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Howard Rd, Eaton Socon, Saint Neots PE19 8EX

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Fresh and tasty, a very good range of food. Always spend some time to have a good look around as some items may be in an unexpected location. The melted cheeses are my favourite, as well as the beer flavoured ham.
Usually only have 2 to 3 tills open at a max unless busy where more staff will come and open more tills until the queues have died down.
Friendly staff with a happy attitude, and always happy to help if you just ask them.
Always some good finds in the middle isle's where the more various kind of house/garden/craft kind of items can be found.

4 by Stephen Edwards Review source

Nice and new, a clean new build with a new and interesting array of items in store at low prices. Reminds me of Lidl in many ways, with more own brand items and slightly less world wide names and brands.

A good store to go round and save money on the essentials. with a number of other goods for sale for the home as well. Very impressed and will be coming back soon!

4 by isaac sw Review source

As always with Aldi stores, on entry I got the feeling of not enough attention to detail. Could be cleaner, tidier, brighter.. So many bashed boxes, disorganised piles of stuff, bashed and bruised fruit and vegetables
However, it is cheap, no argument with that.

3 by Edward Boyle Review source

This is the worst store I have ever been into. The staff excel in being rude and the management doesnt care when complaints are made. Luckily St Neots has plenty of very good supermarkets where people can be treated well and have better value for money.

1 by dawn figgis Review source

Fantastic prices - my shop usually costs half than it would at a competitor's. Friendly service and good products. Even their cleaning products rival the big brands. The only downside is the fresh produce doesn't last long. I only shop here

4 by Katherine Henry Review source

It's a 'budget' supermarket! They sell food at low cost and a range of seasonal goods at cheap prices. Not much more you can say other than the parking is plentyfull and free.

5 by Mark Fellowes Review source

Great range of fresh fruits and vegetables, I like the German discounter store concept cause they offer quality food and their employees earn competetive wages and are friendly.

5 by Wimmer Jürgen Review source

So called 'fresh produce' went out of date the next day, so no good for a weekly shop, so much so just left my stuff in the jumble sale of a store and went to lidl!

1 by Ben Mardle Review source

Well layed out Store with disabaled parking (7)places outside the Store with p/c places shared carpark with the other stores on the site so can be crowded at peek times

5 by life bank store Review source

Love the food that they offer and the price is great. Love that they have special buys but if they have a special buy you like it can go quickly. Hence only 4 stars.

4 by Andrew Burden Review source

Always had what I need and weekly deals are great. Have deals on certain fruit and veg weekly and good prices. Large car park but can get full if extremely busy.

4 by Rebecca 2754 Review source

Great range of produce at good price. Always quick to open more tils and restock. Glad to see the range of trollies has improved and they now have seat belts.

5 by Kim Richards Review source

Our family under-rates Aldi because we love a different German super-market chain so much. However, this visit only reminded us how good they both are.

4 by Tom Rawlinson Review source

Although food prices are competitive the service is terrible. We were subjected to an embarrassing case of age discrimination. Manager ineffective.

1 by Roy Figgis Review source

Good parking. Easy to get to on the edge of town. Clean . Good variety of food and specials. Friendly and efficient staff. Great price.

4 by Kimberley Slaney Review source

A new store and always happy friendly staff. Can get very busy at times. Best time to go is around 2pm on a week day. Avoid weekends.

4 by Rob Hood Review source

Very well managed store. Floors are always squeaky clean and the shelves well-stocked. And, of course, you can't beat the prices.

5 by Azmi Levent Özünlü Review source

Amazing selection of produce. But the 'Special items' can often be a bit like a jumble sale and a little overwhelming.

4 by Review source

Store is great, just.ake sure you're out of the car park by 4:20pm, took 20 minutes just to get onto the Great North.

4 by Dave Royal Review source

Great selection . Check out could be good but numpty pack after paying, a great system destroyed by the British public.

3 by Malcolm Wright Review source

Good quality and interesting food and drink, would be 5 stars but getting in/out of car park can take ages at peak times

4 by Steve Jupe Review source

Great store and so close to other stores, parking good and trolley s that work in the direction pushed. Good value food

4 by Linda green Review source

Great place to shop, amazed by the quality of the products and astounded by their prices. Will always shop here now

5 by Nigel Smith Review source

Living locally this is so convenient for a quick shop or a weekly food shop and such good offers on a regular basis

4 by carol Mcfee Review source

Great but I wish there was a self-service corner to avoid long queues if one has only a few items in the basket.

4 by Hicham Seffendji Review source

Good price, good product, I picked up diamond wheel tile cutter for £30 - can't complain about that.

5 by Steve Brown Review source

Superb if not sometimes slightly random choice of goods but over all they never fail to have what I need!

5 by Katheryn Harmer Review source

Can be busy at times but always friendly staff and quality products. Especially the super 6. Great value.

5 by Joe Bloggs Review source

Customers service can be improved,besides this it's a
Lidl with a different logo and name.

4 by Ruslan Kuliuk Review source

Great shop with a lot of space, good quality food and very efficient staff + excellent value for money.

5 by Wayne Pawson Review source

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