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It was my leaving dinner and I had arranged for my dinner to take place in the private room of this company. This meant that I was entitled to have 13 guests when using the private room. I had work colleages who had either shown up on time or came between 5 to 45 minutes late (no one ever shows up on the dot) however when being there they had told me that we could not be sat at a table or even our private room for drinks untill the rest of my guests have all arrived to then begin our food orders. This left us having to sit at the attached restaurant next door, which I never planned on going to, JUST for drinks! This was so disappointing as one of the reasons I had chosen Meat Co for my leaving do was because of my previous experiences there with the mocktails and cocktails offered that I loved however the restaurant attached did not even offer any mocktail selections for those of us who do not drink. It gets worse. Once arrived, i had two people who cancelled last minute because of a family issue they had to attend to which i understood yet i was told by the manager, with the short brown hair, that the kitchen was closing in 15 minutes so we all had to hurry. We were then told that we could not have the private dinning area due to their not being 13 people there. May I remind you, ONLY TWO PEOPLE could not come. This to me was an absolute joke! First we could not take a seat in the reastaurant for drinks until the others arrived and secondly we could not even get into the room i hired for the whole night. Every restaurant I have ever been in my life have allowed a party to sit down to wait for the rest of the party to arrive allowing them to have drinks and even finger foods from their menu! We had then been placed at a table which was right next to the private room which to me was extremely inconsiderate as no other customer would have been able to take that room due to me reserving it for the whole night. So the whole night me and my party had seen the room remain empty for the rest of our experince there. When ordering the food, i had then asked the waiter (who was amazing) what time the kitchen would be closing as I had been informed that the kitchen was closing in 15 minutes, by the manager with the short brown hair, and the waiter had informed me that it was closing in ONE HOUR. This had been the absolute cherry on top of the cake! The person who is supposed to make sure your experience is amazing had misinformed me as well as making my experience absolute hell. This was the worst way i had wanted my leaving dinner to turn out and for that, NEVER will i recommend this place again to anyone! It is a shame because the waiters were all very friendly and before meat and co had been separated into two restaurants, I very much loved the place and was a regular customer for group dinnings.

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Hair in our salad!

As if finding a long hair in our salad was not repulsive enough, the manager's cocky attitude made us wish we never visited in the first place.

31 March, was supposed to be a special day and we went as a group to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Service was terribly slow but we put up with it, however, to our horror, we discovered a long strand of blond hair (not from any of us) in the salad. I asked to speak with the manager who came to our table to 'remedy' the situation. He had a serious attitude and lacked professional and personal courtesy. When I complained that the experience has put us off, his response was 'I can replace the salad... that's all I can do' I stressed that we did not want a replacement salad, since we discovered a hair in the original one! He quickly snapped back the same line offering a replacement salad and then went on to waffle 'What else do you expect me to do?'

What kind of manager is this buffoon?!?! He was not offering to diffuse the situation but fueling the fire with his attitude. Our guests and myself included were made to feel very uncomfortable with his 'confrontational' attitude.

Putting the customer in the spotlight when it is the restaurant that is at fault. Rather than 'ask' us what else he could do, he should have taken the initiative and showed more respect to his customers who's birthday party was ruined by a hair in the salad and a buffoon with an attitude.

I would have been happy with a sincere apology but there was none. Even as we left the restaurant and as we walked past, he did not say anything. What a fool...

The staff however were sincerely apologetic and were genuinely saddened.

Amazing how one idiot, can cause an irate customer to leave a bad review. I hate to do it but then this is the only way for establishments to learn about how to treat their customers, especially ones who found hair in their salad...

1 by Garo Dedeyan Review source

Called in advance for halal section was told once we arrived it was fully booked and we couldn't get a seat there.

I ordered a fillet steak medium. it came well done. The other on the table got there fillet steak as they wanted it.

So I naturally sent mine back; If i am going to pay £40 for a steak. Im going to get it how I want it. The manager then came to our table stating if you cut it through the middle you would see it was medium. But agreed it was well done which made no sense and made my friend and myself uncomfortable.

The steak came long after my companion on the table had finished theres. It was tasty no doubt. but overpriced. I am most certainly unhappy with the service provided. As i found the manager sarcastic and condescending. HE did offer to provide complimentary onion rings. But then came again to disappoint as he claimed they had run out.

We then asked for some complementary calamari that came hot. But without a appropriate amount of batter. It was not crispy at all and a little rubbery.

When you pay £100.00 for 2 meals. You would most certainly expect a certain level of service especially in the heart of the Westfield shopping centre.

The food was nice. But I will not be visiting again. Due to the unsatisfactory service that affected the evening.

food quality + price x service \\u003d comprehensive review.

food was good + the overpriced food x the poor service \\u003d Left me unhappy and not willing to advise others to go back.

I believe that these variables are interdependent. With the exception of price. If the food is great and the service is in sync. Price isn't something that would deter me.

6/10 \\u003d Food

3/10 \\u003d Service

3/10 \\u003d Price

2 by Maruf Faquirbhai Review source

Me and my friends visited this restaurant to have a late sunday meal. First of all I have to admit the welcoming was very pleasant and food was okay. Throughout our time the staff were very promt and polite however when it came to paying there was a service charge which i knew about previously thus I denied to pay that as I knew that would go to the restaurant not our waiter, bearing in mind I was going to personally tip the waiter so he gets the money, namely (Dorel C) as shown on the receipt. So..when I denied to the waiter about the service charge he replied 'WHY!' I was absolutely gob smacked and to top it off he said 'WELL NEXT TIME YOU COME HERE YOU GET SOMEONE ELSE TO RUN AROUND LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN' me still being in shock had to confirm with my friends that they heard it too which they did clearly. So we asked to speak to the manager and I tell you what she was a total joke to. After paying for our meal which was £168 w/o service charge. We bumped into him and he denied every allegation we said to his manager. I have been to plenty of restaurants and not one person has treated us like that, this Dorel is clearly bed raggled and needs to change his occupation. The restaurant needs to train there staff basic customer service skills. All we needed was an apology but we left disappointed. We defiantly won't be going here again. An absolute shambles!!!!!!

1 by Jay Jay Review source

So, I went to Miller and Carter Yesterday and had a horrible time at the front door, with the manager of all people being so rude. So, me and my friends decided to come here instead and I am actually glad we had a unpleasant experience there because this place was just class. The gentleman at the desk the Australian boy(forgot his name lol) was such a great person he was so welcoming and spoke to us with the up most respect unlike the manager at Miller and Carter. The waiters were pleasant and always spoke with manners and kept assuring us, even if we didn't like the food they said they would change it. Now that is what you call customer service, they didn't judge the way we looked, what we wore or who we are, they just put the CUSTOMER at the heart of their operations. So, if you want to be treated with respect come here as I feel that is the most important thing other than making good food because you don't want to be somewhere you are not wanted. The food was outstanding, so beautifully cooked and presented. I guess the quality of the food makes up for the high prices, but if you're going to enjoy yourself then it's worth it. Who ever reads this from the Restaurant, I would like to say thank you for the experience and your staff are amazing and they have been taught well to treat customers with care.

5 by Rs Review source

I visited Meat co on the 25th of April for my dad's 49th birthday as me and my sister was surprising him at the dinner with a holiday for him and my mum.

From the moment I booked a table I felt my experience at meat and co will be lovely and it was!

I called the restaurant to book a table, i also asked about the menu and about what services they provide for birthdays. The lady on the phone was so lovely and helpful we had a laugh on the phone and she made me feel that my experience at meat and co will be one to remember.

When we arrived on the day the staff were very welcoming and so polite. The most memorable part of our experience was when the staff brought out my dad's surprise birthday desert with a sparkler. I couldn't stop laughing as he was so embarrsed but so happy at the same time. They sang to my dad and made him feel special, I would like to thank all the staff who catered to us on this day as everyone who I got the pleasure of meeting was super lovely and made this occasion very special.

We will defiantly be returning as the service we were provided was outstanding, to have such good customer service is hard to find and at meat co I can say I have been provided with excellent service.

Thank you for making my dad's birthday a wonderful one

5 by Sandz Rosani Review source

Disgusting service, doesn't deserve a star.

Arrived early for our reservation, the receptionist made us wait 15 mins as 'our table wasn't ready' meanwhile letting other couples without a reservation go straight to a free table. I am a vegetarian so the menu is already limited and I'm allergic to mushrooms and asked them to change the sauce from mushroom to cheese (they have been able to do this for me every time previously)

The manager came to my table and asked me quite aggressively 'what is your problem with the food?' I replied calmly that there is no problem I just want the sauce changed. She replied 'we don't do cheese sauce, you can only have mushroom sauce'. I was so shocked and disgusted from the service I received especially from a manager I told her to cancel my order, I'll go elsewhere, she replied 'OK' and walked off. I have dined at this restaurant a number of times and the service here has gone downhill. The great service I received in the past is one of the reasons I kept coming back.

We ended up going to another restaurant and received brilliant service.

Will not be stepping foot in this restaurant again.

1 by Review source

We had been to the Meat and Wine co in Sydney and that had been such a fantastic experience so we went to the Shepherd's Bush one with much excitement.
So firstly the positives.
The restaurant has a very relaxed, intimate atmosphere on the upper floor, we were there on a Thursday night and had the benefit of been seated window-side. The service was excellent we had a young south African waitress and she was very attentive and friendly.
and now the negatives..
Food was very average for the price, my wife ordered the New York cut steak, Cesar Salad & onion rings. The steak was basically all fat cuts, rings were overcooked.
I ordered the pork ribs and found them to be extremely bland with no BBQ taste, it was like somebody just fried some ribs in oil only. Not a taste of South African BBQ at all.
It appears this restaurant is more catered towards a Halaal menu and the chefs may lean more towards this style of cooking and taste. I was very disappointed and would recommend anybody that's after a serious steak or ribs to go elsewhere as the price for the quality of food is terrible. This is not a cheap place and you feel even worse when you get served this dross

1 by Review source

As far as steaks go, the quality of the beef here is criminally awful when you consider the prices charged. £39 for the cheapest fillet steak which comes with chips that are so tasteless you immediately regret putting it in your mouth. The creamed spinach was so indescribably bland and pointless - it did, however, mitigate the car tyre that was the steak. If you want to try the steak here: don’t. Go to Hawksmoor, or the Hippodrome casino in Leicester Square - they have USDA beef, (slightly) cheaper prices, and the meat just melts in your mouth. FAR better quality. In contrast, at Meat Co, even when cooked medium rare, it’s chewy. FILLET STEAK SHOULD NOT BE CHEWY!!! Their food is so bad that when we complained the manager herself declined to try it! This place clearly relies on its reputation as a “posh” halal steak restaurant, but it’s a con, plain and simple. Note: we did get 10% off our food bill but were still charged for service, even though the restaurant was empty (Monday afternoon!) the food STILL took 30 mins to arrive! If, like me, steak is one of your occasional pleasures you will leave this restaurant with feelings of regret, and probably, as in our case, indigestion. AVOID PERMANENTLY!

1 by Subs Review source

Hmmm... Its been a while since I visited and this weekend decided to go for dinner there and catch a late movie with my partner. This restaurant has lost its way a bit. The restaurant is looking a little tired, and not been kept to the standard I remember. The bench seating was dirty and grubby I had crumbs on my chair from the previous diner.

The waiting service was friendly but very poor. I was being told what to eat rather than recommendations, and pushed lobster with the steak. The wine selection has deteriorated, my first and second choice of wine they had run out of.

Starter portion a small and uninspiring for the price. The steak however was very good and well cooked, but sides agin small portions. A bottle wine, starters / mains and 3 sides with bottle water came to £240.00. We didn't bother with desserts as were generally let down by the restaurant .

The restaurant is certainly very overpriced for what it is and does not deliver to the standard and quality you would expect for the price you pay. Disappointing as my first experience of this restaurant a couple of years ago was excellent.

2 by Review source

Me and I my friends have been regular customers here for a couple of months now and it's the only restaurant that charges service charge without actually providing any service as such until you ask why that is included. We normally visit on a Sunday and order the rib burger 400 grams and on a number of occasions we were given 200grams of fat instead of the actual meat but we didn't address it to anybody as we felt bit shy about the whole thing . However, on a recent visit we were given a stale bun and just pure fat. We told the waiter who acknowledged but he was not apologetic at all, the waiter notified the manger and the manager didn't even have the decency to apologise in person either. He spoke through the waiter and offered us what was a mediocre discount.
In conclusion the service is bad to say the least as whole from the moment you enter till your exit , the food is average at best. We will not be visiting there anytime soon. I would also question if the beef is actually grass fed and halal.

2 by Review source

I love this place a lot and have been here quite a few times.

The decor is modern and the staff are attentive to their customers.

I have eaten the best steaks I have ever had in this restaurant. The ribs are particularly good, whether as starters or the main. The chips are hand cut and are almost like roast wedges in somuch as the middle is wonderfully fluffy. Its very difficult to eat here and then go to another steak joint because of the difference in quality.

During my most recent visit, the quality was not quite what I usually expect but this has been the first time. All other times, it was perfect.

This place is halal. Be aware that it is very expensive. A good steak will cost £40 to £50. There is no point in going for a cheap option when you come here. From memory, the rump steak is the cheapest, but really you are better off spending that little bit more money for something great.

The best cheapest thing I have had here is the rib meat burger.

5 by Mubin Choudhury Review source

I don't know what the hype is all about for this place. I went there yesterday, they sat me on a wobbly table; the table annoyed me so much that I asked to be seated somewhere else. Ordered a Portuguese chicken, calamari, onion rings and rib eye with rice. The onion rings were burnt, dry and hard, so I asked them to be changed. Chicken was okay, not that great. The lemonade was great. Couldn't finish the chicken and rice, so I asked for it to be packed for takeway. All they packed was the little piece of chicken on the bone, they didn't give me the chicken that I took off from the bones and put right next to the chicken on the bone for it t be packed too, neither did they give me the rice? All they gave me was a plastic box with a little piece of chicken. Where is the rice and the chicken I took off from the bone and put next to the chicken on the bone? Didn't impress me at all this place, won't go there again. I'll stick to Sahara Grill.

2 by Review source

Last night we decided to eat here, after countless attempts to book online we decided to walk in and check availability to our luck(bad luck) they had availability. Served by a lady named Valerie. Firstly she asked what I wanted to drink twice after I already placed my drink order with her. Then my steak (wagyu) which isn't cheap took over 45mins to come out. Manager apologised so I assumed they would wave the service charge as I sat there and watched other people come in after me and received there food. On payment I questioned the service charge and the waiter Valerie said it's a big steak that's why it took long. And I also asked her 'do you think it's acceptable' to which she replied 'no but the service charge is for the waiter and I can take it off if you want'. Obviously I did because the service was atrocious I don't know anywhere in the world where they would cook a steak for 45mins especially when I ordered medium.

1 by Review source

The atmosphere was lovely and the group had a fun time at the restaurant, however do not make the same mistake as I did and order the wagyu steak.

I have not had wagyu steak before, and I learnt very quickly after the steak arrived that wagyu should never be made into a steak. Wagyu itself has very subtle yet delightful flavour contributed by the steak's fine balance between meat and fat. The wagyu steak I had was heavily overpowered by a greasy taste presumably from the grill. The meat was moist and soft, however all other flavours were covered by the fact that the meat was grilled.

I was very disappointed at the steak. I don't think this steak represented the restaurant well at all, and I think this item should not exist on the menu.

TL;DR: please ignore the garlic butter in the background of my picture, it absolutely does not work with wagyu steak, which in itself is another mistake (read above).

3 by Edmond Siu Review source

Steak of the day on the lunch menu- winner! If you want to visit for the first time I would recommend going for lunch special and that way you're paying less and guaranteed a great tasting meal and quite literally 0 chance of facing disappointment. Dinner can be disappointing sometimes depending on what items you've orderered, spent and the service you receive that evening. Overall this restaurant provides yummy steaks, atmosphere is great, desserts and mojitos are fab, starters are disappointing though. Nice (pricier) treat for small groups or just with your partner for dinner. Not always as amazing in larger groups- usually to do with the service and the fact that not everyone shows up on time and this can cause issues etc. Love it and will continue to come back for a perfectly cooked succulent steak.

4 by H Chowdhury Review source

Beautiful decor and great setting to eat dinner.

Ordered a med/rare Wagyu which was an absolutely amazing experience. Each cut fell apart in my mouth and left me craving for more, not to mention the glaze on the steak complemented it perfectly (which made the sauce I ordered a bit redundant). Hands down the best I’ve ever had and even now it brings good memories when I think back to eating that steak. Wonderful.

Had the dessert platter after, and my favourite pick of the bunch is the Malva Pudding which is to die for. Perfect end to a steak as amazing as their Wagyu.
Staff were also very friendly & helpful and came by to ask if we needed anything.

10/10 experience

PriceRating: ££(£)

5 by Review source

Prices too high for slightly above average food.

One waiter insisted that we had to double up on our starters and convert them into main courses otherwise he'll get in 'trouble', not the kind of thing you want to hear over a birthday dinner.

Overall, the front of house staff were good and we appreciated how they brought out all our orders in one go.

But generally speaking I left the Meat Co rather unsatisfide for the price I paid. Either they match their food portions and quality to the price OR they should lower prices altogether.

In the mean time I can safely say I won't be returning to the Meat Co anytime soon.

2 by Review source

I used to go to this place quite frequently in the past, staff were good, food was good . I went after several months yesterday, I understand they had a re-fit, but it looks like the menu and quality has also had a re-fit for the worse, they got my wife's order wrong but she just accepted it, I always have the same steak, this wasn't up to previous standards either and to top it off I wasn't that impressed with an issue I had with the waiter - which I gave up with to be honest, he was virtually giving me a section from 'War and Peace' and was not getting my point at all. Its a shame as I liked going to this place and feel pretty let down in fairness.

2 by Review source

I don' understand what happened today. I have been in this restaurant so many time over the last couple of years and have been always happy about the food. Today was the worst experience. I am sure that you changed something about the meat. Is the burger meat now some frozen meat ? Usually you can taste the fresh meat and just looking at the meat you are pretty sure that it's fresh. Today i returned my first cheeseburger and got another one but still the same. It's look and test like a frozen hamburger. Well if you want to compete wit fast food just change the price. I am disappointed. If you care you lost a client today.

1 by Review source

Oddly it’s still quite difficult to find exciting Halal restaurants. I was most pleased at discovery this gem! I booked the private dining room for my brother’s birthday and thankfully the venue, food, service and décor all lived up to the occasion.

I’m not a big meat eater myself but my family definitely enjoyed the variety of stakes on offer. I can’t recall what I order but I remember thinking everything was beautifully presented.

Depending on what you choose dinner here can be a little pricey – although I think they do loyalty card deals so make friends with a big meat eater and you’ll be fine!

5 by Shehleeza Khan Review source

My favourite steak place, was taken here for my birthday and the food was exceptional. We ordered starters, mains with sides and drinks which came to just under £200 (it is very pricey due the high grade steak we chose) meals can be cheaper if you look at the less expensive options. Great place for those special occasions, halal options served here with a separate halal dinning area for those who want to avoid alcohol altogether. Food is cooked is separate from non halal items, staff are friendly and attentive. Toilets are unisex which I wasn’t fond of but wasn’t a reason to not eat here.

5 by Ruksar M Review source

I've been to this restaurant 3 times. The food is quite pricey however you could tell the quality of the meats fish and just all the food are good quality. The staff are friendly and welcoming. They have a life for wheelchair and buggy access. The food presentation is really good and the food is full of flavour the one thing I dislike was the fact that the ribs had an after taste of fish so I'm quite concerns if the meat is being grilled where the seasfood gets grilled. The dessert is nice presentation is wonderful and the place has a lovely view.

3 by Midge Turner Review source

Chocolate and Beetroot Bread - Delightful, and good taste. 7/10.

Peri-Peri Prawns - This was amazing, the flavours and the sauce blended well. Wasn't overcooked, wasn't dry which is amazing. 8.7/10

Steak Fillet - I prefer mine to be well done, and yes it was as I requested. Good gravy to go with it. With chips. I thought the weighting was odd, (Small) 7.2/10.

Decor - 2nd floor, nice and spacious, lighting was perfect. Lighter and darker arrears are available due to the large glass windows overlooking the footpath.

4 by DREDD POWER Review source

where should we begin. worst service, super slow. you always have the feeling the waiters would rather be somewhere else(playing cards?) . when the food finally got to us.. we hoped it was worth the wait but no it was not to be the case the portions were tiny, food bland.. and to top it up had a fly in the salmon dish. which lead to food poisoning will be making complaints to their HQ and food safety in that area. Please stay away if not demand they get things better. Enjoy. oh ps seen on scores on doors it got 2 out of 5 for hygiene 100% stay away.

1 by Review source

I looked for a place to go and have a good steak and celebrate my daughter's birthday. I looked up google maps and I was given a choice. I chose Meat Co as I could get Halal food. I did the best choice. The people at the entrance greeted us very well and asked us our choice. We then got a good quiet table. We ordered for the food and I can tell you it was excellent. The service is fast and the waitress was very well mannered. The price is hot but when you eat you do not regret. Go for it at least once in a lifetime. You will want to go again.

5 by Sadiq Ebrahim Dawood Review source

Have been here quite a few times, generally on occasions as it is quite pricey. You will spend around £60 per head here quite easily. Service has always been great every time I have visited. They serve a whole Halal menu, and have catered for me to break my fast here as well, which is a really nice touch. Starters are not very big but the mains will tend to make up for it. Steaks taste great as do the ribs and rib meat burgers. If you have any space left for desserts, the cheesecakes are very rich and you will definitely not leave hungry!

5 by Review source

Unfortunately (or maybe not) I cannot comment on the food. I can comment on the rudeness of the staff, though. I went in with my wife and daughter. I was told a table would be available in 10-15 minutes top. After 30 minutes I asked if there was any chance to have a table soon and was said that 'it's going to be a while'. So we left. We ate at one of the other places in the mall for half the price. I mean, this is a restaurant in Westfield shopping center not 'Le Meurice'.

1 by Antonello Scardicchio Review source

The staff, the decor, the food. Wow. The meat is pricey and beautifully prepared. Starters are generous, desserts are beautiful versions of basic favourites with a twist. Special mention for Nathan who was an outstanding host, I will certainly be back. To those saying that it's expensive I would recommend viewing the menu outside before venturing in. Expect to drop between £50 and £100 per person for a three course meal excluding drinks. It's a restaurant and an experience.

5 by Marc Robinson Review source

Beware, the portions are tiny and the food expensive. We were ignored by the receptionist when we arrived, who could at least have acknowledged our presence even though she was on the phone. I ordered a 200g New York steak, and I think they gave me a child's portion! The price for one of the items on the final bill was also more than on the menu.

I won't be returning in a hurry, there are better options out there (I recommend Hawksmoor or Sophie's).

1 by Review source

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