Nomadic Community Garden - London

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Fleet St Hill, London, E1 5ES

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Inspired adoption of an inner-city brownfield site as a relaxed and friendly garden space for locals and visitors, open everyday except Mondays from 10.00 am till dusk.There are raised-bed allotment plots for locals as well as flowering plants and trees maintained by a small dedicated team. The garden is a home to and hub for street artists, musicians and visionaries. There's a very English style café lots of off-range seriously interesting creatives and a fabulous post-apocalypse Summer garden party vibe with the best guests, jesters, and uncle Festers.

5 by Review source

It holds different kinds of urban art, things that were not created for may but for the simple. Pleasure of being created and bringing something new and different to the world or a different point of view. You will see plenty graffiti but also a boat with a slide, animals made out of told used tires, statues made up of everything. Nowadays we tend to take art for granted. This is a fresh view. It hits your roots and deep inside you. You can also find a cafe inside to relax. It's Bigger than I expected, and I am quite happy for that.

5 by Raquel Raposo Review source

Amazing area full of lovely pics peeps and plants in the heart of Shoreditch. Cool place to shake your ham to an occasional gig/dj set or juss like that sitin' pretty in da sun chillin out just coz you can. On site bar (uh and caf) + toilets make the experience all the more nicer. Great spot for meetups, lovely atmosphere, no need (!) for security!! Definitely worth checkin' out.

5 by Review source

If you're close to the box park in Shoreditch or going for a curry on brick lane I recommend taking the time to walk through this space. There's even a cafe if you want to stay a bit longer and have a cuppa. You can bring your own food and drinks too there's plenty of spaces and toilets too but they are not for the faint hearted so be warned!

5 by Duffy Muffin Review source

Slightly off the Brick Lane area this totally exciting and varied Nomadic Garden opened. There is plenty to see and extraordinary art, it invites you to chill out. Many locals spend their leisure time here. Those interested in street art (probably the most for the Brick Lane ...) Do not miss the Nomadic Garden!

5 by Frank Schürhoff Review source

I absolutely love this place. I discovered it years ago when I was living in the neighbourhood. An oasis of peace, relax and creativity, everyone is welcome! If you want to imerese yourself in the real east London art and lifestyle its a must. A bit disappointed that the back passage was closed for some reason!

4 by irena alexandra Review source

This Earthy place sits between Shoreditch and Bricklane London. Its an artsy place with Bohemian, Hippy, Buppy, Yuppy and Urban folk. Its a cross of Williamsburg Brooklyn, The village nyc in the 1960's and san Francisco. Its a community garden surrounded by art. Lite up and enjoy. lol

4 by Ronald Wilson Review source

A kind of open public community park where all types of urban artists give free rein to their creativity, you will find grafitti, urban art, music, sculpture ... all in a totally alternative and self-managed space with a very good vibe in the style of the communes hippies of the 60s

4 by Javi AM Review source

One of the last surviving gems of public community space in Central London. We must keep places like this alive...
Go on a Sunday after the food market in brick lane for relaxed and creative vibes, free music from talented locals, and an open fire. Raw, artistic, and.. unique!

5 by Anthony Noble Review source

It's just an amazing garden full of color, full or art, full of vibes impossible to pass a bad time. You can bring your beer, you can bring your guitar, and have a nice chat or listen some random music watching amazing graffiti with a pure underground background. Unmissable!

5 by simone pinna nossai Review source

Very cool place, worth a visit! So many things to check out (all free, which is the point of the Nomadic Community Garden) and nice people around. Also, this will apparently be gone soon (end of '16?), when the company that owns the land turns it into a construction site.

5 by Annika W. Review source

Love this space nestled in between the train line and the new apartment blocks. Have delivered a couple of African drumming workshops here with our friends from Paracarnival. Lovely people and a really inspiring place to play music and have fun with the community.

5 by Review source

Nice place to sit out to eat your lunch or just to look at the street art. One word of warning do not eat at the little van cafe. The tea is diabolical, the food is iffy. Be warned. Nearby is Brick Lane full of great places to eat with nice trending coffee bars.

3 by Mike Peckett Review source

If you have to discover the 'street art', I think this is the place to go in London after driving the streets of Camden Town, come and discover this place near BrickLane. You can eat there or just have a coffee. Good discovery, enjoy yourself !!!

4 by MR NOIRAUD Review source

The new age hippy loiters here, in the heart of a huge shoreditch allotment, mimgelimg amongst hipphop, graffiti sessions, twitterists and vapers. They are enjoying hard core slouching on comfy couches while reporting to facebook, it's all happening.

5 by Bruce Thomas Review source

In the middle of nowhere this communic garden is amazing. Coffee lady who also serves cake. Lots of free spirits (art, wish chair), and just locals who have their own veggie garden. Creative with rubber (see pics) and wood, they've created some art.

5 by Roos . Review source

Some will like it, many will not but it's an experience not to miss if your in the area. Interesting array of people and lifestyles. Toilets leave something to be desired but that's put of the experience, festival toilets come to mind.

4 by Paul Brooke Review source

Pretty much the whole area around here is starting to fall victim to gentrification but this remains one of last bastions of creative freedom in London. Visit and support the people, enjoy the various types of Street Art and Sculpture.

5 by DE Tablet Review source

Used to be a Great place to share Music & Art with People from all over the globe - Community based space where You can grow Your own
Now I'd say the community bit is more selfish for a small nepotistic oligarchy there

1 by Art Under The Hood Review source

We happened upon the garden by accident and ended up having an amazing day there with music, mcs and lots of street artisits exhibiting their work. It was such fun and an amazing insight into the community in the area.

5 by Ana Flynn Review source

A completely unexpected find off brick lane. Full of amazing gardens, street art, artists, places to sit and relax, drink a coffee or as it seemed... so whatever you so desire! Will be back to spend some time here.

5 by Joel Edwards Review source

Community garden with very creative habitants. People are making arts from renewable products and created a small city with bars, small shop, and cafe. It is very enjoyable during the weekend and when it is sunny

5 by Recent Past Review source

Meeting of Styles 2018! Brilliant vibe! Wonderful crowd's, beautiful fresh artwork! And the music is unreal! Definitely coming back next year! BIG Thank to all the organisers and artists!

5 by Review source

What an amazing place - tucked away in the heart of brick lane I didn't expect this. It looks like a little shanty town but has clearly been put together with love for the community - big up the nomads

5 by Review source

Amazing place although not very known.
They should announce this site more and publicize it since it is one of the most bohemian places I have been because of its mixture of art, poverty and wealth.

5 by Paco Berrocal Review source

A very humble and inspiring place. An enchanting place with creativity flowing in all directions. Free entry but don't forget to drop a few coins and appreciate the place and the artists. ❤️❤️❤️

5 by Mona Sharma Review source

Absolutely epic location in the heart of London. The most 'Berlin' experience I've had in London, hipster, chilled, relaxing and complete break from the posh concrete jungle of London.

5 by Trevor Henry Review source

Interesting patch of land with scultures (using recyled materials), an outdoor café, plenty of reclaimed furniture and a huge funky mural. Free entry. Great outdoor space on a dry warm summer day.

4 by May Lee Review source

The nomadic centre is surely one of the last surviving gems in Central London in terms of public community space. Go on a Sunday for free music, cheap drink, interesting company, and unique vibes.

4 by Review source

To discover absolutely, atypical place ... Almost fantastic with a mixture of street art and objects of recovery 'transformed to form a relaxed and soothing place. An atmosphere to discover

5 by Laura D Review source

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