Great British Fish and Chips - Lambeth, London

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Westminster Bridge Rd, Lambeth, London, SE1 7PB

+44 20 7928 3019




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The food wasn't the greatest made worse by having to sit and eat them outside when we wanted to eat in the restaurant. This restaurant would not accommodate a compact double buggy that had 6 month old twins in who were both asleep as they said they don't allow prams in. NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY. We decided to get food to take away anyway as my eldest son really wanted fish and chips. When I approached the manager re the issue his response was rude and abrupt 'you show me where you can fit a pram' no apology or customer service whatsoever. And to top it off a single customer who had been behind in the queue had been allocated a table for 4 (made up of 2 tables). Any restaurant with basic customer service skills would of offered to help accommodate...we even offered to wait until a suitable table was available. The food was then substandard with about 15 chips and fish that wasn't great for £10. Not great

1 by Review source

The shop is based in an excellent location, right by the London eye. You know it's going to be expensive due to location and the fact it's London but I think the owners know this too because the food was not very good. The fish burger was just a fish cake in a bun. It wasn't tasty at all. The chips were like those you get from Aldi's or Lidl. They are calling it great British fish and chips but it's no way that. I think the owners need to go down to wales or Birmingham and find out what real great British fish and chips tastes like.

The only positive is the staff. We were seated very quickly, table of 5. And our order came out very quickly. The staff were polite and attentive. I'd give 5 stars to staff.

1 by Review source

Nice food tho bit pricey. But still tasted good. Makes a change I guess from Mac d's or the other restaurants around.

Great for a quick bite to eat if your coming to see all the iconic sites around. Like big Ben. London Eye. Royal Festival hall.

Staff were nice. Did get a table but we were lucky. As it does get busy.

Nice artwork inside on the walls. Pictures of the iconic London landmarks. Great views out of the window too.

Definitely worth trying if you want something quick or different from burgers or sit down fancy restaurant.



4 by Mac Miah Review source

unlike other reviews, I really liked this place. I noticed some of employees taking the orders are not the nicest, but I did get an ok one, could improve on their customer relations. the guy in the kitchen (maybe one of the managers) was nice though and posed in a picture I took hahah! chicken was good. it was pricey but hey, what will you expect in the area? when you go to these popular areas, you should already know it will be pricey. :) but our experience was awesome! look at the pictures, my mom even posed for a photo op with the sign. lol

5 by Jian Moses Handugan Review source

Worst fish and chips I've ever had. Woman at the door treated everyone like dirt with her orders for queing. Staff were rude and told us to get up and go which I found very rude as we hadn't even finished our food! No customer service skills at all. Better off going to a local pub/weatherspoons for a proper traditional fish and chips with proper service! Place is only there to rip off tourists.. beware.

1 by Aman Singh Review source

It's okay. A view is in the center, right next to the London Eye. Fish and Chips for £ 9 and £ 1-2 drinks ... And the food is good. Let's like any fast and such, average food, but at least I liked.
With seating, because they go very fast response (was there and in 5 minutes we had table and the food served). So I would recommend if you need to go to grab a quick bite in the middle and the rich.

3 by Cristina Jaime Segura Review source

We had lunch here on our visit to London in November, we passed by and stopped. Very it makes the location as it is located within walking distance of Westminster, Big Ben and the London Eye in. The restaurant is reminiscent of a diner / American fast food but serves purely n'chips fish. We stayed there a couple of times but more by necessity, the classic tourist trap without infamy and without praise.

3 by Alessandro Di Lonardo Review source

Just after the London Eye, a little hungry, a little restaurant ... well it would not. Once seated, go to the counter and order your food (fish and chips, hot dog, burger or chicken). Served immediately (everything is ready in a hot showcase) in cardboard packaging. Sauces, and other house on a console in the room. Free table quickly, there are people waiting ... The McDonalds is just as well for less

2 by Patrice Girardin Review source

Chicken was not cooked, fish bones french cold and tasteless soft lötköjä. It seemed as food would be made then as will hour was considered as the amount of food that was lying thermal stock. In addition, even really expensive place to £ 10.50 fish and chips which was really not worth it. Close by is a much better fish and chips places and even at a lower price. I do not recommend ever.

1 by Review source

Queued for a while to be told we couldn’t sit together as a five, find everything rushed and not much of a restaurant vibe. Prices for fish&chips are extortionate for normal London food, but it’s more of a tourist place to get ripped off. Workers also don’t know what they are doing, especially on till when I ordered chips and they said I could not eat in but already had seats?

1 by Angela Matthews Review source

This place is over priced and there was an employee that shooed multiple customers from tables because their party wasn't big enough only to allow another employee to sit at the table. When the restaurant had more than enough seating with several empty tables. I had to move from a nice spot by the window to an inner table. She shooed another woman into the corner.

1 by Review source

Not recommended tourist trap !!!
Fish & Chips are not really comparable with those for the price (£ 10.50) in the pubs. The burgers are also overpriced and taste like nothing. Operation very unfriendly.
If you're hungry here should rather go to McDonald's next door, since it is not even tasty, but as the prices are at least fair.

1 by Norman Thiel Review source

My food was prepared extremely fast! Staff also very friendly. a bit ajar From setting forth on tourism in London. Prices, however, very high (Can also demand otherwise the London Eye). However, the portions are waiting also very large for the money. I would definitely recommend. I am glad to have sat found there by chance.

4 by Lucas Colling Review source

The food came very quickly
Fries are okay


The fish tastes like nothing just like the Nuggets. Extremely greasy !!!
The chicken burger is totally dry.
Tables were not clean and it was very loud.
Cozy atmosphere does not exist. Value for money very badly.

1 by Chef Haupt Review source

Hungry and didn't check the place in advance, huge mistake. Pricy and taste less. The burger were flat as just brought out of the freezer and the bun was most likely frozen and microwaved. The hotdog were taste less and tasted like boiled hot dog. Ketchup and mayo made it eat able. Not worth it ... KEEP OUT!

1 by Magnus Jansson Review source

We had the fish and.chips, chicken and chips, and chicken sandwich. All tasted delicious to our American tastes buds (if you like thick fries). Service was efficient and friendly. Liked that they found us seats so we didn’t have to navigate the awkward need to share a table where others are already sitting.


Convenient location, seated and served quickly but the food was absolutely awful! Ordered 1 portion of fish and chips and it cost £10.50! Chips were dry and the fish like cardboard. I ended up throwing most of it away. Very sad if this is the impression tourists get of the British classic!

1 by Review source

Excellent place to eat fish and chips is delicious and beautifully served, has other things like chicken and fries, hot dog and fries and others. The place is nice and close to the London Eye, just across the river. Highly recommended to try this typical English dish.

3 by F dAG1966 Review source

Well organized and friendly staffs. There are takeaways and service guides to table, but You have to order by yourself by front desk. Very good and fresh fish and chips, and spicy chicken. But the the black coffee was Not good at all, so don’t drink black coffee there

4 by Crusoe Whu Review source

The classic tourist trap. Fast food where you can sit down. Average prices but bad food (avoid fish and chips, just tell me). My only compliment goes to the staff, extremely efficient, who manages to keep the room spotless despite the incessant turnover of people.

1 by Valentina Ravazzini Review source

In broad terms, it was quite o. K. How many already have write, it is a tourist trap. Nevertheless, it can not hurt the fish and chips to have once tasted. Priced they were also very high in any case.

Moreover, the service was very friendly with us.

2 by Steffen Ibendorf Review source

Fast service, horrid fish & chips. Where is the fish?? It was just a slab of battery with a sliver of fish inside, completely tasteless. Chips were so-so. We were seated immediately, food is self-serve/queue, but the food was not good. Never returning.

1 by P M Review source

Disgusting food, I sent back my fish it was so revolting, even the chips were bleurg. None of us finished our meals. I'd recommend you walk along the river a bit and eat at the Namco Arcade next to McDonalds instead, way cheaper and way nicer.

1 by Jocie Pup Review source

Noisy room and forced service. There is no time to finish her last bite as the waitress cleared the table. We had fish and chips and chicken chips. And frankly blah. The chicken was dry and the fish so fat that the oil came out when it was cut.

2 by Amaury Fuss Review source

Not very nice and. Certainly not worth the money spent !!!!
Just in a convenient position..
Chicken dry though nice crust batter!!
Fish watery again lovely batter!!!
As to the chips they left the most to be desired

2 by Helena Cannon Review source

Very pricey and not the best quality of good. The wait to get a table is shocking and it's definitely not the worth at all. The food was alright but definitely not the worth price. If your in the area then go to the McDonald's

2 by Joseph Curry Review source

This is the worst place I have been to
The chap at the door was so rude he should be sacked
Clearing the table as we were eating
Would never go there again nor recommend it to anyone
Does not deserve one star either

1 by Luke Mann Review source

Food not bad, massive portion. Bit pricey. But service very rude and seens like they just want to get numbers in and out. For a restaurant named Great British Fish and Chips, didn't see any british people working here.

2 by Review source

This is a insult to British food. They don't even have one British person working here. And the food is terrible. Such rude staff. Incredibly small portions. Wish I could give it no stars. I won't be returning.

1 by Greg Gillies Review source

An employee didn’t give me a tray so I spilled water. After that I watched her and then realized she was a rasist because all of Asian people didn’t reserve trays. Plus it was expensive and not tasty. I’ll never go here.

1 by saki k Review source

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