The Corner Cafe & Deli - London

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1 The Broadway, London, SW13 0NY

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Club sandwich proved to be a bit of a monster - tasted as good as any club sandwich I've eaten. For the amount of food I think this proved to be pretty good value (£6.95 sitting in).

To earn all five stars they have got to upgrade the card machine! First it had to be reset and then took around 3 minutes to connect and take a payment. The number of low cost card readers / services that are available these days make this inexcusable.

4 by Robin Holligan Review source

We visited my brother in law less than a year ago. They lived just down the way. We had breakfast there at least 4 times. Their pancakes are simply the best I have ever had. I live in the U.S. and when we visit again we are absolutely going to breakfast at The Corner Cafe!!

5 by Jose Cordova Review source

Food pretty good, coffee average and mine not too hot. Would be much better if they invested in proper bread which for the price range, they should. I found out nd many cafes seem to skimp on decent bread which is such a shame for the cost difference.

3 by Michael Michaels Review source

Good cake and for a fair price considering the portion size they give. Hot chocolate made properly with milk and much better then what you'd get at Starbucks, Costa, etc

Staff are very friendly.

4 by Tom Feist-Wilson Review source

It's a friendly cafe and I like the food very much - good selection and generally good portions. The wait can be a little excessive though. An hour last time for a relatively simple menu option.

4 by Benjamin cusden Review source

Great breakfast, if a little on the expensive side. Recently the service has become very slow - 5 minutes to get a coffee, 20 minutes to get a bacon baguette

3 by Marc W Review source

Brilliant brunch spot - we were a group of 5, served immediately, brilliant service, great pancakes and fantastic prices! Will definitely be returning!

5 by Louise Review source

Perfect place for a fry up. Grub good, and yes - coffee mud, but big tables, plates, and proper sized cups, and staff always try hard.

5 by William Cummins Review source

Great little cafe with nice hot chocolate and coffee and with great food selection. Would prefer this over a Costa or Starbucks

5 by David Crocker Review source

Very good English breakfast with good ingredients. Only drawback is that it is quite pricey

4 by Peter G Review source

Great home made beans. A little pricey for us builders but still a good meal

4 by Dan Holt Review source

Most delicious breakfast ever !! Absolutely fantastic service :)

5 by Gaye Saydam Review source

Great food great place

5 by Graham Barnett Review source

Just an amazing place

5 by Streets United Review source

Great Breakfasts!!!

5 by Luca Segre Review source

Excellent coffee.

5 by Jules Jackson Review source


1 by Orest Mushi Review source


4 by Steven Wilson Review source