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Wilderness Cottage, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU

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Little heads up guys and if this helps, please like this review

If youre local with kids and have easy travel access to Hampton Court Palace, get yourself the Royal Palace Pass. For myself, the Mrs and SIX named children (my two daughters and 4 nieces are our named) it cost £105 for the Year! You can visit the magic garden as many times as you like, as well as the whole palace itself and four others, including the palace at kew gardens, and the tower of London!

Although you are limited to two hours per session, with the pass, we went in the morning from 10 to 12pm. We then went and had our picnic in the palace garden and after being more than an hour away from the Magic Garden, we went back at 130pm for another two hours! Awesome fun and unbeatable value for money.

The Magic Garden is an awesome place! Great for the kids and great for the adults too, as the kids were ocuppied for the entire time we were there!

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5 by FebePops Review source

Great fun -but- it is in London so expect London prices. I wouldn't go there just for magic garden. Pay for the full palace tour online - £50 for me, wife and 11 year old son. Take you own drinks into magic garden as like I said expensive (ex Londoner so use to the hefty prices) great play park for the kids tho. Just not enough actual seating for the adults. Carnage but my boy loved it and that's what counts

4 by Review source

Great little garden and play area for all kids. There a little water features dotted around and lot of things for the kids to do.

Only downside is there is very limited shelter from the sun so be sun smart. Tried offering advice to the staff for shelter in the future but they kept brushing it off and saying it blocks the CCTV.

4 by Review source

Excellent installation. Very well designed. Safe for little children, exciting for older children and adults can do all the same things as the kids! Great fantasy theme on the idea of Henry Eighth and the Tudor court. Cafe and toilets, sandpits and water play, high level walks and great slides.

5 by Eileen Cuthbert Review source

What a place; what a palace. With a sandy beach and a 60ft Dragon; bags of outside area to play in. Food on tap that's not too expensive. Great staff. Not great in the rain I would imagine but ideal for sparking kids imaginations. Places to sit, things to climb.

4 by Victoria Burbidge Review source

Great for kids a really nice playground with lots of things for the kids to climb on and play with. Slides and towers to climb, dragons hidden in caves, tree houses, sand pit and water. Toilets and a cafe along with staff watching and first aid area all good

5 by Daniel Eaton Review source

The kids absolutely loved it! Only one way in or out with staff at the entrance/exit so no need to worry about kids running off and going missing. Nice little tea/coffee shop on site for the parents/guardians with some snack food available if needed.

5 by Ryan Morris Review source

The water sand area was amazing. Even on a chilly day my son loved building and destroying with sand and water. The play castles were also a big hit. I enjoyed the layout giving lots of little areas that felt cozy and hidden.

5 by Review source

Nightmare!!! Far too many people let in. Extremely dangerous. Only 2 Attendants and they were chatting. Ridiculously expensive. You cannot see your children once they're in because it's so crowded. Never again

1 by Review source

Visited here with grandchildren on a very hot Bank Holiday Saturday afternoon. The timed administration session means no overcrowding. A cafe kiosk supplies welcome refreshments. Good quality activity area for children.

5 by Martin Waight Review source

So overcrowded! The they let too many people in. No chance to relax, you have to watch your little ones all the time. ..
Probably much nicer after summer holidays.
Ps. Seriously horrible coffee!

3 by Review source

Very unique play area for the kids...perfect for summer but rain didnt help today. Slides were shut due to rain but still very clean and tidy with lots of staff on hand keeping the place looking great

5 by Review source

We like the playing area. Just don't understand why adults tickets more expensive than kids tickets? Adults don't play there. Just watching the kids ! In fact adults entrance must be free.

4 by I H Review source

New and big, but thats about it from positives. Staff very unprofesional and rude, just chating and looking who they can give hard time or to be bothering about restrictions and rules in park.

2 by Martin Lukas Review source

A great place for little kids unfortunately the water pumps had broken when we were there but they were running a hose. Not huge amounts of shade and can be tricky to keep track of your kids.

4 by Olivia Fennell Review source

Interesting climbing frames and structures for kids to climb on, slide from and run around. Adults can play too or if they prefer, they can buy drinks and snacks and have a picnic.

4 by Marie Benoit Review source

Very good for children but the day we were there it was very warm 27 and there was no cover to sit under so you felt as if you were burning even though we had Sun cream on

3 by Review source

What is there not to love about a place where kids can run around and explore? This amazingly clean and we'll kept playground allows for kids imaginations to soar.

5 by Review source

The building is very attractive and the Magic Maze garden and are really a magical place. For children it is a place of great fun. All well maintained and cared for!

5 by Elena Pinna Review source

Not so magical for kids older then 8. And the time is limited. We were expecting much more 'magic' after wonderful palace and all other gardens.

4 by Slobodan Mlinko Review source

Great fun and well worth the money as u can walk round the beautiful gardens too. Take a swim suit and bucket and spade for the kids. Mine had a fab time.

5 by Natalie Liddle Review source

It is good place for kids but only for good and warm weather. And 20£ per family entrance is showing how the owner is caring just for money and profit.

3 by Tsvetomir Slavov Review source

Very busy, definitely suited for under 5 as seating area limited. Gets long queues mid morning and remember change of clothing for the little ones!

4 by Pat Ndungu Review source

Was very busy because of sunny bank holiday weekend and we had to queue for about 45 minutes but worth the wait - the kids loved it.

5 by Glen Long Review source

Great place for a spontaneous day out with kids. Well thought out space with amusements for very young kids or slightly older ones.

5 by Review source

Lovely place for the kids. Really really needs more bathroom facilities. Ridiculous having only 2 stalls for hundreds of children.

4 by Review source

Good location great for the kids lacking in seating for the adults and picnic tables as you are not allowed picnic blankets.

4 by Stan Petch Review source

Went there with the family my 1st time
At the magic garden its ideal for children
Specially if you live near.

4 by Linda Butcher Review source

Absolutely amazing. So well done. Kids love it and so do I. Vegetable garden just outside magic garden is spectacular

5 by Alex Weetch Review source

The 9 kids in our party (ages 7-10) had an amazing time for 3 solid hours and had to dragged out by their ears.

5 by Alison Thomson Review source

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