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A real treat! Go for pre-dinner drinks.

My boyfriend and I love going to hidden or speakeasy bars. It is a bit of a hobby and he usually finds out about bars before I do. It was his birthday coming up so I was determined to find a hidden bar that he didn't know about.

I read about The Luggage Room in a magazine and very quickly booked a place for us to go for pre-dinner drinks.

Upon my reservation I had been told to look out for the black door next to the Marriot Hotel. When we got close I told my boyfriend this and we had great fun looking for the black door. It wasn't as hidden as I thought it might be but if you didn't know about this bar you would never stumble across it.

We knocked on the black door and a little window slid open and invited us in. We were then taken through to the bar where we were wowed by how glamourous it was, a real throw-back to the past, art deco style glamour, but not pretentious in any way.

We were very warmly welcomed and given a complementary glass of the house punch to try which was spicy and warming. This was accompanied by some vegetable crisps and assorted nuts, all very nice.

The menu was extensive and I am a person who struggles with too much choice so I ask the bar tender to pick a drink for me. I like to do this to see if they ask any questions about my taste, I find this is a good test of the bar tenders skills, but it can go horribly wrong sometimes!

On this occasion I was asked about my preferences and soon came along this gorgeous little gin cocktail, Gin Punch á la Terrington. I was quite small but every sip wonderful.

We only had time to stay for one drink each but that's all you need in a place like this. It is quite expensive, £35 for 2 cocktails including service, but it is a really great experience. We found it all the more exciting as we were only there for a short amount of time. It was like a flash back to the past.

5 by Ra Bird Review source

I came here because I wanted to try some of the Nardini products they have which I think are a great playground for Negroni variants, but was a bit disappointed to not see anything like a Negroni on the menu. So I attempted ordering off menu, but partly as a result of not being able to sit at the bar (two other people were sitting there, which owing to the unfortunately layout made it full) and therefore having to communicate indirectly via a waiter, I didn't seem to be able to get this across very well, which was a bit frustrating. I ended up with a Negroni made with Cocchi, which I don't think is a particularly great vermouth for a Negroni - too mellow. On the plus side the drink was well mixed together and they had good quality ice cubes.

Also, all that speakeasy knock-on-the-door gimmick stuff is feeling pretty tired now, isn't it? Plus, perhaps as a side effect of being part of a chain hotel, the majority of the clientele on the evening I visited didn't exactly give off the vibe of being seasoned cocktail connoisseurs.

3 by John Hawkins Review source

Not only is this a very cool and classy place, but the staff there is beyond friendly. I was there for maybe an hour having a drink at the bar and had a conversation with 4 different people who worked there. Not a hello, a conversation. They were all curious about what I was drinking, where I was from, and happy to share a little bit about themselves. A very welcoming group, indeed. It's a bit on the pricey side, but that shouldn't shock anyone; you should know that simply by the look of the place. I look forward to returning on my next visit to London.

5 by Patrick Hamel Review source

Fantastic small and elegant hidden bar within the Marriott hotel. Once through the unassuming black door you're whisked into a different, classier era and greeted by one of the wonderful hosts. We went on a Friday evening and it was brilliantly quiet - exactly what we were looking for to avoid the after work masses. Four cocktails each later, I was truly merry! The drinks are pricey but oh-so worth it.

5 by Jade Pearn Review source

Discreet bar tucked away in the bowels of the Marriott.
1920's theme, centered around a substantial wooden bar, dimly lit and beautifully decorated in the style of the period.
We only stopped for one drink due to other commitments but the cocktails we chose were very pleasant. Certainly go back for a second and maybe a third another time.

5 by Andreea iancu Review source

The dark, intimate surroundings were perfect for our 1920s hen do. From the secret entrance, and the leather sofas, to the music and cocktails, you really could believe you were hidden away at the turn of the last century. The staff were lovely and took the time to introduce us to the range of cocktails on offer. We felt very spoilt!


5 by Siobhan FitzGerald Review source

A hidden gem in the heart of Mayfair. Part of the Grosvenor Square Marriott Hotel, this speakeasy bar can be entered to from the outside, by knocking on the door before being given entry. A great place for quirky cocktails. The decor of the bar looks like a luggage trunk. Only thing is the washrooms are a bit of a walk away from the bar!

4 by Anomalous London™ Review source

We sat at the bar and chatted to a couple of the genial bartenders about general alcoholic goings on whilst they made our excellent cocktails, and would have stayed much longer but for the impending dinner reservation. A varied and interesting menu which I'm looking forward to revisiting soon

5 by Tom Barcis Review source

it's pricey, but you'd expect this from a hotel bar. The theme has been done really well. We came here during London Cocktail Week but were all so tired we didn't fully appreciate it- it's definitely on my list to return to on a less crazy night!

4 by Caroline Marchment Review source

Delightful atmosphere and cocktails were totally on par. Would highly recommend for a relaxing evening with a special someone or to just chill out after a long day. Staff were polite and provided complimentary nibbles and drinks while deciding what to order.

5 by Jason Mayes Review source

Absolutely outstanding. Wonderful cozy art deco decor, 20's low key music, and incredible cocktails and service, delivered by bartenders with singular knowledge on bourbons and ryes (made into Old Fashioneds - my particular tipple). Highly recommended.

5 by Review source

I wish I could say I had a drink here, but they were too pretentious to open the door. Evidently the well dressed solo traveler is 'undeserving' of their cocktails. My guess is: not worth it. After all they are just a hotel bar.

1 by Leif Kramer Review source

What a great team of staff, we were served by Josh, a lovely man from Northern Ireland, who served a great champagne cocktail to my wife and one of the best cosmopolitan cocktails I have had (top 5%) thanks team, we will return soon.

5 by Review source

An intimate & stylish cocktail bar. Not only Mayfair's best selection of Irish Whiskey but also a wonderful collection of heritage cocktails and serves. Book ahead on busy weekend evenings.

5 by Tom Quinn Review source

A quaint place. You enter through a discrete black door. A lovely 1920s atmosphere. Expect to pay £13-14 per drink. The service is lovely. A great place to come to for pre-dinner drinks.

5 by Vinay Kaura Review source

Really good selection of unusual cocktails. Nice touch having to knock to be let in (you can go through the hotel but it's not as much fun). Welcome drink on arrival was nice.

5 by Colin Gledhill Review source

Great little bar. Bar staff are knowledgeable and skilled.

Slightly pricey (just bought a £17 gin and tonic - it was nice though).

Great for a quiet date.

4 by John Chandler Review source

One of my favorite joints. Lovely, intimate atmosphere. Knowledgeable and engaging staff. It's not cheap, but you're paying for an experience, not just a drink.

5 by Aisling Elizabeth Review source

The host lady went to check for a table and left us outside in front of a locked door. We left the place after 20 min of waiting in the cold without any answer.

1 by Review source

Ambience, staff, selection, personal touch and of course great craic. Well worth a visit for hand crafted drinks served with style and knowledge

5 by Julie Black Review source

Wonderful atmosphere, good drinks and very nice staff. Recommended for a stylish night out in London city center.

5 by Prudence Lennon Review source

My favorite cocktail bar in London. Such a vintage menu. Recommended: whiskey nog, pink lady, New York sour.

5 by Benjamin Grol Review source

Great cocktails. Bartender knows best...just tell him what you like then let them recommend their specialty.

5 by Review source

Great little bar, expensive but great cocktails and service. Cocktails are between 10 and 14 pound each.

4 by Peter Bennett Review source

Lovely environment. Good and strong drinks. Love the welcome drink. Friendly bartenders and staff.

5 by Adam Burnett Review source

If you have not been you must go at least once. Cocktails to die for and extremely friendly staff.

5 by Neil McHugh Review source

Great spot, real speak easy feel about the place. Lovely hosts. Lovely cocktails. A classy joint!

5 by Review source

Great decor and sexy ambience but the cocktail list is a bit limited. Good champagne though.

4 by Gowsia Hyder Review source

An amazing 1920s experience, great cocktail history lesson and the high tea is good too.

5 by Russ Prior Review source

Very quiet, with 1920s decor, fantastic cocktails and friendly knowledgeable staff.

5 by Sweta Patel Review source

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