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Food takes about 4 times longer to arrive than it should. Our tea took 34 minutes to arrive, maybe they were picking the tea leaves or something. The place was not busy when we ordered, only one order was ahead of us.

The food is not great at all. The butter chicken roll is 90% Roti; there is probably about 10g of chicken in it, if that. The paneer (which wasn't hot) and mogo are absolutely drowned in thick imli so all you can taste is imli. You have to scrape it off while eating the food as it is too much.

As for the tea... I now understand why they have a sugar free option. It tasted like it had about 8 spoons of sugar in my tea.

Conclusion: If you want extremely slow service and food that tastes nothing special; then this is your joint.

2 by Farrukh Iftikhar Review source

Small cute Indian place that serve all day breakfast. We wanted to try a lot of things so we got the: Desi breakfast with cinnamon karak(tea)//(star of the show), Bombay sandwich, rose falooda, chilli paneer(second best!). We also ordered masala chips but it ran out so instead we got chips with masala dips (it was ok) but I heard so much about the chips so I was disappointed that they run out. The chilli paneer was lovely! The waitress was lovely and did not rush us, however we were confused about the table service as she would deliver one plate but then you have to pick up the others yourself. What I would suggest for future reference is to either do table service or not. However, it was a lovely cosy place and would highly recommend it!!

4 by Farhia Review source

We were really excited when chaiwalla opened and waited for a quiet day to try it out. Loved the concept, however disappointed by the painfully slow service and the lack of flavour, authenticity and quality of the food. Chilli paneer was bland, we waited for it to deliver some flavour or spice, we were left waiting, it never arrived. Masala chips were limp oven fries smothered in chicken shop chilli sauce devoid of the actual chilli. The butter chicken roll didn't taste of chicken or butter instead it was overwhelmingly curry powder flavoured.

Redemption came in the form of the Chai which was absolutely spot on, therefore two stars.

2 by Faruk Miah Review source

If you order breakfast here in the morning you will get it at lunch time. There is no proper table service the place is very small and cramped. They have 6 staff working in the kitchen and 2 in the front but still can't maintain a business well. We ordered and waited almost an hour to receive our breakfast. After managing to get a table someone only come to clean it half an hour later after we sat down. The food is ok it's not great the prices are cheap but not worth the wait or the quality they really need to organise the way the staff work together. Waiting time is the worst

1 by JHJ TRAVEL Review source

Great little cafe offering Indian street food. The 'Desi' breakfast is simple yet filling and comes at just above a fiver. The Karak tea with cinnamon is very good. The prices are cheap and reasonable and the presentation is great. Paid around £16 for two people with 2 breakfasts and 2 starters and a coke. It's a small place so won't fit more than 30 people (approx) at a time and it gets very busy. Parking is bad around the area and it's probably best to come outside of the restricted times or by public transport.

5 by Sadrul Alom Review source

Small place and tight spacing, but clean. The time we went it was busy but still managed to find space to sit and eat. A few minutes later it got really busy and crowded so I wouldnt suggest it would be a place to eat if planning to sit for a while. Staff seem to be friendly and were pretty good on timing considering it become crowded. Prices for drinks and snacks weren’t that bad. Tea and drinks aren’t served in a cup or glass but those cardboard holders.

Don’t forget to give a thumbs up for my review.

3 by Fas . Review source

Chaiiwala is on the main road and not difficult to find. However parking can be a challenge.

The place itself looks presentable and up to date although on the small side. When I went it was very busy and although they had people sitting at tables, there were other people scattered all around them waiting to order.

The food here is not great. The coffees could be better and compared to other Asian coffee shops do not compare well.

The prices are extremely cheap for what you order.

2 by Najmul Hoque Review source

Nice contemporary take on Indian street food. Small, clean establishment with seating space for approximately 20-30 people. We were the first customers of the day so we were served promptly. However it did get busy as we were leaving. Ordered the Indian breakfast and some mogo chips. Food was great overall and was very pleased with the customer service. No public loo facilities available. Fairly priced. Parking can be an issue during weekdays and Saturdays (mostly permit holders only).

4 by Newaj Khan Review source

This place has gone downhill. I gave 5 stars after it opened as it was good first few months. Today i asked if i could wash my hands (roti uses hsnds) as there is a hand washing basin just near seating area and was told i was not allowed. Roti was served burnt crispy like a poppadum inedible (should not have been served like this in first place). Was replaced with softer normal rotis only to find a blonde hair sandwiched between the 2. Disgusting i didnt even bother to complain again

1 by Review source

This place was super busy when we walked in. Had to wait over 5 minutes for a table. Once we found a seat it took a while for the table to be cleaned. The price of the food is ridiculously cheap, where we nearly bought all the options. The food was tasty and well worth it. I bought some more to take away for my siblings. I recommend the masala chips (obviously) and the Bombay Sandwich. Everything is so cheap you can try them all! Food to be delivered was quite slow though.

4 by Shuhana Begum Review source

Been here twice. Enjoyed it both times. More spacious than ones in Leicester and Birmingham. Friendly service. Food and tea arrived quickly. The taste was spot on. Currently selling caramel tea. Might be for a limited time over the winter but it's a great addition to the menu. Tried desi breakfast, pav bhaji, masala chips. All were spot on. Only wish is wanting them to serve a bigger portion of pav bhaji then lunch would also be sorted!

5 by Keepie Uppie Review source

today was like my 5th time going to this place i ordered when i got there the food came within 5 minutes and today i made my order over the phone for collection it was ready on time. to all the people that left negative comments before me if you have nothing good to say remain silent. if the place is tight go next door you can even lay down and eat there's enough space. desi Breakfast with roti and beans 10/10

5 by billys barbers Review source

The space is a little bit small, but they serve all day breakfast. Desi breakfast comes with two roti, daal and masala omelette. And the chaii tea comes for free. We also ordered Chilli Pannear which comes served in a cone, Bombay sandwich and Butter Chicken Roll. All very tasty, served pipping hot and with very attentive staff. I definitely recommend it and I will be back for brunch during the weeekend!

5 by Lorena Pérez Review source

First time going to Chaiiwala Walthamstow, i only went for the tea this time round but have to say it was very nice and i will be going back to eat next time.
Main reason for this review has to be the customer service by Greta, Very friendly and welcoming especially at closing time she didnt even mind to have a chat whilst others will want to shut the shop as soon as.
A* Service by her!

4 by Review source

Finally a decent place to sit and have Karak chai. Chai means tea and Chaiwala means Tea boy. Place serves Indian/Pakistani themed tea and desserts. Tea and gulab jamun tasted good but slightly over priced. I would recommend it to all those who are looking to have nice strong tea with friends in the evening. Will come here again.

3 by Qaisar M Review source

Had the cardamon chai with cinnamon and was very nice and although I liked how cinnamon sticks were used instead of powder you couldn't really taste the cinnamon flavour...but aside from this and the small space the actual tea was very nice...would suggest you consider this place for tea if you want a nice takeaway

4 by Atif Riaz Review source

Chai 4/5 (cinnamon one is weak)
Butter chicken roll 3/5 (bit dry, not enough chicken)
Paneer 3/5
Masala fries 4/5 (quite nice but have had better)
Breakfast 3.5/5 (good but very simple/nothing special)
Potato sandwich 3.5/5 (nothing special but not bad)
Samosas (3/5)

3 by Bilal Shahed Review source

karak chai tasted like water and was so digusting that I had to throw it away. It was cold inside dirty tables and no toilets. The rude short lady wearing scarf had no respect what so ever. Will not be going here again. BETTER OF GOING ACROSS THE ROAD TO CAFE RIO!!!!

1 by Review source

Wow! This place is amazing. It's small(-Ish) but so perfect. Great selection of teas, snacks and cold drinks. I've been here 4-nights in a row since discovering it! The karak chai is the best I've ever had. A must-see Walthamstow eatery.

5 by Bilal Mahmood Review source

My goodness!!!! what a fantastic place!!! I will DEFINITELY BE BACK!!!!! so TASTY and what fab service !!!!! Great great great great. Please don't put the prices up!! Perfect quality. Thanks so much.

5 by Madihah J Review source

Really disappointed and came to know after we been served that 'Classic Paratha' is 'Frozen Paratha' . Not happy at all. You don't go to a Desi place and eat Frozen food ...

2 by Bukhtawar Ali Review source

Been here a few times. Amazing chai. Try saffron chai, it’s amazing and refreshing. The place get packed and busy. No toilets on site which is weird for a place that serves food and drinks.

4 by Yasir Qayam Review source

Eaten here a few times. Service is always good. Usually busy. The masala chips are a favourite and the karak chai is a must for every visit. Need more of these branches around.

5 by Rabia Bahar Review source

Pro being value for money. The fries and pao bhaji are the only things that are worth going there for. Paneer was hard and tasteless. Sandwich was basic and not that tasty.

3 by Namratha Narayanan Review source

Rubbish place...overrated...went other day girl behind counter so rude and unfriendly....ordered a paneer snack was disgusting...overpriced...don't be returning

1 by Review source

Great chai and best in London. Can't give 5 stars as the rest of their menu is rip off and very basic. Don't get me wrong it still tastes great.

4 by Mohammad Salam Review source

Amazing change to your usual cafe! Such lovely and different flavours! They shouldn't use disposable cutlery if you are eating in, that is a waste!

5 by James Brown Review source

Had heard a lot of hype about this place and was a little bit disappointed. It feels over branded and almost felt like a Greggs of a different cuisine.

2 by Review source

Not sure why the negative reviews breakfast arrived in 10 minutes and also was top quality. The karak chai was amazing Will definitely recommend

5 by Review source

Located on main road. Small shop bit cramped, food isnt as great portion is ok. The chaii is good, better as a take away though or a quick stop.

2 by Samiyah Ahmed Review source

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