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Our personal experience here was not very good, so I would definitely not recommend this place. We arrived and waited twenty minutes to then have to ask the waitress if we could order drinks. We then, after over an hour, received our starters and after an hour and a half our main courses were nowhere to be seen and the waitress kept saying five minutes, they’re just plating, so we tried to pay for what we had already had and leave as we had the cinema to go to. We had given ourselves 1hr45mins to eat which is normal. The manager would not let us pay as we had a bad experience. This was a nice offer but when you go out for a meal you don’t want free drinks and starters you want to have a nice meal. (Not to mention it was my birthday meal!) We wanted to pay for what we had to eat and drink but she would not accept it and get the bill which got really awkward. I would say it’s just very slow service but the staff at this bills are absolutely useless. The place was empty so there was no excuse for their service. I think it’s wrong that the staff are on their phones taking selfies, hugging and standing in the corner not taking care of their customers. Waiting 20 minutes for no service at all when we first arrived should have clued us in but no!!! The management and staff need to be seriously looked at in this bills if it wants to have good business. We will definitely not be coming back again. Thanks for a great birthday meal! Do not go here if you actually want to eat, we ended up with grumbly tummies in the cinema!!!

1 by Jem Sulley Review source

When this place first opened it was amazing. Then year by year it started to slide. They used to do this wonderful sausage starter... Several sausages baked in a small dish dripping in a sweet honey glaze... Woah... Fast forward a year or 2 later that same dish was now completely different, it came out cold (worryingly cold inside the sausage as I bit into it... Suggesting it was now being reheated in some weird way so I had to send it back) and the sausages were now smaller and gristly- the once sweet glaze had a more sour taste. That's just one example. The lager glasses would come out of a freezer to give them a frosting so most people hadn't noticed just how dirty they were... There was bits of muck from the glass washer and lipstick on the on the rims. Why are the staff preparing the drinks not seeing it? Anyhow another year has gone by so I thought I'd give it one more chance... I ordered a chicken Caesar salad: the chicken was dry as if it had been reheated, the poached egg had been done nicely, the salad leaves were average but to top it off there was a somewhat dark and somewhat curly hair in it. Perhaps one of the kitchen staff had to scratch... Anyhow game over for Bills. Such a shame as it was once fantastic. Edit: oh and I forgot to mention my friend had a lamb shank... They didn't have mint sauce... Seems like something worth keeping a jar of if you're serving lamb...

1 by Stuart Cullen Review source

I have always enjoyed eating here but friends have complained that vegetarian options are a bit limited. Recently I went on a Saturday and had a bad experience I was waiting for a table so I walked over to the bar to order a drink the girl could not have been more rude I asked for her name and she would not tell me as she knew I was going to complain to the manager so in the end I walked out. So please be warned if you see a blonde young lady behind the bar do not ask her for a drink and where the toilets are as you will be spoken down to in an abrupt manor. Unfortunately I have never returned but I hope someone knows who the member of staff is so that they can have a word with her about customer service.

3 by sandra willis Review source

When it comes to the quality of food I appreciate it is very subjective but the Bills burger is excellent. Pay the extra for bacon and cheddar and you’ve got a 100% winner.
For desert I shared the cinnamon doughnuts with my wife and they were also very good. Light and fluffy.
I’m often disappointed with the service received in restaurants but having visited Bills twice in the last three weeks (one Monday lunch, one Saturday evening) I cannot fault it, both times being served by friendly and attentive staff.
Despite being busy at both visits there were no delays in taking orders, food arriving or settling the bill.
All round positive experience.
Nice work Bills.

5 by Craig Welch Review source

I've eaten here a few times now and every time I come here I am never disappointed. Always get seated quickly although that may be because I don't come in the peak times. Food always tastes amazing and it's always so so hot when it comes out.
On this occasion I ordered a burger and a side of mac and cheese. The burger was fantastic as usual. First time ordering the mac and I will say they need to use a stronger cheese because it was very milky, barely any cheese flavour.
Other than that it was a nice lunch and really enjoyable as usual.

5 by Sammie C Review source

I have not been to a Bill's before. I didn't enjoy it. The general atmosphere was noisy and made me feel on edge. The waitress was a nice young lady, however, a little too chatty for my liking.
All the above is really minor. I was not impressed with the food. I felt it was mediocre. Whilst not bad or off it was not good enough for the amount I paid. My partner has been to another and was underwhelmed with that one.
It was very expensive for what in my view was mediocre.
In essence I would not go another Bill's.

2 by Chris Lockey Review source

Came to visit Bills by myself to experience their evening meals. Was put by the bar area which proved to be a noisy experience. A glass was smashed on the bar and could have gone onto patrons. The staff were attentive and nice. The food arrived quickly. I would have eaten all the olives if not for the flies. My veggie burger was okay to good. It was pretty noisy inside which would have made talking hard. Desert was very nice good mixture of flavours. It was okay.

3 by Claire Bradshaw Review source

Bill’s beer 275ml £3.95
£8.16 a pint
Heineken (and every other brand) 330ml £4.25
£7.32 a pint

Absolutely outrageous. This means Bill thinks his customer's are too stupid to notice they are being ripped off, I don't like that and I don't want to give them my custom whatever the food is like. I was here on an invitation,but I would not dream of choosing to eat here and get ripped off for a beer.

2 by Chris Dow Review source

Growing up in Lewes I have always loved the Bills brand but this is the second time I've been to the horsham restaurant and I have to say I'm not a fan of the management. Visited today and was told 'half an hour for a table, half an hour for food' but when we left there was tables outside? Could of dealt with us much better. Will visit the Reigate restaurant in the future due to the staff being much more welcoming.

1 by John Brimm Review source

My team and I booked here for our Christmas meal in December. The young guy that served us was so lovely, but the Manager had been rude over the phone - to the point that I almost cancelled our booking to go somewhere else, and then was equally unwelcoming once we arrived. The food was not as good quality as I expected, and for my first Bills visit I was very let down. We now book our monthly meals at other restaurants in Horsham.

3 by Ricia Woolgar Review source

An impromptu celebration of 14 years together at the place we got married. We hadn't booked but the lovely staff found us a table for 2 upstairs which is where we actually married. They then topped off our experience with a glass of bubbly. This has made our special day even more memorable. Breakfast was amazing. So tasty and locally sourced. Thank you to all the staff for such a great time

5 by Stella Bunce Review source

Every single time I have been here the staff have got the order wrong, I have been here 3 times now and although they always apologise and give discount vouchers etc its just not worth going to have them mess up again and again. The last time we were there it was getting late and the staff forgot our deserts and instead were just messing about having fun and larking about.

2 by James G Review source

Slow service, despite being a fairly quiet Thursday evening. While our waitress was attentive enough, she had too much area to cover and was unable to service us (and those around us) quickly enough. Food was OK without being memorable, but for the prices charged I expect more. The restaurant setting is pleasant and has a nice bustling feel.

2 by John Dalby Review source

Despite the fact there was large rips and holes in the chairs we were given, my drink coming in what looked like an unwashed glass and some very unprofessional, unorganized staff who were more worried about their eyelashes than their manners, thank god our food was lovely.. but wouldn't be in a hurry to visit again!

2 by Kati Sheerman Review source

Lovely place to pop to for breakfast/brunch, the scrambled egg with salmon/bacon gets the thumbs up!
Lunch time and tea time can be busy so expect that, food is good so worth the wait and is reasonably priced.
Friendly staff, great service and nice environment for all ages young and older to enjoy.

5 by Katie Richards Review source

Very bad experience went for Saturday lunch with daughter & 3 grandchildren sat waiting for food for 40 min complained & was told our food was on it's way waited another 20 min still no food, so had to leave with two very upset children, will not be going there again.

2 by Ian Hatto Review source

Very disappointing. Went for breakfast, a thank you for picking my parents up from Gatwick and the coffee was bitter, they got my husbands breakfast wrong and did not offer to rectify, bacon was streaky and not crispy, and for the money was terrible. Will not go again.

1 by Rachel Christian Review source

Great food, nice selection of interesting beers, and always a lovely atmosphere. Been here lots of times and never been disappointed. Worth booking on busy days though as it can get quite busy. Lots of seats upstairs normally though, surrounded by massive chandeliers!

5 by Seb Maynard Review source

Quite an expensive breakfast (£8.50) and it was nice, but on a cold day it was freezing in there - especially at low levels around the feet. The checkout desk has a 2 bar heater for the member of staff - surely something should be done to heat your establishment?

3 by Andy Brigham Review source

Had a second visit here and had a great experience. The waiter gave my wife a personal recipe cocktail (non alcoholic) for her cold FOC - real top service and something a little different. Food is varied and good quality so can't complain. Be back soon.

4 by Marc Butterworth Review source

I've come down from nottingham for the week and came here for a meal and is a great place with atmosphere and friendly service. The duck pie is to die for wow and if ur gonna treat ur self to pudding pecan pie was yum!!! will def come back one day :)

5 by wayne fuller Review source

It's a nicely designed place, food was good although the staff got both myself and my partners order wrong, they were very apologetic about it, only thing that spoiled meal was several noisy children running riot, not fault of restaurant of course

4 by Brian Hewitson Review source

Great food in a historic and attractive building. Unfortunately the service is frustratingly slow - and consistently so the last 3 times we've visited over the past year. The last time was a weekday lunchtime and even then it was still slow!

3 by Simon Harrison Review source

Staff are fine but food is average and kids drinks are so over priced and tiny. wine sold by silly small measures only no large glasses overall better places out there staff are friendly and do there best owners could improve in many areas.

2 by gaston gate Review source

Excellent service! The food was sensational, i would strongly recommend bacon and avocado salad. My only criticism was that the tip was already put on the bill and this therefore led to me overtipping but apart from that a perfect night.

5 by William Brown Review source

Food and service always consistent and tasty. Great place to take family. Can get busy, maybe good idea to book on weekends. Only one complaint; Big place, why they don’t always seat customers upstairs when full downstairs??

4 by Janis Paynter Review source

It's a really nice restaurant, the kids menu is a little fussy. We've been here a few times now... The glasses for kids are the same ones we used to have at school which is a nice touch. Very busy Friday lunchtime.

4 by Mike Parsons Review source

This was the old Courthouse in Horsham so a pretty eclectic choice for a restuarant. Inside it works and the food is wholesome and good but if you sit by the doorway on a cold day you will need one of the throws they offer.

4 by Alistair Knox-Crawford Review source

Only lost a star for being really cold upstairs where we were sitting. Great food, great service... Not as busy as I expected but maybe the whole 'used to be the town hall' thing is still putting people off.

4 by Ruth Tyrrell Review source

Decent if not spectacular food at reasonable prices . Now part of a chain, and obviously not as good as the ' original' Bills in Lewes. Friendly and efficient service, good place for breakfast/ brunch

4 by John Robinson Review source

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