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This is the best shop ever! If it weren't for the location I'd give it five stars, but it's just too busy in London it drives me potty. It was worth the stress of fighting through the crowds to get there though because they sell so much cool stuff, most of which you never knew you needed. But trust me you do! If you like cute, cheap, useful, useless, quirky...well...everything... then this is the place for you. The lady who served me was also lovely!

4 by Hayley Murphy Review source

I love tiger. Always great to walk around in there and see all the weird and wonderful gadgets. Not sure I ever go in there knowing what I want but always leave with something I love. Don't make the mistake of thinking you won't need a basket. You will want a basket. Trust me. Stay away from any gadgets that may require quality engineering (mirrors, stands etc) as the quality here is not the best. Great for crafts and quirky gifts.

5 by Jessica Comninos Review source

This is a fun store that you can browse around in for hours. It's filled to the brim with all kinds of knick knack products, whacky, playful, useful, trivial. From a coloured notebook to a toothbrush holder, from a bottle to a lamp, you're sure you find something you can pick up. But it's an expensive place. That doesn't exactly put off people though because there's a long line at the checkout counter.

4 by Mala Bhargava Review source

For someone like me who has no idea about shopping whatsoever for gifts Tiger is a great shop.
There are loads of small and interesting things in there.
Great shop for the Christmas present shopping.
I am sure they will have plenty going on for the post Christmas sales as well, so am going there to get some small and interesting New Years gifts.
Great shop and the staff are helpful as well

5 by Russtafa B Review source

Great shop. Fantastic service. Ideal place for presents of people of all ages. I have 7 products i bought from here 5 years ago and are still great quality and working til today. Every time i cemtral i make a point to pop in here to look around. Its busy as its oxford street but very comfy to walk around although it does get crowded often. The staff are excellent though. Well trained and so friendly.

5 by Pat Walter Review source

Tiger has a wide selection of items for sale. You'll usually find dressing up accessories, stationery, homewares, games, snacks, pet toys, arts and crafts, electronics accessories and more. It's reasonably priced and the items are generally quite well made, although some are of dubious use to humanity! I enjoy wandering through to see if there's anything useful but it can be quite busy.

4 by Ed Norris Review source

Tiger is one of my favourite shops to go into! I can easily spend a good hour in there without realising. The products are always exciting and easy to locate (as they're all usually dedicated to a new 'theme' or function) I'm very interested in the designs and new items that come in and always excited to collect the new patterns and stationery - and of course Tote bags!

5 by Natalie Lambert Review source

Fun fun fun. They even sell 2 bottles of cold water for £1 full stop also got the fridge stocked of San Pellegrino flavoured canned drinks. Next to them they've got their snacks and swords. So by the time you've gone round the store you can pick up a snack and then go in the fridge and get yourself a drink. What more could you ask for the price is a fantastic

5 by H de Review source

This place has all the little quirky things you need but don't know where to get. Everything is quite cheap/affordable. Blank canvases for painting, nice selection of spices (including Himalayan pink salt), pre-made bullet journals, rugs, funky reading glasses, candles of all colors, lamps... my favorite is the toilet fishing game. Good gifts for kids/friends.

5 by Bianca Mulaney Review source

This is a really cute store for cute little useless trinkets and such. So, if you're a hoarder like me, this is the place dreams are made of. You can get things like miniature shopping baskets for your dressing table and really funky clocks. It's also a great place for Secret Santa gifts and fun stationery.

4 by Chinua Chidi Ilobi Review source

Really enjoyed visiting TIGER. It's filled with so much things you can't imagine how it fit such a cute store. From bathroom accessories and kitchen tools to office/student supplies and party needs, they've got it! ;-)

5 by Mark Jacinto Review source

I love this shop! It's like a small IKEA :-D Always going there 'just have a look' and buy something there. Great decoration, awesome stationery,.... If you need something, whatever it is, go to lovely Tiger :-D

5 by Lucie Masopustová Review source

interesting gifts, reasonably priced. load of fancy stuff, kids will love it as you can't leave the shop without buying some stuffs
mini supermarket trolley and basket @ 4 pound each, fancy and stylish stationery

5 by Kovila Mareemootoo Review source

Worst service ever!!! Lady at cashier took my passport away to show another personnel because she couldn't compare name in passport with credit card!!!!!!!! Un-acceptable behavior so preferred to NoT buy from them.

1 by Abeer Bureki Review source

Love Tiger! Unique gifts and good quality low priced essentials. Main downside is they don't hold stock for long, so if you like something and want more, when you go back they'll have changed the range

5 by Jess Holt Review source

Fun shop with innovative accessories and you can get great clever toys for the youngsters in your family. I got a glowing do it yourself dino skeleton / 3d puzzles. I'm almost putting it together myself ;P

5 by Aga Kowalska Review source

Really nice selection of all sorts of colourful products, from decorations to stationery, at extremely low prices. The only downside is the fact that the place is quite small and it tends to get crowded easily.

4 by Silviana Cimpian Review source

This is one of the best stationery and general items store you will find around oxford area, London. I was mere a vistior to this place who end up buying loads of stuff for my kid and home. A MUST VISIT STORE.

5 by MOHIT ALEGAONKAR Review source

This place is amazing for the stuff they sell.

Like a smaller version of Ikea and has everything for birthday party's and just to make the home more homely!

The prices are cheap!

4 by Jack Bourne Review source

Careless customer service supervisor name Petra was rude . On label says 2for £1 she refuse to sell me on label price . Disappointing experience first time shopping in tiger and got bad customer service

1 by Review source

They have a great selection of stuff, but when I got home some of the packaging was empty - check before you buy!
The coloured dinner candles are all through colour and in a bunch of nice colours.

3 by Kitten McTavish Review source

Love Tiger! A good selection of knick nacks and other bits purchased for the kids Christmas. Just wish there were more of these outside central London as miss the one that used to be in Romford.

4 by paul samuels Review source

Not convenient at all for wheelchairs. It may very well have a accessible entrance for wheelchairs, but getting around in there is not that easy at all. That's because their so busy though.

5 by Viv Williams Review source

It's always a great store full of wimsi and happiness I try not go in to them because I always ended up buying something! So I suggest walk in with your eye closed for as long as you can.

5 by Alexis Suarez Review source

I just love this place I always aim to just pop in and look but inevitably leave with a basket full. Staff carefully wrapped my items and still managed to upsell from the till point!!

5 by James Scott Review source

I come here for cheap houseware which I know are great to use for a short period of time. Some of my recent favourite buys are double-sided gift wrapping paper and a woven basket.

4 by Wii Lu Review source

Good selection of home good and gifts at a decent price.
You're not going here for top quality out a designer feel but it's good for investing takes on basic items

4 by Jonathan Dempsey Review source

Hilarious, affordable all fun stuff, that you might or might not need emulating IKEA in its plethora of goodies! Something there for everyone, also fashionable and topical

4 by nick leaf Review source

It's those stores that sell everything unnecessary. You go and come out with something. Pure things that you do not need but that are beautiful and end up buying.

3 by Pilar Enciso Review source

Sometimes I walk up and down the aisles just for fun. It's like a mini Danish IKEA -- great for simple gifts, kids toys, cards, and chocolate covered rice cakes.

5 by Katie Williams Review source

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