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If I could give it a 0 I would.
I was so excited to go and try their jerk chicken and dumpling burger with my daughter (5 years old).
When I got there (busy as usual) stated by pictures, I've ordered a lot of food.
Leaving the shop, some of my order was missing and the food dropped due to too much food in one bag.

Each incident happened all in one day.
1st incident was that they didn't put my coleslaw in the bag.
2nd incident, there was so much food in the bag. So whilst going back to the shop to get my missing orders, the bag rips outside the shop (very embarrassing) and had to make my daughter age 5 stand out side all by herself while I went in the shop to get another paper bag :| . All I got was here you go..... Not even sorry or a good will...
3rd incident before driving off( car was parked far away) I made an order for 15 wings!!!!!
There was only 5!?!?!??? Went back to the shop for the THIRD time and asked for my wings as they've forgot to cook,(was fuming!) all I got from the mixrace boy(who shouts oders) apologies and told me that my wings are being made.

At the end of the day, I WILL not be coming back and the food is over rated. Food was poor and cold!
My daughter is really young and started crying because she saw how stress I was due to the poor service i.e food missing, bag ripping, rude staff and food being cold. Due to my daughter crying and her telling me at the age of 5 not to come back, is really really sad. My wife being jamaican wasn't happy with the quality as the jerk was bought from Tesco.

Very bad first experience!
And for making my daughter cry, I will never ever come back here again.
Tried calling the shop to let them know how rubbish their customer service is and wanted to speak to the manager but no answer.
There was no one to talk to as they were all busy and serving customers. What are you meant to do???? Stop them from ordering and shout at the shop.

Upset that they made my daughter cry and the food being cold and not authentic carrabean. Really dry and their fruit punch is not really special, they just added more sugar to it...

Better go BlueJays in Croydon for better jerk.
As a Muslim and being in Ramadan, I would advise you not to go there.
Not even the owner could reply to this as I've been waiting to hear from him/her.


1 by M P Review source

So I wanted to get a quick bite to eat with my girl and I told her about this place I saw on Insta little did I know, it’ll be the last time coming here. 1st of all the place its way too small ... service was terrible. The lady said it’ll take 20 mins ... 45 mins later they said another 5 mins ... 15 mins later untill I complained that’s when my order came. To put the icing on the cake ... as I got back to the car I realised they only put one cutlery - so am I suppose to eat with my hands and watch my girl eat with knife and fork ... If you are after something quick, don’t order!!! If you have an hour to wait, then I would recommend this place. The food wasn’t what I expected. The Mac n cheese had too much oil, the sweet potatoe chips was nice however, after all that long wait I lost my appetite. Honestly, best thing about this place I would say is the fruit punch even thoe it’s was £3!

1 by Hytham Sempa Review source

Not a 'chicken shop', definitely something more. The jerk wings (which I lucked out and got a double order of) were perfect, for me. The balance of spices, salt, texture, and the quality of the wings themselves was perfect. The best wings I've ever had, bar none. The BBQ wrap was made with tender and moist grilled breast, flavourful sauce and coleslaw was great, and the rice 'n peas was excellent as well (topped with some kind of special sauce, not sure what it was, but it rounded out the meal very well). Highly recommended, would chicken again 10/10. Edited to add: Also very quick delivery from Deliveroo, they got it to me by White City in 16 minutes!

5 by Ryan White Review source

The food was delicious! Yummy! Mmmmm!
Ordered Dumpling Jerk Chicken burger, Special chicken, Jerk Wings, BBQ Wings, normal Wings, normal fries and sweet potato fries. Everything was delicious but the chicken pieces were a little dry. The Fruit punch was okay but overhyped.
Worse part of this place was the waiting time, I waited about 50 minutes after my order. Took forever. And because of that I will not be returning. This place was also full of Hood Rats lol, they can’t pull their trousers up and also have their hands in their pants. Thought the prices would deter these kids.

3 by Kamal Miah Review source

Chicken dumpling burger was nice and fluffy, the meat (jerk) chicken, very tender and tasty (add extra avocado&cheese), it's worth it. Jerk wings were great and perfectly spicy too! The fruit punch is delicious (would be better with a splash of rum) ;) Sweet potato fries are yummy and perfectly cooked, crunchy&soft inside. The side salad is a joke (too small!)
The place is quite small, tables needs to be refurbished/cleaned though. We can see the kitchen which is not a bad thing. Should put a sink at least to wash hands (no toilets in the restaurant indeed)

4 by suzana marie-antoine Review source

By far the best chicken in West London. Jerk chicken, rice and peas, bbq wings and the list goes on. Without exaggeration, the entire menu is delicious. I usually order fried chicken, sweet potato fries and the infamous coleslaw. My husband is obsessed with the BBQ chicken and the rice and peas and also the coleslaw. Easy parking, lovely vibe and really friendly staff. everything is cooked fresh on the premises and you can taste the quality in the food. One of my fav restaurants to dine in, and take away too, for those naughty lunch cravings!

5 by Review source

All the negative comments are just hating. At the very least the food is on point. The dumpling burger is a concept dish that is not only tasty but slightly addictive. This will see people travelling all over London to visit this restaurant. The service is exceptional considering the demand. It’s an open kitchen so you are able to see your food being prepared. Additionally this place has a great youthful community feel and demonstrates the fusion between Caribbean and London food palettes. Hats off to the owners

5 by Rebecca Russell Review source

First experience, was (customer service nightmare) lady who was serving was ignorant and rude, I asked for BBQ chicken repeatedly, perhaps she needs hearing aids, almost felt like dashing the chicken wings in her face when it finally arrived.

Respect and Manners goes a long way regardless of age !!

Remember however you conduct yourself will be fed back on your reviews..

Far too expensive to be disrespected when am spending money.

1 by Zed Red Review source

Not one to do reviews, But sorry due to the disappointment over this food i feel i should let others know. wings unseasoned! and just dip in bbq sauce & the jerk wings...well i have never tasted anything as poor as this before....Rice and peas...a complete joke bland with no taste, the only thing that was ok was the fried plantain( which you cant mess up really, you just fry it) THIS IS NOT A QUALITY WEST INDIAN SHOP!!

1 by Logic411 . Review source

Tried the spot because it's always full and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I made a order of jerk wings but was disappointed when I told they never had any due to no delivery that day. Instead I ordered the Jerk chicken with rice and peas. The jerk chicken was dry and unseasoned, Don't think it even had any sauce on it. It was over priced due to the quality. Won't be returning anytime soon.

2 by Chris Jordan Review source

Waiting 50 minutes for an order is not acceptable. Chicken Kitchen need to sit down and come up with a better system. Currently they are not able to keep up with the sheer number of customers. They have a great business but it is flawed.

Despite their shortcomings I thoroughly enjoyed my meal especially the fried dumplings, they were perfection ❤. Side note: CASH only.

3 by Zuri Black Review source

Good food. Well priced. It's a small restaurant that has become immensely popular with the locals, so you can imagine it can get very crowded. Be prepared to wait 20 to just place an order. But it will be worth it in the end. They kept the menu simple and very much focused around the chicken with a good variety; jerk, grilled, BBQ and fried. The fries are so good here.

5 by Abu Taher Review source

Extortionate prices combined with POOR customer service - would not recommend. The TINIEST dumplin burger with a pathetic excuse of a chicken breast was £6 and a tiny carton drink (koolaid) was £3. Food was just dashed on the table without any consideration. Dumb prices you’re better off going bagel king for better customer service and good value for your money.

1 by Zahida Fazal Review source

generally good food, nice polite staff...I've tried most things on the menu & to be honest nothing really only fault would be possibly the price of the fruit punch, and sometimes it's made a little bit TOOOOOO sweet, like diabetes in a bottle sweet...but other than that? no complaints, I'd recommend for sure!

4 by Review source

Quality jerk chicken, freshly cooked to order, amazing dumpling, plantain & waffle. I'm a frequent visitor for take away & this isn't just a 'chicken shop' it's more like an authentic Caribbean Nandos.

Only problem is a lack of visible menu from the outside - surely that would attract more patrons?

5 by Nev T Review source

Can’t go wrong with bbq wings. Mac n cheese wasn’t very cheesy...seemed like it was just plain past with cheese on top rather than being mixed in as well. Fruit punch literally taste like straight sugar so not much to taste in that. However the people are nice. I’d go back for just the chicken everything else was almost just disappointing

3 by Sherifat Magbade Review source

Ate here with some friends today. Ordered quite a bit as we wanted to try as much as possible.
Portions were generous and the service was polite and on point.
Personally I would recommend the fried chicken and waffle.
We all enjoyed ourselves and have no complaints.
They delIver too. Will be back here again.

5 by Review source

Basically don't come when you're very hungry. Love the food here but just wish I didn't have to wait so long every time I come. Two weeks ago I waited for an hour and when I got my order they actually got my order wrong. They offered to make it but I cba to wait anymore cause I was too hungry by then...

3 by Review source

I have just had an exceptional meal here. I had the chicken wings ans sweet potato fries which were yum. The kids loved the waffles and milkshakes. The staff go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. I would definetly recommend this resturant as the food was great, the service was good and a nice astmosphere.

5 by Review source

I am very baffled to the level of positive reviews this place has...
The food is AWFUL minus any level of exaggeration
A shop that cant cook chips should be closed
dumplings were burnt. Wings were burnt too. On the bright side had a quality time with mates laughing at how awful the food was :D

1 by Basit Syed Review source

All the hateful comments from people who are not even from the Caribbean, so how do you know what to expect!! The jerk chicken dumpling burger with cheese is one of a kind, it's so homely and addictive, you can't find it anywhere else in London... and they got punch\\u003c you have to try it

5 by Naana Sarmaah Review source

Been a few times now. The quality is good. They use free range chickens which is great. Everything is cooked up fresh. Could have a few more meal deals for the wings and platters but otherwise this place is great. A welcome addition. The quality has improved no end from when it first opened.

4 by Rah K Review source

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS. The worker young white british girl is disgusting and has a fowl mouth. She insulted both me and my friend and called us horrific names. This place should be shut down, or the very least if your staff are verbally abusive should press harassment charges.

1 by Iffy . Review source

Had the bbq chicken with sweet potato fries absolutely amazing defintely worth travelling for the customer service was 10/10 so that made the experience even better had a nice time with my partner while she ordered chicken and waffles again that was exquisite in itself well done

5 by Review source

The food we received was good, but we ordered on deliveroo and a few items were missing. Called to ask for our missing items which they said would be sent asap, however we never got them. Asking for a refund because it's been over an hour and no one is answering our calls!

2 by Review source

Absolutely appalled, I went to this knock off peri peri to understand what the fad was about. Service was rushed, and on top of that the woman who served me did not have wear a head band and there was a long string of weave in my burger. YES WEAVE! Go Nandos people

1 by Robbie Sidhu Review source

The quality of food was good before, It seems now that they are trying to get more money than doing good foos. Stay away from sweety potatoes. It used to be nice and crispy but now it just soggy (I think they purchased the frozen one) and awful.

2 by D M Review source

My trip to chicken was a great eating experience, I was greated upon entry by welcoming staff and tantalising aromas.
The food is cooked well to a standard fit for any foodie, if you've had enough of nandos, this is the place to be.

5 by Review source

Staff are rude , dumpling was dry and not filling , chicken was ' average ' not really a big deal as everyone makes it out to be , 3 hour wait . It's as if they make one meal at a time , staff are not welcoming at all .

1 by Isabel Miguel Review source

I was expecting more than what it was from the pictures and reviews , first impressions loads of young boys outside not very inviting then on entry not very professional , not worth all the hype or the 45min drive to the shop

1 by amber allen Review source

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