The Wibbas Down Inn - Wimbledon, London

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6-12 Gladstone Rd, Wimbledon, London, SW19 1QT

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My colleagues and I came to The Wibbas Down Inn for our Christmas work drinks (I for the first time) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was much larger than I had anticipated but was warm and had a great atmosphere. The bar staff were totally on point with the service. They were fluid with the service; its like they were in sync with everything. My drinks (rum punch pitchers) were well balanced (alcohol, mixer and ice ratio); and were really great with the orders and kept their cool when we asked for less of ice. Great hot and tasty food was flowing through from the kitchen with ease, arriving in perfect time at my table hot. I ordered the 10 wings with dips and the prawns with sweet chilli sauce. Those sexy wings were hot and crunchy and spicy with flavour and my colleagues and I devoured everything. I am impressed with the order to table time considering it were busy! The prawns with the sweet chilli sauce were delish and that 3 dishes offer for £10 is brilliant. We ordered the wings and prawns dishes I think 3 or 4 times, totally worth it. It was just what we needed!! The table staff were attentive. My table was cleared with a smile and speed.

Shout out to Daija the lovely bartender and Harry the waiter. Brilliant service with a smile. I'll be back. Thanks to the security guards for being great this evening. I felt I received great customer service from everyone's at this establishment.

One of the best Wetherspoons I've been to this year!

Keep up the good work. You work hard and what you do is valued and remembered by your patrons.

People like me truly appreciate it.

5 by Kia Jai Review source

Used this 'Spoons' on several occasions. I have eaten there twice.
As a Boozer I love it. However, when eating there on two occasions, and ordering the same dish twice. I have 50 50 opinion.
My 1st steak was perfection. And based on that I ordered the same again, only to be bitterly disappointed. Not by the cooking of the steak, but the quality.
Perhaps a supplier change?
What annoyed me more, was the limp wristed apology from the person who is prgogammed to ask, 'Is all good with your meal?'
All said, I'd use this 'Spoons' over the one opposite Tooting Bradway tube station. I'd not let my dog use the loo ( gent ) there.
The selected star rating is AS A BOOZER not as a restaurant. But I had to pick one option.
I will eat there at least once more.

4 by Review source

Incorrect menu prices and RUDE staff.

Advertised glass of pinot was £4.05, bar man argued that 'I've poured them now', when I said I didn't want to pay over £6 for a glass of wine.

When I then asked which wine was my required price he huffed and puffed his annoyance, and then used the till incorrectly telling me my bill had gone up from £21 to £23.

I told him that the amount he was asking for was wrong.

He raised eyebrows and laughed to try to embarrass me in front of the other waiting customers. I replied that 'my bill won't have gone up if I've gone for a cheaper drink.' He checked and admitted his mistake, but there was no apology.

No wonder Weatherspoons have had their day!

1 by tsr tsr Review source

Food,particularly steak is excellent, drinks are good and prices typical of Weatherspoons,however this pub is opposite Wimbledon Theatre,which has large attendance nearly every night,yet for ages Weatherspoons does not have enough staff when needed.About 10 months ago,we were going to a show, I waited 20 minutes to be served s drink and still didn't get one.I asked to see the manager,who came promptly,ended up refunding money for meal,£20 roughly,but we had to rush it.Wetherspoons , time you got your act together,your losing a fortune in trade
3 stars could have been a 4 or 5. I have been here again since original entry,pleased to say no long waits,Wibbass down you can have 5 stars

3 by Paul Holford Review source

Lots of seating and a good solid pub atmosphere. Staff members who are, for the most part, genuinely trying to give good service despite being short handed constantly, as most Wetherspoons pubs are. In fact there are a couple of staff members here who are some of the best I've seen in a Wetherspoons.

Food is the standard Wetherspoons menu at pretty standard, inconsistent quality (I mainly go for breakfast). It's been better in the last few months, so kudos to the management and staff. As always, the prices are hard to beat.

3 by Review source

This is your typical Weatherspoons pub. I can say that I am impressed with the large layout spread of this pub, the fact that there are two bars to order from inside, indicates how much free space and seating there is here.

The staff are friendly, and everything is cheap. You can get great deals on lunchtime specials, which makes this a great choice if organising a work lunch as its great for groups!

There tends to be a generally older crowd here, so keep the noise down if they're reading their newspapers!

3 by Christopher Haines Review source

A standard no frills Wetherspoon which is beginning to look very much the worse for wear.
Often there are too few bar staff on duty so there can be a long wait for service.
The tables are not cleared very quickly and they are almost never cleaned.
Food service can be painfully slow so give yourself plenty of time if you are eating here.
There is however a good selection of real ales to be had. Without them it would be one star only.

2 by David Brown Review source

Staff are nice but that's the only positive thing I can say.

We used to come here every Friday for lunch but, whilst the food is cheap it's usually bad and we've sent it back on a few occasions. There's usually some rowdy and rude customers too.

If want cheap drinks it's fine, if you want something reasonable at the very least to eat as well then you're better off almost anywhere else.

2 by Dee Kayh Review source

Good place for lunch but the seating can be taken up fast. Plenty of double tables if you want to sit by a restroom. Tables are good but some are too close leaving little room to maneuver. Service is ok however meals are very inconsistent and numerous items won't make it to the table unless you insist. Whether by incompetence of the servers or cheeky money saving I'm not sure.

4 by pete stringer Review source

It was less than 10 degrees outside and they had the air con on. Freezing in the pub. We had to leave. We were wearing coats inside. Too uncomfortable to stay. You would have thought that the so called management would understand that the reason the pub was empty and the reason the few people left had their coats on was because it was soooooo cold.

1 by Alistair Deacon Review source

This pub offers excellent value for food and drinks. Expect a very good service and excellent interaction with members of staff, which deliver orders efficiently. The place gets quite full on Fridays and it is an excellent choice if you are looking to go out on the surrounding pubs. Good food, good service, excellent value, highly recommended.

4 by Antonio Diez Review source

Tacky and slow service. They have a big sign out front in the mornings saying 'coffee to go' .. it took 10 minutes to get a coffee (not exaggerating). I also came here for a beer once; despite there being two bars, there was only 2 bar tenders and they took their time. The beer is cheap, but it's not very good beer..

2 by Caleb Radens Review source

Ordered four adult meals and one child's meal,on looking for the child's ice cream it took six different members of staff to track it down after asking six different members of staff all looked as they didn't give a monkey's. Disappointed with the members of thicko staff.

3 by gogs mcartur Review source

Great Whetherspoons with loads of seating and I nice area to sit out the front. It can get busy for weekends and holidays though so make sure to turn up early if you want a good table. Also has two bars so even when busy the wait times aren't bad. Food has always been good.

5 by Bev Shaw Review source

Well, I find the Wimbledon Weatherspoons to be the best one I've been to in London. The prices are awesome, the food is better than in other places. And the scores of guests in the weekend are proof that I'm not the it one who enjoys a reasonably priced pint.

5 by Sebastian Lubkowski Review source

As with a lot of Weatherspoons, it's a really nice location, very nice decor and excellent value. However the cheap cost means it attracts a certain crowd especially on a Friday and Saturday night. Outside of this it's a nice place for a beer or breakfast

4 by Christopher Barnes Review source

What it lacks in class, it makes up for in prices and popularity. Nice spot for a drink in Wimbledon and the food tends to be quite acceptable.

As wetherspoons go, definitely one of the bigger and more interesting ones to visit (if not for the people).

3 by Zakariya Jama Review source

Deceptively large Weatherspoons opposite New Wimbledon Theatre. You know what to expect from Weatherspoons - a wide range of beers that are well kept and presented, as well as reasonably priceerspoons Pub has two bars and some interesting facts about the area.

4 by David Hill Review source

Wetherspoons is trying its hardest to get people back in their pubs. Cheap but satisfying food good beers on tap as well as craft beers. The Wibbas Down Inn is big with lots of seating. Serving a mixed crowd, nice staff and helpful to boot.

5 by Mike Acord Review source

Bad attitude from Management to Bar Staff & onto Door Staff, been refused service with absolutley no reason given on at least two separate occasions despite being non aggressive, loud or abusive on either occasion, avoid at all costs

1 by Review source

Very bad customer service. The team leader James was huffing and puffing at me. I felt like I was a criminal and he has no customer service. The manager didn't even acknowledge my complaint. I will be taking this further.

1 by vtec supercharger Review source

Place is filthy. Food is as bad and cheap as the carpet and I'm pretty sure we bought a homeless man drinks all day once. Which makes it the perfect choice for my friends and I to have our annual Xmas dinner/party.

5 by Review source

Fancied a pint after my business was done in wimbledon. After waiting 22 mins to be served by the slowest staff outside of a strike in a near empty pub, i too noticed the unkempt and dirty surrounding. Once bitten....

1 by Sir Rodney Review source

Super low prices considering its in Wimbledon. It's a weatherspoons, so you know what to expect. Nothing fancy, but it's a great place to meet friends and have a pint (there is no music, which is a plus)

5 by Harry Russell-Lees Review source

Typical Wetherspoons, except this one is very big with not enough bar staff. Reasonably priced average pub grub. It tends to be a bit sticky and grubby as the tables never seem to be cleared or wiped down.

3 by Claire Collins Review source

Ordered the steak meals with jackets and peas finally arrived and one was overcooked and one was under cooked and both meals were Luke warm including jackets and peas. suggest they get a different chef

1 by Terence Day Review source

If you like a cheap quite drink on a Monday...Join the monday club.. Also have something to eat you will not be disappointed for the price Come on down the price is right ...GarGGood game

5 by Mick . Review source

Food is good. Exactly as menu. Occasional rowdy customer nearby but it is a pub.
Value for money? 4 main meals and a bottle of house white was £40 not bad at all.

5 by ann johnston Review source

It's a Weatherspoons, good food and beer and a very good price. Really good selection of real ales, including a selection of local ones which is nice too see.

4 by Robert Roffey Review source

Brilliant selection of well conditioned ales and craft beers. Very cost effective meal prices. One of the biggest bars I've ever seen. Helpful friendly staff.

5 by Tim Keates Review source

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