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I visit Beamish museum every other month with my mom and little sister. Once you pay for a ticket, you can re-use it as many times as you want within 12 months. It's a great day out, and I don't believe you can see everything in just one visit - hence the multiple returns! There are 2 cafes onsite, one at the entrance and one further into the village, where you can get hot and cold food, or simply sit in with a tea and scone. There is also an amazing fish and chip shop in the pit village alongside a little coffee shack serving hot and cold drinks with a few nibbles. Bare in mind the fish and chip queue can take anywhere from 15 mins to an hour, but they are most definitely worth it! They are cooked in beef dripping and you get a huge portion too!
There is a bakery and a sweet shop in the village, which serve nostalgic treats from times gone past... You can also watch the sweets being made in the back of the shop, and they also hand out free samples!
There is a funfair within Beamish, which allows you to ride on the carousel and have a go at the coconut shy!
Obviously all of this is in addition to the amazing historic adventures you will go on travelling throughout the huge museum... All of the employees are dressed as they would of been back in the 40s, and they never lose character throughout your visit. You can visit them within their homes baking shortbread, felting blankets, or simply tending to their gardens and livestock.
You also have the opportunity to go down into a mine to see how they would have spent their days working and digging for coal.. and you also travel throughout the villages on trams!

I have only slightly touched on the amazing experiences of Beamish, you really need to visit here to see for yourself!

5 by Review source

Spent a lovely unny afternoon here in May 2018. It was mid week and not very busy so we had a relaxing time ambling around looking at the various exhibits.

The exhibits themselves are well designed to give a view of various decades of life in a Northern English village. The period costumes of the staff and the fact that the majority of those exhibits are actually part of the original Beamish village makes the whole thing feel very authentic.

The attractions are spaced well apart but the 'Omnibus' and Tram services make a great way to get between them and cater for all abilities with the original looking busses equipped for wheelchairs and those less able.

A great day out for Museum goers or adults just looking for something to do but, in my opinion, probably not as much fun for youngsters. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I think it would be quite a different experience if you booked your tickets and the. It was cold or rainy.

To finish on a positive note though, the tickets you do buy last for 12 months so you can try again if the weather isn't favourable.

4 by Wayne Fletcher Review source

First time I'd been here and it was great. We love museums, and this was something else. So big, so much to see and do.

My wife is disabled, she's in a powered wheelchair. Disabled parking is really close to the museum entrance, but then you've got people parking adjacent to, or even on dropped curbs.

There was a big, massive queue to get in, but because we'd booked online, we were able to skip the queue and probably half an hour of waiting.

We were told that there were no accessible buses or trams to get around on by one of the greeters, but a couple of hours in, we actually saw a bus with a wheelchair lift. Previously the greeter told my wife she'd have to leave her wheelchair there, unattended at the entrance, if she wanted to use a bus.

There were lots of queues inside, but thankfully everywhere took debit card payments.

We're going to go again, it would be better if more places were wheelchair accessible here, but I guess it's difficult.

5 by Peter Smith Review source

We visited on one of the Christmas Evenings and, in short, I was a bit disappointed. To begin with it was positive. The staff in the entrance were friendly and guided us through, checking our tickets very smoothly. The first part where we were all welcomed with fruit punch and a biscuit was promising too but I felt it went downhill a bit from there. Despite being given a map it was tricky to know if we were going the right way or not. There weren't enough signs directing us to things such as santas grotto. Some of the staff were less than jovial with the guy manning the garage in the village downright rude to our 7 year old sons questions. It all felt a bit sparse. A bit too spread thinly. I think next year I'll stick to a daytime visit. I was expecting something fairly magical for £60 for the 4 of us, I don't think it's worth all that extra money. My advice: visit during the day and spend your £60 on one of the other local Christmas experiences. 6/10

3 by Emma Bollands Review source

I could spend days here and still not see it all. Fortunately the ticket you buy for the day, whilst rather expensive, is valid for a year and so many return visits can be made to the museum. There is so much to see and do and explore from the colliery; the farm; the main village with its sweet shop, car repair shop complete with car showroom, Dentist's surgery displaying some gruesome tools of the trade, a genuine Freemasons' Lodge which was moved here brick by brick from Durham; the park with bandstand which has musicians playing on certain days; lots of houses to enter and explore; and trams and horse pulled carts to get you from place to place; the Pit Hill Methodist Chapel and the old school house, next door. Plus, if you've any time left at the end of your visit, there is the gift shop when you leave. I can't recommend this museum enough … even kids that get bored by the very idea of museums will be asking you to go back here!!

5 by Review source

Absolutely great site with village, station, coal mine and pit village as they might have been in 1913. There's a farm and hamlet which recalls the 1940s wartime years and a Georgian hall which is furnished in the manner of a late Georgian yeoman's house or that of a modestly well-off landowner. Finally, the wagon way has an early locomotive and carriages which to me seemed to be the prototype for the Ninky Nonk from 'In the Night Garden.' Trams, train and early buses - DO NOT get nostalgic about the ride of early buses with solid tyres. Tickets are valid for a year. The only slight disappointment was that we were told that the items on sale in the period shops would all be on sale in the shop at the main entrance (and exit). We opted for the latter to avoid carrying items around, only to find out that the range of goods was limited and a bit 'touristy'. Moral, if you see an item earlier on, buy it.

5 by John Lindley Review source

Need more than a day for this place. Arrived at opening time on a Saturday in March and already quite busy so had to queue for 20 mins to get in. the £19 annual personalised ticket was quite complicated for the cashiers to register with a lot of typing to do one fingered (surely keyboards win over touch screens for speed?). However once inside the buses and trams were frequent with no queues and despite it being 3rd week in March it was T-shirt weather so very pleasant. All the staff we spoke to were amazing - very passionate about the place and willing to answer whatever questions were asked. Fish and Chips were great - but again a 40 minute wait in a queue - I'm glad this was not height of the season!
All in all a lovely day - and we will be going back to see more and make the most of our £19 ticket. Well Done

4 by Denny Cornell-Howarth Review source

Excellent experience showing how people survived in a bygone time without running water, electricity, gas, central heating, etc.
From the 1800's to the 1950's (coming soon), you can visit Victorian towns and shops, Olde English farms, Olde English Pub, ride on trams or take a vintage bus ride.
You can experience food being homemade in the houses, Victorian sweet shop making sweets, and a Baker baking cakes, biscuits and savouries.
There's also a short steam railway journey you can experience too.
Far too much to mention and the restaurant (period styled) offers amazing traditional food as well.
Loads to see and do, so your ticket(s) last for a full year....! Bargain!!!
Would give it 10 stars if I could.
Can't wait to see the finished 1950's town.

5 by Richard Taylor Review source

Fantastic 'ye olde world' place to visit - quite expensive when paying for a few, but the tickets last a year so well worth a second trip. My advice is to get there for when it opens, as theres so much to see you need a full day. We got a lovely warm loaf of bread to share between the seven of us and ripped bits off while walking round.
My only slight niggle was that we took our v small dog as it's a dog friendly place, but we couldn't all go together in the cafe as no dogs allowed. Many cafes now have an area where well behaved dogs can go, shame Beamish doesn't. All the staff were knowledgeable when we asked questions and the guys in the engine sheds were particularly good and even took my husband round the back to look at more engines while it was quiet.

5 by Sue Darling Review source

This is a fantastic attraction that is developing further and will soon need 2 days to see everything - gift aid tickets allow unlimited return visits in 12 months.
The site is split into different time periods/themes and buses/trams do a loop both ways round the site.
The restaurant in the 1900 town offers good value, I really enjoyed the Masonic hall and the 1940s farm.
There is plenty of toilets and rest areas.
I recommend that you buy a guide book, at a 125 pages it isn't a map of the museum and some blurb but a very informative guide to the exhibits - the theme of each house, why there is a slate beside the back gate, where the buildings came from and a bit about how people lived and worked; it will add to your experience.

5 by B F Review source

This is an excellent trip out, especially at a relaxed pace. I'm glad it is expanding too, so will hopefully have even more to do in months and years ahead. One ticket gives you a year of unlimited entry so this can be excellent value if you live local enough. Dogs are allowed in the grounds, just not in most buildings I believe. There are a few different eateries dotted around the site, or places to have a picnic. There are regular trams, buses and even horse and carts around the site, although these can be busy even on off peak days. At the end of the day expect to queue to get back to the exit. Good to look at or ride on though. There's a contsantly changing programme of events so keep an eye out for them!

5 by Daniel McGwinn Review source

Exelent day out !!! Try the cheese and onion pies from the bakery, but get there early as they soon run out.. we went to Dave’s fish and chip shop as they use a coal fired fryer and cook in beef dripping. From the door the wait was about one hour! It was a hot day and hotter in the chip shop! People were getting inpatient and agitated. More cooing fans would be good, also maybe some free chips for people to pick at as they wait. Make sure get a drink when you can as there’s not many places and there’s always a wait. Fish and chips were very nice. They cost £6.95 for a full fish and chips or you can have dab and chips (dab is half a fish) for £4.95. A bottle of water is £1.50.

5 by Lee Taylor Review source

Wonderful place tastefully done up to represent various periods from the past. Large parking area at the front. Getting here was a little bit problematic as signs dissappeared only to reappear later.
Once inside there is only one option in terms of tickets. £19 or so for a year long pass. Alternate options are needed. Not everyone wants to return the same year. There are loads of tills but when we got there only two were opened with really long queues.
Teams, trains all from the periods. Shops, school, houses, farms with real farmyard animals... Just wonderful. People in period costume, who know their stuff.
Overall, great educational experience for everyone.

4 by Venk Sathya Review source

Great place to visit and continues to be developed, I noticed a good few new additions since my last visit. You should leave yourself a full day as there is a lot to see, the 1900 town being the top attraction. The ticket you are issued with gives you follow up access for a full year, so if you are staying close by then you could split the visit over a couple of days if they suited better.
They are trams and buses running between the areas but you can also walk. The restaurant in the 1900 town gets very busy around 1pm so try and avoid going there at that time of you can possibly avoid it.

5 by Kev Scott Review source

Beamish is an incredible place to go to where you can immerse yourself in the Victorian and Edwardian era. It feels like travelling back in time. The place is so picturesque and the “villagers” and “townspeople” enhance the experience even further when they interact with the guests. Food was great and reasonably priced. We went there on a weekday and it was January so there weren’t absolutely no crowds. My only complaint was guests should be required to dress appropriately 1900s style as they go around Beamish to complete the immersive experience, but that would be asking for too much then.

5 by Dean Funk Review source

Could easily spend the day here so much to see and do. The kids love seeing history come alive food is a bit pricey, but given how cheap a yearly unlimited visit pass is you don't mind spending a bit more. Excited to see how the massive new expansions will look when it's finished will need 3 days there to see everything. Well worth a visit for anyone of any age can't recommend it enough, with helpful staff and well placed amenities across the massive site and different events for every season and occasion you will want to make the most of the yearly pass.

5 by Simon Foster Review source

This place is fantastic.theres plenty to see and do for all ages. Great for older family member to show and explain their past to the younger members of their group. It brings back your childhood memories from your home to the community. There is even a fairground with shuggy boats which is always a good favourite with folk and a good excuse for adults to get on too. obviously only to help the young ones!! Dogs also allowed with leads on at all times.Buses available to aid getting around with one having wheelchair accessability too.

5 by Lynda Mcmahon Review source

An absolutely great experience. Fantastically family-friendly. Perhaps by far one of the best experiences I have had in the UK. This place really gives you a good overview off old days Britain. I must say it does have a strong sense of history and Culture at this place. I had a family day out there and the entire family enjoyed themselves. I must say though the restaurants and food option they are really expensive. Drinks are also really expensive. So make sure you bring plenty of money if you are going to go to this place.

5 by Dwayne Lloyd Barnett Review source

Beamish Museum is one of the greatest museums in the world covering a huge and very scenic outdoor site you can spend many hours here. The site comprises a farm, a town complete with railway station and steam train, there is a mine a church, a school and much more, it just goes on and on. There are different time zones and the latest town complete with working cinema that is currently under construction represents the fifties and sixties if I'm right. Truly a remarkable place Beamish and just wonderful for families.

5 by roger hempsall Review source

This was a good day overall. The day could have been better if the staff / volunteers in the chemist actually interacted and was not talking about what they were doing that night. I was wanting a demo on tablet making. Had the same experience for the sweet demo making where they told us to come back in 15 minutes, nothing to see now. The Tuna in the sandwich bought in the tea room was cheap and overly fishy. At £4.10 I would expect a good quality sandwich nit something that I had to leave. I will not be rushing back.

3 by Richard Crow Review source

Love coming to Beamish. During the winter months there are only certain areas that are open. When the whole museum is open it's a great place to spend a whole day for kids and adults alike. I came here in December for one of the Christmas nights. It's a lovely place to walk around at Christmas but would advise people to get there for opening time as the queues can get long and there is a bit of a wait to get in. The fish and chip shop here is lovely, there is a gift shop and a cafe here as well.

5 by Fiona Green Review source

Brilliant place to take the family in all weathers, though bring a brolly, as there can be a lot of walking before you reach a shelter depending where you are. A great variety of attractions including a town complete with bakery, pub, sweet shop, fair. Pit village with a fish and chip shop. Opportunity to go into an old pit underground to experience the conditions our not-so-distant ancestors may have. Staff very enthusiastic which is great to see. Pay once for all year is a great idea. Parking is ample.

5 by Steve Petch Review source

Fantastic place for a day out! The tickets are relatively pricey, but they are valid for a year so if you live nearby it's well worth it. We visited with a 1 year old and with a pushchair, which was manageable but I'd probably try and take a carrier next time, as most of the teams and buses only have space for one pram so I'd somebody has beaten you, you have to wait for the next one.

The bakery in the town is particularly lovely, and there is lots to look at and discover.

5 by Charlotte Bell Review source

Absolutely love this place with amazing attention to historical detail.
Quite pricey for a single visit, but well worth it as more than enough to fill a day. Also your ticket is actually a year pass so you can return as often as you like. We live about 60 miles away and have returned many times.
Shops on site are not too pricey and the little pub has lovely beer.
Also recommend ice buns from the bakery and excellent fish and chips in the mining village from coal fired fryers.

5 by Dan Pattimore Review source

Such an expansive attraction to describe in just a few words. Definitely not to be missed! Great activities across the park for any school-age kids, but can be tough to keep toddlers engaged. Transit around the park on antique-modelled trucks and genuine antique electric-tram railcars. All staff we interacted with were aĺl 5-star, very helpful and knowledgeable. Tickets allow year-long re-entry if you live reasonably close. as you will be pressed to see everything in a single visit.

4 by Nicholas Holpuch Review source

I love the place and thankfully live close enough for multiple visits with the yearly pass. I only wish they had more staff in the food outlets, namely bakery, sweet shop and fish & chip shop as the waits here are always excessive. As sampling the food of the day is also an experience I wish they ensured that they didn't run out of certain food items... no cheese pie, no sausage rolls, no cobs.... biscuits only etc... Cant wait for the 50's build.

4 by Review source

This is a fantastic day out for Families! Very interesting, educational and fun! You feel a bit 'lost' most of the time, which can be annoying when trying to navigate your family towards food or a specific attraction. This could be solved with better sign posts, a better map (which may already exist and we just missed it!) or a guiding app for your phone. With an annual pass in our pockets, we've been twice already and plan to visit again soon.

5 by Gary Carse Review source

Best chips ever from their chip shop! Very impressed by the transport around the site, in traditional buses and trams. I can't come here without a visit to the bakery, it's fantastic! The staff and volunteers are very friendly and overall atmosphere is lovely. Very educational and a great day out, either for a full day of fun and exploration or for an hour or two. There's always something different to do and they host lots of events.

5 by Samantha Hackers Review source

Only two and a half hours drive from Edinburgh, Beamish is the place to go for those who want to step back in time and experience how our forefathers lived. Beautifully recreated it has the town itself, colliery, farm, retro railway station (the best part for me being a steam locomotive enthusiast). A great experience for young children to learn how it was before the age of technology took over! Go see, and have a thoroughly great family day out.

5 by John Anderson Review source

This is a fantastic day out. There's a farm with all the usual animals. Real trams to ride on, the 1920s town with shops , a pub , bakery, dentist and more. Railway station with free rides on steam train. Old fashioned fairground. The pit village has the old pit cottages and school, and you can go down into the coalmine , our kids loved it. The entrance fee allows you to return as many times as you wish within one year of purchase.

5 by Brian Mason Review source

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