Nando's Berners Street - Fitzrovia, London

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2 Berners St, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 3LA

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It was my first time going to this branch. I am a huge nandos fan and always go to my local in Victoria and never experience any trouble. Mine and my friends food took longer than usual to come and we could see that it was just sitting on the service silver thing for a very long time. Finally one of the staff came with my meal and the first thing I notice is a hair of mid length. Now just to be clear I have very long hair so no way was it mine. There was 2 girls behind the silver thing one with the same hair length that was on my food. I straight away took it to the first available staff which was the other girl behind the silver thing. She snatched the plate so fast obviously to avoid any managers attentions and said 'it will be changed.' I could see her telling the girl whose hair was in my food to tie up her hair. Why was this not done before???? I also noticed that neither of them were wearing gloves. They brought my meal back in a very suspicious few mins when firstly it took about half an hour to make the first one. This only lead me to believe they brought the same chicken back. I had no apology nothing...what was worse is that I had to wait another 10 mins for my mash to arrive. I am so disgusted with the service in this nandos not only that but it is so u hygienic. Serving the same chicken that had hair on it?? Who does that. As I said in the beginning I am a huge fan of my local nandos but the standards in this specific branch is so low and the attitude of staff is disgusting no apology? I had the impression I was wasting their time. Totally disappointed and left hungry.

1 by Review source

Served me and my friends, well for the two years I worked local as a regular place for lunch or dinner. Excellent seating both upstairs or downstairs, the rich leather seats on the wings being the most sort after. This is the blessed home of the Chicken so don't expect any other type of meat on the menu.

Peri Peri in various intensities, Mango & Lime or Lemon & Herb, whatever flavour chicken you order they are delicious! Food stamp cards will have you planning your return trip and the free drink refills plus the ice machine from the gods is a much needed bonus in the summer.

Steve and I ate a whole chicken here for lunch, that was a legendary meal. Lots of great memories having meals with Naz and Preea here too, hopefully many more to come.

5 by Ceejay Julien Review source

I came to London for a day out with my college, and me and my friends came to Nando's really excited to try it in another place. Our customer service was terrible! All staff we were approached by were rude and unwelcoming, I repeated my order three times yet the waiter never added one of the sides on that I'd asked for, and when the food came out, the cheese to put on my garlic bread was put in a bowl, it was all watery and cold, and had other food attached like chips and rice. When I made them aware my side wasn't added onto my meal they were really rude about it even though it was their mistake. Not a good experience at all

1 by Review source

Went around 9:15 PM here to have the famous peri peri chicken of Nandos, but unfortunately the chicken got over and couldn't order any chicken item. Nandos without its chicken dish is like a car without its fuel. Anyways, this was the first time I was visiting here and would give a try again sometime later. Please note, the 2 star is only for this incident and I understand this can happen sometimes but still not expected from a good upscale restaurant.

2 by Review source

spicy chicken with 4 types peri peri, medium, hot and very hot . the chicken is severed with a flag at the top of the chicken telling you what spice you have chosen . the chicken is crunchy and has lots of texture inside . you have a choice to choose chips ,coleslaw and spicy rice. the building and the paintings on the wall makes you feel cubian feel and so dose the type of plants they have chosen.

4 by Review source

you know when you go down town with the lads and you all realize you’re hank marvin’ so you say “lads let’s go Maccers” but your mate Smithy a.k.a. The Bantersaurus Rex has some mula left on his nandos gift card and he’s like “mate let’s a have a cheeky nandos on me” and you go “Smithy my son you’re an absolute ledge” so you go have an extra cheeky nandos with a side order of Top Quality Banter.

5 by Avtar Sura Review source

This was a very good experience in Nandos. The place was clean, service was good and the staff approachable and helpful. The food was very good and the waiting time was not too much. Some things I would love to see improve is they could have removed the empty plates when we were finish eating. The other thing is the staff could have asked how we liked the food or if everything was alright.

5 by Errol Gayle Review source

This is a Nando's on a street just off Oxford Street, which means it is situated well. I feel like the service here is generally quite good and of a high standard. The food as well is pretty good and I enjoyed it. The decor is great and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the area. There is seating downstairs and upstairs. Great for a cheeky Nando's ;)

4 by Tahmeed Ahmed Review source

Very unhappy with the service, the lady on the till was not friendly and kept on being rude. I waited a very long time for a table and the guy seating people kept on prioritising others that arrived after me. I waited a long time for my food to arrive and the chicken was DRY. I was also very unhappy with the sauce situation as they didn’t have any ketchup!

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Very nice place to go after some hectic shopping! We were welcomed warmly for a casual place and made sure that we understood the process (you need to order at the counter, take your drinks and wait for the food). Chicken was nice and juicy and our kid also enjoyed her meal as suggested to us. Their house white wine was especially good

5 by Anupam Sahu Review source

This particular branch is a tourist trap. Staff have learnt that there is no consequence for giving bad service as all the customers are just visitors. It's overrun, run down, and has a transient feel to it (like being in an airport). Our order took 35 mins to arrive. The Soho one down the street is better.

1 by Sam Kelleher Review source

I love eating out - and this was a special occassion. My wife and I were treating an old friend. So we chose this restaurant. The food was among the best I have ever eaten. I had a fish soup which had depth of flavour one can only dream about. I followed this with a crab ravioli and a spring...

5 by 刘小 Review source

Standard Nandos, bigger than most restaurants and it has two floors. We were seated quickly and food arrived quickly. Beanie burger could have been hotter, it was just warm when it arrived. However it was tasty and filled us up. Service is standard Nandos style and nothing too over the top.

4 by Bianca Nix Review source

Was the worst service as a family we have had in a nandos . So bad we complained and still awaiting vouchers because of the complaint. Staff rude swearing at each other , when bringing the food to the table dumping it on the table . The manager blamed it on a lack of staff .

1 by Andrew Soley Review source

Little bit pricey, with small portions of chicken, slow service - my friend got his food like 15 minutes after me, although we ordered the same, at the same time - the super extra mega hot sauce is not hot at all.
The flavours are nice though.

3 by Review source

The fastest I've ever been served in a Nando's. Service was lightning quick, and the food was up to the standard you'd expect from Nando's. Seating was not limited either, and they dealt with the volume of people very well.

5 by Theo A Review source

Never been to Nandos before. Loved the experience for relaxed eating with friends. Took us a while to realise we needed to go to the counter to order. The food was good - if you like spicy chicken (non spicy alternatives on the menu).

5 by Dick Davies Review source

Busy branch. Did send up seating ourselves but the food came quickly and I didn't wait to order down stairs. Food came in about 10 mins but I was warns when ordering. Food was well cooked and the place was getting cleaned well.

4 by Gareth George Review source

It's good. Just like every Nandos place. But it's always filled with people. At the same time the people are nice so I don't mind. Otherwise i love the place. It's big and lovely inside, plenty of space.

4 by Beaven Stylezz Review source

Chicken was nice but paid extra for the sweet potato wedges which were hard inside and undercooked. Would help if the Italian guy could understand English better or if there was someone else manning the registers.

3 by Daniel James Review source

I love chicken roulette, hot! It is spicy though, mild better if you don't eat too spicy. Add also sides, my favorites are the corn and the chips! Take to your table all the dressings you like, try em all!

5 by Gabbÿ Plum Review source

Apart from being another Nando's, where food is always the same, the service is really bad. The two times I went there, they messed up my order. Feels like they can't control people's requests.

3 by Simao Pedro Review source

frozen jogurth machine was empty. they told me that after i paid my frozen machine lol
waited on my wings for ever. the guy which i was eaten with got the same(wings roulette) 20mins earlier than me!!!!

1 by Review source

Not the best nandos, the service is pretty appalling and slow, we had to wait 25 minutes just for the starter and only got it after complaining three times, finally got our mains 40 minutes after ordering!

2 by Dan Smallman Review source

I didn't have any issues with the food and it was very good considering it's my first time eating here. I would definitely order from here if I'm in Oxford circus again

5 by Faizol Refaeil Review source

Great food and arrived fast to our table with very friendly staff however the place was very loud and the tables are very close together so not much privacy for a decent conversation

4 by Xara Furniss Review source

Absolutely love Nando's in every country I've found them. Didn't realise just how big they were in London. They're everywhere and always great food and service!

5 by Dream Big Review source

Oh well what a meal! It's a great place, in a great location, and not only that, food comes in a matter of minutes. It is cooked so well too, the best Nando's out there.

5 by Alex Evans Review source

Table was damaged didnt have garlic bread only table left was by the door so froz everytime the door was opened. Food overall quality was good only reason i gave it 3 stars not 1

3 by michael syrichas Review source

Good spacious settings, two set of tills ground floor and lower floor makes there not be a excessively long queue when ordering. Same quality of food as all Nando's branches

4 by Jeremy Jules Review source

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