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100-102 Westbourne Terrace, Paddington, London, W2 6QE

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If only I could give negative stars. There's a reason why it's cheap--you're really only paying for a place to lay down(the walls are way too thin, so it's too loud to sleep), use the toilet, and have some corn flakes in the morning. If you have a suitcase that's any bigger than a child's, good luck. The staircase is extremely narrow and the elevator has been broken for what seems like months.
Oh, did you want to shower here? You better bring your own soap, shampoo, and towels. That's right--you pay for everything, even towels. WiFi only is available in the commons room if you decide that you need it badly enough to trudge down the stairs then back up a separate staircase. You have to pay for WiFi in your room.
The room itself is not in good condition either. The first thing we noticed was the smell, and the clear lack of cleaning. The beds are hard, you're better off sleeping on your jacket than the pillows, and the 'blankets' are laughable. Enjoy your bedsheet. Not that you'd need it though, the room only has a heater and the window doesn't quite open halfway.
The bathroom was probably the worst part. You can smell the mold growing in the walls just by opening the door. In addition, the toilet seat was broken, and the soap dispenser pops open every time you try to use it. Showering is a nasty risk. It's a push button that dispenses 15 seconds of water at a time. The showerhead had very visible amount of rust on it. If you decide you're dirty enough to take a shower here, hope that no one else is using the water at the same time or else it releases a gush of fiery hell water. The hairdryer works if you can try your hair in 10 seconds.

1 by Eleanor Lee Review source

I have not been in such a bad hotel / hostel for a long time. I find it hard to find something positive. Well, it was really centrally located and reasonably ok from the price. There was a kettle in the room with tea and cups. However, one should not expect more for the price.
The hostel has very narrow spaces and hallways. You have to lift your luggage up and down the stairs .. I did not dare to hold on to the railing, as that stuck pretty.
Through my bathroom ran an ant street, which must have felt very well in cracks and under the carpet.
The bathroom is totally calcified and dirty. In addition, I was unclear how to mix cold and warm water when there is no mixer tap .. there was not a stopper anyway.
The furniture is really old and partly damaged ... the walls were anything but white.
The bed was ok and felt the cleanest of everything.

'Breakfast', if you like it, is in the basement. There is really only the most necessary (toast, jam, butter, cereal with milk, soda, tea and coffee).

Luckily it was only one night. I could not have lasted longer.

2 by Review source

It's maybe the cheapest location close to London center. Within a few minutes of walking you can get to Hyde Park and if you're in mood for walking, in less than two hours you can get easily to Buckingham Palace or any of the other central atractions. On the way you have plenty of museums to visit and a very good feeling of this busy city.

Besides the price, the location is not the most delightful. The staff is nice, but then you get into the screeching elevator, that will bring you to your room, that smells like dust and old. The carpet is pretty worn and the bathroom appliances could use an update. Long story short: if I'd drop something on the floor I would wash it first and I won't walk bare foot.

The beds are both normal and bunked, not the most comfortable, a little noisy and the matresses smell like dust. Most likely they would require changing or a more often sanitation.

In the end I decided to give it 4 stars, as if you want a cheap location to sleep only and close to Center when visiting London this is ideal.

4 by Stefan Mariu Review source

My partner lost her jewellery in the room as it was stolen by one of the roommates, we placed a complaint over immediately and the staff members said it is our problem not theirs and so it is our fault!!! My girlfriend was shoved into a corner, she hardly had any space to move around as the place is so low life that we wouldn't even have used it for our pets, let alone for humans. It is over priced in comparison to other hostels/hotels in London in far more better and safer areas, not in a council estate area as the whole Paddington area where it is full of drug addicts and criminals! Both of us were also beaten all across our body by bed bugs that the bites became HEAVILY INFECTED. We are considering to file a lawsuit against the premises also for having Antisemite behaviour and statements issued against us!

1 by Review source

Incredible 4-day stay at EquityPoint!

They were sensitive to our project to organize a trip independently! They listened to our expectations, our budget. Their responsiveness is one of their strengths, not to mention the dynamic staff encountered during our stay. The charm of this inn lies in its simplicity and friendly colors giving unparalleled comfort and good life.

The follow-up from the quote request to the finalization of the payment went very well despite the language barrier.

The breakfast are great! The rest side and free space just soothing!

It's been a year already and the nostalgia for this stay at EquityPoint is felt ... ✨

Thank you EquityPoint for your welcome.

Project Organizer Let's Go To London

4 by Review source

The room smelled of dampness, dirty floors and the windows were not cool by the cold. Dryers in such a terrible condition that fear of turning them on did not explode ...
Shower? Embarrassing. Water on the button as in the pool, ie in the public place and for that while swimming the water set to a certain level of heat at the end of the 'phase' of switching to boiling. No soap in the dispenser and no response at the request of replenishment ....
The elevator creaks and dreads her.
Food good but very little varied. No tea to drink. There was only chocolate and coffee ...
The room was armed with a dining room and single pieces of decor ... I understand that this hostel but it probably does not have to be dirty and run down.

1 by Review source

It's near Paddington Station. Worst accommodation I've ever been to. I can not say good. Back to my money. I will make a notification to the Health Authority. There were many bed bugs in the beds, see the pictures. Bathroom is dirty, disgusting. None: cabinet, toothpick, fridge. Morning boring: toast bread, margarine, jam, boiled eggs, oat flakes.

It's near Paddington Station. Worst lodging I've ever been to. I can not say good. I demand my money back. I report to the Health Authority. There were many bed bugs in the beds. See the pictures. The bathroom is dirty, disgusting. There is no room in the room: cupboard, clothes peg, fridge. Breakfast is very boring: toast bread, margarine, jam, boiled eggs, oat flakes.

1 by Márton István Review source

Friends do not advise you to stay, not only no good goods cheaper, but also theft. All the stuff I put the house of a folder which is important they steal, but say they have not seen, far more than the loss of a few night's stay. In addition to extreme insecurity, the facilities are all people feel sick, have hair on the sheets and even the staff - especially the female front desk of a lisp, extremely bad attitude distasteful. And the sound is poor, next to the slightest movement can hear. Bathing facilities is the worst ever seen, complete sanitation can not be guaranteed. As for breakfast, it can be viewed as the meals in the house should be provided into the breakfast inside - very cunning transposition move.

1 by Review source

I have to give a generalized complaint of the place. First the rooms were dirty and cobwebs, the windows did not close properly. The bathrooms were dirty and very old. The building itself is over 100 years old and the elevator does not work, the wifi either.
We were sent to a room on the sixth floor up the stairs with luggage. Very basic breakfasts, not too much to choose from.
In addition we had a mishap, entered the room and evicted, our belongings put them in a trash bag in a bad way and left them in reception.
Of course we made a complaint but they did not even care, the experience was very humiliating.
Nothing recommendable.

1 by Review source

Unfortunately, the pictures are on the Internet all just fake! Mold on the walls, dirty toilets, shabby closets, dust, dirty floors and tables and calcified putrid showers. An unfriendly, unmotivated, dirty and disorganized team. I do not expect much of a breakfast except so well and to start fit into the day. This is unfortunately absolutely impossible! Poor ventilation of the whole building! Dirty linen, towels and shower curtains. London has made it easy for us, we had so much to discover and great weather, so had to sleep fortunately only at the property! For more, the hostel is not good! Far too expensive and it got so down - rather steer clear !!!!

1 by Review source

I 'was my first hostel on my first day in London, I experienced little but from what I've seen I can say that everything is normal. I paid £ 24 for a night in a room for 6 people.
The bathroom was a private room, small but private always better than shared with the whole floor.
positive feature is the breakfast included in the price of jam, hot tea, hot milk, bread to be heated ... The location is not central but not far away, the Metro is so paddington six stops from Piccadilly.
The area is very nice and quiet, the night you can sleep peacefully, more if you're lucky enough not to find a roommate who snores :)

3 by Marco Barsi Review source

I have limited expertise with hostels. This one is functional and in a practical location, not far from the underground transportation. It feels very much like a old college dormitory. Lots of people come through here at all hours of the night so high probability of you being woken up, but that is the nature of a hostel. Had a few issues with the shower drain and water pressure. Overall I don’t think the quality matches the price, even with the convenience of location. If you find a good price and just need a place to crash, this is a fine and safe place. Breakfast is included, cereal, toast, boiled egg, coffe/tea.

3 by isaac bannasch Review source

Only because I can't put 0 stars because that hostel is the worst in the photos looks really nice but when you see it is the worst place ever the elevator doesn't works and the stairs are all broken the the beds looks like a Jail
The service is the worst everything cost even an extra key
They don't have any medical kit when we needed when my grandma broke her foot and they didn't help at anything
The Wi Fi also sucks
The breakfast is only a toast bread
Well the point is that don't stay in there it really sucks and it isn't clean.

1 by Review source

I have never seen a hotel as bad really I recommend the lift I felt that at any moment he was going to stop. The room the bed had to be changed mattresses including view that there was a leak in the ceiling and the bed was all wet, the bathroom a horror without comment, dirty carpet, not only in our room, our children like they had come showered in our cars broken shower, small dej is better. same location as I find a bit far for a cheap price. Do not let yourself fooled by the pictures cars that has nothing to do in real life. Despite this our stay in London that is well passe.

1 by Review source

Rat hole were found in a cupboard in our room.
Cracked bath-tub.
Fined for damaged that was not caused by us.
Beds were creaky, dangerous and had no ladder for the top bunk.
We were given a scratchy, thin, old blanket and one pillow case with no pillow inside of it and was told we weren't allowed any more.
There had to be complete and utter silence by 11pm. If slightest noise security banged on the door.
There was no free wifi available even in the public area and took 20 mins to log in.
Safe yourself, DON'T come here.

1 by Review source

One night accommodation prices are very close to the people, and with breakfast, for backpackers who want to save money, it would be a good choice! But we found the room full of light it up, and hair dryers are also broken upon check-in! We live 8 rooms, take turns using the toilet in the room of domestic demand, to some extent, in fact, full of inconvenient, because there is no common area outside the bath. (Plus the first night lights broken, had to bathe dark) hotel room with no network, can only be used in the hall. No kitchen is also a great pity.

3 by Zippy Huang Review source

Very good location. Close to bus and metro stops. Easy access to anywhere. Good breakfast. Has lift but was broken which was annoying because after spending all day exploring the city, getting to the hotel and still having to climb up to the 4th floor by stairs is annoying. They could improve the cleanliness, because when I entered the room I still had the trash from the previous guests. And also the shower was no big deal. And the tiny bathroom. But to summarize for those who only want a cheap place to stay with the minimum of conditions it serves.

3 by Review source

I was in this hostel and it did not work the heating, the sink and bathtub water went down very low and instead of being hot it was colder than lukewarm, so for three days we could not wash it.
The bathrooms are tiny and old as the rooms ...
The night to sleep we had to ask for a very nice blanket ...
Not to mention breakfast, I do not even wish her my worst enemy, hot water, butter, hammered, cold milk, and pan toast to warm up in a bad-tempered bread that is not cleaned for months ...
We had to go away because it was hell.

1 by Gigliola Piras Review source

Dirty and small rooms, old bathrooms and too small, generally feel in a cell, the wifi did not work, the elevator had also broken a long time and had no intention of fixing it.
In addition we were treated like animals because we had to change rooms and in the morning we were not warned. So they entered, they closed our suitcases and everything they had out the badly placed him in a garbage bag and left on consignment.
We were going to file a complaint with the police but as it was the last day and late, no longer gave us time.

1 by Review source

Seriously just the basics. A bed to sleep on and a tv. The rooms are expectedly small and 'hostel-like' but the actual building is why I'm giving this 2 stars, and mainly because the lift apparently is never working, also the bathrooms are gross, the entire place is too small for people to move around in, and if you're an American be prepared to have certain things you expect to be there not be there... such as free wifi in your room, AC, soap and shampoo.. as far as hostels go it's not too bad though.

2 by Hunter Dayne Williams Review source

Best Hostel I stayed at in London so far - by a long shot!
We arrived in the morning after a sleepless night due to our flight arriving at 2 am. Our room wasn't ready, of course, but we were offered free breakfast unasked and were even allowed to get some sleep in the community area!
Cancled our Hostel for the next night and the staff even moved around the rooms, so we could continue staying in the same room over two nights, even though they didn't have to! (Oh and that all happened at New Years Eve, btw)

5 by Review source

Equity Point London is average as far as hostels go and you definitely get what you pay for. While it's quite cheap for London, during my three day stay the elevator was not operational which means carrying luggage up and down seven flights of stairs. The WiFi was so slow it was almost not worth using and only worked at reception - if want it in your room you have to pay extra. That said, most of the staff was kind and each dorm has a bathroom. It's okay but not great,worth going to if you are on a tight budget.

3 by Teddy Toggweiler Review source

Very, very bad accommodation. The room equipment doesn't correspond to the pictures at all. No night lamps, no table, no wardrobe/chest of drawrs, nowhere to hang the jacket. Floor stained. Bathtub stained. No tv or internal phone to connect to ther reception, one must use their cell phone. Very noisy. One can hear everything from other rooms. People going in and out, walling in their rooms, taking showers, doors slamming. Haven't got any sleep at all. Noise from the street. Never ever going back to this hole.

1 by Luminitsa Circescu Review source

Nice beds, a little awkward with the shared toilet in the room, would have been great if there were more showers so you didnt have to wait for the other seven roommates to leave the bathroom. The breakfast was boring, no veggies only bread, cereal and milk. Expensive WIFI.

Besides that, the pricing, the beds and the location was wonderful and definately saved the grade! If you're looking for a cheap place to stay and does'nt care about the whole bathroomsituation this is the place to go to.

3 by Review source

The hostel is close to Paddington which is very practical. 4-bed room was clean but 'small'. The hostel is close to Paddington, which is very practical. The location and the view from the rooms was nice. Beds were noisy (creating noise whenever one turns around). Hostel seemed to be very secure and tidy. Breakfast (toast, simple cerials, yoghurt etc.) and snacks were basic but okay.
One star less because the cab which was booked by the hostel was not an official one and cheated with the fare.

3 by Review source

The point is the location because it is very close to Paddington and very well connected by subway and bus (the 23 takes you to Picadilly Circus in 30 min). The breakfast is pretty good (continental) and the common area is nice. As for the rooms, the family member was quite small even though the beds were comfortable. The weak point is cleaning as they only change litter bins and towels if you ask for them and do not make beds. The shower can not be regulated and the water goes out with a lot of pressure.

3 by Review source

All in all, there isn't anything to complain about; it being the first hostel I've ever stayed at, I think that Equity Point London was an all-in-all good choice. The staff at the desk were friendly when we checked in, we have keycards to get into our respective rooms, and we sleep in assigned beds. Free breakfast is available to all patrons from 7:30 to 10:00 am. The building was a little awkward to navigate at first, but it was simple after a moment of exploration. All very straightforward.

4 by Review source

Location-5min walking from paddington station.

Price-Relatively cheap price. (It's london.)

Sanity-Clean bed and sheet.

Noise-you can hear the stompings.(especially when kids are having fieldtrip.)

NO WIFI-NO F...REAKING WIFI in rooms. Only can be used in ground floor right next to reception.

Adapter-Britain use 230v, not general plug shape. Couldn't borrow adapter from them. But they sell it 3pounds.

3 by YoonHwan KIM Review source

For having spent one night I recommend.
I put 2 stars anyway because employees have welcomed us and framed (30 people)

But at night in the corridors, completely drunk people walked and vomited everywhere.
The bathroom seemed not very clean. We dared not wash because the tub looked like a breeding ground for bacteria.

The bathroom was tiny.
The uncomfortable beds and not all clean.

The wifi did not work.

But the breakfast was good!

2 by Camillle Hugo Review source

The photos are deceiving. Wc tiny, I could barely move. Toilet walls and curtains filled with mold. Walls in times have been white and should be made of paper. During the night I would wake up thinking that there were people walking in the room, after all it was upstairs. However the location is excellent being that it is 5m walk from a train station, in a good area, only 15m from the center by bus. Also nearby is Nothing Hill, Little Venice and buses to Stansted.

1 by Marco A. Ferreira Review source

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