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Carr Road Industrial Estate, Peterborough, PE1 5YA

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2 large pizzas (1 of which was not cooked and had to be put back in the oven ) they had no pepperoni either.
2 bottles of bud
1 child's pizza
wings and 2 drink
65 pounds
The pizza was not too bad by were only 15 inch pizzas
the Philly steak was like dried fish food on pizza and my 2 year olds pizza was like rubber
I literally cannot believe there charging over 20 pounds for a pizza and people are paying it ...i will happily pay 20 pounds for a pizza but it has to be a great pizza and unfortunately this was not. There is so many other independent places out there that are serving much better food at better prices when pizza hut is just ripping people off (yes I know they have their cheap buffet but again ..i want a nice pizza not dry old pizza so I went for the menu which was a mistake ..The pizza must only cost around 2 pound to produce so their profit margins really are in robbery stages...disgusts me to think that people are still eating this and thinking it's good

1 by Dee Sharp Review source

So as a new vegan and yes some some places are hard to find vegan meals. So i was really pleased to when pizza hut launched the new vegan pizza. Turns out you have to pay an extra pound for it. You dont have to pay and extra pound for regular cheese i don't think that is fair. The worst part is that when my pizza came. There wasn't any vegan cheese like a regular pizza. It was on top of it. And to add insult to it there was barely anything there!! I literally peeled off the spinach leaf and there was no cheese underneath and that was it i had two out of six slices with cheese. They still had the cheek to charge me for it. The server was great she was ever so sorry and offered to get the manager i refused as there was a family with young kids and i was (still am) livid. She even felt so bad she wanted to leave. I even heard some other staff members laughing about it after i complained. I will not be going there for a while till management and chefs have changed.

2 by Charlotte Welbourne Review source

Quite literally the worst pizza you can get, a small business takeaway is a stride better than Pizza Hut. The wait times are always awful, especially near the end of the week, the pizzas themselves are thin regardless of what crust you order, the dough always taste like its from frozen, but worst of all is the sauce its tasteless as is but they spread it so thin it may aswell just be red paint for all the good it does.

Save yourself some time and money and get a Chicago Town. I'm not joking.

2 by Lee Grayson Review source

Been here 40 to 50 times, this time told we had to wait 20 mins for a table, 30 mins later i said the one in the corner is free and has been since we got here, The manager then says that has 6 seats and we need 4, even though we have sat there many times before. This table had been free for at least 30 mins, disgusting customer service even worse considering we were there with 2 young children. JUST WALKED OUT, DISGUSTING SERVICE.

1 by Review source

Good atmosphere but to be honest I make better pizzas at home in my ordinary oven. The topping was ok but the pizza base was not crispy but soft flimsy and somewhat chewy. If you want authentic pizza then this is not the place for you. Table was too small and the toilet was dirty. This was the first time I've visited and the last time. I love pizza not pizza lookalike.

1 by Review source

The pizza was good, with it you get unlimited salad buffet and you can also buy unlimited soft drinks. Only thing is they didn't have the cookie dough dessert I wanted but obviously they can't help if they've run out, I ended up getting a waffle instead but I wasn't much a fan of that, the waffle was a bit hard.

4 by Review source

I quite like this Pizza hut but the experience can be too variable to rate above a three. Parking is ok unless they are very busy. Food is normally reasonably good but can be distinctly average while general cleanliness is never five star, ranging from sticky tables, floors and chairs and untidy menus.

3 by Brett Mickelburgh Review source

Went for weekday lunch in a party of 12 and had the all you can eat buffet. Good value at £7•50 . The salad bar was included and had a good choice. Pasta was fairly basic. There was a constant supply of various pizzas - at least 6 varieties. There was unlimited fizzy drinks at £2.90. Would use again

3 by peter brown Review source

Three waiting staff were obviously busy, however in the 10 minutes we were there, we were ignored by the person that should have taken our order. I get that there were orders to go out and tables to be updated on the system, however we were not even acknowledged.
Not going back.

1 by Dan Breen Review source

A long time. Wait, we ordered two pizzas and both were brought badly, the waitress very clueless. The attendant attentive but did not solve anything either. We were waiting for great time for dessert too. The girl's dessert was exhausted. I think we will not return.

1 by Ana RM Review source

It's Pizza Hut; don't come here expecting fine Italian dining. Their Pizza is ok and the salad bar has a few options. The staff is friendly, which is particularly impressive since it's usually crowded and there are at least a few screaming children.

3 by Mike Rombledo Review source

Good place to eat as a family or group of friends. Pizza is good and there is a free salad bar with fresh salad and pasta. Good drink selection with beers and wines and also a refillable soft drink option. Nice ice cream bar for the kids for desert to.

5 by addam draven Review source

Is it me or have toppings become sparser, crust less well stuffed, base thinner and prices hiked? I haven't been in a while and at £27 for a large pizza and two soft drinks, it will be a while before I'll be at a Pizza Hut again.

3 by Peter Marsh Review source

If you see a sign advertising Pepsi and are giving a glass with the Pepsi logo then please sell Pepsi and don't use the excuse of the new sugar tax to only offer drinks that are full of artificial chemicals that taste horrible to me

1 by Ian Kerigan Review source

Great varied menu, delicious food (including free salad bar), friendly staff and swift service. Would suggest downloading the new pizza hut app - can earn rewards with each visit, which over time can be redeemed for free food.

5 by Emma Harris Review source

Only there for a lunch time buffet. The front line staff were well organised and efficient, the kitchen was slow with our side orders and in replenishing the buffet. The pizza was good and fresh when it arrived.

3 by Alex Diram Review source

Fast service as we went in weekday at lunch time and had a buffet therefore it wasn't crowded, however alot of the cutlery was dirty and we kept having to ask for cleaner ones... Glasses were dirty too.

3 by Mandy Kaur Review source

Weekday buffet was fantastic. Pizza choice could have been slightly better but cannot really argue with an all you can eat buffet. Everything warm and everything fresh. Service as always was impeccable.

4 by Neil King Review source

Old products, rude stuff, dry meat! YUCK
Ordered cheesy bites and there wasn't any cheese in it. When we call, some of the stuff said that ”cheesy bites not cheesy,” COME ON...REALLY? :D

1 by Diana Fedorovica Review source

First if all a 20 min wait to sit
Ordered a pizza waited 20 mins and it was raw sent back and manager said it wasnt
Cooked again but came out burned

1 by jordan prentice Review source

Great staff lovely food everyone was friendly wait time was short however it wasn't busy at the time. Getting out the car park is awkward but everything else was great.

5 by Review source

No where near enough staff. Clearly empty tables but a 15min wait to be seated as there were not enough people to serve and at 5:30pm. Food okay as all chains

2 by Review source

Pizza ok. Where I sat it was so cold and drafty I had to keep my coat and gloves on. The waiter did not want to move me even though the place was half empty.

1 by Hugh Rodney Review source

Nice service. The food is typical for Pizza Hut.Parking at the restaurant. Surrounded by a gas station, Mc Donald's and shopping centers. I recommend.

4 by Review source

Stopped for lunch, very busy restaurant but the girl who served us, Chloe was very friendly and made time for us. Lovely food and good service. Thank you :)

5 by Review source

Atmosphere was good, But pizza was cold another couple sat next to me had the same problem cold pizza, If you enjoy cold pizza this is the place to be

1 by Review source

I would recommend this place to anyone there pizzas are just lovely.. never had any problems with them.. bit pricey but you pay more for nice things

5 by Review source

Friendly staff and you know what you're getting from the menu...long waiting time to get seated though....and the restaurant was half empty?

4 by Jonny Hate Review source

Pizzas are lovely tasty,and delicious i would reccomend them to all my friends the staff are friendly and polite,to you keep up the,good,work

5 by Review source

Good service, friendly staff.
Food is.......average. Very average.
Try putting the heating on in winter, stops it being cold......

3 by A Shore Review source

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