Morrisons - Manchester

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418B Wilbraham Rd, Manchester, M21 0UA

+44 161 860 5779




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The size of this store means you are highly likely to find most things on your shopping list. As supermarket prices go, this is mid range. The fresh produce is always good quality and there's a huge range to choose from. The fresh fish counter is particularly good, although my first choice for fish and seafood is always Out of the Blue on Wilbraham Road.
There are frequently special offers on across the entire range of products in Morrison's, so it's worth watching out for those. Their collection of growing plants for your garden is pretty good too; with the plants generally being of a high standard.
The store is particularly busy at tea time due to its location immediately next to the Chorlton Metrolink tram station, making it a popular stopping place for commuters on their way home from work.
For drivers there's a very big car park.
Additional features include a photo booth, kids ride-on toy, recycling bank, bench on which to repack your bag, Amazon pick up point, and a Coinstar machine for getting rid of the collections of shrapnel from the bottom of your purse. There's also a free-to-use cash machine inside the store, located next to the tills.

4 by Review source

I have been shopping at Morrisons ever since it first opened. However, last Sunday, nearing 4.0'clock, I was finishing my shopping but kept getting harassed by staff with statements like: 'the tills are closing' and 'this aisle is closed now!' This was despite there still clearly being queues at the tills. I had half a mind to leave my shopping trolley for them to sort out and not buy anything. As it is, unfortunately, I now have no qualms about leaving Morrisons for Aldi. Managers should perhaps think about the consequences of what they expect their staff to do!!! As for 'match and more'- it discriminates against those customers who do not use private transport and so do two cheaper shops a week instead of one big one! Most unfair!

2 by Review source

I'm doing my shopping in many shops around Manchester and this Morrisons is the worst out of all. Poor quality of staff and a lot of products missing. Make sure you check your receipts before you leave the store, because you might get overcharged. It happend to me twice in a row! The lady at the customer service was not happy to serve me and did not apologise. If I wouldn't check my receipt, which I usually don't, I would leave in the shop extra £2 for their oversights. I guess everyone makes mistakes, but it just happens too often, can't really trust them.

1 by Review source

While I like that Morrison's has made a pretty good job of creating a reasonable presentation for the petrol station, I'm disappointed that the 'garden' area under the sign is such a mess. The weeds are thigh high. It's a nice concept - but if not maintained - the unkempt garden (under the sign and backing onto the tram) let's down the community. Please can you do some weeding and put in some ground cover to keep the weeds down during the year (as has been done in other areas). Thanks.

2 by Review source

Love the shop,I still head there despite moving to Stretford. They don't do that loopy thing of moving the stock around to keep you on your toes. Pretty much all the staff are friendly and helpful and the range of stock is fine for a shop of its size. Also you can almost always get a parking space despite everyone using shops within a half mile radius sticking their cars there. Finally,the £5 Match and More vouchers just keep on coming,will be handy at Christmas. The store is like a pair of comfy slippers.

5 by stephen paranics Review source

Store is always reasonably well stocked and the staff are friendly enough. Management tend to flap a bit at peak times and you can easily find yourself stuck in a queue for 20 minutes whilst they scramble to find staff. However, there is always plenty of parking, the toilet is always clean and the self-service checkout is always well staffed.

One request - please sell Walkers multipacks!!!

4 by Tom Austin Review source

Can't stand it in here.
Certainly won't be going back!
Staff are miserable, chat away to their colleagues rather than concentrating on the customers!
The staff in customer services wander off, without telling you where they're going and keep you waiting without making an apology
Such a shame that this dreadful supermarket replaced Safeway!

1 by Beverley Pearson Review source

A friend of mine aged 28wanted to buy a bottle of alcohol-free lager. He was asked for ID and as he didn't happen to have any on him his purchase was refused. 1. Alcohol-free lager should not be an age-limited product. 2. My friend patently looks well over 18. Qu: does evryone who buys alcohol now need ID? I am 76 and look it. Do I need ID to buy alcohol nowadays?

4 by Review source

Handy and very well stocked supermarket in centre of Chorlton. Staff always friendly and helpful. My only gripe is the physical layout of store - some aisles quite narrow so it can get a bit fraught when busy. Wouldn't say it is particularly wheelchair-friendly for disabled customers because if this.

4 by Review source

I like leaving reviews that are honest...

This supermarket is small, with a poor range and understaffed. The sooner they pull it down and build a Waitrose the better.

Seriously though, it's a small supermarket. Why are you bothering to read the reviews? It's. A. Supermarket.

2 by Bill Watson Review source

Helpful and friendly staff. Great produce and fresh selection. There are always offers and promotions on different products. Store is easily accessible from Wilbraham road and has got free parking including disabled and family parking. There's also halal section, world food isle and bakery

5 by Yasir Khalil Review source

The poorest Morrisons store in Gt Manchester, very cramped conditions in the aisles, no time to browse because of overcrowding. No toilets, no cafe, nightmare trying to get into and out of car park. No axe to grind I'm a regular Morrisons customer all over Gt Manchester !!

2 by brian george Review source

It's always to shop at Morrisons (Chorlton-Cum-Hardy branch),the Manager and are great and helpful, I was the person who keep on asking the Manager for years a toilet at this branch until one was built a few years ago. I've been shopping there when it were Safeway.

5 by Earl Gordon Review source

Great place for everyday shopping, friendly and polite staff, free parking, handy petrol station everything you need in one place in reasonable price. Easy access for disabled and parents with prams, toilets available inside. I can recommend shopping in this place to anybody

5 by Review source

Well stocked and clean supermarket with decent customer service. Would benefit from customer toilets but there are baby changing facilities available if requested. Fresh food, fish and meat counters, deli and fresh pizzas available. In-store bakery and a cigarette kiosk.

4 by Michelle Parkin-Kelly Review source

Was better in terms of product availability and freshness until a couple of years ago. Quality has steadily deteriorated. It's a big store but organic food options have gotten fewer over the years (or atleast not growing at a rate as other shops across the city).

2 by Mayookh Lad Review source

All you need in one place. My only complaint is that some products have misleading price tags that refer to other products but nevertheless are placed underneath other ones, they also have small font which is hard to see from otherwise very small distance.

4 by Review source

Not enough goods, tight squeeze on aisles, not great prices. Aldi aisles with M&S prices and Lidl choices basically! Worst of all though most of the shoppers are stereotypically Chorltonites: rude, ignorant and too self-adsorbed!

2 by Alex Kro Review source

It is impossible to not almost walk into someone at the front door, far too small entrance space, very difficult to navigate inside as all the isles are cluttered with 'offers' just a vry unpleasant store all round

1 by Review source

gets busy veg section can be chaos and the fish is something to question when it comes to the daily freshness as quoted on an old advertisement.. in fact the fish could be as old as that advert come to think of it

3 by Nathan Aiyna Sassen Review source

Not my usual place of shopping but has a diverse range of products at decent prices as well as a decent salad bar. The only complaint is that the aisles are pretty narrow and this is a pretty busy store.

4 by Sub Zero Review source

A little on the small side with slightly more expensive prices than competitors. Ok if you are in a rush and need some flowers in-store selection is not bad. Have a bakery and a fish counter onsite

3 by Review source

The quality of the delivery has declined recently I used to suggest in tesco that they sent staff to morris ons to see how a delightful should be run but there is nothing to choose between you now

3 by Johm Cuppello Review source

I feel that Morrisons is a little expensive for me I'm always looking for the bargains.. But it's a handy shop to have and they do lively pokoras I can't get anywer else..

5 by Tonilea Hibbert Review source

Decent parking. Good selection of fresh fish, meat, deli-foods. Nice selection of wines. Friendly staff. Handy Morrisons petrol station next door selling smaller selection of products.

4 by Review source

Great store. Good wide range of food.Probably the best range of breads in any supermarket you can find.
Friendly staff.
Cafe great value and quite a pleasant place to sit.

5 by Peter never Review source

Most rude staff members zero customer services n poor till services....they chat n chat n warm n courtesy in msnners n style of dealing with customer needs n question s.

1 by T Delight Review source

Items are often in the wrong places so you have to look for the price label. Also the aisles ate very narrow so dodging shoppers when its busy is a big part of shopping here

2 by Stephanie Warnock Review source

Very conveniently located with a decent size car park. Bakery products are good and so is the fresh fish. Very cramped inside so less variety. The staff are however grumpy.

3 by Review source

This is a great Morrisons plenty of fresh produce down on Market Street, all the usual can goods with a good wine selection and beer selection a good Morrisons.

5 by Davey Mach Review source

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