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60/61 Palace Street, Canterbury, CT1 2DY

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I normally don't write reviews but today I was so upset that I had to.

First of all their quality is of an average level considering the high prices and the high expectations that the place creates.

I've been disappointed with the customer service before when I went there with a couple of friends for coffee and crepes. One of us asked for a little bit of more chocolate sauce in her crepe (because it was really poor), the staff froze and after a small meeting they had they decided to ask us to go to the till to order it and pay the amount of I think 90p. They finally brought a small pot of sauce when the crepe was almost cold. Was it so difficult to just add a bit of sauce?? Anyway I thought that it might be their policy to put a tiny bit of chocolate and they're not allowed to add more and also it took them time to think that it would be ok if they charge for it, so I forgave them.

Since then I have returned a few more times as I live in the neighbourhood and I like their ice cream.
But today I went back for an ice cream that I never got. I was there waiting and waiting, while at least 4 members of staff were around and some of them were doing nothing. (It wasn't busy, only 3-4 tables.) At one point someone asked me if I wanted a table or take away, I said take away and he walked away without asking someone else to help me. Behind the bar they were still ignoring me and the time was passing so I left and had an ice cream at Kaspa's. Am I invisible? I don't know, but I know I will not return.

1 by Georgia Akrivou Review source

If you like long waiting times, bad service, wrong food and not all the food you order... This is the place for you. The staff is rude and unhelpful, even when they are the ones in the wrong! This was my first time going there and definitely the last. They got my sister's order mixed with mine and gave her my ice cream, when she asked to change it, the staff gave them her attitude, and then later on brought the same melted ice cream to the table. Not only that they forgot the vanilla ice cream from my order which costs me £2.25. When I informed the staff of their mistakes, an unpleasant talk grumpy looking bald man just stood there, grabbed the ticket off my hand and just stood there looking at the ticket. Already annoyed with the service I walked out, but not before the same man shouted 'thank you' in a snarky manner.

1 by Junior Reis Review source

Very strange staff. Insisted that I only try up to two flavours of ice cream, even though I was planning on buying three scoops. Cashier Rizwan incredibly rude, asked him to split the three scoops into two separate cups and he said it was fine. Then, when asking for the student discount, he said that he was already doing enough for me, and that he couldn't honour the student discount if he was going to put the ice cream in two separate cups. Complained to HQ, emailed with 'Kerriann Blackwell', was promised some sort of contact from the store, no contact after one month. Never mind then.

1 by You You Xue Review source

I recently took a visit to the newly opened creams Canterbury with my girlfriend, to check out what all the “limited edition” buzz was about. On arrival I was greeted by a member of staff called Naoufel, that went above and beyond to make sure our visit was the best desert bar experience we’ve ever had. No request for him was to Big or too small, he really engages with the customer and makes you want to revisit again and again just for his kind welcoming customer service alone. The food was also very nice but not too overwhelming with sweetness and the portions were quite fair. Would visit again.

5 by Ricco Wedderburn Review source

Great venue and atmosphere, but not impressed with the way orders handled. You have to make sure you are very clear on what you order and check your order before you pay. Noticed extra ice-cream added and different cheesecake to what we ordered only to be told that's what you paid for and did not attempt to suggest possibly change to what we had originally asked for. Very dissapointed in service. Won't be going back. Service is paramount to me.

1 by Charmaine Powell Review source

My brother, daughter & I went for drinks and worst crepes at Creams Cafe Canterbury last week
We were waiting nearly 15 minutes for our drinks.- When I got my drink there was what looked like a flea. Happens. Apology accepted.
Then the bill was wrong,even though the bill was changed after talking to the manager we were very disappointed with our experience.
Crepes....probably the worst ever tasted

1 by Hannah Mian Review source

My brother, daughter & I went for drinks and worst crepes at Creams Cafe Canterbury last week
We were waiting nearly 15 minutes for our drinks.- When I got my drink there was what looked like a flea. Happens. Apology accepted.
Then the bill was wrong,even though the bill was changed after talking to the manager we were very disappointed with our experience.
Crepes....probably the worst ever tasted

1 by Review source

I really enjoyed this place for an afternoon treat, the decor theme is eye catching, the food is priced right due to the actual portion you get, good sized drinks too, seating is comfortable... be warned you will be sat by staff and have to order yourself for the staff to deliver when ready... no issues from me but something to be looked at as a business maybe!? But overall a great place for the family

4 by Sean Gillespie Review source

Although the staff seat you when you arrive, they do not provide table service. There were a lot of staff stood around and only one person on the tills to order so I had to queue for a long time. We only ordered two coffees but it took a long time for our order to come despite not being very busy and a lot of staff working. The decor was nice but that was about it.

1 by Rose Bishop Review source

The atmosphere is nice, the orders are not taken by the waiters.
We paid about 10 pounds for pancake, cheese cake and espresso.
The pancakes were good but it was more pancakes the cheese cake was partly melted, it was hot then cold so the microwave.
In the end, the prices are not high, but the quality is not high either.

2 by charles minne Review source

I went in for a latte and a guy told me that “McDonalds sells latte too and it’s cheaper there”. Also I was checking the menu and some lady came and asked me what I wanted to order in a very rude way!!. If you don’t want to sell me something just because of the way I look just say it. Not recommended, I won’t go back again. Racists!!!

1 by haider belsha Review source

Not a great experience unfortunately. Ordered an apple pie that was looking very sorry and flat on the plate. When we asked they microwave them so that's why they 'all drop'. If you are charging a premium and have lovely decor it's a shame your products don't live up to the rest of the establishment.

2 by Nicholas Ciccone Review source

Tasty but you must ask for a booth otherwise you end up next to randomers. Food is great and the staff should be paid more for serving u at the bar, taking you to the table and making your food. Especially when there is only 3 staff on and loads of customers they still knock your food out within a reasonable time!

3 by Sam White Review source

Great atmosphere and decor. I ordered a banoffe bubble waffle cone and there was simply no flavor apart from the long hair that I found on the first bite. Was with four others and tried all different dishes and it simply tasted of batter and everything tasted the same. Food seriously isn't worth it.

1 by Charlie Newton Review source

Service was quite slow, food was delicious, custard came in a broken jug, wear your coat to the toilet as it's freezing experience down a rather long corridor. Great interior design it's a must for the food and design alone staff need a bit more speed and a few more social skills.

4 by April Dunham Review source

Just Kaspas, but with classier decor. To those not familiar with the dessert chain, mid range price desserts, delicious fresh and very filling. In fact i recommend going halves unless you have an exceptionally sweet tooth .
Servers could pretend to be slightly less bored though :p

4 by Bahnnisikha Misra Review source

If Kaspa's is a bit loud for your taste then this place is the perfect antidote. A real dessert lovers heaven. Great menu and superb quality. Really loved it. Plus the decor is superb. The owners have obviously put a lot into this place and I think it will be a great success.

5 by Elliott Lee Review source

Amazing choice, lovely staff & manager, insanely curated decoration- steampunk meets 20,000 Leagues under the sea. Go for freakshakes, bubble waffle cones and waffles (rather than coffee and muffins). Brace yourself for hi calorie heavenly colourful rollercoaster!

4 by Mark Charlton Review source

Amazingly different decor, (steampunk theme) with fantastic food. Let down by the service - there were loads of staff milling around and more interested in chatting to each other than bringing our drinks to the table (which they completely forgot).

3 by Simon D Gardner Review source

Nice steam punk interior with a good menu. Much better than kaspas. However the aroma of sweet food is slightly off putting. Came with friend and had macaroons with coffee and white chocolate mocha. Good for puddings or coffee stop.

4 by Andy Morley Review source

A beautiful Steam Punk themed creams, Good size kids ice creams. Bubble waffles are large but it was a treat. So well worth it, I will deff be going back for another visit. Got a whole menu to get through....

5 by Joanne Rickard Review source

Beautiful. It's a one of a kind Creams Cafe to me :D It was busy when we went but our desserts were still delightful. Reminds me of the Toothsome Emporium in Orlando from the steam engine aesthetic!

5 by Dean Farbrace Review source

God damn.... The best Creams in the UK so far......... Steam punk themed, delicious and absolutely amazing value. Friendly and great looking staff, food was spectacular. Will return!!

5 by Justin Farley Review source

Decadent and delicious. The waffles are really big. So perhaps a good share or a feast for one. I had a sip of my wife's chocolate shake that turned into a rather long one :)

5 by Taylor Martyn Review source

this has to be one of the most amazing inside decors you can clearly tell alot of money been sent on this also the desserts were lovely fresh waffles nice soft gelato ice cream

5 by zeehshan majid aqil Review source

Food is really nice and any fruit you order will be fresh. Portions are a little small for the price but the drinks are reasonable. The atmosphere alone makes it worth a trip.

4 by James Robinson Review source

Don't eat for a week before. Best desert place I have ever been to. Very sweet but so worth the cost! Would go back again soon! Just need to starve myself first!

5 by Rob Gill Review source

Nice vibe with the steampunk aesthetic inside. As usual Creams provides great food, would recommend going there just to see the unique dessert parlour

5 by Cameron Rees Review source

Amazing place from outside I got curious as soon I got in...i I wanna open a place like this lived it food cafe looks...10/10 for me

5 by Andrea Bosio Review source

Place is so interesting such a lot to look at. Food is wonderfull plenty for money. Warning toilet is so cold which is not good if changing babies

5 by maxx barrett Review source

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