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3 Bene't St, City Centre, Cambridge, CB2 3QN

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My wife and I found this pub whilst visiting Cambridge recently and enjoyed an early evening drink in a great atmosphere.So we thought we would go back for a pub lunch next day .Bad move . Of two beers I ordered I was told that they were Off !We ordered two chicken hunter sub rolls which took over 40 minutes to be served and the place was hardly a third full . I did chase after 15 minutes waiting but was simply told -It will be a while ! Another couple near us suffered the same delay and when it came the food was disappointing - bread was stale and made the sub inedible , and if we go back it will only be for a drink ....assuming it's not off. Shame as the place has a nice atmosphere. Come on Greene King - you can do better than this !

2 by Review source

Initially wanted to eat at Jamie Oliver's Italian round the corner, but didn't have reservations and, by 5pm, they were fully-booked until 9, so we lowered our sights a bit and decided to just have a quick bite elsewhere.

Decent enough cheap pub grub. Pub does whiff a bit (blocked drain perhaps?) and should be addressed ASAP by the management as we almost walked back out.

Atmosphere is quite nice (cozy) but some of the decor has seen better days; the bench seats in our booth were badly stained and pretty manky.

Overall, recommended for a cheap meal and a pint.

3 by Ian York Review source

Not a pleasant experience. My other half had steak which he requested med/rare. It came like a bit of leather, well overcooked! Should have had peas, tomato and onion rings, only got peas. I had fish which was very nice but should have had pickled onions with it and there were none. Complained to waitress and she just said sorry! Will certainly not be using this place again!

2 by Linda Walton Review source

Average. Very average. Food was ok. I actually expected from a pub with such a good location. Seams to be the norm around Cambridge... I'm not sure weather it's because they think they don't have to put any effort in because 'its Cambridge' and everyone loves Cambridge. Just seams very mediocre in every pub. But very expensive... hmm what what. Rather!

2 by Rik Quinn Review source

26/11/16 Waited 45 mins for the Goujons Sandwich at lunchtime, to be fair, so prepared to wait with a pint. Drink was lovely, food was awful... Sandwich came out cold, with a salad and a side salad and salad in the sandwich. They used frizee and radicchio lettuce in everything which is really bitter. Wouldn't eat that again, but would come back for something else.

1 by Jed Batchelor Review source

found this pub on a visit to cambridge. looks really nice inside and out but when ordering lunch they kept saying they didnt have anything on the menu. had to settle for our 3rd choices after asking what they did actually have. food was ok but nothing to write home about.
and all this on a busy saturday lunch time. first customers through the door!

2 by Review source

Usually a good place for cheap tasty food and a fair array of drinks, but later in the evening they turn the music up so it's into hearing damage levels (over 90 decibels) and refuse to turn it down even a little. We had to leave it was so bad - you couldn't hear the person on the other side of the table unless they were shouting!

2 by Review source

They gave me a bowl of chips by accident, which I greedily ate before they realised they had served the wrong table. I then justified my actions by declaring it was my birthday (it was). They smiled in an 'oh you scamp' sort of way and let me off. So many thumbs up from me for their patience. Chips were great by the way.

5 by Nikolaus Cox Review source

Seems like a bog standard Greene King pub. It has a horrible name, I'm sure it's historic or something, but 'Bath House' just doesn't play as well to the 'normal' tourist that rolls in as part of The Eagle's overflow. BTW, The Eagle is just next door. (it's a better pub)

3 by BRETT PIERCEFIELD Review source

A Yank Abroad ---

Yeah, The Eagle is good. But thought I'd give The Bath House a try. And I wasn't disappointed. Burgers were great, the A/C worked (around 85°F at the time), and the Guinness was cold. All-in-all, liked it very much. The staff was also very cheerful.


4 by Review source

Decent pub, handy for pretheatre drinks. Nice old fashioned feel to the place, good range of beer and wine, extensive menu. On the downside, took forever to get served as there only appeared to be one person behind the bar and the toilets are at the top of a very steep staircase.

3 by Julian Hammond Review source

Went for some food on a Sunday afternoon. Pretty average pub food. Had sausage and mash which was nothing special and a bit cold, beef and Marrow pie which was nice though it came with cold mash, and fish and chips. The fish was over cooked and curry sauce was cold.

3 by Jordon Lazell Review source

This place is really cool. It has cozy and casual atmosphere. The service is polite and helpful. The Bath House is a place where you usually drink but you can eat here as well. The prices are reasonable and food is really tasty. The kitchen close at 9 PM.

5 by Jan Hybš Review source

For when you need an inner city pub that is not too rammed, the Bath House is often a good option. Convenient and nicely appointed with good beers and wines. The acoustics are not to noisy in this pub so you can actually hear conversations with friends.

3 by Andreas Mitchell Review source

They were out of the lamb shepherd pie, and fish and chips, which might be a good sign... but the burger was overcooked and service was slow. I wouldn't avoid returning, but I can't really recommend seeking this location out.

3 by Dan Scheffer Review source

This has lost its slightly traditional feel and has become a little bit ordinary. It's a nice place and they serve some good beers (including some alternative taps behind the bar) but the pub feel wasn't there for me.

3 by Lionel Matsuya Review source

Friendly staff who all got along and appeared to enjoy working there! First trip to Cambridge and I will be going back.
Great prices and good food.
I believe it's under new management so ignore old reviews ☺️

5 by Review source

A lunch order consisting of a jacket potato and a fish finger sandwich took well over an hour, turned up cold and was just downright awful and it wasn't exactly cheap... I'd go elsewhere if I were you!

2 by Josh Swattridge Review source

The pies are good, but the service could improve. We went when it was half empty, but had to remind them to bring the drinks 3 times, and the drinks arrived when we were already half way through our lunch

3 by Bea Monedero Review source

Soup with no bread. How long does it take to produce. Well the clue is in I had finished the soup! Hunters chicken open sandwich? No chicken with chips and no explanation as to why it was subbed.

2 by Review source

I was surprised at how good and economical the food is.
I went with children and they left very happy
It is food to order at the counter as a burger and they take it to the table.

5 by Jorge Arias Review source

Nice atmosphere, but the quality of the food on my particular visit was poor. The roast beef was overcooked and the chicken was dry. I would come again for a drink, but not for food.

2 by Matthew Goode Review source

In Cambridge, it is a local pub.
First the UK, the first pub, the first fish and chips.
Since the beer is ale type, not cold in Kin Kin, I enjoyed firm taste.

5 by 北川拓央 Review source

Great pub in central Cambridge. Decent beer and food selection. Near plenty of restaurants. Usually less crowded than the Eagle, but just a couple doors down.

4 by Review source

Poor service or should I say no service at all. Ignored by bar staff who proceeded to serve customers that had walked in after us. Will not be going here again.

1 by Review source

On Bennet Street in Cambridge you would expect somewhere with a bit of character. Instead you get an utterly banal modern pub with few endearing qualities.

2 by Daniel Berg Review source

Entertaining bar staff, nice environment and central location. Sometimes can be quite loud when busy, but still a nice place to meet up with friends

4 by Souradip Mookerjee Review source

Slightly sticky surfaces during oof-peak hours, very slow service and slightly cold food. Overall acceptable, but poor customer service.

3 by Gio Pace Review source

Nice atmosphere, tables are suitable for big groups, but drinks are a little bit more expensive than elsewhere. Still worth a try though!

4 by Ethan Silverstone Review source

Great pub, go there before and after seeing bands at the corn exchange - good drinks, good prices even seen the band in there after

5 by gareth hughes Review source

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