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The hotel overall is OK, the staff are friendly and helpfull. The management on the other hand was horrible. On the first floor of the hotel there is a bar/restaurant where anyone can go including strangers from the street. My 11 year old son and I were playing pool at the restaurant and a middle aged man came up and said if he could play with us. I trying not to be rude said yes. At the moment it seemed OK, after playing a while I stepped aside to pay my bill. I had my eye on them the whole time as I signed my check I noticed this man pulling my son's hair. I ran towards them and asked my son what happened and he said that this man pulled his hair because he wasnt playing well. So I confronted the guy why he did that he said 'I just pulled his hair like this' and showed me how he pulled his hair. At this point I was so mad I took the matter in my hands and took care of this guy. At this point security did not want to be involved . I was so frustrated I called the police and wanted to press charges. I asked the managers why they allow strangers into their hotel restaurants got the run around. Management did absolutely nothing about this strange Fiasco. Just sat around and watched. No apology, no phone call absolutely nothing. My son was scared, shocked, physically and emotionally. He still has nightmares about this. When the police came and reviewed the video tape, they said they will take this guy into custody. Every time asked who the manager was got the run around.
Stay away from this hotel, I thought Marriot was a good place to stay before Not Any More. Beware Beware.

1 by Review source

Stayed at the Marriott in May 2017 for a few days with family.

I had no issues with the hotel or their service during our stay - maybe with the luggage. Getting off cab, no assistance with luggage from doorman.

The hotel stay was pleasant. However I wanted to give a special shout out to hotel staff/restaurant manager Elfren (not sure if I spelled it correctly, my apologies).

He was very kind and thoughtful during our stay at the hotel. He was always friendly and efficient when we went downstairs to the restaurant to get breakfast. However he went beyond standard duty to provide exceptional service when he saw my wife take the baby down one morning. The baby was having a fever and had a cool patch on her head.

When he found out baby was not feeling well, he told my wife to go back to her room to rest and care for the baby. Instead he will send someone to bring breakfast to our room without charge or worries. He arranged for a server to bring a tray full of items my wife wanted for herself and baby.

As a platinum member of Marriott hotels, I've traveled and experienced great service throughout the world. And Elfren's exceptional service and thoughtfulness was impressive and should be recognized and rewarded. Next time when I've back in London, I will not hesitate to stay at the same hotel because of Elfren.

5 by Review source

We normally stay at other Marriotts in London, so my review is more of a comparison to other hotels in the area. Although the rooms are nicely redone and the staff is pleasantly British in every way, the Marble Arch Marriott is hardly the best location in London unless you're really into hooka pipes and kebabs. Several store fronts within one block of the hotel are boarded up on Edgware Rd so the area is clearly going through some sort of transition. We also had constant problems with the internet connection (a common theme on Marriott properties in general) and the TV channel selections (in English) were little more than the usual BBC & CNN. They advertise Internet TV but all I could connect to was Spotify. The day we checked in they closed the first floor bar and restaurant for renovation. That's fine, businesses have to renovate, but it's not mentioned when you book the room and there is no discount in the price for listening to construction noise for 8 days.. Other than that, it's a decent hotel in a great town. ZM, lifetime Marriott platinum member.

3 by Zac May Review source

A very good hotel with a great location. Breakfast buffet was rich and tasty (though it looks like the lady that prepares omelets needs a small wake up shake).
Staff are always smiling and helping.
Rooms are highly equipped and spacey, third bed/sofa had a good quality mattress.
It takes a very long time for each of the three elevators to arrive (so don't forget anything in your room :\\u003d) ).
As mentioned, the hotel is located in a very reachable area, at the real edge of the 'London congestion zone' which forced me to pay a 12 pounds fee just because I passed the zone's 'border' by 15 meters for 3 minutes in order to park in the lobby with the rented car in order to load our suitecases (or else I had to stand with car outside the 'area' and let the wife and kids carry 6 suitcases in the street)
Overall a very good experience.

5 by Aharonson Family Review source

I was extremely disappointed at the time of the check in. Staying here for a month and the staff was extremely ill mannered. I asked them to show me two rooms since I’m staying for a month and the person who was told asked someone else to take me upstairs. When I went upstairs to check the room, I told the staff I wasn’t really happy with the room and I’d like to check other rooms and I told the staff I’ll wait upstairs till the time he cld get the key for the other room. But I was kept waiting, and since no one came back in the room and nor did I get a call in the room I went downstairs and I saw the person who had assisted me upstairs was nicely chilling and when I confronted him he said the receptionist was suppose to call you and then when I asked the receptionist she said that the staff dint tell her anything. The staff were all laughing amongst themselves stupidly.

1 by Review source

The hotel is situated close to Marble Arch in London and I'd closer to many cafés and restaurants. The staff at the hotel were incredibly professional making check in a simple process. The room we stayed in was relatively comfortable and clean with two double beds. The bathroom was also clean and furnished with complementary products and luxury towels. There was a large television in the bedroom, and the WiFi was more than adequate for our needs. The bed was comfortable enough and once I'd turned off the air conditioning unit there wasn't too much noise to interrupt sleep. Breakfast was a typical buffet with plenty of hot and cold choices. The waitor was friendly and attentive to our needs. Check out was as simple as check in and the staff were equally as professional. We certainly enjoyed our stay at this hotel and would more than likely stay again.

4 by George Bailey Review source

We had a fantastic experience at this property in May 2012 and just returned for a quick visit. Oh my gosh. We were so excited to see the same wonderfully kind bell captain Richard (see 2012 and 2018 pix), and the front desk supervisor Chiara was absolutely delightful and brought up a special treat for us. All of the staff at London Marriott Marble Arch have been exceptionally helpful and wonderful.
And if that's not reason enough to stay here, please consider that it's just a quick taxi ride from Paddington Station(after Heathrow Express) and perfectly situated by Hyde Park, High streets, Knightsbridge (Harrod's), Sloane Street, and posh Belgravia.
The concierge lounge here is lovely - delicious appetizers, beer, wine, prosecco, and a variety of teas and lattes.
We love this place!

5 by Amanda Souders Review source

Initial front desk young woman (Polish) is curt and unfriendly. Lied that I needed a passport and couldn't use my driving license as ID. Heating didn't work, called manager and they sent a maintenance man 3 hours later. After the worker said he had fixed it he said would come back in half an hour to check and never came and it still didn't work (it was actually blowing in cold dusty air) despite him supposedly fixing it. We didn't want to waste our precious few days in London trying to get them to fix the heating so we put up with the cold the three nights we stayed there. Thankfully we were out of the hotel most of the time. Bellman and security and some of the other staff were helpful though. Rooms much smaller than in the US. About 10 minutes walk to the closest subway station.

2 by Review source

I have stayed at this hotel three times over three months and the service had always been good... until today. Having accidentally clicked on a non-refundable room, I called the hotel five days before my expected arrival to explain my mistake and that I needed to cancel this reservation because my plans have changed. Sadly, the General Manager there has zero compassion and has refused to cancel this reservation or return any of the charge back to my credit card. The Marriott Hotel Marble Arch has taken 1050 Pounds from my credit card and I get nothing. Beware: All is good here unless you make an honest mistake.

1 by Geoff Weber Review source

First time in London and I couldn't have picked a better place to stay. Rooms are a good size and have a full shower. There are 120v outlets meaning no converter for everything. The Pecking Hen in the hotel has some tasty food; there is a cozy little hooka lounge off the front of the lobby.

I was presently surprised to find a decent amount of Middle Eastern restaurants less than a block away and Bond Street a quick 10 minute walk. Walking to Bond Street you can opt to pass Portman Square and walk through SoHo district. SoHo has lovely coffee shops and natural/health food restaurants.

5 by Review source

I was pleasantly surprised by this hotel. The location is great. It's a few blocks from the Marble Arch underground and loads of great shopping. There are also lots of good restaurants nearby. Every recommendation from the concierge was fantastic and we were very pleased. We also enjoyed the selection for breakfast. The service was inconsistent, but I think they were understaffed one morning and it was unfortunate as it was a very busy morning. The clientele seemed to be quite wealthy here.

4 by Amanda Medrano-White Review source

Staff was very good and well trained. Breakfast good, healthy options and good options. Executive lounge old and not that well laid out and small. No onto rooms... If I was eating in the room itself would have given two stars... Come on marriott in its in upgrading your places. I am marriott gold and know good vs bad and this was sad. Mattress was so old and dead. Needed replacing. Old carpet, stains on walls , old desk and chair, bathroom tight ... Smelled , bad nasty curtain and no update to fixtures

3 by Matthew VanderWende Review source

We had a fantastic two night stay at the Marriott Marble Arch and it could not of been better. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left. Superb facilities, try the pool and hot tub! Comfy beds and great cooked breakfast. Only niggle was the executive lounge between 5.30pm and 7.30pm was absolutely crammed full. I think it was the free alcohol and nibbles! Other than that I would definitely recommend this hotel and we will book again for our next long weekend in London

5 by Gus Whitehead Review source

The attitude of the staff from the first encounter on the door always matters to me. If that goes well it's usually a sign that the rest of the experience will be a happy one. The Marriot Marble Arch won't let you down, so just swallow and shut your eyes when you see your bill then smile and walk away. Welcome to London :-)
Ps: I did get wifi at times though I didn't check to see whose network I was using?

5 by William Heggs Review source

RUUN ! If you want to waste your money, your time and your health due to weak Equipements (Wind coming through closed Windows, dont try to take shower : not enough water pressure, arrogant staff...)
Don't forget to lock your luggage before leaving your room. And check your bank account : they will use the credit card without ur approval.

It was disgusting and humiliating experience.

1 by nouama el hassani Review source

Great location just off Marble Arch and Edgware Road. Very compact hotel with a tight lobby, small rooms and tiny bathrooms. This is not a typical Marriott.
It has been soft renovated. Food is ok, except the bread at breakfast. It is frozen poor quality stuff not even properly baked... ask to be on upper floors as it is quite noisy on Edgware Road. Exec lounge is on the 12th with great views.

4 by Pascal Bichon Review source

Nice hotel next to Hide Park and Oxford Street. Personnel was very kind and Also the breakfast was good. I have been in the restaurant just once and the quality was good and so the value for money . Cleanliness and facilities were very good and the only remarkable thing was that the wi fi was free just in the common area and not in the rooms out that for Marriott members.

4 by Andrea Ussia Review source

This is a good hotel with friendly helpful staff manning the desks at all times. Rooms are clean and quite will equipped and size is good. Gym will equipped for both cardio and free weights and there's a swimming pool and sauna. I didn't have any major issues and would give more stars, but for the price I have stayed in better quality Marriott hotels.

3 by Darren Clark Review source

I had dinner at the restaurant. The service was great but the food was terrible. I expected a lot more for the price. I also used the car park for parking. Conveniently located for easy access to central London. Very narrow ramps and difficult to turn if you have a big car. So need to be careful. But convenient for access to central London nonetheless.

2 by Amit Nair Review source

Executive lounge had loads of great snacks and gave free beer & wine. Location was great as it was filled with Arab & South Asian businesses that stayed open during Boxing Day holiday. Rooms were small but fully functional and had US king sized beds. 4 blocks from a tube station. Many bus stops in the area as well. Would stay there again.

4 by Drew Bader Review source

Had visited friend at the hotel.Concierge in red jacket was very angry at me when I start making a coffe , they had self making coffe table. He said to me this is only for guest , and said for first time it is OK. If this guy come to my work place I would not never ask him do not take our drink water. Not nice Marriott hotel.

1 by r bk Review source

Was very impressed in the beginning however the room price escalated far to rapidly rising to near double the original price of room. Most of the hospitality groom we're terrific with the exception of concierge, front desk clerk & the unstoppable slamming doors delivered by house keeping which totaled 57 with an hour.

2 by Michele Gardiner Review source

We stayed in an executive room. The service was very good even though I smashed a glass in the room. The executive lounge could be a bit loud because of the children that were allowed to be in there until quite late. A good location and the breakfast is one of the best that I have had in a Marriott.

4 by Dann T Review source

I've stayed in a lot of hotels and can say that this is a genuine 4 star hotel. There are too many hotels, that are four star. But fall short. Nothing was to much for the staff, who where very friendly without being over the top. Exceptionally clean, great food and a hotel I would use again.

5 by Review source

Staff were good, location is excellent, but for a hotel with views of London, the room windows were absolutely filthy, so much so the view was very much obscured. Car park is easy to enter but is not signed very well from the road, it is actually entered via the front of the hotel to the right.

4 by Garry Knowles Review source

Very friendly and helpful staff especially in the in-house restaurant, Pickled Hen and the Leisure Floor. Room's are okay, TVs awesome with ready connectivity with your devices. USB charging available too. One thing missing is space and free wifi but then again it is London.

4 by Review source

Service was friendly and courteous. The location is great. While it's about a 10 minute walk to a tube station, there are many buses that connect very near. Executive lounge is a bit small and can get crowded. The adjoining restaurant where breakfast is served is very good.

5 by Calvin Yan Review source

Very conveniently located hotel in central London not far away from Marble Arch tube station. Has underground parking facilities. Executive rooms are are good size for any hotel in central London.
The place is also surrounded by many nice restaurants

4 by Mrunal Shaha Review source

Visited a friend staying at the hotel. Always a well presented and clean place. Staff friendly. The food in the restaurant is good, as are the snacks in the executive lounge. Easy to get to and close to Oxford Street for shopping and Hyde Park for walks.

5 by Review source

Great service. Weve stayed at the executive floor, and had access to the executive launge. The hotel has a great location, close to both main bus and train stations, as well as oxford street. The hotel staff is generous and helpful. Has a great gym too.

5 by eh yuval Review source

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