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Expensive, both food and tickets. You can take your own food in with you though which is one positive thing about the cineworld cinemas. Unfortunately, the staff aren't really the best. A lot of them are busy chatting to one another or procrastinating, and a lot of them lack a lot of knowledge of things to do with the cinema you'd expect them to know considering they're employees there. My last visit, it took a good 10 minutes for two members of staff to try and answer a question regarding using an email gift card in the cinema, and using it to buy food. In the end we had to give up because we were late to see the film. Luckily, we made it in time to actually see the start of the film. I think service and quality of food and drinks should be a lot better considering the prices they charge. Also, I'm disabled. On my last visit I was trying to manage using my crutches and having my hands full of drink and popcorn. I had stopped within 3 feet of 2 members of staff who could quite clearly see I was really struggling and neither even attempted to offer me any help. Customer service definitely needs to be worked on here. Unfortunately it's the only proper cinema for miles, so it does mean we don't really have much choice when we want to see a new film. If there were other cinemas more local to us we'd probably go elsewhere. Vue, in gunwharf quays, for instance, I would recommend over cineworld Chichester. I haven't been to Bognor cinema recently, but I've always found it to be good when I have gone before and it's considerably cheaper. Popcorn is a lot better too, and the building is very beautiful.

3 by Kim Hoggart Review source

This is a multi screen cinema with all that comes with it, fresh popcorn, fizzy and hot drinks etc. For me, the most important thing is the seats and the quality of the screens and projection. The seats are okay, not great, they don't allow enough leg room, so if you are tall or have difficulty with your joints, choose a row without any seats in front. The seats are also very close together, they pack them in, so you could be sitting next to a popcorn munching, coke slerper. I have noticed that the screens have been dirty or badly cleaned on occasion but the digital projection system is good quality.
The toilets are not the cleanest but okay and at busy times there is a lot of mess about the place.
Overall though, all you need and a good experience. Please rate if you found this useful.

4 by Bob Iles Review source

Good sized multi screen cinema with imax in on screen. Tiered seating so book early if you struggle with stairs. Front three rows are ground floor level but are very close to the screen, the next row is up two steps but there is a isle in front of it so a lot of leg room and comfortable distance from the screen, if you have mobility problems and can manage a couple of steps these are the best seats for you. There is one screen with a V.I.P box with a lift for wheel chair access but you can not see in the app what film is on this screen until you book the seats and if you pick the wrong film and back a page in the booking the app has a hissy fit and you need to wait 20 mins before you can try again.

5 by steven edmonds Review source

Parking can be a bit difficult at times, but personally I've always managed to find a space even if it meant hunting a few minutes walk. It is also free and not their responsiblity or owned by Cineworld. Cinema could do with better planning of the box office and sometimes their automated ticket machines fail to read pre-booked tickets. Seats are comfortable and never seen the cinema unclean.

I won't complain about the types of films on as that's out of their control and prices of their food & drink and tickets are actually slightly cheaper than some of the other chains, but that's reviewing Cineworld more than Chichester Cineworld.

4 by Tim Doyle Review source

Decent screens, iMax is cool for big CGI movies (Avatar, Ready Player One) but is over priced even for unlimited members. seating should be replaced as they're uncomfortable and the arms don't lift up like other cinema's do.
The App is ridiculously bad, like epic fail bad, and not being able to book an aisle seat for myself when there's only 2 seats left because you can't leave one seat by itself is Ducking stupid, unless 2 people book together the last 2 seats go unsold which is daft and as a result I missed the evening showing of Black Panther (2nd worst Marvel film) and had to go the next day which was inconvenient for me.

5 by J Stuff Review source

Terrible afternoon out at Cineworld Chichester! Again. I don't know what the company are thinking but they are certainly going to lose customers. Parking was awful and we had to queue for 20 minutes just to pick up our tickets and buy one drink. Thankfully the start time of the film is as always so much later than advertised due to all the adverts on before the trailers even start. £35.00 later and so not impressed. Come on Cineworld put some more staff on, open more tills and keep your customers happy, after all we are paying enough to expect a decent service!

1 by Helen Hayward Review source

Friendly staff, screen quality is pretty average though, seats are in dire need of an upgrade (try going to a Vue with the new reclining seats) Ticket prices are ridiculously expensive, it's about £5 cheaper for an adult ticket in non-south coast Cineworlds. Cineworld Chichester never shows the smaller indie films either, which is a constant source of frustration for me. Still, the unlimited card is great value if you go regularly, and there's a good choice of restaurants right outside. The car park is free, but have a back-up plan as it fills up quick.

3 by Review source

Film was great HOWEVER checkin for pre booked tickets was awful. The machine refused to accept the card or the booking reference and whats more Cineworld have no staff around to help other than those who serve the rip off pop corn food and drinks. £25 for 2 medium cokes and popcorn that cost £4 at most in tesco!!! Ill go again but bring my own food and god help any staff that show up and try and stop me.

Been again and yet again machines wont scan bar codes.

Also neither the app nor the website show your seat numbers.

1 by David Robinson Review source

Because it has several accessible adapted toilets for wheelchair users. Most of the staff are friendly. Having said that most areas for wheelchair users is to close to the screen so be prepared. If there are two or more of you in wheelchairs, try to avoid screen 7 or sit behind the row. There is one screen where two wheelchair users can go but on either side of the cinema, not great if you're a couple. If you're going to be there more than 4 hours make sure to car registration otherwise you will get a ticket.

4 by Kerry B Review source

Make sure you wear artic ski wear to watch a film in screen 4! Saw Fantastic Beasts on Saturday afternoon and the outside temperature was warmer when we left the cinema - complained on day and to Head Office air conditioning broken (so why use the screen I asked?) - their compensation offer? - 2 free food combos for stuff I cannot eat! Poor poor customer service indeed - last time I spend £20 on two and a half hours to be cold. I would rather have put it on the gas meter and waited for the DVD to come out

1 by Review source

If all you're wanting is your basic cinema experience then you will not be disappointed. Everything cineworld does it does well and competently. The are 9 normal screens and 1 IMAX screen. Prices are average for tickets. However food is extremely high priced for what you're getting, a bag of sweets which would normally cost a pound are being marked up to 3.50. all in all you pay for what you get, the sound systems are loud and crisp, the screens are superb and the staff are friendly.

4 by Connor Boe Review source

Long film and if it wasn't for the fact that I was part of a group I would have left before the end as I was so uncomfortable. Aside from the fact that we all felt hot the seats were so uncomfortable. Why are seats built for the average man and not the average person? There were 3 average height women in our group and we all felt uncomfortable. None of the men were uncomfortable. Having paid £18 for an imax viewing the minimum I would expect would be a comfortable chair. Inherent sexism

2 by Kerry Hullett Review source

Not so much a cineworld but more a cine-ma. You see I was anticipating a more 360 degree experience. But what I got instead was a very wide imax screen. I'd say it was 180 maybe. Alas I still enjoyed my film.

The seats have the perfect leg room such that you can wedge popcorn between the seat in front and your knees. Its a fantastic hands free system WARNING; do not do the same with your drink, all this does is pour it over the person in front.

4 by Sam S Review source

Great experience other than when a supervisor had to be called to verify my carers ID. The young man serving me at first was very polite but the supervisor rushed my ticket purchase, refused to serve me food and drink and told me to line up again if I want anything else as he was busy and had to get back to doing what he was doing before he was called over. Other than that the Experoence was good, very tidy cinema and all other staff friendly a polite.

4 by Ashley Corps Review source

What an appallingly unreliable website/booking system. It works well occasionally, but it can take forever to book seats and you can never be sure if the transaction is complete. The Cineworld Plus account payment is highly efficient, they take the money immediately and confirm the arrangement by email, but you only get the discount if you 'phone up to ask why it isn't working. Local charges apply apparently. useless rip off merchants.

1 by Review source

Usual chaos at Cineworld Chichester, lots of staff but only 3 appeared to be serving. Got to end of queue eventually to be told they ran out of normal coke the day before and didn't know when more was coming. Only other drinks are all now sugar free which I cannot drink. If they want all their customers on a sugar free diet maybe don't sell pick n Mix, chocolates, sweets, and ice creams. Or maybe let people decide for themselves.

1 by Review source

My wife and myself in Daughter went on Friday to see Mountains between us. We paid £32.20 that's £11.40 each, film was good.
Problem was we had a woman sitting behind us coughing and spluttering for 2 hours throughout the film. Not once did she go out clear her throat or drink water. I've seen people asked to leave for talking this was much worse, Cineworld should deal with inconsiderable people who spoil viewing for others

2 by Review source

With the new IMAX screen this cinema is great to see the latest block busters. This cinema can get busy at peak times however there are plenty of screens to choose from and the staff are always friendly and helpful.

Self service ticket machines have recently been installed which are great to beat the queues. I would recommend booking your tickets in advance for any newly released film to avoid disappointment.

5 by Wayne Cockman Review source

Seats over priced, snacks over priced, long queues to get tickets now they have got rid of actual ticket booth, have to book specific seats, have to remember to program in car registration to get free parking too. Fortunately have got an independent cinema not far away that charges just £2.50 during the week and Only £3.50 at weekends. Snacks are a bargain too. Only go to Cineworld when have 241 offers!

2 by Review source

Enormous multiscreen cinema complex with inadequate parking, uninspiring entrance foyer and large but very poorly staffed snack/drink facilities leading to very long queues. One of the few cinemas where you really need to aim for the programme start time, because you will use up all the advert time trying to park or get a drink and popcorn. When you get in, the seats are fine.

2 by John Harrison Review source

Good films and location. Free parking is a huge plus (at busy times it can be a little difficult to find a space) and there are lots of other nearby food outlets and things to do (Nando's, Mcdonalds, KFC, Bowling and trampolining). Unfortunately it's a cineworld chain becacuse the tickets and confectionery are expensive so I would recommend taking your own.

4 by Jordan Barraclough Review source

The staff are the friendliest staff I have ever come across In a cinema complex very helpful always smiling even when very stressed.
Comfortable seats air conditioning food to go the usual sweets and ice cream and they sell alcohol too.
Easy to drive and park, join, as a member and get upgraded next year.... More discounts 25% on food and lots of films

5 by diana neill Review source

It's part of a complex with four hours free parking, restaurants opposite, an bowling alley, and a hotel in the same area. The cinema itself is very big and very clean. With seating at the front and a small selection of arcade games and machines to entertain whilst you wait. A great cinema in the heart if the town, (just a short walk from the station too).

5 by Mayernator87 Review source

The ability to show a AAA film and sell overpriced snacks is insignificant next to the power of the Force... Great view of the screen, amazing sound system, nice and clean. What more could you ask for at a cinema.

Did get a bit hot towards the end of film, but that is pretty much the same at any location when you get a large group of people in a room.

5 by Stephen Baker Review source

A decent cinema. With standard seats and food. However the ticket prices are the highest I've ever had to pay for standard seating. Each seat cost £12.50 when i booked online. Even the Cineworld membership, which is supposed to give 'huge savings' on ticket prices, hardly reduces the price of he ticket. (Still costing over £10)

3 by Joshua Turnbull Review source

Brilliant evening out, for families, groups of friends, couples or singles. Hot drinks+ limited amount of hot food, hot & cold drinks available. Speciality ice creams, tea & cake specials & a sweet stall. Plenty of popcorn too! Booking is super easy - buy tkts at box office or online, using you electronic TKT on your mobile.

5 by LYNDA MAIDMENT Review source

Really cool place for movies with friends and family. Staff know plenty about the films and are friendly. I really recommend IMAX its definately worth watching something like star wars or other big titles as it just amplifies the cinema experience. Always take your card with you just in case and they don't have contact-less yet.

5 by Aidan Garda Review source

A nice bright & clean establishment with a superb auditorium that is comfy.
Great customer service & a fantastic choice of films.
With a large car park & other eateries on the same site as the Cinema, this is the perfect place to go to catch a movie & a bite to eat.
No other cinema locally compares.

5 by James Young Review source

This venue is OK but unfortunately compared to the Cineworld in Whiteley it's a bit disappointing. Staff were courteous and we didn't have to queue too long for snacks. If you arrive slightly early there are only a few seats tucked in the corner so nowhere to sit down and wait despite there being a huge lobby.

3 by Belinda Jensen-Alexander Review source

I prefer these cinemas to those located in Brighton, this are generally less busy and the car park doesn't try to eat your alloys !! - Only issue I've had was with some voucher that I purchased for a present for my wife a year or so ago, this is more to do with the chain as opposed to Chichester per se.

4 by Steve Robertson Review source

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