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I wanted to express my shock and disgust at the way I was treated yesterday at Her Majesty’s Theatre by the staff when I eventually arrived at the theatre. I had booked ticket for my 11year old son and I to watch Phantom of the Opera for the 2:30pm performance.

I left Guildford with plenty of time at just before 12:00 with the plan of driving to Southfields and getting the train tube into central London. However when I got on A3 at Guildford I was immediately stuck in stationary traffic and heard there had been a serious accident and the A3 had been closed with long delays. I immediately called the theatre and spoke to a gentleman at around 12:20 who assured me it would be OK and to just try and get here as soon as possible and that if I had missed too much of the performance they should be able to swap my tickets for the evening performance.

I tried so hard to get there not wanting to disappoint my son who was so excited, I managed to get off the A3 and drive to Woking where I could get the train and hopefully just about make it on time. I got on the fast train from Woking to Waterloo at 13:41 only for it to be announced when we were on the train that due to signal failure at Wimbledon the train would be delayed and re-routed. The train eventually got in at around 14:50(over half an hour later than it should have). By now the show had obviously started but I rushed to get to the Theatre via the underground . I eventually got there at 15:15 and explained the situation to the staff.

They didn’t care one little bit and were rude and unpleasant saying I just had to collect my tickets and just go in. When I asked about swapping to the evening performance they said no it was not possible. My son was absolutely devastated and crying as we missed the part he was most looking forward to which was the “Phantom of the Opera” song. I moved heaven and earth to get there in extremely difficult journey and certainly didn’t expect the lack of understanding I received.

Show was great of what we saw, but theatre staff and the most rude and unhelpful people I have ever met!

1 by Review source

A nice theatre in the heart of London's West End. Glass of Pinot Grigio and a bottle of Pepsi cost around £12 in the bar. Fruit Pastels cost £3!!!

Went to see The Phantom of the Opera and it was exceptionally good. Great music, great live mini orchestra, brilliant signing and very interesting and adaptive scenery and props.

One of the best shows in the West End by far.

If traveling by Tube, Leicester Square Station is about a 7minute walk.

The only thing that let it down was small toilets, and a small amount of singing was mimed and dubbed in (there was clear difference between mouths moving and noise coming out- unusually the noise came out before the mouths moved).

Well worth a trip. Extreme seats (I was E32) had small viewing challenges at the extremes of the stage.

4 by Rob Etall Review source

It was fascinating. I've experienced this 3 times, 1 time of Korean version, 1 time of motion picture version, 1 time of original London cast album. Those experience was not fully persuasive why this musical is that great. Now, I am persuaded. I felt sympathy to the Phantom at last! For songs, it was better than the original London cast. For acts, it was persuasive for me to feel sympathy to Phantom. I can feel the feeling of Christine, her love and hatrred, I can feel his love and jealousy of Phantom. I don't know why I didn't feel this obvious thing before, so I decided to think it as a bad act of actors. Or there might be a 6th sense I can feel their sorrow. Perfect experience at last. Audiences from Korea, especially hesitating with pre-experience, buy the the ticket right away.

5 by Review source

The musical was amazing but the ticket guy ruined my day. I was buying the day seat ticket and there was no one behind me in a line so no one was in hurry. I was asking questions like is there any other seats available rather than the one he was offering(basically this was all I asked) and he did not answer at all of my questions but repeating 'this is the best seat I can give you' and eventually he started being really upset to me. I am sorry if I did not get how day seat works and maybe I could not ask for different seat (still I don't know cuz I got no answer) but isn't he the one who has responsibility to explain when sitting behind the ticket booth? I bet even her majesty would respect more of people than him. Thank you for fantastic experience.

1 by sponge Bob Review source

The performance was good, the sets and special effects were impressive, the seats were tiny. I am 5'4' and they were perfect for me, but my husband is 6'4' and he had to sit sideways with his knees in my leg area. I would think it miserable for anyone over 5'10'. He is also very thin for his height and just barely fit into the seat. The girl who played Christine stole the show for me.

The songs where there were multiple melodies got lost and you could not follow them. That could have been the sound system or the actors. All in all an okay show. We saw the matinee, maybe the evening show is better.

3 by mary B Review source

Easy to get tickets (for one person) even on the day itself for big shows (such as the phantom of the opera). The lady behind the counter was very helpful for finding the best seat in my price range.

The bar is a bit small, so if you arrive a bit early and the room itself hasn't opened yet you will probably here a hard time finding somewhere to sit. There also wasn't a lot of snacks for sale, but the drinks were good (but of course a tad expensive).

The theatre itself is small and has a intimate feel. I had a seat on the fourth row (stalls) to the left, but could see everything exceptionally well.

4 by Bono de Visser Review source

Everyone should see the Phantom of the Opera at least once. Forget about the tepid feature film adaptation from Joel Schumacher, this is the real deal. A beautiful theatre, but bear in mind some of the seats and the amount of legroom are, shall we say, commensurate with the building's vintage. People did tend to be a lot shorter and skinnier in the days of Oliver Twist. Another fascinating bit of trivia - the legendary comedian and magician Tommy Cooper died on stage here in 1984, and his passing was unfortunately broadcast live to ITV viewers during the variety programme Live From Her Majesty's.

5 by Inspector Javert Review source

Please do not use your phone during the show!! The show was overall good but to be honest it was not an outstanding show compare to other musicals. I watched this on Sat evening at the middle of grand circle. The seat was narrow but it is an old theatre - can't complain. The view was ok. just managed to watch the whole stage. The most irritating thing was the ppl who were recording the stage or songs with their phones sneakily!! The light from phones distracted me to watch the show. I'v never seen that many ppl use their phones during the show. The theatre seriously needs to do sth about it.

3 by Review source

Went to see the long running Phantom of the Opera (Matinee) as a freebie (nice!), and I was open minded having previously seen Les Mis and loved that production.
Theatre is a lot 'tighter' than Queens and therefore not as comfortable for my large frame.
Furthermore, I think Phantom wasn't my bag and politely left at the halfway intermission.

No discredit on the very polite staff and great undoubtedly great Theatre company, but headed home for an earlier start to my birthday evening parry.

Next on the bucket list.... Warhorse.

3 by Darren Dowd Review source

fabulous show with fantastic music costumes and staging! Grand circle seating is rather squashed - the leg room is poor. The theatre itself is ornate but the grand circle needs more toilets! The queue lasted the entire interval. I was in seat D27 which isn't classed as restricted viewing but when the actors were on the front left of the stage it was very difficult to see anything that was happening. This didn't spoil my enjoyment of the show (I had seen it twice before though so if it was a first visit I'd recommended paying more to get a better seat / view).

5 by Joanne Billington Review source

Me and the wife attended the theatre on Saturday 31st to see an evening performance of Phantom of the Opera. All the staff here were extremely friendly, approachable and helpful. Service was great although there was quite a wait for buying drinks - no fault of the theatre though as this is just down to sheer numbers of patrons! The show itself was fantastic and I highly recommend it as one to see for those who haven't! It may be a little intimidating for small children but would say it should be fun for all the family - definitely a 5 star experience!

5 by Jack Smith Review source

My girlfriend brought me here to see Phantom of the Opera as part of my birthday present, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The only negative and it's a rather small one, is that since the venue is so small you sit extremely close to others. This makes it very warm inside, so much so I was sweating even with my sleeves rolled up and buttons undone. Other than this it's a nice theatre to come and see your favourite performance. They also have a cosy little bar area for some snacks and drinks which also has an outside area for smokers.

4 by Justin Allen Review source

Saw Phantom (near the front of the stalls). Second time to see it after many years. Show was disappointing as there was no feeling between the Phantom and Christine. Phantom acted too deranged to fully empathise with. Primadonna was a cacophony of voices competing.. I know it is meant to be, but it really hurt our ears. Seats in row A broke as one theatre goer sat in it, so I think it's time for an overhaul of everything.. Think about the relationship between the characters first and then add all the bells and whistles!

3 by Review source

Watched Phantom of the Opera. I'm stunned by the performance, it was incredible!

Regarding the place itself the staff was very kind and helpful. The only thing that makes me not give this place 5 stars is the legroom on the front row on the first balcony. I'm only 183 cm tall but my knees where painfully pressed against the balcony rail/fence (or whatever you want to call it). However I solved this by performing a real 'manspread' and the show itself was definitely worth a bit of pain. :-)

4 by Pontus Palmé Review source

The show is spectacular. We watch the phantom of the opera show. No negative critique for the show. Very recommended. The interior itself is beautiful. I don't know if there is no rule in the theater that prohibit us from eating/drinking inside,but as far as i know you cannot eat inside the theatre while the show is going on, except on break time. And the person behind us keep eating and talking noisily from the start of the show. I paid the seat to watch the show,not to hear people eat on my ear.

4 by Stephanie Gita Review source

Saw Phantom of the Opera (all you can see here...) - production was great, but this review is about the theatre. Total chaos at the box office to pick up tickets as the queue ran through the area where everyone needs to walk. Box office staff were very efficient though so no complaints there. Seats are cramped in but view was good (from Grand Circle). Overall the theatre itself wasn't incredible but didn't detract from the fantastic performance of Phantom of the Opera.

3 by Mark Braithwaite Review source

Watched Phantom. The Venue is small but nice. You can buy a selection of sweets, chocolates and drinks but the drinks can only be bought at the bar, including water. You cannot buy water anywhere else except from the bar which was a tiny bit annoying.

The seats are comfortable and tightly packed, but not really different to other theatres. Point of note the stalls do not have a central aisle so if you are in the middle be prepared to rub up against a few folk!

5 by Jay Patel Review source

Had heard some qualms about legroom but after coming myself and sitting in Stalls row C (the second row from the front of the stage), I'm not sure what people are on about unless they are expecting the ability to extend legs fully in front - I'm nearly six foot with long legs and was happy with the leg room. Everything else was also fantastic - decor, bar, lighting, seat comfort, stage, band, volume, ushers and of course the show itself (Phantom of the Opera).

5 by Stefan Knott Review source

A baroque and old Place, very classy in Look and Feel...and they perform The Phantom of the Opera for a really long Time now. Which doesn't mean that it hast degenerated or has become Routine! No, it means they were able to perfect their craft. Outstanding Performance! The Carlotta was spectacular in her Role. Depending where you are seated, the View may be limited - its an old Building after all. We had seats in the upper Level and it was still okay.

5 by Joachim Adomeit Review source

A classic and fancy theatre decorated in gold, red carpet and giant photos. Really feels like you step into a 19th century theatre. Saw 'The Phantom of the Opera' here and the sound quality, light, and overall production value is really high end. Beware if you have long legs, as it might be a little tight with space between seats. Another thing is watch out so you don't get seats behind a pillar, this may ruin your evening.

5 by Review source

Gorgeous. Absolutely amazing. The singing was perfect, I am so impressed! You can see the stage (reasonably) clearly, and don't get me started on sound effects & lighting; so beautiful! I have a lot of respect for the entire cast and crew. Sure, it is not cheap to visit a musical, but the Phantom of the Opera is definately worth it. I definitely recommend going. What beautiful story with beautiful music and beautiful acting.

5 by Ophelia Review source

I wish I could give this location a higher review as the musical I watched (‘Phantom of the Opera,’) was incredible, but the staff were arrogant, rude, and utterly unpleasant at their best. The pity is, this review would have been perfect if not for them, and their behavior.
My final words have to be, if you are planning on watching anything at this theatre then don’t expect to be treated with any semblance of decency.

2 by Review source

Incredible show of Phantom of the Opera, lost for words there. However, seating space was not pleasant at all. I was seated at Royal Circle E16 (2nd level). Although only 160cm in height, the rows were so narrow that my knees touched the seat before me. Taller audience would find it incredibly uncomfortable and tough to sit through the performance without getting a cramp, I reckon.

4 by Debbie Lee Review source

Beautiful theater and the show (Phantom of the Opera) is absolutely amazing- and I say that as someone who has seen quite a few Broadway shows. The theater is a bit old and run down, but it didn't take away from the show.

Do be careful which seats you get- someone near us had a partially obstructed view because there was a pillar in front of their seat.

5 by Cassie Westfall Eakins Review source

Lovely, vibrant & vivid atmosphere. We went there to witness Phantom of The Opera and that was extremely beautiful. One of the oldest buildings in City of London. Really friendly staff, nice and cozy interior. The stage is just amazing. Make sure you find a good seat to enjoy the play. I would highly recommend this place for drama enthusiasts :)

5 by Anjana Silva Review source

We purchased tickets which was For the balcony restricted view. What they didnt state was although it was slightly restricted the seats were so cramped at 5ft 5 I really struggled with such cramped seating the poor lady in front who was also heavily pregnant also struggled. My knees were hitting my chin.
Just be aware of what seats your booking.

2 by Review source

Be prepared for no personal space - the seats are very close together. My seat was B7 on Grand Circle and I was very pleased with the view and felt quite immersed in the story. (I did a lot of research before buying the ticket). Bathrooms not big enough so expect to wait in a line. Snacks easy to get during the break. Overall a good experience!

3 by Mari-Liis Algma Review source

Awesome awesome awesome, love the place. Can't wait to visit again and see phantom of the opera for the 5th time, amazing show with always an incredible cast. The theatre is a wonderful building, but leg room once seated is a little cramped in certain areas, I'm happy to be cramped just to witness an amazing show.

5 by kevin ballard Review source

I went to the bar for a red wine at the interval and had it presented to me in a plastic cup. I looked around and literally not a single other person had one - I was surrounded by people with regular wine glasses. I have no idea why I was treated differently, racist, ageist, no reason at all? Who knows. Bizarre.

3 by Elise H Review source

We saw Phantom 32 years after we first saw it. Good show but lookeda bit tired...like the theatre.
Her Majesty's needs urgent refurbishment as the seats are creaky and small. There is a nice theatre bar and staff helpful but you felt watching the show that you were back in the 1950's again .

3 by Paul Oliver Review source

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