style - like bagels, waffles with maple syrup.

5 by Violeta Maslobojeva Review source

Awesome vibe. Mix of dance, r&b reggae and pop throught weekend nights. Great atmosphere on Saturday nights. Very helpful staff. Add to your list of 'must visit'

5 by Martin nwancha Review source

Excellent food and great, friendly service. Very rare that a bar in the Northern Quarter will actually provide efficient and professional service, but these guys are great.

5 by Review source

Im presently sat here as i write this and have been waiting with my food menu at my table for in excess of 10 minutes contemplating getting up and leaving. Not a good shout

1 by Review source

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