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The staff were friendly enough but for a video conference mortgage application meeting- nothing had been set up and nothing worked. The printer was out of order; the second monitor and the pc was not working. Which meant every line of the application had to be read out instead if being able to screen share. We had to run and find a staff to get print outs from somewhere else- all this meant a 3 hour meeting took about 5 hours to finish. To make it worse they don't have toilets for customers at the branch- so after 5 hours was asked to walk to John Lewis! Will never use this branch again. Also very understaffed for the amount of customers they receive.

1 by Divya Kumar Review source

Understaffed and never seem to have business advisers who can help on business accounts - taking both my business and personal accounts elsewhere. Would not recommend for small business or personal accounts.

Now moved to Metro Bank - they seem keen to have my business and you can walk in any time without an appointment and connect with your account manager - time will tell how good they are but certainly their web based account management is streets ahead of HSBC.

1 by Ian Millar Review source

The staff was incredibly rude. When i asked to speak to a manager i had to deal with a very unprofessional attitude therefore i decided to go to a different bank to open my account. Dealing with HSBC in general was an unpleasant experience for me and yet again they have proved me that they are an unreliable business even though i kept trying multiple times to communicate with them (over the phone or in the branch)

1 by Review source

Would not recommend for society accounts at all, as it is inordinately difficult to change the mandate or do anything with the account! Their staff in branch seem to know nearly nothing about their own system for community accounts, and their 'business specialists' are rarely available. They messed up our recent mandate change, so we are now moving bank as we have had enough hassle.

2 by Izzy Sealey Review source

Terrible customer service, not willing to help and explain the problem to a loyal customer. I had to come 3 times in last 2 weeks and they are not still able to solve out my strugle. Definitelly changing for diferent bank company after this experience.

1 by Aneta Pilčíková Review source

As useless as it could be.... Why in the world should you state to be open, when all you do is providing the cash points??? This is the last thing that this useless bank has done to me, will close my account very soon!

1 by Review source

Not been in a branch for a long time, so don't know if this is typical of all HSBC branches or just this one - but excellent customer service and attention, including a complementary hot drink while I waited!

5 by Sarah Lee Review source

I had to provide evidence of income to open an account. The staff at this branch didn't know what to do. They didn't send anything off, so the application got cancelled.

1 by Ieuan Evans Review source

Unbelievably bad customer service. Staff unwilling to help. As a premier customer (or as any customer really), I expect better.

1 by Review source

On the phone waiting 15 minutes then it tells you only 6 minutes, then back up to 15 minutes waiting.very bad.

1 by Review source

Great welcoming service - really helpful. No local telephone number to book an appointment

4 by Richard Wishart Review source

Very poor customer service at branch , as well
wasting time on telephone banking

1 by anil fernandes Review source

HSBC is terrible, staff don't have control and responsibility on what they do.

1 by Review source

Incredibly poor customer service. Unprepared and incompetent staff throughout.

1 by Review source

Can't print statements with addresses on? What are branches good for?

1 by Damian M Review source

Generally good service but can be quite disorganised and long wait times.

3 by Samuel Macdonald-Walker Review source

Potentially guilty of grand fraud. Other than that, a standard bank.

2 by Duncan Stibbard Hawkes Review source

Welcoming and efficient at the start.

4 by Review source

Very friendly

4 by Jordan Wong Review source