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143-145 Uxbridge Road, London, W13 9AU

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Sometimes a meal is just a meal. That's the feeling that stuck with me leaving Persian Palace.

I came with a few friends for dinner and left full, but not fully satisfied. The menu is fairly limited, with an emphasis on kebab plates and dips.

We tried a number of appetisers\\u200b. Eggplant with walnuts was the standout. But yogurt-based dishes tasted of little more than yogurt. Good quality, but bland. All were underseasoned. A sprinkle of salt and lemon helped shape them up.

As for the mains, kebabs were surprisingly disappointing.

Outside of a few specialties, mains consist of different combinations of minced lamb, marinated chicken and lamb filet, served with rice or bread and salad.

Portions are as generous as photos show, making for a great value proposition. But the food itself was lackluster and underseasoned. Minced lamb is too soft, lacking the smoke and char of a proper grill. Rice is plentiful but plain. Salad is as basic as it gets. On the bright side is the bread. It was the best thing on any of our plates by far.

Due to the aforementioned portion size, dessert was skipped all around.

Service was no saving grace. Various waiters brought dishes and drinks we hadn't ordered and expressed incredulity when we insisted that they were mistaken.

Altogether, I can't complain too harshly. A few dishes were very good, and we left with plenty of leftovers. But I can't imagine a reason to return unless I'm already in the area. If you want good kebabs, head to Green Lanes instead. A restaurant can and should strive for more than meeting the basest of satisfaction.

3 by Jacob Mandel Review source

Just go to Molana's across the road. I used to love Persian Palace but about 2 years ago I switched over to Molana's and have been a loyal customer to them since. Over the last week I decided to give Persian Palace a try again as home delivery on Monday andalso visited the restaurant last night (Friday).

Monday delivery- Food was very average, Olovieh was probably half the size of Molana's delivery and our order came with no salad or sauces but we were just too exhausted and hungry to call or wait for them to resolve it.

Friday, restaurant visit- We went to Persian Palace because Molana's was looking busy, we found parking close to PP on a chilly night and I was with the same people the previous Friday at Molana's so we decided to give PP a try as the food USED to be similar and the decor is different.

Food again was very average but we ate it happily and when the bill came strange things happened. If you get Koobideh with rice it's £8.50 but if you get the exact same thing with nan the price goes up to £16.00 even though they are the same price on the menu.

Not going to bother again as there are too many amazing Persian restaurants out there like Molana, Behesht etc to waste your time and effort .

I do hope they turn it around or maybe I caught them on a bad week but i'm will not be visiting them again any time soon.

1 by Review source

First time went to this place on the 1/09/2017 with my wife. When we got their the place was heaving. Traditional Zoroastrian art work on the wall. We order salad oliveeh and kashke badamju with nan. The starter was amazing tasty and fresh. Whilst sitting and enjoying the ambience a table next to mine had recently got their food nibbled on the main for like 15mins and then asked for a doggy bag as they couldn't eat it. I thought nothing off it. Then table with a party of 15 couldnt even eat their food and they had order a doggy bag. Looking down the room I saw a huge table with at least 20 people couldn't even eat theirs and doggy bag everywhere. I was in utter shock that the management could even charge so small for a portion so big two people can edit one dish. As you can see from the pictures the portions are too big and people just walked out with bag's. Management need to look into this as they are loosing money big time. Having such huge portions just doesn't justify the charges they are charging for each customer. Just doesn't make sense.

3 by Raazel Benderez Review source

I didn't try Persian food before.i head about it how delicious with different special herbs they have in their food.
Negative side ;This place low Food quality is one thing and most important is owner attitude,I don't know who is the owner but I think the bald man is.he doesn't have a good welcoming to us and I saw how he act to one of his staff.when it's busy he is overwhelmed with angry face.this cause us to never try it again.we pay a lot there as the food quality wasn't good that's why they put to much food in a was oily and one of my friend find stone in his plat.when we finish and try to pay by card owner(the bald guy) take a payment,we all said thanks to him,but he didn't say nothing,very rude.
I really don't know when, ppl get in business they don't respect others.respect customer and staff is in priority.i try some places in west London.seems can't find a place with good package each customer looking for. Hope everyone read this and help them to decide where to go.

1 by Review source

So, let's break down the rating.
The venue does look nice and has the persian theme. It can get crowded and I guess that's a good sign, but keep that in mind if you are looking for a quite intimate place.
The food. Well, being half Persian myself, I wasn't too impressed with the quality. Actually, a bit disappointed. But probably that's due to my standards. The price is very reasonable and the amount is very generous which makes this place worth the visit.
Staff and service were good.
I will not revisit as there are so many Persian restaurants in the area and some of them have a more appealing offer in terms of quality. However, I do recommend a one time visit to be able to judge by yourselves.
So, the venue, the service, the price and the portions made it a 4 stars place. I just missed that wow element.

4 by Foad Izadi Review source

We have been coming to Persian Palace for a while now. Had you asked me a few years ago I would have said that the customer service is awful and it's not worth going when you have so many other Iranian restaurants in the area. However I cannot be more wrong - the staff and Persian Palace have really taken on the criticism given comma they are friendly polite and very attentive. The food has always been good and still remains one of the best Iranian restaurants in the area. I would go as far as saying one of the best Iranian restaurant in all of West London. Very happy with the service we get the portions are massive so be sure to go with an empty stomach! All in all very happy with Persian Palace and I can't wait to go again.

5 by Ari S Review source

Great food, amazing value for money in terms of portion sizes. It's just a shame the waiters are so focused on lusting after and staring at women in there that they don't actually concentrate on taking down the orders correctly - meaning we got duplicate portions and were charged for them.

In addition - going out to eat is supposed to be stress free. Having one of the owners young children running round the restaurant with balloons etc was somewhat frustrating - and we went with 2 young children of our own so it's not like we don't understand kids. There's a time and a place and a restaurant where people pay money to eat is neither the time or place.

3 by Donna Shepstone Review source

Probably the best Persian restaurant you can go to in Ealing, and that's saying a lot considering there are about at least 7 of them, just in West Ealing alone!

The service is the only lacking part of the entire experience. There's no real sense of the waiting staff enjoying what they do. Not even a smile when taking your order!

Still, the food is superb and they cook it really well! Prices are not bad at all, and it's easily accessible via the Uxbridge Road in Ealing.

The restaurant gets filled in the evenings. Overall, I recommend the place if you've never had Persian food before and are in the area.

4 by Alan Gurling Review source

Very disappointed, went here after being recommended by a few colleagues. Upon arrival the there were two people who seemed to be the owners, just stood there and didn't acknowledge our arrival. Had to make conversation to get a table. The food we ordered took really long to arrive and when it did I had to send it back. The salad had gone brown showing it was not fresh, the waiter was reluctant to change it saying 'it is fresh'. I had the Momtaz which was grilled on one side and the other side was still undercooked making it drip fat and grease. The meat was definitely not of quality. Not impressed at all. Decors was pretty cool.

2 by Abu Mukid Review source

Not recommended at all!

Although Yosef one of their waiters is friendly and respectful their food quality does not match up.

I ordered an aubergine stew which was not what I had expected. It was very greasy and had a few very little diced meats and only a small aubergine.

My friend also ordered a Makhasos which had a barg and a koobideh. The koobideh was awful and like nothing but a proper koobideh.

They charged us about £5 for a jug of doogh and £2.50 for a small bread. We also had a youghurt which was also pricey.

In total they were overpriced and not up to a high standard.

1 by Parham PP Review source

I was a frequent and loyal customer at PP but unfortunately on a couple of occasions myself and my family had food poisoning from the koobedeh. The first time this happened we ignored it, but on the second occasion we approached the owner and told him what had happened. He was extremely rude and unapologetic which has completely ruined the experience for us. Also, they're really stingy with their bread portions. Not only that, their home delivery is always missing an item and the koobedeh tastes like leftovers! Sorry Mohamad Kachal, but we will not be trying this again!! Bad food, bad customer service.

1 by Review source

You cant go wrong with Persian Palace. Mouth watering Kebabs and other things, portion size huge enough for two people. I have been to this place at least 15-20 times over the years and not once I have had a bad experience either with food or with service. They get extremely busy, so yes you might have to grab their attention or remind them a few times, but these are really non issues! its a place where you can go as a big group, eat lots of good food, have a loud laugh and come out still smiling.

4 by priyanka roy Review source

An absolute disservice to Persian cuisine and Iranian hospitality. Sat us down at a table where the chairs were covered in rice. The table itself was completely broken and wobbling around all over the place. Waiter barely said more than 2 words to us, and had the attitude of a sulking teenager. Food was bland and tasteless. Bread was stale (how?? How did they manage to ruin bread??). My friend said they had a great experience there, so perhaps ours was a one off - either way, it was still bad.

2 by Aria Saarkia Review source

I orderd to take away got it wroped there were suppose to be rice included but none no salad and no butter with rice and i paid £42 for four people got home opened the continer of food it was all burned meat and it was full of rubbish meat and also smil i just wasted my money i wanted to upload the pic but i couldnt do it for publice to see make sure once you order you have to check the food before you leaving the resturant there are alots of cheating going full for rubbish service

1 by haji 005 Review source

I don’t write review on food, but this time I had no chose, I have order two kabab kobideh/Nan at 2:43 on 26 October 2016, I have arrived home within 10 minutes to open the box, it was frozen kabab with full of oil but very bizarre oil type within two minutes the oil get frozen, I call them up , he said this juice of the kabab , he was so unfriendly over the phone , I put the order in rubbish pin with ten minutes , never approach that shop again, buy from healthy place,

1 by Chad Kawa Review source

This is a very nice and cheap place. It's so cheap I wonder how they make a profit since the portions of food you get are enormous to the point that most people can't finish their plate. They don't sell alcohol here but you can bring your own alcohol and have it with your meal. It is child friendly but it can get so busy it can feel cramped. The place has been extended to cater for this, which is great. Would definitely recommend this place!

4 by Jamie Barsoum Review source

Went there and I was shocked, they made us wait for a long time. The table were dirty and the glasses were disgusting. They over charge you. the amount of food you get for the price is unbelievable. the food itself was very greasy. I ordered just one skewer for a baby and they charged around £4 which shouldn't happen. Overall I am very dissatisfied and shocked with this place. I wont recommend anyone to go and I won't go back ever again.

1 by Review source

Usually have the family platter, very well made and tasty, the starters are good and the bread is very nice baked in house.
Prices are increasing but that is due to the place being very busy and they have extended the shop. All in all very nice for family occasions or during the lunch break, don't forget to ask about the lunch menu which they don't advertise as the prices are lower during the day I think between 12-4.

5 by R S Review source

Huge portions looked great but Jesus Christ almighty would it kill to add any seasoning? Really bland and off colour texture, just didn't taste right and a pity because it looked juicy. Rating solely based on flavour which was poor, chilli sauce and bread was excellent though, super hot but the food was a big let down! Why is the inside of a kebab yellow? Never seen the likes of it before, Just all wrong I'm afraid.

2 by Iknwhow2 Play Review source

Huge portions of chicken and more especially lamb! They do offer a (cold) mixed starter platter as a 'main' for non-meat eaters with a tasty Persian onion dish beyond the expected hummus, aubergine, and a yoghurt based dish. Thin freshly baked bread always topped up. Make certain you ask for the refreshing drinking yoghurt, it might even have a hint of effervescence as it starts to ferment.

4 by Graeme Shaw Review source

Food came late (50mins) and was cold. It is understandable that it was busy (Muslim eid) but the staff were very rude especially when asked how long the food will take... Kept telling us 2 mins or 3 mins and I got fed up and got up and one of the staff was like get out if you're rude. This has been the second time I've been here, and I'm not sure I'll be coming here again.

1 by Botrus Audisho Review source

Large portions and good quality meat making for good prices. A little bland for me, but that's a personal preference as my partner loves Persian palace. Also wish they had more variety than just lamb and rice. The staff are nice enough, some days you get fast service other days you get slow service. Overall it's a good place to dine at if you want a bang for your buck.

3 by Review source

Hi I was invited to attend the restaurant by myffriends when the staff get the food he comes back after 10 minutes and ask all the tables do you want to take away your food every one said yes ge ask me as well I said yes when I left I asj can I have my take away food he said what food it is shameful for you to cheat I will never come back to your restaurant

1 by adiba hassan Review source

Absolutely disgusted went to buy koobedeh which was meant to be 7.90 but the price went up to 8.50, was then charge 9.00 for something that says 8.50 on the menu. Payed 50p extra for service which we didn’t even get. Rude staff who were very grumpy.molana is better. DO NOT GO TO PERISAN PALACE. we spoke to the person and he said to me go away you dirty pakistani

1 by Review source

poor customer service very rude no manners at all I was charged for service and we weren't even given a jug of water because we were brown and other customers who were lighter were given a jug the food was very bland tasted like we were given leftovers. I would recommend going to molana never going here again would not recommend this place. kuni bachesh

1 by Review source

Apart from the poor spacing between seats the food was lovely.
The freshly cooked bread is a must. Myself and a few friends have visited this venue quite a few times and enjoyed the selection of Mixed Grills and sides.
I would recommenced anyone for a nice meal with a partner or just somewhere for you and friends to visit for a quick chow down.

4 by Stefan Baisden Review source

Big, bright & lively place at lunchtime. Loads of kebab-style grilled meats (chicken & lamb mostly), with salad & rice. Also some stews. Persian style - so not very spicy (and NOT curry). But nice sauces, breads and dips to liven up the food. Very quick service, very large portions. No license, but BYO from pub across the road is fine.

4 by Doug Neilson Review source

No chance to eat it all...Quickly served. Shame that there is lamb and rice (mainly). Menu should give much more choice for something else than a rice.
Price as for the portion is not big.
During 'peak time' be prepared for awaiting for the table.
They don't sell an alcohol but you can bring your own.

5 by Marcin G Review source

Our relative took us to the restaurant when we visited London last year. I have never had authentic persian food, it was absolutely delicious! The quantity was so much for such affordable prices.
I loved that bread! it's made to order which is guaranteed fresh. Definitely would visit again if I ever go back to London.

5 by Anita Lee Review source

Excellent food, ambience was good and its a good place to go with young children. Service was okay but that might be something do with us visiting on a Saturday. However its the only place where they could make an improvement. Otherwise the menu was detailed and they have the traditional dishes, no room for things like chips :)

4 by R.K A Review source

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