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11 Dean St, Soho, London, W1D 3RP

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I should start this with the fact that I visited this pizzeria a week ago today and there's a part of me that's still seething from how appallingly rude the staff were in my treatment. I was on my third night of a solo trip to London and had been living off bread. I needed something different, and TimeOut recommended this as being an excellent spot for solo diners. I walked into PP and was immediately stood almost in the kitchen, where there were bags of flour scattered all over the floor, and there was no waitress on hand. I got stared at until a chef asked me what I wanted, and then they hollered for a waitress going 'SHE'S ON HER OWN.' I was led downstairs to more seating and then didn't receive anything for 50 minutes. I didn't know if there was just a delay and had been made to feel so uncomfortable upon entry that I couldn't leave as I thought my order was just taking a while. I had no idea how much time had passed because I'd been made to feel so out of place that I called a friend as a distraction, and she eventually encouraged me to enquire. Turns out they'd forgotten to process my order, and I'd been sat there, alone, for 40 minutes for no reason. When the pizza eventually arrived, it was given to me on the house, and true, the pizza was nice, but I was made to feel so uncomfortable that it was hard to enjoy. I had to remind them that the pizza had been given to me on the house, and I was given such a look of condescention just for being there. Maybe it's because I'm a younger adult and I was alone, but people have to eat, alone or together. Despite the fact that I was encouraged to feel awkward by the staff, I left without so much as a thank you under the knowledge that they'd messed up and harrassed me so much. Don't visit here, especially if alone, despite TimeOut's recommendation. You're judged and it just isn't worth your time.

1 by Holly Rebecca Review source

Sorry to say if anyone thinks Pilgrim Pizza is very good then they know nothing about good quality food as well as especially Pizza, I went for the first time Sunday evening 25/09/17, the worst pizza I ever had ie the dough was like a very soggy pancake and the toppings would have been more appropriate as a topping for spaghetti bolognese type of main meal, and that's not saying very much either, service was ok and friendly waiters and waitresses but food well stay well clear of this chain, certainly not good for your stomach especially if your trying to remain slim, this certainly is the place to well avoid, the Pizza base was really a cheap uncooked pancake and also lacked any taste, real real junk food pls take my advice and avoid, I am a senior American that was raised on Italian dishes and of course plenty of Pizza, and that was real Pizza with a lovely crispy and very tasty base with the traditional tomato sauce and real mozzarella and oregano as well as other seasonings that made Pizza a real delicacy especially in the old days (60's -70's), trying to make this long story short stay well and I mean well well clear of this totally junk Pizza from Pilgrim Pizza, also forget to mention this was the Pizza Pilgrim branch in Carnaby St, never been to the Pizza Pilgrim in Dean st.

1 by david balbert Review source

Last night, me and a group of friends had 'dinner' at Pizza Pilgrims. In general, we all thought the pizzas were very bad. Personally, I thought my pizza was a disgrace. There were fundamental issues with the pizza crust: it was extremely thin in the middle and too thick at the edges. The toppings were okay-ish but could only be found in te middle. After telling the staff that I did not like my pizza at all, they told me I could order a different one. This was a striking difference with the other one. The toppings were better spread, it was thicker in the middle and thinner at the edges. However, this was only a good pizza in the relative sense and I would never recommend or serve this to a friend.

After seeing some photos from other visitors I can only assume the cook was not there last night because our pizzas looked nothing like the others. Hopefully, this was a one time occurrence, otherwise they will go out of business very soon.

The staff was very friendly, but I felt they could have coped better with my issues. I did not receive a free pizza, drink or a discount at all. Only girl in our group got her pizza and drink for free because the waiter said she was 'nice'.

2 by Floris van Dedem Review source

Went here with a few friends for dinner. Ordered the ndjua pizza with flatbread and a coke, amounted to about £16 each with service. The pizza was exceptionally good; incredibly flavoursome and cooked perfectly. Staff were friendly and welcoming.

My only minor criticisms - which aren't big enough to knock a star off - are that our table for three in the lower floor was a bit cramped. Intimacy is nice, but there almost wasn't enough space for our food!

Aside from this, the restaurant was perfect. If you want to spend \\u003c£20 in Soho on pizza, I don't know anywhere better. Thanks to the staff!

5 by Jasaron Bajwa Review source

Walking into this restaurant you may be forgiven for thinking it's a takeout only place (although Londoners will know better) but underneath the tiny shop front is a fun warren of tables decorated with Pizza Pilgrims personal style. The menu is perfectly sized providing a range of flavour combinations while not over-reaching and risking pitfalls in service. The quality of the food was high with friendly staff that passed on a pleasant and positive energy. As a coffee fan my espresso was everything I'd expect and enjoy from an Italy styled company. A strong representation for casual dining.

4 by Simon Canter Review source

Absolutely fantastic pizza.
The crust is thin and mushy and just like a crust should be and the toppings are really good quality.
As a vegan they have three options for vegan pizza and they are great, no vegan cheese though but that really doesn’t matter as the pizza are still great.
Bringing two teenagers that are non vegans and had the regular pizzas their response was “pizzas are super fantastic”, the best they ever had.
I really recommend this place for a good authentic Italian pizza

5 by Thomas Daugaard Review source

I've been there once from a recommendation from a friend. He told me they make one of the best pizzas in London. It has one of the best positions a pizzeria can ask and they haven't invested at all on the shop. We went to seat downstairs leave the fact that was smelling malled the tables were covered with some ugly fashioned way and in general the atmosphere was
Of course we didn't order anything and left

1 by Denis Biks Review source

I love your pizza and its better than Franco Manca's!! But those Aperol Spritz please! Teach the guys how to do proper ones (instructions on each aperol bottle!) and it was only ice in those small glasses! I'd consider bigger glasses for cocktails, maybe the same rustic ones but bigger! £6.5 is not good value for the small quantity you're giving now. Yesterday I had to return two!

4 by Christian Pero Review source

We found their pizza very different from the rest of the places that we tried..They freshly make and bake their pizza. The crust looks and tastes like an Indian tandoor naan (if you want to relate it to). Their cheese is well melted and quantity is good enough for two people. Last but not the least you can add it to your cheap eats whenever you are in London!!

5 by tony promart Review source

Since visiting Naples in October I’ve not been able to bring myself to eat what Us brits call pizza. Just randomly walked past this place on the way to Leicester Square today and noticed the Napoli scarf hanging up. My god! What a pizza. As close to Naples as possible. Very decent prices great surroundings and staffZ so happy to have found this place!

5 by Steve Curran Review source

We ordered two of the Margherita with Buffalo Mozzarella via deliveroo and they came all soggy, and flabby with no crunch. Neither were they hot but somehow burned from beneath. Tastewise also nothing special with very little cheese but a lot of crust without sauce or anything on it.
Cannot recommend (at least ordering at) Pizza Pilgrims.

1 by Isabel Schrepfer Review source

Found it randomly at the weekend looking for pizza. Best pizza sauce I think I've had outside Italy. Very fresh, very light and so full of flavour without being overbearing. I could drink it by the glass. Service was good and quick. It was full downstairs but they had an original interior decor that would be great for a small party.

5 by Jay Raspin Review source

The dough isn’t cooked right or is underproofed.

The pizza retained too much moisture in the crust and lacked air in the crust leaving a dense wet bready texture.

My theory is they cooked the pizza too hot and too fast or underroofed dough. The end result wasn’t pleasing. You get a mouthful of wet bread.

2 by Gavin Murphy Review source

One of the best pizza places in London (maybe even the best!)

Make sure to stay for your pizza. The staff is friendly and prices are okay. It’s an LGBT friendly place.

What really shines is the quality of the pizza. Eating pizza at pizza pilgrims is an experience not to be missed when you are in Soho.

5 by Sebastian Ossowski Review source

Always busy, Always delicious, the host squished us (literally) in for a spontaneous dinner and it was delicious as per. I'm a sucker for a non tomato based pizza and the carbonara special made me a very happy bunny. Limencello lollies also very nice and my American visitors were suitably charmed. Thanks Pilgrims

5 by Bethany Stephens Review source

Going to pizza pilgrims you can be always sure one thing, your pizza will be perfect , you will enjoying every bite. Restaurant it self is small but cosy , bring in mind Italian stylish. Service is very nice. If you looking for very good pizza in good price I totally recommend you Pizza Pilgrims, you not gonna regret.

5 by Piotr Górski Review source

Great pizzas here in a funky little place. The key thing to note though is the pizza base- it’s AMAZING. Fluffy, flavoursome and ideal with a side dip. Outstanding. Good selection of craft beers as well. A very cool take on something that could have been just another pizza parlour. Well worth checking out.

5 by David Rose Review source

I personally found my pizza here to be rather on the soggy side. The base/crust was under-done and too thick; the topping somewhat on the watery side. A little more time in the oven might have improved matters but still wouldn't have made this anything other than an unremarkable pizza.

2 by Tim Conway Review source

My friend and I stopped by since we were in the mood for pizza. We ordered the margherita pizza and both enjoyed our pizzas. The ratio of cheese to sauce was spot on. Out of all the pizzerias me and my friend visited during our week in the UK this was our favorite. Highly recommend.

5 by Lucy Murguia Review source

Truly delicious pizza! The crust was a bit to soft for my preference but the tast was amazing! I would definitely go here again. The staff was nice and the service was fairly quick and really good. One tip; do book your table beforehand especially if you are more than 2 people!

4 by Stefan Hansen Review source

We were seated at the Foosball table. It was fun and well lighted. The pizza selections were really tasty. We had 3: truffles, anchovies, and British meats. The pizza dough was done right. The Gorgonzola dip was a waste of £2. Staff was fast, friendly, and attentive.

5 by Ari Bancale Review source

The place from outside looks like it was only a few seating spots, but don't you worry, there's plenty of space downstairs. Great Neapolitan pizza serve by amazing staff. If you are looking for a quick lunch or nice easy dinner that's the destination.

5 by Bartosz Rosol Review source

Pizza Pilgrims serves the best Pizza I know in London. I have tried quite a few Pizza places in town and no one even comes close. Even in Italy you hardly find a place that good. Their selection of Pizzas is not too big, but all I tried so far tasted delicious.

5 by Peter Hinterseer Review source

Delightful place to eat with friends! Staff were very welcoming and friendly. Pizzas and sides were tasty and cheesy (if you opt for cheese toppings). A slight delay between ordering and receiving the food, but understandable with it being around dinner hour.

4 by Marcus Lam Review source

The margherita pizza at this place is heaven. They have a proper oven to make pizza, and it takes mere minutes to produce perfection. The staff are kind and funny and it wasn't super crowded when we went for lunch on the weekend. 100% would recommend.

5 by Suzana Deaconescu Review source

Not sure what the fuss is about. Decent crust but they're sparse with sauce so feels like half the pizza is dry (albeit tasty) crust. Pretty stringy with cheese and toppings as well, buffalo mozzarella was very average. Good range of beers and wines

2 by Devesh Shah Review source

Good pizza and reasonable prices. Basic margherita is the best in my opinion although adding buffalo mozzarella makes it better. Likely to find a queue but the service is generally quick so the wait is ok. Also good for solo dining and they do take aways

4 by Filippo Review source

Very authentic pizza. The dough is very tasty! Loved the decor (very Italian!) and the music was lovely (not too loud). I visited on a Saturday afternoon (and it was relatively busy but not packed). Waiter was very polite & kind. Recommended!

5 by Fay Kal Review source

Amazing as usual. The consistency of quality is unparalleled. Barely changed menu over the years but yet, every time you order the same thing it still gives you a fresh feeling. one of those few places that i wish there is 11 stars out of 10.

5 by D. Lo Review source

Pizza pilgrim's is undoubtedly my favourite pizza place in London. The atmosphere, the pizzas, the service... everything is simple but so good. Also, it is very cheap. I'd highly recommend for any pizza lovers! (I know we are many!)

5 by Nicolas Cadet Review source

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